The Mission

Author's Note: Thank you guys for all the reviews. This is the final chapter and epilogue to this story. I wonder if we'll hit 200 reviews on this story, O.o? Probably not. But let's see what happens. Anyway, this takes place nine years after the ending of the last chapter. So Sparky is 12. Everyone knows what that means…it's time for the Chunin Exams!

Uchiha Children: I did bring Mini Mikoto back. This time though, she's the youngest instead of the oldest. So she and Arashi are the familiar faces. The rest are fairly new to the Uchiha family tree. (Though I might have used the name Kenji before as a grandkid.)

Chapter 22

Sasuke smiles as he heads to the arena with his family. His youngest child, Mikoto was piggyback riding on him. She was only two.

Mikoto had been named after her paternal grandmother because she so greatly resembled her. She had Hinata's lavender eyes and Mikoto's long silky black hair. Her skin was the same shade of ivory as her father though.

She was such a sweet child. It was rare for her to throw a tantrum. Truly, Mikoto was daddy's little girl. That was a very good thing, because they were in a very crowded stadium today.

"Where's Arashi?" Yumi asks, walking with the Uchiha Procession.

The young girl was expected to graduate the Academy next year. Even at the age of 11, Itachi's daughter was well…exactly like you would expect. Like her father, she was a prodigy and excellent in Genjutsu.

Unlike her father, who never got to enjoy his childhood, she had a normal upbringing. Well as normal as you could when you had two ninjas for parents anyway. So she her playful nature had not been squashed.

Yumi was forever getting into mischief with Naruto's son. Once they had switched Itachi's shampoo with pink hair dye. The results had been rather hilarious. Sasuke still teased his elder brother about it, every chance he got.

"Arashi's match isn't scheduled for another fifteen minutes. We better get to our seats soon though." Hinata says with a smile.

"Mother, there's Uncle Jugo! Do you think he has candy for us?" Yoko asks with a smile.

Yoko was their second child and eldest daughter. Her name meant child of the Sun. She had been born during the most beautiful sunrise that Sasuke had ever seen. So he had though that the name suited her.

She was nine years old and Sasuke could already foresee that in the very near future the village boys were going to be extremely annoying. She had inherited Hinata's beautiful blue silky hair and sweet smile. Sasuke's genes had asserted themselves in her obsidian eyes and fair skin.

"You really shouldn't assume that he will always have candy for you every time he sees you." Itachi says, smiling fondly at his niece.

"I do actually have candy for them every time, I see them though." Jugo says as he heads over.

Itachi shakes his head. Konan laughs and so does Yumi. Honestly, these children were going to become so spoiled at this rate, he thinks to himself. Itachi was hardly any better though. Yumi was his only child with Konan. They hadn't want to risk a second due to Konan's age.

He was well aware that he was easily manipulated by his daughter. He still couldn't deny her anything. He was utterly horrible at disciplining her. Itachi had even let the pink hair incident go unpunished.

"Kenji, what is in that backpack?" Hinata asks her youngest son.

Kenji was six. He had midnight blue hair, that looked almost black unless the sun was striking it and had styled it much like how Sasuke did when he was that age. He had inherited his mother's skin and his father's face. His eyes were a brilliant shade of blue.

Sasuke had taken one look at his youngest son and named him Kenji. His eyes looked exactly like his grandfather's. The doting father had no idea how the recessive trait of blue eyes had been reactivated. As far as he knew no Hyuga had blue eyes. But his grandfather had been famous for his.

"Nothing, mother." He says.

"You are a very bad liar." Sasuke says with amusement and opens the backpack.

"EEP!" Rio calls out and slinks to the bottom of it.

"Rio, you had Kenji smuggle you inside?" Sasuke asks in amusement.

"Maybe. I mean Master Kenji is very kind! I don't want to miss the show. I'm sure Master Arashi will do great!" The garden snake says.

Rio was just one of Sasuke's many summons. He was a harmless garden snake. Which made him good for intelligence gathering.

