AN: Written for Quidditch League Round 5! Puddlemere received the Quidditch box, which I chose to write the Headcanon!Prompt of: Draco becomes part owner for Puddlemere United which restores his family's reputation. My chaser prompts were: Demure, Dusty Pink, and the quote 'They say Marriages are a match made in heaven, but so Is thunder and lightning' - Clint Eastwood.

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Words: 3,204

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After the Battle of Hogwarts and the defeat of Voldemort, the entire ministry was on the hunt for missing Death Eaters. Teams of Aurors went out in pairs to search, and guess who got stuck with the Malfoy's? When Harry and Ron finally caught up to them, Harry knew it was his job to repay Narcissa for what she had done for him. All she asked of him was to spare Draco from going into Azakaban. He got it worked out, and Draco paid his due in becoming a Ministry official. He now lives in a small, country estate on ten acres of land with his wife, Luna.

She was the only one who truly believed he wanted to separate himself from his parents after the war. It was a hard decision for Draco, who stayed up many nights without sleeping. He would have nightmares about his parents getting captured and burned alive by Voldemort. He'd wake every morning with sweat drops dripping down his face and he'd experience anxiety attacks. It didn't suit him, so he had to do the one thing he could do to keep them safe. He stood as a witness in his own parents trial and he said anything that would throw them in Azkaban. This stopped the guilt and nightmares, and Luna comforted him telling him it was the right thing to do. They say marriages are a match made in heaven, but so is thunder and lightning. Hopefully, he could avoid the thunder and lightning by keeping his job, and wife, taken care of.

As a ministry official in the department of Magical Games and Sports it's his duty to keep game grounds safe. The World Cup the same year that Harry Potter attended was the worst invasion and breach of security ever. He genuinely wanted to prevent that kind of thing from happening again, even if it's on a smaller scale than Death Eaters. Still now, there are radical underground groups that do mass killings. He wishes his underlings at work would look up to his passionate feelings instead of mock him for it.

The doorknob turns and his wife approaches him. "Draco, you're awake ... I've made breakfast,"she says and sits on the four poster bed. "You look like you've seen a ghost, are you still having nightmares?"

Draco sits up. "No. I was thinking about my job. It's sad that I'm the head figure of my department, but no one takes me seriously. I want to try and actually fit in."

Luna's laugh tinkles like a wind chime, musical and calming. "I'm sorry. You are their boss aren't you?"

Over the last few years of marriage, the two have noticed that they're personalities have rubbed off on each other a lot more than before. Luna laughs when she shouldn't, at the worst times which makes her a little more cruel. Draco has less troubles saying what he feels, because he knows Luna won't judge him.

"Ouch. That's ruthless, babe." Draco cracks a smile. "No, but I'm still such an outsider, everyone sees my father in me, his shady business side that will double cross in an instant. I can't escape it! I'm just sick of it!"

Luna puts a hand on his shoulder and lands a sweet kiss on his cheek. "The bacon and eggs are getting cold."

She gets up and leaves him letting him know that his emotions are running rampant. He's still a beginner when it comes to handling them without trying to bottle the pent up frustration. He's happy that Luna doesn't get offended by his display.

Draco dresses and makes himself look presentable, then descends the stairs into the kitchen. The smell of bacon wafts up to his nose making his stomach grumble. In the green painted kitchen, Draco sits at the island on a bar stool. Luna painted the kitchen to mimic a garden using earthy greens and browns, with her potted plants lining the windows.

"Here you are, sweet," Luna says cheerfully. She sits down across from him. "So, what do you plan to do today?"

Draco looks up into her eyes, his expression steely and swallows hard. "I want to find a way to prove I'm different from my father. I want to set myself apart, and create good publicity."

It's the first time he's ever said anything like that. It was his sixth year of Hogwarts when he really knew that he wouldn't obey his parents every move. That was when he started to think for himself, but the war was looming and he was afraid. It rendered him motionless to change his situation. Voldemort would have killed his parents his seventh year if he hadn't obeyed him. It seems like his whole life, it was someone else idea, and he was just a puppet for their control.

Luna smiles at him and looks at his eyes, so similar to her own, she likes to call them bottomless blues. Luna has wonderful intuition. In this way, she has her mother's innate knack for sensing people's intentions. That's why she could see his potential only two years out of the war.

"I might have an idea. I took in the paper this morning, and I saw this on the front page. It sounds perfect for you." Luna goes into the sitting room and returns with the Daily Prophet.

Luna hates the newspaper but Draco likes it, so they agree to subscribe to The Quibbler and the Daily Prophet to each their own. She lays it over the counter and points to the front page headline.

Puddlemere loses five games in a row! When will their losing streak end! Interview with the owner and coach, page 4 (Sports)

Draco turns over to the interview and scans the page. He stops dead on one question in particular.

Q: 'will you be prepared to continue coaching next season?'

A: 'I might retire as coach. I don't plan on giving up my whole ownership, but I wouldn't mind someone else coming in and sharing a piece of the pie.'

