Arkham Asylum – Dr. Fine's office

Bruce raised his fists and threw a punch in Jason's direction. Kara caught his fist. She pushed him back against a wall effectively pinning him. "I can't let you do that," Kara insisted. Bruce struggled to try to free himself from her grip. His usual karate escape maneuvers would have worked if Kara was a normal girl, but he found her hold unbreakable.

Bruce glared at Kara. "Looks like I need that little green rock to deal with you," Bruce mumbled to himself.

"Milton is right about you." Kara loosened her grip on Bruce. She looked down at the floor.

"Looks like you learned your lesson. Now, just step out of the way." Jason commanded.

"Please just don't fight," Kara pleaded with Bruce as she finally released her grip completely.

"You are wasting your time, asking nicely doesn't work with him," Jason calmly stated as he pointed a finger at Bruce.

Bruce glared at Jason. This reminded him so much of what Dr. Fine had told Kara about him. He truly felt like beating the crap out of this Jason imposter. Normally Bruce was better at controlling his temper, but when Jason's memory was disrespected, he often would lose control. "That is pretty hypocritical, don't you think? Asking nicely sure as hell doesn't work with you either."

"He's got you there." Kara nodded with a laugh.

"I might not know who you are yet, but I know you are not really Jason. You are nothing like him. Don't try to impersonate someone you don't know," Bruce warned.

"I am not trying to impersonate anybody. I never said my name was Jason. You did. I don't even know my name. To tell the truth, I don't remember much of anything, just images, flashes of things really. Dr. Fine is the one to go to for curing amnesia. I am hoping he can help me," Jason admitted.

Initially, Bruce wanted to dismiss this explanation as completely ridiculous, but the fact was he was here for the exact same reason on behalf of Clark Kent. Was someone somehow raising the dead with the side effect of amnesia? First Clark, then Jason. He wasn't fully convinced this was actually true, but he would definitely investigate later. "Oh!" Bruce crossed his arms not knowing what to say.

"What?" Kara's mouth gaped open and her eyes opened wider. She was about to say something more, but then the door swung open and Dr. Fine walked in. She looked at Jason then back at Dr. Fine.

Dr. Fine put down a small brief case next to his desk. "What is going on in here?" Dr. Fine asked.

"When I came in, your intern was making out with your patient," Bruce explained with crossed arms and a stern look. Bruce looked squarely at Dr. Fine. He wanted to see if he would admit he lied about Kara being his intern or if he could get any kind of reaction out of him at all.

"I am not really an intern. He made that up," Kara admitted with a nervous laugh as her cheeks turned slightly pink again. Jason just shrugged as if to ask 'what is your point?'

"Would you rather I tell him why you are really here," Dr. Fine questioned Kara. Kara shook her head side to side.

"I don't really care why. That isn't what I came here about," Bruce dismissed this. "I actually wanted to see you because a friend of mine wants an appointment with you."

"Ok then, what did you want to see me about?" Milton asked. "I find when people say 'friend,' they usually mean themselves." Milton pulled out a mini appointment book.

"No, not me." Bruce rolled his eyes.

"Ok, I will play along. What is this friend's issue?" Milton asked with his usual very even tone.

"Same as him, actually." Bruce pointed to Jason.

"Nature calls." Jason made a hasty exit as he left slamming the door behind him. Bruce gritted his teeth. He wanted to follow Jason, but he knew his real business was with Dr. Fine. Kara never heard that expression before, so she had no idea what it meant. She hated being called a dumb blond so she wasn't going to ask. She decided she would ask Barry later.

"Amnesia, yes, I can definitely help your friend with that." Milton opened up his mini appointment book. "What is this so called friend's name?"

"Clark Kent." Bruce gritted his teeth.

"Oh." Milton nodded. "I am very much looking forward to working with him. When?" Milton began to thumb through the book.

"Tomorrow, as early as possible," Bruce said.

"Ok, midnight than." Milton grabbed a pen from the cup full of pens on his desk.

"No! Try 8 maybe 9 in the morning." Bruce eyed the pen realizing he grabbed the very one Bruce left here from his previous visit.

