The Alternate

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Chapter Eight

"Harry!" came his mother's voice over the crowded shuttle bay of Deep Space 9.

"Hi, Mom!" he yelled back, smiling from ear to ear. They ran to each other and embraced, laughing and crying with happiness.

"I'm so glad you made it home." Said his mother softly, drawing back.

"Me too. I missed you, Mom." He told her.

Just then an alarm rang out over the station. "Red alert! All hands to battle stations!" Harry looked up at the red alert lights flashing on the wall.

"I wonder what's going on?" he said, turning back to his mother. However, instead of his mother, Seven of Nine stood by his side.

"We must go to Engineering to make sure that Neelix doesn't liquefy the plasma manifolds with the Captain's coffee." She told him. Fear gripped him, and he joined her in running through the station to get to engineering.

"Red alert. Red alert. Red alert." The warning continued. The noise of the alarms was making it hard to hear the Doctor, who was explaining to he and Seven what to do. Reaching out, he struck out at the nearest flashing panel. Instead of solid metal, however, his hand only encountered soft, unresisting blanket. Jerking awake, Harry Kim stared around himself in confusion. It had been a dream, he realized. They hadn't ever made it home. Dejectedly, he fell back into his bed.

"Red alert." He jerked upright.

'Of course!' he thought, jumping out of bed and pulling on his uniform. 'That must have been what woke me!' He was dressed in record time, suffering no more than a stubbed toe in his rush, and on his way to the bridge at a run. Reaching the turbolift, he saw the doors closing on Tom Paris. "Hold the door!" he yelled, racing towards the blond pilot. Tom punched a button, and the doors drew back, allowing Harry admittance.

"Bridge." Commanded Paris, and the doors slid shut.

"What's going on?" asked Harry, as the lift began to move.

"I know as much as you." Shrugged Tom. "I just heard the alert and figured it might be a good idea to get to the bridge."

Harry rolled his eyes. "No, ya think?"

Tom grinned. Harry had the sudden urge to pound his head into a wall.

Arriving on the bridge, the two men moved off to their respective stations, and waited to find out just what was so urgent that they were called up to the bridge at 03:00 hours.

"The ships are closing," came Tuvok's level voice.

"For those of you who just got here," Janeway directed a pointedly annoyed glance at Paris and Kim. "We have just detected two hostile ships approaching Voyager's location. They know we're here, and they're not happy."

"Do we know who they are?" asked Tom.

Janeway nodded. "From what our scans can determine, the ships belong to Species 8472."

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