The phone on the apartments landline rings shrilly, and Reiji pushes back his chair to answer it. Who could be calling at this late hour? He wonders as he picks up the phone. The voice that speaks belongs to a ghost that haunts Reiji in unescapable nightmares, for it was the voice of the one person who he had failed to save and killed. "Come to the door, Reiji." Reiji breath hitched as the corded phone falls from his hand and bumps the wall with a clatter. The small thirteen-year-old girl with yellow pigtails siting in a nearby chair tilts her head with a worried frown as she stares with jade-green eyes at the unfamiliar expression of shock that was etched across the hired assassin's face. "…Eren…?" he chokes out in a harsh mumble when he remembers to breath, the waring emotions of regret, guilt, disbelief, hope, and deep sorrow exploding in the empty hole where his heart had once been.

In a haze, Reiji picks up the glock 17 pistol that lies on the table in front of the girl, its weight a calming comfort and a painful reminder of the danger he must face in order to survive. He walks towards the door and cocks the safety, pausing for a second before suddenly opening the door and raising the gun with both hands towards the unknown person waiting on the other side.

The girl that is on the other side of the doorway blinks twice with an unamused expression at the raised gun barrel that appears in her face when Reiji opens the door. She is wearing a light peach-pink hooded poncho underneath a pink mid-length coat with wrist-length sleeves which are folded back at the wrists as part of the fashion, and a purple turtle-neck vest with a strap closing for the front of the neck with gold buttons and black elastic string. White shorts that end just at the bottom of the coat with front pockets could be seen, and a pair of dark brown boots with white socks that poke just out of the top of them. However, Reiji does not take in any of her appearance as he stares in a mixture of surprised disbelief and shock at the face belonging to the ghost whose voice he heard over the phone.

"I'm coming in." the ghost of Eren states as she walks towards and then past him, her left hand first touching, then lowering his frozen left arm as she passes. The physical contact was enough for Reiji to believe that this copy of Eren was not a ghost, and that this was not, oh so thankfully not, a wishful dream.

With speed worthy of an assassin with the title of Phantom, Reiji let's go of the gun in his left hand while still holding it in his right, grabs Eren's left arm at the wrist so that it's behind her and she stops in her tracks. "I thought I killed you." He whispers as he pulls her towards him into a hug, his face that of a haunted man.

"Shush…" she whispers from his chest. "It's all in the past now." Reiji's only response was to tighten his hug as tears silently begin to stream down his face. Eren smiles at the warmth and over-emotional display that the reserved assassin was showing; it was good as it showed there was still some humanity inside of him and that he had yet to fully become a tool for Inferno. "I'm a part of you and you are a part of me. I will not die as long as you are alive." She mummers as she returns the hug by wrapping her arms around his waist. Quietly they hold one another, enveloped in the simple joy of knowing that the other was alive and here in this moment.

She pulls back and looks up at Reiji's face, where a simple smile shines like light from a lighthouse in the darkest of storms. The smile all too quickly is replaced with a frown of worry that is replicated in his brown eyes, as he then speaks. "Does Scythe know you are here, or are you acting under his orders?"

Eren shakes her head with a "No he does not know, for now." Her gaze turns to that of a haunted person, her eyes filled with an unknown memory as brief, sporadic flashes of pain, guilt and determination appear then disappear behind her calm, neutral mask. Unexpectedly Eren swiftly punches Reiji in the gut just below the lungs, he falls on his knees as the hand that had punched him moves to his neck and with two fingers, applies pressure as he stares up at her. Her grey eyes blink, to reveal a pair of blue lifeless irises as Reiji says her name, the one he gifted her so long ago, in an confused voice "Eren…?" before fading into the sleep of unconsciousness.