Hi there readers:

It's been so long since I'd either written or updated any of my stories! But don't worry, I'm working on the next chapter for this one and also for all who love my Frozen/Harry Potter crossover. Don't worry, I haven't forgot about that story! Just give me some ideas for that one, and I'll do my best at keeping that story alive for you all.

Anyways, this new story is unlike my other crossovers, this story takes place during the time of Moses in the Prince of Egypt, and in the summer of Harry's sixth year. I know, I know, this is IMPOSIBLE right? But hey, my imagination just has a mind of its own when it come to writing Fanfics.

Also there will some Weasley, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Sirius bashing in here too. Which also includes time travel.

Now that my warnings have not confused ANY of you!

Here's the beginning. The next chapter will be where the actual story starts.

Hope you all like it!



Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, was by far the most splendid city ever known. Many Pharaohs ruled the land of Egypt, most ruled for many years, while others for a short time.

It's here, in the land of Egypt, that one Pharaoh had ordered all the males who weren't old enough to be killed. Many of the families that lived in Egypt were wondering what had changed in their Pharaoh, while Pharaoh himself had his reasons for this new prospect.

But one woman had twins, she prayed to her God that he would keep both of her newborns safe from harm, should any come to them. As she made her way to the river, she kept out of the soldier's view, fear that they would take her baby boys away from her.

Once at the river, she gently kissed both of her twin babies, gently laid each one in the two baskets that her two older children had prepared for her.

She sang one last lullaby for the both of them, and gently pushed one of the baskets one way, and the other, the other way. Knowing full well that she had done the right thing for her twin baby boys.

And hoping that someday, if God would let her, someday she would be reunited with her twin baby boys once again.