Most people were either too terrified of snakes in general to mess with even a harmless one or they didn't view him as a threat. That meant they'd ignore him and he could gather the intelligence. Though he also loved to cause mischief. He should have known the tiny snake would try to weasel his way into the Chunin Exams.

"He's family! Rio, should be able to watch big brother fight if he wants." Kenji protests.

"Oh alright. Just this once. But try to stay out of sight. Some people might not take too kindly to a snake being in the stands." Hinata says with a giggle.

Sasuke looks around. Naruto was supposed to meet them here. He smirks when he sees Naruto heading over to them with his wife, Tenten, and their son. They had named the kid, Jirayia.

Jirayia was the same age as Yumi. He had Naruto's blonde hair, though it was styled like Minato's. His eyes were chocolate brown like his mother's. Sasuke shakes his head. He secretly thought that Yumi and Minato would one day get together.

That meant there could be a blonde Uchiha at some point! The horror! Blasphemy! But that was at least a few years off into the future, so Sasuke tried not to let that thought traumatize him too much.

"Hey, sorry we are late. We stopped on the way to get some ramen." Naruto says cheerfully.

Jirayia dutifully bounds over to Yumi. She smiles. The two of them were soon engaged in animated conversation. Sasuke wasn't sure what they were discussing. They were whispering. He suspected it would be their next prank. Oh boy.

"Hurry! Big brother is making his way onto the stage." Yoko cries out.

The Uchiha procession, Uzumaki family, and Jugo head to their seats. Naruto was now Hokage. So they got special seats. Their were advantages to being friends with a Kage, Sasuke noted.

Soon enough they were seated. Yoko had been right, Arashi was on the stage. Shino and Ino's daughter, Kaiya, was making her way onto the stage as well.

Sasuke still couldn't wrap his mind around THAT match. But whatever. Lots of people thought he and Hinata were complete opposites and they still had a wonderful marriage with four children. Maybe it was the same for the insect and flower lover.

"Sparky doesn't look too happy about the match." Naruto says.

"Idiot. He probably just doesn't want to beat up a girl." Sasuke says with a shrug.

"Foolish little brother. Just because you were emotionally stunted at twelve, doesn't mean everyone else was." Itachi muses.

Sasuke raises an eyebrow. What the fuck was that supposed to mean? He gives Itachi a look that clearly told him to spill it.

"Arashi has his first crush. It's unfortunate for him that he has to battle her in the Chunin exams." His brother tells him.

"Sparky and Kaiya sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Kenji and Yoko start singing.

Hinata shakes her head in amusement at her children's antics. Well there was one thing for certain. There was never a dull moment in the Uchiha household.

Arashi observes Kaiya. She had brown hair like her father though it flowed like silk all the way down to her slender waist. She had her mother's beautiful blue eyes and was already beginning to "blossom," as it was called in the Leaf Village.

She was wearing a purple high collared shirt and white shorts. He felt his Sharingan activate, there was just something very exciting about seeing her legs. (Sasuke was a breast ninja, later Arashi would realize he was a leg man.)

"You ready for this, Uchiha?" She asks.

"I was born ready." He replies with a smirk.

Sasuke blinks. You had to be kidding him. His son was twelve. His Sharingan shouldn't be activating for anyone! He knew kids grew up fast these days, but this was ridiculous!

"She has wings!" Yoko gasps, when the match starts and a large pair of butterfly wings appear on the girl's back.

"She's really taking that whole insect affiliation thing to a new level." Sasuke muses.

Kaiya used her wings to try to stay out of range of Arashi's fireballs and punches. Sasuke could tell that his son was holding back though. Damn, Itachi was right.

She dove at him and tried to punch him in the face. Sparky takes that opportunity and grabs her by the hand. Mikoto giggles at this.

"Spark sparks." She says with a smile and sure enough, Arashi radiates the Chidori all along his body to shock her.