Luna peers at him in a owlish manner, probing his reaction. "Puddlemere might need a new coach soon."

He stares at the page under him thinking about becoming a coach for an international Quidditch league team which would be a huge step in taking responsibility. That's exactly what he's looking for! If Puddlemere does well next season, people will have to love him for the sudden turn around! He's confident that he can do it.

"Luna! That's perfect!" He holds her face and leans in to kiss her on the lips.

A few phone calls later finds out that yes, the old man and current coach for Puddlemere wants to retire from his position. There are many people jockeying for the position, but Draco presents a large sum of money along with his proposition to make the team gold again.

"With all due respect, I knew your father and a couple of times he tried to get in goods with the Quidditch bigwigs, well, that turned sour for him after I found out that he was betting, and bribing many teams. I don't like fraternizing with your kind."

Draco bites his lip, he wants to lash out and spray every kind of piss poor word he knows in his vocabulary, but he's trying to turn over a new leaf here and this guy's making it very hard on him.

"Sir, I know that my father did that, it was dumb and stupid, and I'm not like that! You have got to believe that! I love Quidditch with all my heart, I have played since I was young. I chose to go into the department of Sports and Games to get closer to that childhood passion."

He tries to say whatever sounds nice and persuasive, a little white lie there about choosing his path, but he wouldn't dare say the motivator was Azkaban. Either way, it rings true that Quidditch is his passion now.

The old man hesitates on the line. "There are so many other great candidates. I wouldn't pass my legacy onto someone who might tarnish it."

A legacy? Puddlemere hasn't won a game in months!

"Please. Just hear me out, I'm not like my family. I don't want to make deals, or bets, I want to be honest and play fair. My wife, Luna Lovegood, can vouch for me and tell you that if I did any of that dirty deal stuff, she'd divorce me!"

The man chuckles on the other line. "Can't we meet in person?"

After Draco sets a time and place with the guy, he hangs up the phone and goes to tell Luna the good news. She beams at him with wide, innocent eyes that scream how proud she is of all his accomplishments. She is the cutest thing to him. He grabs her hand and leads her into the bedroom where they make love together.

(Two weeks later)

"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" She asks dreamily. Smiling at him while handing his dusty pink jacket over, she gives him a hug goodbye.

He kisses her forehead. "No, I should do this alone."

Apparating to the place of his appointment, an old business building in the Wizarding town of Ottery St. Catchpole, he walks inside to the receptionist. She tells him to go up to the third floor, room 314. He raps the door with his knuckles hard.

An old man opens the door looking relieved. "Hello, come inside and have a cuppa. My name is Mr. Park."

"Thank you, sir."

The man hands him a cup and gestures to the sugar bowl, which Draco politely declines.

"So, you want to own Puddlemere, what for?"

Draco sighs setting his cup down. "No one takes me seriously. They all think I'm Malfoy blood, a tried and true cheater, but I'm tired of being mislabeled. I want to be known for what my parents were not, and that's playing a fair game."

Mr. Park peers at him from over his cup without acknowledging Draco's answer. He sets his cup down and stands up.

"I have had a lot of appointments with other buyers today, and been through a lot of sketchy offers, so don't fool me here. I want to know you'll offer?"

"Money isn't an issue," He answers without missing a beat. "How much will get me the job?"

Draco holds his breath hoping for the best, but he doesn't want to be let down. He doesn't want to let himself, or his wife down. He prays, don't make him think that something great is going to happen only to rip it coldly from his hands.

Mr. Park chuckles. The same ironic sound from before. "I can see, you have young blood and determination. Even if you lie and cheat, you will make Puddlemere great again. No doubts about it."

He turns his back to Draco and stares at the wall for a moment. Then he announces, "Congrats! I'll be passing Puddlemere United into your hands come next season. That's in three months, buckaroo."

A smile cracks his face and his cheeks hurt. It's not every day that you become an international coach for a Quidditch team in the league! It was a childhood dream of his to have his own Quidditch team, and now it's happening in real life.

"Thank you, sir. Let me write you a check."

After he tells him about announcing his retirement in a few days, and letting the press know who's next in line, they will come hunting for him and badger for interviews. Draco says it's no problem, he will be ready. He apparates back home.

Once home, Luna takes one look at his smile and tears leak out of her eyes. She's so proud of her husband for doing this, it means a lot to her that he would want to fix his family name's reputation. She would like to think that her encouraging nature allows him to do all of this without judgment. Anyone else might press him into corner and interrogate him for acting out of the ordinary, but not Luna. She'll stand beside him no matter wipes her tears and grabs his hand leading right into the bedroom again.

Days pass without a sound, but one quiet Sunday morning Draco hears a knock at the door. Upon opening the door he's met with flashing lights and camera's pressing into his face.

"Sir! Would you let us have an exclusive interview!?"

"We're from the Daily Prophet! Tell us, what do you have in store for Puddlemere United!"

