Meant For Each Other
Chapter 1

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"Do you like her?", the Queen of Vegetasei asked her 11-year-old son.

"Yes, mother! She's beautiful!", the pre-teen smiled down upon his newborn sister. She had a small fluff of blue hair atop her head, crystal blue eyes and a tiny patch of brown fur where a tail would soon begin to grow. He rubbed the baby's fur patch softly. She giggled and squirmed underneath her mother's grasp.

"Her name is Bra, Trunks-chan.", Bulma smiled at him, then glanced at her mate, Vegeta, standing in a corner with his arms crossed. As usual, right? The King of Vegetasei advanced toward the bed where his family was. Bulma held Bra up to him to hold. Vegeta cradled his daughter gently in his arms, smiling down at her.


"Catch me if you can, brother!", a blue-haired, six-year-old child screamed while running through the palace.

"BRA! STOP! C'mon, Bra! We have to go get ready for dinner!", Trunks yelled back. Bra was just too fast for her own good! He could catch her easily if he went Super Saiyajin. He had obtained the Super Saiyajin stage when he was just ten years old. He had not even gotten angry to reach the level. His father had believed him to have it in his blood since because of the fact that before he was born, Vegeta had reached Super Saiyajin.

"Noooo!", she darted around a corner only to run into a brick wall. Or so she thought it was a brick wall... she looked up to see the Captain of the Palace Guards, Alasi. He was also Bra's bodyguard, not that she needed one. She could kick any Saiyajin's butt that was her age, and also some adults', as well.

"Good evening, your highness.", he bowed, then offered Bra his hand to help her stand up.

"Hi, Alasi! Bye, Alasi!", she giggled, then ran past him to her chambers to get ready for dinner.

Trunks came running up to Alasi, panting for air, "Alasi," he began, "Did Bra go to get ready?"

"Well, your majesty, she darted off in the direction of her chambers, so I'm guessing yes.", he replied, rubbing his head and grinning in a very Goku-like way.

Prince Trunks sighed in relief and turned to go to his own chambers. *Father is going to kill us for being late!*

After preparing, Trunks headed towards the Royal Dinner Hall. While passing the Training Arena, he sensed a familiar ki and rolled his eyes. He turned around and spoke into the distance, "Yes, Polla?"

A female Saiyajin with long, black hair and bottomless, black eyes stepped into view. She was Polla, daughter of Super Elite warriors Larcus and Asha. Because of the class she was born into, she was a likely candidate to be chosen as Trunks's mate.

"Hello, your highness. We should begin getting to know each other better since we are going to be mated sooner or later.", she smirked sexily and awaited his response.

"Polla, you are not the only one who wishes to be my mate, you know.", he replied smugly. Just about every female without a mate in the kingdom, and even a few with one, longed to be Trunks's mate. He was one of the most handsome men on the planet, and his sister, Bra, was quickly becoming one of the most beautiful females, even at age six.

He was seventeen and must choose a mate by the time he turned eighteen. He did not like this at all considering how his father was twenty when he chose Bulma as his mate.

"Of course, but I am the best one.", she bragged while tapping her fingers on her thighs. Trunks's eyes scanned over her body, then back to her face. He smirked, "Maybe."

He turned around and continued onto the Royal Dinner Hall. He lightly pressed the large metal doors open and entered to see Bra, Bulma, and Vegeta already sitting down to eat. King Vegeta stood and glared at his son, "Boy, you're late. What kept you?"

"Just Polla begging to be my mate.", he replied quietly. He sat down next to his little sister, then began to eat his 12-course meal. Bra and Vegeta also had large meals. What else could satisfy that Saiyajin appetite?

Bulma chuckled, "Just because every girl in the kingdom wants you, doesn't mean you can act arrogant about it, Trunks." Vegeta "hmph'ed" and began eating his meal.

"Sorry, mother. Bra already has a little fan club with the tiny tot boys.", the Prince smirked, then glanced at Bra.

"Papa!", Bra squealed, "Trunks chased me all around the palace today. Yell at him!" She put on her best set of puppydog eyes and stuck out her lower lip; she could get away with anything when her father had any say about the matter.

