I don't own anything but the plot

As the Cullen s watched the trio of vampire's that Alice seen in her vision they didn't notice Bella back away from them at which point she screamed into her mind "now Saphira".A few seconds later a massive roar could be heard and when everyone looked up they saw a massive blue dragon heading their way and when they tried to move they found that they stuck in place by an unseen force and when the Cullens tried to look for Bella Edward saw her nearby with a smirk on her face before he was burnt to a crisp with the rest of his family and the stange vampire's.

Meanwhile a few hours later after cleaning up after her handiwork Bella was outside the Cullen house meeting an old friend of her father's "Ducky so glad you are could on such short notice" she said finishing with a smile then knocked Palmer out with a sleeping spell and proceeded to unload the bodies from the van and put them into the house.

"Anything to get rid of a few more vampire's my dear you're lucky I was heading to a nearby crime scene and as i would love to have a chat I need to get going before Jethro thinks I've gone half way round the state by the way could you please wake up,, Mr Palmer and change his mind if you know what i mean".

After Ducky got in the van Bella said the spell to revive Palmer and alter his recollection of the trip smile when she heard Ducky "moan" to his assistant about taking a wrong turn before heading off. After the van traveled out of sight she said to Saphire "Let's get this show on the road" Saphire then swooped down and said "with pleasure" then proceeded to burn the house down. Work done she and Saphire put some distance between them and the burning house and phoned the fire brigade with a disposable phone then went home acting like nothing had happened.