"Excited to see a Malfoy take on something in the sports industry!"

"Will you pay everyone to keep their mouths shut about your father's scandals?"

The questions were getting crazy and out of hand, he couldn't handle a single one of them without being interrupted so instead of answering, he slams the door on all of them. Luna comes downstairs.

"What was all the ruckus?" She asks in a childlike sleepy voice. Rubbing her eyes she pours some orange juice.

"Interviewers. I can't even answer them properly!" He exclaims angrily.

Luna looks up at him with a wide smile, she quickly gets up and grabs both Draco's arms excitedly. "I have an idea! I'll call father and you can give an exclusive interview to The Quibbler!"

Draco wrinkles his nose in distaste. "Okay, fine." If it let him avoid all the publicity that was going outside, he would take it.

(Four months later)

Draco wakes up to a noise in the bathroom. He looks over and finds Luna out of bed, so he goes and knocks on the door. "Luna?"

"Blehfhdjkg. Ew. Sorry, hold on. Blehghahdfhg"

That doesn't sound so good. "Are you okay?"

"Nope, I'm not. I think I'm sick," she says demure.

Draco bites his lip. "My first game is today. Do you want me to stay home?"

"No I- Blehghdfdkf- Nope, I'll be fine!"

He hesitates outside the door for a solid five minutes, before dressing and getting ready for work. Luna's an adult, she can take care of herself, he thinks.

On the Quidditch pitch, he meets up with his team. In the last four months, he's used team building exercises to bond and the guys have grown close to him. After that he needed to find a way to get them into top shape, so he looked at other teams methods and combined them with his own. He really thinks they have a chance at winning tonight. They smile at Draco waiting for his commands.

After the huddle and call onto the field, Draco wonders about his wife. He hopes she okay and isn't feeling too bad. He wishes she could be here right now, but he guesses that everything happens for a reason, and maybe, right now is his time to enjoy. He can't help but worry though.

Everything is down to the wire, Puddlemere is against the Kestrals, a sizable competition according to the draw and ladder. Kestrals have 250 points, but they're down a Keeper. He just got hit with a bludger ten minutes ago which is putting pressure on their Seeker to end the game quickly. Puddlemere's chaser a bagging point after point, which they sincerely needed. His team is now up to 215 points!

"... Is that the snitch, Brockle sees?' The announcer says and in an instant Draco's eyes snap to the Kestral's seeker who seems to be streamlining after something. It's the snitch!

In just a moment though, they're team's seeker, Asher flies right on his tail. His broom being a new Nimbus 3000 model, it doesn't take long to accelerate and fly right beside Brockle. Draco holds his breath so long that he almost turns blue. Truly his heart beats fast in his chest, and in just this moment he wants to win so badly. He's so proud of his team no matter what.

"Asher takes the snitch! Puddlemere win an extra 150 Points, and win the match!"

Draco bites his lip and tries not to cry, but the tears well up, so he earnestly wipes them away. His team runs towards him and he pats them all of the back. People he doesn't know come up and high-five him. Confetti rains down in the colors of Blue, his eyes blur and clear over and over again. His heart beats fast, he can't fathom this winning feeling.

After a round of applause from Puddlemere fans they chant and stomp their feet. Draco leads his team to the locker room, having high-fived about fifty more strangers on the way. He tells them that he can't join them in their planned, celebratory drink off at the Three Broomsticks, due to his wife being sick. He'll have to catch up with them another time. He gives them a speech about how proud of them he is, and thank you for giving him a second chance.

He apparates home, thankful for the quiet and warm place, because his ears won't stop ringing. His heart finally slows back down to normal. He sighs, relieved when he finds his wife sleeping on the sitting room couch. He sits down next to her on the edge and strokes her hair out of her face.

"I won." He tells her and she stops snoring.


"Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to wake you!" He couldn't wait any longer. "Guess what?"

"Hmm?" She repeats sleepily.

"I won the Quidditch game! Puddlemere won!"

Luna's wide eyes look up at him, and she sits up into a sitting position carefully. He notices her actions.

"You won, that's great news! I'm so happy for you!" Her grin breaks over her face. "I have something even better."

Draco stares at her dubious at her words. "... What?"

Luna doesn't answer right away. She mulls over it for a while, but finally she says, "I'm just going to say it, okay? ... I'm pregnant."

Draco's mouth drops, and because he's already cried once tonight, his tears come easily. He cries until he chokes. It's like the universe is trying to reward him for all his recent good decisions. It feels like everything is being paid back in full.

Finally, after so long Draco is making his own choices and letting himself paint the reputation he wanted. He can make the right choices, with a little help and support from his wife. He will make her, and his unborn child proud to carry the Malfoy name. There is no way in hell that he'd let his son or daughter come into the world with the preconceptions of their name, like Draco did. He fixed the mistakes his father made with him, and he'll try and be the best damn father he can be. He lays a hand over Luna's stomach lovingly.

"I can't wait."