"Boy, leave my Princess alone.", Vegeta commanded, then winked at Bra.

Trunks growled under his breath at his tattle-tale sibling and continued eating.


"Finally, I've reached my destination. Now, where exactly am I? I just hit buttons so fast because I was trying to get out of there, I don't even know where I was headed to.", a black-haired beauty wondered aloud.

She stepped out of the small spaceship onto her new 'home'. It would have to do as her home since her other was now gone. She felt a small tear tumble down her cheek.

~*~ A day later...

"Father, I'm going train in the woods. So, please don't send any guards after me, okay? I wish to train in peace.", Trunks yelled as he flew out of the palace entrance.

As the Prince reached the woods, he felt a fairly high power level. Not even close to as high as his was, of course, but it wasn't too bad. *I guess I won't be able to train alone. I hope it isn't a girl or I'll never have any peace while I'm here!*


The black-haired female gasped. She felt a greater power level in the same woods as her. *I'm glad father taught me to fight and everything before he...*, she was ripped away from her thoughts as she felt the power level coming closer to her. The beauty quickly lowered her power level as low as she could.

She ran behind a tree in a pathetic attempt to hide from whatever was out there. She peeked from behind a branch to spot something lavender.


*Hmm... I don't see anyone around, but I could've sworn that I felt a power level out here. Oh, well.*

The Prince decided to begin his training and began to raise his power level. He kicked and punched at an imaginary opponent for a few hours before deciding to call it a day. He powered up a small blast and lit a few branches he had stacked up on fire. He laid down next to the fire and drifted off to sleep.


"Good... he's asleep.", the girl whispered to herself. She had been watching him train all day and found him very interesting. *He's so handsome.*, she blushed. Her stomach was growling to be fed, but she just ignored it and laid down next to the tree and fell asleep.

~*~ The next day...


"AHHH!", the woman jumped up into a fighting stance and looked around, frantically. Her eyes were clouded from sleep and she couldn't see very well. She yawned and rubbed her eyes sleepily. Her eyes landed on the lavender-haired man she had been watching the day before.

"Well?", Trunks asked, obviously irritated.

"I'm... Pan...", she replied quietly.

He noticed her tail was not wrapped neatly around her waist as most warriors of Vegetasei had theirs; instead it was dangling behind her lazily.

Trunks walked around her in a circle, eyeing her suspiciously, "Why do you not bow before your Prince, girl?"

"Prince? Where?", Pan asked confusedly. She tilted her head to stare at him, curiously. Her eyes drifted to something wrapped around his waist. She nearly screamed at the sight, "You have a tail just like me! Woah!"

"Uh.. duh.. this is Vegetasei and all Saiyajin have tails.", he lifted an eyebrow and wondered if she had a mental problem.

"Saiyajin...", she repeated quietly to herself, looking down at the ground, "So, that's what father meant when he said that I'm 1/4 Saiyajin..."

"1/4?", he questioned her. He noticed her blush a little and grinned. *She's beautiful... she's different than other female Saiyajins.*

"Yes, I am not from this planet. It is a long story and I don't trust you. Therefore, I'm not going to tell you anymore about myself.", she stated cockily and crossed her arms over her chest, not unlike Vegeta.

"Well, I am Trunks; Prince of Vegetasei, this planet. And I'm only 1/2 Saiyajin...", his voice trailed off as if he were ashamed.

They stared at each other a few more minutes before Pan broke the silence, "How old are you, Trunks? Or I mean... Prince Trunks?"

He smirked down at her, "I'm seventeen and you?"

"Fifteen. Do you know of some place I can seek shelter and food from?", she requested. She stared into his deep, oceanic eyes and felt herself begin to get lost in them.

"Follow me.", he replied, then turned to take off into the air. He stopped and turned back to face her when he noticed she wasn't following, "Can you fly, girl?"

"IT'S PAN! And yes, I can fly.", she took flight before he could even respond. He caught up to her and headed off toward the palace, Pan following closely at his side.

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