The Alternate



Commander Chakotay stared into the rift in horror. "B'Elanna!" he called, "Can you close that thing?!" B'Elanna pushed more buttons on her consul and shook her head. The vortex didn't waver. "I can't!" cried the chief engineer in frustration, "Nothing's working!" Chakotay's vision blurred suddenly and he stumbled forward. "Chakotay! Look out!" cried B'Elanna as he was pulled into the swirling orange light of the anomaly. B'Elanna cried out to him again and tried to grab his hand but she couldn't reach him and he vanished into the light.

Chapter One: Okay.what just happened? B'Elanna cried out to Chakotay as he was pulled into the vortex. She tried to grab his hand but she couldn't reach and he vanished into the swirling orange light. "Chakotay!" she cried out futilely. There was no answer. "Torres to Janeway," she said quietly into her communicator." "Go ahead Lieutenant," came the captain's voice. "Commander Chakotay has vanished into the anomaly. I think he's gone." There was a shocked moment of silence on the other end of the line, then Janeway said softly, "I see." B'Elanna was about to respond when the energy in the vortex spun fiercely and spit out. "Chakotay!" cried B'Elanna in surprised wonder and delight. He stumbled forward and B'Elanna moved to catch him. He gasped. "What happened?" he asked. "You disappeared into that," she pointed at the anomaly, "And then you just reappeared." The door swished open and Seska, looking fully Cardassian, ran in. Chakotay's eyes widened with disbelief and rage. They just about popped out of his head when she ran right up to him and embraced him. "What the." he began. But then the door opened again and a very calm, very alive Kes entered carrying a medkit. Chakotay pushed Seska away and turned to B'Elanna. "What's going on here?!" he demanded. She blinked in surprise, "What do you mean?" she asked in bewilderment. "Kes, and her!" he pointed first to Kes and then to Seska, "They're both dead!" "I think you'd better come to sickbay, Commander," said Kes gently, and to Seska, "You can come too, Lieutenant." "Yes, I will," said Seska quickly. Chakotay looked around at the three women and took in for the first time since coming out of the vortex their uniforms. They were slightly different then his own. "Look at your uniforms." He told them, "Then look at mine. They're different. B'Elanna looked down at herself and then at Chakotay. "He's right," she said in surprise. "Look, I need to talk to Captain Janeway as soon as possible," Chakotay told them, "Maybe she can help a little." "Okay Commander," agreed Kes, "But first you should come to sickbay just to make sure the anomaly didn't do anything to you physically." "All right," he acquiesced. "I'll keep trying to figure out what exactly that thing was," said B'Elanna, "Seska, when you're done in sickbay I could use your help." "Of course," agreed Seska over her shoulder as she followed Kes and Chakotay out.

They reached sickbay and Kes told Chakotay to sit down on a bio bed while she got The Doctor. Seska sat beside him and asked, "In the transporter room you said I was dead." "You are," he said harshly and turned away. "Why do I get the impression that you hate me?" she asked. Chakotay ignored her. "Chakotay!" she grabbed his arm, "Please tell me what's wrong!" He spun on her and the look of intense hatred in his eyes made her move back. "Listen Seska," he hissed through his teeth, "I don't know what you're up to but I won't fall for it!" She stared at him in shocked horror. Tears began to form in her eyes and she dropped her hand from his arm. He could see true hurt and anger in her eyes but he didn't trust her for a second. "You obviously have some things to work out," she said coldly and rose to her feet. "Maybe when you've got your problems worked out you'd be willing to tell me what's going on." And with that Seska stormed from the sick bay. Chakotay stared at the door where Seska had been just a moment before. "O.kay." He muttered to himself. At that moment Kes and The Doctor entered the main area of sick bay. The Doctor headed over to Chakotay and began to scan him with a tricorder. When he was done he pressed a hypo into Chakotay's neck and shrugged. "There seems to be no aftereffects of the anomaly, at least physically," said The Doctor as he returned the tricorder to the tray it had come off of. "What's that supposed to mean?" asked Chakotay, "I'm fine mentally too." The door slid open before The Doctor could reply. Captain Janeway entered and walked straight over to his bed. "Are you all right Commander?" she asked. "Yes Kathryn, I'm fine," he said. She seemed startled by his use of her first name but quickly regained her composure and turned to The Doctor. "Nothing out of the ordinary?" she asked. "He's in perfect health, Captain," replied The Doctor. "Glad to hear it," she said with a fleeting smile and then turned to Kes. "Can I speak to you alone for a minute?" she asked. "Of course, Captain," answered Kes and the two of them vanished into the corridor.

Seska threw the book she had been trying to read across the room. It hit the opposite wall with a satisfying crash. She had been attempting to read for the last two hours with little success. Getting up, she ordered a glass of water from the replicator and began to pace quarters. 'What is wrong with me?' she asked silently, 'I only tried to offer comfort! All I got in return was the cold shoulder! What did I do wrong? Or, was it that energy thing in the transporter room that changed him? Darn the man anyway! I told him to stay with me today. Even the first officer of a star ship needs to take a break! And it was the day after our wedding, for Pete's sake!!!! If he had stayed home I wouldn't even be following this train of thought! If it weren't for his stupid duties he could have been with me when Kes told me! Now, I don't even know if I should tell him.' Her worry and sadness over Chakotay was quickly turning to anger. She threw the empty glass at the wall and it shattered loudly against the bulkhead. Seska put her hand to her stomach and took a slow, deep breath. How was she ever going to tell this twisted, angry version of her husband that she was pregnant?

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