Meant For Each Other
Chapter 7


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"Oh, Trunks, dear!" Bulma half-sobbed, half-shouted while hugging an embarrassed Pan at the same time, "I'm so happy you two decided to be mated!"

Vegeta walked up behind Bulma, who was now wailing loudly, and rubbed her arms. "Woman, you're going to scare the brats."

"Veggie, this is so wonderful!" she yelled in his ears, much to the dismay of his sensitive hearing. She suddenly perked up with a huge smile beaming from her delicate features. She started counting to herself quietly. "There's so much to be done!" And with that, she left to find some servants to help her prepare for the Mating Ceremony.

~*~ Two days later...

"Miss Pan!" a servant called into the closed bathroom door.

"Hm?" she called back.

"We need to dress you, m'lady!"

Pan exited the bathroom rather irritated, yet excited at the same time. Today was the day her dream would come true. She would be mated with her true love, Trunks. She glanced at the formal dress laying out on the bed. It was gorgeous; she remembered Bulma describing the traditional dress the females wore at their mating ceremony. Of course, only the royals had ceremonies. *Wow, the dress is beautiful!* It was white and went down to her ankles with a slit up the left side of the leg. It had sheer, long sleeves and had a tint of glitter over the fabric.

"M'lady!" the servant desperately tried to get the princess-to-be's attention.

"Oh, right." Pan quickly slipped the dress on. The servant applied her make-up and curled her hair afterwards.


"Ahh! I can do it myself, mother!" Trunks swatted Bulma's hands away. She was trying to brush his hair as if he were a three-year-old while chattering about her future grandkids.

"Trunks," she suddenly got very serious, "Tomorrow, you will have to fight your father for the throne..." She choked back a sob and decided not to continue considering Trunks already knew what would have to be done. He would have to kill his father. Trunks shuddered and smiled assuringly at his mother, then left to get his bride for the ceremony.


Everyone present in the Ceremony Hall turned to stare as the Prince and his mate walked in, arm-in-arm. Bulma was weeping and Vegeta was scolding her for being so weak. Bra was sitting on the ground in front of the King's and Queen's thrones, eyes wide with interest. Prince Trunks and Pan bowed respectfully in front of the thrones before making their way up the the alter. The priest-type man stared at them for a moment once they reached the alter. He raised hands and began to speak.

"To join these two!"

Everyone in the room, excluding the royalty, cheered and yelled.

The priest turned back to Trunks and Pan, "Prince Trunks, will you keep Pan as your lifemate?"

"I will," Trunks replied as he nodded. Pan smiled at him.

"Pan," the priest began, "Will you keep Prince Trunks as your lifemate?"

"I will!" Pan exclaimed. A few of the Saiyajin in the crowd chuckled at her outburst.

The priest threw his hands in the air and yelled, "IT IS DONE!" Pan and Trunks turned around to face a roaring crowd. Trunks pinched Pan's ass and she startledly jumped into his arms. He smirked and led her out of the room.

Trunks raced through the corridors towards his and Pan's chambers. Once he finally reached them, he hastily slid his ID card in and darted into the bedchambers. He gently laid Pan down on the bed and carefully removed the dress as not to rip it. He then removed his armor and spandex clothing. Pan reached up to kiss her lover passionately. Trunks positioned himself over her and entered her.

~*~ A few hours later...

"I love you, Trunks-chan," Pan whispered, sleepily.

"I love you, too, Pan-chan," Trunks smiled down at his mate and drifted to sleep, Pan snuggling against the warmth of his chest.

Early the next morning, Trunks awoke with a stern knowledge of what he must do today. He loved his father and did not want to kill him. He knew his mother and sister couldn't bear it either. He sighed and loosened his hold on Pan, causing her to awaken.

"Trunks?" Pan rubbed her eyes and slowly sat up in bed.

"I have to prepare to battle my father, so I can take the throne."

Pan gasped. She hadn't realized Trunks would have to fight his father to become King. Trunks smiled down at her and advanced towards the bathroom to put his armor on. Pan got out of bed, as well, and changed into a royal blue halter top and some old blue jeans, provided by Bulma.


"Vegeta, you and Trunks can't fight! One of you will die!" Bulma pleaded with her husband, tugging on his arm like a child.

"Woman, it has to be this way." He shook her off of him and turned to exit his and Bulma's chambers. Vegeta was about to leave when he heard Bulma crying. He sighed, defeated, and turned around to comfort her. He held her in a warm embrace as she sobbed uncontrollably onto his shoulder. Once her crying had ceased, he held her hand as they walked out of their chambers.

Vegeta and Bulma met up with Trunks, Pan, and Bra once they reached the Throne Room. Pan bowed respectfully and Bra ran up and jumped on her father, "Hi, papa!" Vegeta smirked and set her down, his face becoming hard and serious.


