Kent Farm

Even though neither of them mentioned Superman, Martha believed they were both talking about him. Martha could feel her heart beating just a little faster. Her late husband long ago warned of the social backlash Clark's abilities would bring and he was proven right given that her own life and the life of Lois Lane was deliberately put in danger purely because of their association to him. In her deepest of hearts, she wanted Clark to keep his abilities secret. She never wanted him to take on this Superman identity. "I guess the next move is yours. Are you going to pick up where you left off or let this be an opportunity for you to get a fresh start?" Martha held her breath as she asked that question.

Clark could hear his mother's heart beat faster. He could tell she was nervous. Yet her voice was so soothing and calm even though in his mind she was really asking if he was going to start murdering people again. "Definitely not. I want to leave the past behind me. Do you think a fresh start is possible after all I have done?" Clark asked.

"I am beginning to think anything is possible." Martha nodded with a warm smile. Clark couldn't help but to smile back.

Before an awkward moment of silence could linger on for too long, the phone rang. Martha wanted to ignore it. Her conversation with her son was far more important to her than whoever was on the phone. "Let me just silence that," she told her son.

"No, go ahead and answer it." Clark gave her a thoughtful look.

Martha glanced at the caller id. "It is your friend Mr. Wayne," she said before picking up and saying hello.

"Your son is headed your way. As fast as he is, he is probably already there," Bruce told Martha.

Martha winced as his statement definitely proved her fears that he already knew her son's big secret. "Yeah, he is," she admitted with a bit of a gasp.

"Tell him I got him an appointment with Dr. Fine." Bruce said.

"Who is Dr. Fine?" Martha asked. She could tell he was distracted, but she didn't dare ask why.

"Good question," Bruce admitted.

Clark tugged at Martha's blouse. "Someone who can help me get my memory back quickly," Clark said softly.

"Ok, thanks, I will let him know." Martha nodded.


Well on the phone, Bruce scouted around the building looking for 'Jason.' He began with the bathrooms since that was where Jason declared he was going. He looked down hallways, inside of offices, the stairwells, anywhere and everywhere he could find a hiding place. So far there was no sign of Jason, just one dead end after another.

Bruce quickly gave Martha the important information about when and where before a noisy commotion outside caught his attention. He looked out a window and spotted a motorcycle. As he looked around he realized there were lots of them colored green and purple. He read property of the Joker on the side of the bikes as he watched burly men dismount from their bikes. That is right, they just arrested the Joker last night and he was brought here. Then he spotted Jason walking toward the men. "I will call you back." Bruce ended the call abruptly without even waiting for a response. He kept his eyes trained on Jason.

Jason walked up to one of the bikes. He was about to get on when several of the Joker's men raced toward him. "That is my bike," one of them yelled out before throwing a fist at him.

"I seriously doubt you will be needing it anymore," Jason said calmly. His whole arm seemed to turn fluid like and transformed into a sharp sword-like blade. He swung right for the neck of the man who punched him and cut his head clean off.

As Jason's arm returned to normal, he kicked the head as it dropped. The man's head smashed into the side of the building. Bruce gasped as he watched, then he raced for the stairwell. Another of the Joker's men threw a knife at Jason. Jason caught the knife by the blade. His hand seemed completely unaffected. He hurled the knife right back at the man who threw it and impaled him right in the heart. The man clenched the knife, pulling it out. This only increased his bleeding. The man winced in pain and collapsed on his knees to the ground.

Another one of the Joker's men pulled out a gun. "You are going to pay for that you little punk!" He fired two quick shots at Jason with direct hits. "Strike!" He jumped up raising his arms.

Jason moved so fast that he caught the man mid-fall before his feet touched the ground. He held him up by his shirt. His free arm suddenly became spear-like. Then he impaled him through the heart. The man died before Jason slammed his body against the dirt.

Jason looked around at the rest of the Joker's men. His arm returned to normal. Bruce finally made his way out on the lawn in time to hear Jason ask "Who is next?"

"Hell no," one of the Joker's men called out. The group of them dispersed leaving Bruce alone with Jason.