"He's trying to stun her, so he doesn't have to really hurt her." Naruto observes.

Hinata couldn't disagree with this assessment. It was cute in a way. Her son had his first crush. She smiles at the knowledge. (Though she was going to have Sasuke have a talk with him soon, she was far too young to be a grandmother right now!)

It didn't work though. Kaiya howls out in pain. But she summons a swarm of bees. Arashi's eyes wide and he backs up, keeping the Chidori around him and it acts as a bug zapper. There were so many though and he really didn't fancy getting the shit stung out of him.

"For a genius, you miss the obvious sometimes." Kaiya says as the one in front of him turns into a log and she gets behind his back, delivering a major kick that sends him flying.

"Damn it. Substitution Jutsu." He grumbles and gets up.

He was irritated now. Falling for that was embarrassing. Arashi rushes at her and pins her. The two of them spin around and around, each vying to pin the other down. But neither able to maintain control for long. It was a flurry of punches, kicks, and tangled limbs.

Somehow, their lips locked during the fight. The crowd gasps. Then there was loud applause, laughter, and well some teasing. The two Genin pull away from each other, both blushing furiously. Sasuke noted that Arashi had inherited his mother's blush.

"Well…let's just call that one a tie then." The announcer says, much to the amusement of the crowd.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to do that!" Sparky says flailing.

"It's okay. I liked it. You're cute when you blush. It would have been nice if it wasn't in front of a crowd of thousands, but I guess the other girls will know to leave you alone now." She says with a smile.

Arashi tilts his head in confusion. Wait she liked it? She liked him? He grins when she places a chaste kiss on his cheek.

"But you still got off way easy there, Uchiha. don't think just because you are cute that I'm going to go that easy on you next time." She says with a smile and darts off to join her parents.

"What a woman…" Arashi mutters.

"Speaking of women, I suppose it's time we had a little talk." Sasuke states in amusement and shakes his head at his son's expression.

Oh boy. His son was in DEEP puppy love. He better educate him on a few things. Arashi had always been an early bloomer and he was almost a teenage boy. Naturally, he'd be curious and well Sasuke was just not ready to be a grandfather yet. He drags Arashi off, despite the young boy's protest.

Twenty minutes later and Sparky was thoroughly traumatized, for life. Sasuke didn't believe in sugarcoating anything. He gave him rather detailed explanations about "kunais and pouches." (Ninjas didn't say the birds and the bees, that was just stupid. The kunai metaphor was much more accurate.)

"And that should cover the basics. You are still far too young for the advanced version." Sasuke says.

"THAT WAS ONLY THE BASICS?!" Arashi demands in disbelief.

"Of course. I didn't want to overload you. But no son of mine is going to remain ignorant about things like this. Now that you have a girlfriend, your mother and I figured you should know…these things." He says.

"…" Arashi is speechless.

God only knows what the advanced version entailed. Though he suspected it might have something to do with those books Kakashi was always reading. For some reason, his father wouldn't let him look at them. Sometimes he heard his mother giggle whenever page 36 was mentioned.

"Good. So do you have any questions?" Sasuke asks.

"No. Um I think you covered everything. Can we go home now?" He asks, still traumatized.

"Yes, we can. Believe me, it was even more awkward for me than it was for you." Sasuke says and soon they rejoin the rest of their family.

The results for who became a Chunin wouldn't be available for a few days. Arashi didn't have to fight again. So really in their mind there was no reason to stick around longer.

Later that night, Sasuke smiles. He watches Hinata make dinner. He enjoyed doing this. It was a lovely view and sometimes he'd make his presence known. Though he only did this when she wasn't cooking anything on the stove. He didn't want her to get burnt.

"If the kids weren't around, I'd suggest you should just wear an apron. I'd enjoy the view even more then." Sasuke says with a smirk and sneaks up behind his wife.

"Eep! Sasuke! Don't sn-eak up on me like that." She squeaks and leans into his hold once he wraps his arms around her.

