Brooklyn is driving the car with her daughter Rose in the back side. She is driving to Mystic Falls, back to her family to her siblings.

"Mommy are we there yet?" Rose asked as she looked at her mother.

"No sweetie, we are not there yet. But we will be soon." Brooklyn said to her daughter but kept her eyes on the road.

"Okay, mommy." Rose said as she looked at out the window.

Brooklyn looked quickly at her daughter before she looked back on the road. An hour on the road, Rose has fallen asleep as Brooklyn was almost there at the house, she has still to another half an hour on the road.

A half an hour later Brooklyn arrived at destination to her home were her family is. Before she walked out she has the wake up her daughter. Brooklyn shake gently her daughter as she groaned and yawns as she asks her mother.

"Mommy are we here?" Rose asked as looked at her mother.

"Yes sweetie, now I will help you out of the car and then we will go and your aunt and uncle." Brooklyn replied as she helped her daughter out of the car and let her daughter walk with her to the door.

Brooklyn rings the Bell at the door and the door and she saw Elena in the doorway with a shocked looked on her face while Rose stood next to her mother.

"Lynnie?" Elena asked.

"Lena, hey." Brooklyn replied.

"Mommy, is that Aunt Elena?" Rose asked to her mother.

"Yes." Brooklyn replied to her daughter as she looked at her. "Do you remember my daughter Elena?" She looked now at Elena. "I had her with me at the funeral of our parents."

"Oh, I remember it now. She is looks at little bit older." Elena asked. "But what are you doing here?"

"I missed my family and my daughter missed her favorite aunt." Brooklyn explained with a smile.

"Auntie, where is uncle Jer?" Rose asked at her aunt.

"He is in his room" Elena replied as she pointed upstairs.

Rose looked at her mother. "Can I go to him, mommy, Auntie?"

"He not asleep, is he? Because, it is not that late." Brooklyn said with a smile.

"No, I don't think so, he is asleep." Elena said.

"Can I go to him, then? Please?" Rose asked with puppy eyes.

"Yes, you can see him. Now go then sweetie." Brooklyn replied to her daughter as Rose nods and runs inside and then upstairs to her see uncle.

"Lynnie, come in." Elena said.

"Okay." Brooklyn said as she walked inside.

"Uncle, Uncle, Uncle." Rose said as she runs to her Uncle.

"Whoa, rosie. Hello there." Jeremy said as he looks at his little niece.

Rose smiled at her uncle and hugs him.

"Is your mother here to?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes, she is down stairs with Aunt Elena." Rose replied as she let go from her uncle.

"And you came here upstairs to see and to hug me?" Jeremy asked.

"Yeah." Rose replied sleepily at her uncle.

Downstairs as Elena and Brooklyn sat on the couch.

"Elena, is there something happing here?" Brooklyn asked worried.

"No, of course not. Why do ask?" Elena said.

"Little sis, don't lie to me. I know there is something wrong. It is about the supernatural?"

"How do you know about the supernatural?"

"I had a boyfriend how is a werewolf, Elena. So yes I do know about it. Now tell me what is happing here?"

Elena sighs and begins her story about what's had happened.

"So, let me this thing straight. An original vampire is after you, how wants to break the curse, so that he can be a hybrid and you have another original vampire daggered at the Salvatore boardinghouse. And an evil doppelgänger." Brooklyn said with a confused face.

"Yeah." Elena said with a frown.

"Well, it is getting late and I'm getting my daughter to bed and myself. I can still sleep in my old room?" Brooklyn asked as she changes the topic.

"Yeah, you can still sleep in your old room."

"Thank you sis, we will talk in the morning. Goodnight."

"Your welcome, goodnight." Elena said as her sister walked upstairs.

"Sweetie, is time for bed." Brooklyn said as she walks to her brother's room.

"Shhh, she's sleeping." Jeremy said as his sleeps in his bed.

Brooklyn simply smiled and asked. "Can you take her to my room?"

"Yeah." Jeremy replied as he picked his niece up and take her to her mother's room.

Brooklyn walks after Jeremy. "Thanks Jer." Brooklyn said as Jeremy laid Rose down on her mother's bed.

"Goodnight Jer."

"Goodnight Brookie."

Brooklyn smiled as Jeremy leaves the room and she changed gently her daughter's clothes as she trying not to her wake up. After she changed her daughter's clothes, she changes her own clothes and goes lying next to her daughter as then she falls asleep.