"I know, father. I know." Trunks looked downward and gently squeezed Pan's hand.

The day went on normally... or as normal as things could get considering the battle that was going to take place later on that night. Vegeta. Or Trunks. One would die, one would live.

As night drew around, the tension was slowly rising in the royal palace. Bulma had tucked little Bra into bed. Vegeta had wanted her to be there, but Bulma would not have her seven-year-old daughter watching her family beat each other to death. No way, no how.

"No, woman. You can't stop the inevitable. This has to happen," Vegeta told his wife for at least the one-hundredth time that day. Bulma sighed sadly and sat down on her throne. The Queen's throne had been moved outside where the fight would be held. Just about every Saiyajin who was present on the planet and not away on a mission was gathered in a very large circle, big enough for Trunks and Vegeta to fight in. Trunks was standing off to the side with Pan who was fighting back her tears. Trunks felt a familiar ki he didn't think he'd ever feel again. He turned around and glared at the person behind him.

"Polla, I am warning you..."

"Your highness, Princess Pan," Polla greeted and bowed. Pan nodded nervously and glanced at Trunks with a 'what-the-hell-is-she-doing-here' look.

"I am here to congratulate you on your recent mating," Polla still had her head bowed; her words were true of apologies, happiness for Pan and Trunks and other things which were unrecognizable.

"Thank you, Polla. You are most welcome in the palace still, I hope you know," Pan replied politely. Polla's eyes beamed with happiness and nodded. She turned away, glancing at Bra briefly, before heading to stand with the rest of the crowd. Trunks smiled his approval. Pan was really something else; so forgiving and kind, but so naughty when she wanted to be.

"SAIYAJIN WARRIORS OF VEGETASEI!" Vegeta's voice brought Trunks back to reality. "LET THE BATTLE FOR THE THRONE BEGIN!" Cheers and screams were heard throughout the palace grounds as Trunks pryed Pan off of him to join his father in the middle of the circle. Trunks bowed respectfully and took a fighting stance, Vegeta following suit.

Trunks powered up to Super Saiyajin. Vegeta smirked and let out a battle cry, transforming into Super Saiyajin mode, as well. The spectators stared in awe, even those who were aware of the ability the royal family held. Vegeta disappeared and reappeared behind Trunks, kicking him in the back. Trunks was sent sprawling into the ground. He quickly jumped back to his feet and flew at his father, punching him square across the jaw. Vegeta grunted and sent a ki blast towards Trunks; the Prince threw his hands up and batted the blast away. The battle continued for another half an hour, Trunks with the upperhand.

Vegeta was laying on the ground almost unconscious. Trunks was about to send the final blow to his father when he heard his mother crying. He turned around to stare at her. Bulma had her hands over her face trying to hide her tears. Trunks turned his gaze over to Pan who was seemingly upset, as well. He knew Bra must feel her father's ki fading fast and thought about how she must feel. Trunks let the ki blast forming in his hand disintegrate and turned around to face the crowd. He took a deep breath and decided he had better speak up then before his courage faded away.

"SAIYAJIN WARRIORS AND NOBILITY! I, Prince Trunks of Vegetasei, hereby declare that his supreme highness, King Vegeta, shall become my mentor and right-hand advisor from this day forward!"

Gasps and murmurs were heard throughout the grounds as everyone let Prince Trunks's words sink in. Vegeta had managed to stand up and was about to protest to his son's decision when Bulma came running over and pounced on Vegeta, knocking him to the ground. She kissed him all over getting a groan of pain from her mate. Trunks chuckled, but was soon tackled by Pan who gave him the same treatment Vegeta had received. The warrior spectators laughed and whispered amongst themselves. Bra had been watching out the window most of the fight and flew outside in happiness to join her family. Vegeta and Trunks had regained their composure by now. The princess ran up and grabbed onto her father's leg, smiling happily. Vegeta smiled and removed her from him and she ran over to her mother.

Vegeta motioned for an elite-class warrior to bring forth the King's crown. Vegeta lifted it gracefully out of the warrior's hands and ordered Trunks to get on one knee. Trunks did so and his father began to speak, "My son, Prince Trunks of Vegetasei, I hereby declare you the King of the Saiyajin and of Vegetasei. Do you agree to be a fair and just King and ruler?"

"I do," Trunks replied confidently. Vegeta nodded and placed the crown upon Trunks's head. Everyone screamed their approval and applause. Trunks reached for Pan's hand, "I introduce your new Queen!" All Saiyajin, save Bra and Vegeta, got down on their knee and placed their right hand in a fist over their heart, signaling their loyalty.

And so, a new era began on Vegetasei. Trunks and Pan, Vegeta and Bulma, and of course Bra! living happily.. sometimes.. ever after.

The End


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