"Sure whatever works for your friend, if he really is your friend." Milton wrote in his book. He could see why Lex didn't like this guy. He is annoying to the extreme.

Daily Planet Perry's Office

Perry stood behind his huge oak desk. Steve, Cat, Jenny and several others gathered around Perry's desk waiting for Perry to calm down. "You were there and you didn't even get her name!" Perry slammed down the morning edition of the Daily Planet which featured a picture of Kara holding up the Joker. The headline read 'Pretty Blond Humiliates Gotham's Joker' by Steve Lombard.

"None of them stuck around for questioning." Steve explained as he took a step back. Jenny placed a comforting hand on his back as she shot him a sympathetic look.

"I want stories not excuses." Perry shook his fist. Cat snickered quietly.

"Good morning!" Lois practically sung as she sauntered into Perry's office. She smiled showing off her pearly whites. She found something so comforting about returning to a sense of normalcy.

"One of those kinds of evenings?" Cat lifted her nose in the air and fixated her smirk at Lois.

"No, I am just glad to be back." Lois rolled her eyes at Cat. She found Cat unbelievable. As far as anyone around here knew, Clark was still dead. Did Cat really believe Lois would be with another man so soon after losing Clark?

"Ignore her. It is just petty jealousy." Jenny put her arm around Lois in a consoling way. Lois was going to say more to Cat, but decided Jenny was right, this was just not worth it.

"Getting back to business. Given strong accusations were made against our star reporter, the people will be expecting a response from the planet. Lois, I trust you can handle that one?" Perry asked.

"Already on that Chief." Lois waved her hand in the air. "Anything else?"

"If you could get a few comments from Bruce Wayne too, that would be great," Perry added.

"Already done." Lois nodded and put her thumbs up.

"Excellent, I knew I could count on you." Perry clapped, then his gaze shifted to Steve and his expression became more of a scowl. Perry didn't even have to say it. Steve recognized that disappointed look. Steve bowed his head down and furrowed his brow. Jenny yet again patted him on the back.

"You already got the comments from Mr. Wayne. I bet it made great pillow talk." Cat snickered and gave Lois a small nudge.

Lois glared at Cat without even dignifying that with a response. "Petty jealousy." Jenny reminded Lois with a pat on the back.

Kent Farm

Martha Kent looked out her window. According to Lana, Clark should be trying again to connect with her today. She was on her twelfth cup of coffee. If he showed up, she was definitely going to be awake this time. She looked out her window seeing a very familiar blur. She rushed on to the porch to greet him. She hugged him tightly. Even though Clark had no memory of this woman, he could feel the warmth and love radiating from her. He was happy to know he had a loving mother. "May I come in?" Clark asked.

Martha knew his memory had not returned. The simple fact that he even needed to ask that question proved that. "Never ask me that again. You are always welcome here," Martha stated with a laugh finally managing to let go. Martha sat him down to a good meal and they talked. Looking around the house helped to stir up many old memories from Clark's childhood. They had a nice chat that lasted a few hours but only about Clark's childhood. She didn't mention anything about him being an alien or a hero. First and foremost, Clark was her son. That is what mattered most to her. "Oh, I almost forgot, Bruce Wayne wanted me to have you give him a call if I heard from you," Martha said.

"Oh, I already spoke to him." Clark nodded.

"Oh!" Martha frowned. "He didn't call me."

"Something wrong?" Clark asked.

"I hope not. I think he does know your big secret. Just something he said when he was here." Martha looked Clark in the eye.

"What big secret?" Clark's hands shook as he asked that question. His eyes opened a bit wider. He hoped this wasn't about him being a murder as one man he spoke to implied.

Martha looked down at the floor and sighed. She almost thought it best if Clark was back and Superman remained dead to the world. She didn't blame Lois for any of it, but she did agree that Clark was better off if nobody realized he was a powerful alien being. She hesitated in her response.

Clark misunderstood her reaction as disappointment. For him this confirmed that the nosey neighbor was right about him and Lois was wrong. "I think I know," he uttered in a soft voice as he gently shook his head. "You don't have to say it."


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