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His voice had never sounded so cold. Of course over the years she had gotten accustomed to his horrid demeanor, but she hadn't a clue what had happened to the boy looming above her. Man may have been a better word at this point in time, especially since he was the reason she was on the cold floor with a tear going up the side of her favorite sweater. What she did know, was that she hated the broken look in his eyes.

After the war, things had seemingly started getting better. For the wizarding world, that is. Purebloods, Half-Bloods, and Muggle Borns alike worked together to fix what had been damaged in their world. The Death Eaters were imprisoned or 'rehabilitated' upon their request. Harry had become the Boy Hero rather than The-Boy-Who-Lived. Ron and herself were also given many awards for their bravery to the world, and the sacrifices they had to make. For the first year, everything was grand. And then the incident happened.

Ginny had become pregnant. A pregnancy, as such, was frowned upon without wed-lock. Of course many people over-looked such a trivial thing, because it was The-Boy-Who-Saved. Harry had said time and time again something wasn't right. They had used the proper protection charms every time. They weren't ready to be married yet, much less have a child! Harry got over it quickly and a gallant wedding was prepared.

The child, as it turned out, wasn't Harry's. But, in fact, was Dean Thomas's. Ginny didn't argue when Harry kicked her out, nor when he asked for their divorce. However she tried many times to wiggle her way back into their tight-knit group.

A crash brought Hermione back to her senses. She lifted her hand out of the sticky puddle of firewhiskey and blood, and gave Harry a sobering smack across his face.

"Ow! What was that for?!"

"Clean yourself up this instant, Harry Potter!" Hermione ordered, pushing herself up onto her feet.

"I can't spend my whole life making sure you haven't drank yourself to death! Nor can I take any more of this!" Hermione gestured to the room around them and herself. Everything was an easy fix with magic of course, but she was tired of it.

"..I'm sorry 'Mione."

Hermione sighed, and pulled the male to her in a hug. It was the same every time. Harry would be sober for a few days, show face to the world, then come back. He'd get stupid drunk, Twinkle -Harry's house elf- would tell Hermione, Hermione came, Harry would get angry, Hermione would end up with an injury, Harry would get yelled at. It was a painful cycle. Hermione was just trying her hardest to do the right thing, but she couldn't even teach in these standards. Coming to his rescue put her behind on grading papers and coming up with assignments. Not to mention it was already hard trying to teach students not much younger than yourself.

Harry sobbed into Hermione's chest, as she smoothed his hair down. She was really considering taking him into a muggle rehab rather than sending him somewhere like St. Mungo's to treat him. If it were to get out that Harry was a drunk, his reputation would be ruined. Hermione didn't want that at all.

After calming Harry down and giving him a Sober Up potion, Hermione began putting the room back together. She made short work of it, and settled down next to him on the sofa, turning his head to look at the soft bruise that was beginning to come up on the cheek she had slapped.

"Missus Hermione?" Came the soft, scratchy voice of Twinkle.

"Yes, Twinkle?"

"Missus Hermione needs medical attention. Missus is bleeding."

Hermione grimaced. She realized then that she had forgotten about her side. Not only that, her hand had landed in the Firewhiskey glass when she had fell.

"I will be alright, thank you Twinkle."

"'Mione I'm so sorry!"

Hermione pressed her lips together in a thin line.

"It'll be okay Harry. Just get some rest." She said, brushing his hair out of his face.

He looked like he wanted to argue, but he knew better. She accio'd a blanket and laid it over him, then stood and made her way to the bathroom.

Hermione scowled at how disheveled she looked. Her hair was in knots and she had makeup running down her face. She was quite exhausted, so using much more magic right then wasn't the best idea. She turned the tap on hot and put in the stopper, allowing the sink to fill with water as she went to a cabinet and pulled out some medical supplies she had stashed there for cases like this.

She turned off the tap, and sat down on the edge of the bathtub, as she cleaned and bound the gash on her hand. Once she had more strength she would speed up the healing process. She wasn't the best at being a healer, but she could do a bit with her magic.

Hermione stood, and with a wash cloth, began softly cleaning her face with her unbound hand. There was a small scratch on her cheek that would scab up, but she didn't pay much mind to it. Little things happened to people all the time. What she really needed to worry about was the long cut across her abdomen. With a sigh, Hermione let the water out of the sink, and glanced at herself once more...at least there wasn't makeup running down her face now. She settled her hands on the sink, leaning against it as her mind began to wander once more.

All she wanted was for Harry to be happy. Of course, the whole situation with Ginny absolutely wrecked him. But he had been fragile from everything that had happened during the war. She knew he still had nightmares, she sure did. And that alone was enough to make someone drink. She had found herself staring at the bottom of a bottle plenty of times when a more horrible memory had come up. She needed to figure out how to help him. How to make him better.

It would have just been amazing if the whole war wouldn't have happened. Hermione had no idea where that would place her in relation to Harry or Ron or any of their friends. But she knew it would be worth it. Because then Harry would be happy. He would have something to live for.

Hermione licked her lips, and with a deep breath, peeled her sweater off. It stung a bit, as the edges had dried a bit, but upon inspection, her cut was still bleeding. It wasn't deep, but it wasn't shallow. It traveled from just under her left breast, to the top of her right hip. She knew it was a bad idea, but she did a quick scorigio on her wound. It stung, but all the blood around it disappeared, and just a bit of blood trickled out. Hermione placed gauze all along her cut, and bound her whole abdomen with medical tape. She needed to make sure it stayed for a bit.

She made for a quick sticking charm on the medical tape and gauze, when it all went black.