"It's fun to sneak up on you though." He says and kisses her cheek.

"How did the talk go with Arashi?" She asks curiously and honestly wasn't sure how Sparky would react to THAT.

"Awkward. But I was as thorough as I felt it was reasonable to be with a twelve year old. I think he gets the general idea. He's likely going to be traumatized for awhile. But I'm told that's normal. You get to explain things to Yoko in a few years. I'm not explaining sex to our daughters. It's awkward enough to do so to our sons." He says firmly.

Hinata giggles. She smiles and kisses Sasuke's cheek back. He could be such a child sometimes. But she loved him with all her heart.

"He really seems to like he though. His Sharingan activated and everything." She muses.

"Yes. Puppy love. He's got it bad. Really bad. It's kinda cute, but kinda embarrassing at the same time. I can't really complain too much though. You certainly led me around by my dick for awhile." Saskue mutters.

"I did not!" She protests.

He raises an eyebrow. The implication is clear. "Yes, you did. Don't even bother to deny it."

"Alright. Maybe a little." She mumbles.

"A little? Did you completely forget about the waterfall incident?" He asks in amusement.

Hinata blushes deeply. How could she ever forget that? It was her first really romantic kiss and she had been completely naked at the time. She still couldn't believe how outrageously bold she had been that day. But one couldn't argue with the results. She now had a very handsome husband and a beautiful family that she adored completely.

"No. I don't think I'll ever forget that day, as long as I live." She tells him and snuggles into his hold.

"Mom! Aoda's at the door." Kenji cries out.

Kenji really was a natural with animals. He already had a summoning contract with dogs, more specifically with wolves. That was probably why his snake Summons would try to butter him up, when they wanted something.

"Alright. Alright." She says with a giggle and goes to see what Aoda wanted.

"Would you mind if we placed our clutch inside your home this year? The frogs spawned early and took all the good spots." He grumbles.

"Well how many eggs are there and how big are they?" Sasuke asks.

"Oh 92 this year." He says.

"Ninety-two?!" The dark haired ninja asks in disbelief.

"Yes, it's a few less than usual. But it was a bit of a lean year. Still we are very happy to have managed a clutch at all." He states.

"You think ninety-fucking-two kids is a SMALL CLUTCH?!" The Uchiha inquires in utter shock.

"A little on the small side. Usually we have a hundred or more. But I'm still happy that we managed to breed this year. Many didn't." Aoda continues on.

"Alright. Well that's a lot. How big are the eggs?" He asks.

"About the size of rice balls." The giant snake says.

"Yeah. We can manage that." Sasuke says and marvels at how strange life could be sometimes.

"Thank you, Master Sasuke. I appreciate this very much." Aoda says and darts his head out of the door for a moment, before returning it, with a large basket in his mouth.

Sasuke shakes his head. He has Yoko grab the basket. Those must be Aoda's future hatchlings. Idly, he was impressed that Aoda and his mate still seemed to be going just as strong as Hinata and him after all these years. She must really give good belly rubs, he thought with a smirk.

"Alright. Dinner is ready!" Hinata says and that was the magical word, all Uchihas assemble to the dinner table fast as lightning.

"Yum yum!" Mikoto says sitting on her chair with a booster seat.

"Mhm." Hinata says, smiling at her youngest daughter and helping her eat.

"You never did tell us father, how you and mother got together." Arashi says.

"It's a long story." Hinata says and sheepishly rubs the back of her head.

"Yes, it is. But I'll tell it anyway. It all started with a mission." Sasuke says.

"Sasuke, don't you dare!" Hinata warns him and Sasuke looks at his flustered wife with a smirk, that told her he was going to tell the story anyway.

Knowing Sasuke, he was probably going to tell the story to embarrass her as much as anything. She gulps. Hinata really hoped that her husband toned it down a bit. Their eldest child was only twelve and their youngest was two for Godsakes!

"Your mother is adorable. She actually thinks she is going to stop me from answering your question. Now as I was saying, it all started with a mission." Sasuke continues.