"Oh, you again. Care to try your luck, now that Kara isn't here to protect you?" Jason asked coolly.

"She is your girlfriend. If anything, she was protecting you," Bruce declared.

"You read too much into it. She is not my girlfriend. She means nothing to me. We were just having fun." Jason looked him right in the eye. His expression didn't change in the slightest.

"Very believable." Bruce nodded. "But bull shit. First you pose as her to protect her from me, then…"

"I posed as her? You should be locked up here." Jason pointed at the sign for Arkham. "You sound crazy!" Bruce glared at Jason. "Angry? Good. Go ahead do something about it. Then you can join your parents." Bruce wanted to pound him to a bloody pulp for having the gall to even mention his parents. He heard the gasping of the one Jason didn't quite finish killing. "I will be sporting about it. I will even let you take the first shot," Jason declared without so much as a glimmer of fear in his eyes.

"Take the first shot," Bruce repeated. Bruce began to look around at the carnage Jason caused. Kara's voice echoed in his head. 'I can't let you do that.' He realized something about the way Jason chose his victims and decided to act on a hunch. "No, if you want to fight me, you take the first shot!"

"Nah, total waste of my time. Speaking of wasting time, you are wasting yours. You do realize those men are going to free the Joker, don't you," Jason taunted him again as he pointed to the side of the building. He looked over the motorcycle in front of him that he fully intended to steal. "Do you need any back up?"

"No thanks, I got enough people stabbing me in the back," Bruce declared.

"People like your former partner Alexander Luther?" Jason asked.

"Lex was never my partner," Bruce raised his voice.

"Very believable, but bull shit," Jason through Bruce's own words right back at him. "Just last night when you should have been slitting his throat, what do you do instead? You bring him a whore. What was that?" Jason asked.

Bruce paused briefly as at first he had no idea what he was talking about. Then he remembered he brought Helena to Lex's home last night. As much as it wasn't his usual style, the idea of slitting Lex's throat, certainly had some appeal, but he wouldn't do anything of the sort in front of Helena. "She is no whore. She is my daughter." Bruce gritted his teeth.

"Oh, I didn't realize she was your daughter. I just assumed she was a whore with the way she went at it with Lex all night. All I heard was oh Lex, oh my god Lex. Yes! Lex!" Jason mocked Helena.

"Shut up you lying son of a bitch," Bruce screeched. He didn't truly know Helena well enough to be completely sure this wasn't true, but the thought of Helena being intimate with Lex really turned his stomach.

"Your daughter you say? I wonder if Lex knows that. That didn't show up in any of his files, but I bet he would pay big bucks for that information." Jason nodded with a smug smile.

"Do that and I swear, I will," Bruce began to warn him.

"You will what?" Jason put his hand on his hip. "You and your pal Lex will conspire to kill me just like you did Superman."

"I already told you, Lex was never my partner," Bruce insisted.

"And as I said before bull shit! Since when does Superman respond to the bat signal? You launched it that night so Lex would know when to send Superman over. By holding his mother at gun point no less. Your idea or Lex's?" Jason asked.

"That son of a bitch! Is that what Lex is saying?" Bruce could feel his blood pressure going up. His face flushed red.

"Oh, no, no, no! That is what I am saying. Lex is totally throwing you under the bus and claiming his own innocence," Jason declared with a slight roll of his eyes.

"For someone who claims to have amnesia, you certainly know a lot!" Bruce clenched his fist. His jaw tightened into a bit of a scowl.

"Since you won't find me again unless I want to be found, I can tell you the truth. I am not Jason Todd. The real Jason Todd is alive. Don't bother looking for him. He, just like your daughter, wants nothing to do with you. Superman saves the world and you seek to kill him for it, yet you do nothing to the men who ruined his life." Jason declared just before he jumped on a motorcycle and drove away.

For the Joker's men to get this many in here, they obviously already blasted their way past the outer levels of security. Bruce knew Jason managed to kill three people in a span of only a few minutes. He was still disappointed with how slow the security was to respond. He was only now just beginning to hear the alarms inside the building going off. Security personnel arrived on scene, a bit too late.


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