"A mission?" Yoko asks curiously.

"Yes, your mother was assigned to infiltrate the Sound Village under cover and to try to get me to go back to the Leaf Village. That's another long story about why I was in the Sound in the first place." Sasuke mutters.

Hinata squeezes his shoulder comfortingly. She was well aware that those were dark days for her husband. He'd rather forget them, if it were possible. Still he continues their tale.

"She convinced Orochimaru that she wanted to get stronger so she could take over her Clan. He was an idiot and actually believed her. I was somewhat of an idiot, I almost believed her. But at that time, I only cared about achieving my own goal. So it didn't really bother me that I didn't fully believe her reason for being there." He says.

"You and mother didn't know each other before then?" Kenji asks curiously.

"We knew each other in passing. We were in the same year in the Academy. But no, we didn't talk much. I kept to myself back then and she was horribly shy." Sasuke says with a shrug.

"He's become much more social over the years." Hinata says with a teasing smile.

Now how do I explain that she led me around by my dick in a way that is appropriate for children, Sasuke mused. He also didn't want to make it too obvious that he had been an idiot. The Uchiha had completely fallen for the oldest trick in the book, seduction tactics.

"I saw her at a waterfall, underneath the moonlight. We ended up kissing. There are three things that will get a male ninja in trouble, no matter what. It doesn't matter how strong he is. Any one of these things can distract us. They are gambling, alcohol, and women." Sasuke explains and smirks when he notices Arashi looked a little embarrassed at that last one.

Hinata sighs in relief. At least Sasuke had left out the part about her being naked. She was grateful for that.

"Your mother is the only woman who could make me fall for one of the Big Three Downfalls for male ninjas. I fell for her and rather quickly. Eventually, she told me the truth. That she was there for a mission, but not exactly what it was. I found out though. Not long after that, Konan found her." He continues.

"Aunt Konan? What'd she do?" Yoko asks.

"She told her the truth about Itachi. A long time ago, I was very angry with Itachi. I didn't understand the real reason why he did something horrible. Konan told Hinata the truth. Hinata told me. We went back to the Leaf where we confirmed what your aunt had told us. Naturally, I informed the village of the situation." He continues.

"Then what happened?" Kenji asks.

"Itachi received medical treatment. It took a long time for me to trust him again. He saved my life, when we went on a rescue mission to bring Hinata and your brother back. Hinata was pregnant at the time. Thanks to Arashi firing off a Chidori from inside the womb, uncle Naruto was able to find them. He nicknamed Arashi, Sparky and it stuck." Sasuke says with a smile.

"Who kidnapped mother?" Yoko inquires in a horrified voice.

"Orochimaru and Kabuto." Her father answers.

"But you beat the bad guys?" Kenji asks with baited breath.

"Yes, we most certainly did. Come on, it's late. Time for bed." He says with a smile and the couple make sure everyone is settled in for the night, before going to their room.

"Thank you for making the story suitable for children. I was worried that you might tell them EVERYTHING." Hinata says with a blush.

"That you completely seduced me by standing naked under a waterfall? It's the truth, but no. I couldn't tell them that. Arashi would never respect me if he knew I was that easy to manipulate." Sasuke says with a smirk.

"Something like that." She says with a smile.

"Now, I have a new mission for you kitten." Her husband says with a seductive purr to his voice that made Hinata shiver.

"What's that?" She asks.

"Well it involves you taking off all your clothes, maybe a clone or two, and soundproofing this room. Can you guess what the mission is?" He asks.

"To be your willing sex kitten for the night?" Hinata says with a squeak.

"Exactly. Beauty and brains, I'm a very lucky man." He says and pushes her against the wall, kissing her passionately.

Hinata returns the kiss with equal fervor. She wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. Moaning in pleasure when his clothed erection brushes against her core and he seduces her with his tongue. Yes, this was definitely going to be a very enjoyable mission, indeed.