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Chapter One: Game Over… not.

I really shouldn't have gone drinking that night with my friends. I mean, sure, I had just graduated from high school and I needed to celebrate that somehow but I had never gone drinking before. I was what you would call a boring guy because I never went out drinking, partying and doing drugs. I just knew better –results of spending most of your time reading random stuff on the internet-.

Anyways, I really shouldn't have gone drinking that night. I should've gone home, celebrated the fact I was out of school with my parents, the ones I knew really gave a damn about what happened to me, and after that I should've done what I do best: play videogames until I gave myself brain damage and passed out until the next morning to repeat the same thing every day until it was time for me to go to college.

Heh. College. I was really looking forward to that. I really wanted to get a degree in graphic designs and graphic animation so I could get a job in the video game development industry. Those had been my plans. But no. But fucking no! I had to ruin them just because I couldn't say no! Come with us, they'd said. It will be fun, they'd said. I did went with them. And I did had fun –made out with three different girls, two at the same time even-.

What they didn't tell me, however, was the fact that I was going to stare my own death in the face while I was too drunk to see that the green light was one for the vehicles on the street, not the people walking through the city. I knew how to drive but my parents knew I was going to go drinking so they didn't give me the vehicle for obvious reasons. I was supposed to call them so they could pick me up but in my drunken brilliance I decided to walk home.

A load of good shit that did me. I had stumbled forward, ignoring the warning of the homeless guy who was sitting next to the lamppost on that corner, and slowly rose my head when a bright light and an annoying loud sound suddenly blared against my drunken senses. I don't know how I can recall this with even half of the clarity I am but this is what I remember. That night I saw my life flash before my own eyes before I was hit by a car.

I remember half of my bones breaking and puncturing most of my internal organs. The pain had been excruciating. Milliseconds –don't ask me how I could a perceive such a tiny time frame because I do not know- after that I felt my head been separated from my body due to the strength which the car had hit me. I remember seeing my body sent flying meters away before my eyes turned to the horrified eyes of the man as he stared back at me.

But most of all. I remember ten words appearing in front of me as everything dulled as I began to die.


Would you like to try again?


I don't know if it had been the survival instinct of a dying being making the choice for me. I don't even know if my mind even questioned the absurdity of words appearing out of nowhere as my head flew away from my body. The only think I knew was that I saw an opportunity to keep living. So, moved by instinct, I said yes in my mind. The words had disappeared. My head continued flying away as my body was crushed by the car that had killed me.

My consciousness, however, was transported elsewhere.

-DxD: Gamer-

You have slept in your bed. Your HP and MP have been fully restored. All ailments have been cured.






While my thoughts were raging a mile a second I was sure my face –or what I believed to be my face- was kept blank as I stared at the blue box with black letters in front of me. Not a moment ago I was reflecting of the decisions I took that led to me dying when I suddenly find myself laying comfortably in a bed staring at a message box suspiciously similar to the ones that appeared on 'The Gamer' manga I have been reading lately.

I looked around in panic trying to discern where I was but there was nothing distinctive of the room other than it was filled with posters of naked females that were very beautiful and very well endowed. When I was sure I was going to start hyperventilating, a wave of calmness overwhelmed the anxiety I was feeling me and my brain directed my consciousness into thinking about the situation at hand.

I was in an unknown place. First priority: Learn where I am. Secondary objectives: Find out why those letters appeared in front of my face when I woke up and why they resembled a manga I had been reading in the past and why I found myself calm all of sudden when I should be getting a heart attack.

That was when another box appeared.

Quest Alert!

Where in the hell I am?!

You have found yourself in an unknown place and weird stuff is happening around you not even ten seconds after you woke up! Find out where you are! Secondary objectives: Learn about the weird things happening around you.

Reward: 500 XP. 1000 XP if the secondary objective is completed. Skill Book. Not being a clueless idiot.

I narrowed my eyes at the message box appearing and realized that it was exactly like the ones that would appear before Han Jee-Han when he got a quest. Meaning that this 'weird things' were actually The Gamer ability manifesting before me in its default form. My deduction was proven correct when the secondary objective in the quest message box became grayed out and a plus sign appeared beside it meaning I had completed it.

When I didn't panic because of this knowledge being learned, I realized this was indeed the real deal and the skill Gamer's Mind was already changing me. Deciding to go with the flow as I didn't feel like I was in some kind of dream and I distinctly remembered everything from my live to the point I 'died', I rose up from the bed and went to search for a mirror to look at myself. Maybe it will give me a clue into where I was. I suspected that I was in the world of The Gamer for obvious reasons.

There was a small mirror in the room and I approached it with some trepidation that was quickly washed away by Gamer's Mind. I was surprised, however, when brown eyes stared back at me from the surface of the mirror. Dark brown hair was messily sitting on top of 'my' head and it was also framing and slightly above average looking face. I had already deduced who 'I' was but the letters floating above my head only served to confirm it.

Issei Hyoudou. Lvl 1.
The Gamer

I was in the world of High School DxD and apparently my consciousness has replaced that of the main character. Immediately after I thought that a ping was heard in my mind and a message box telling me I had completed the quest appeared. Immediately after a bright light appeared on my suddenly cupped hands as a white thin book appeared in my hands. I heard another ping sound and another message box appeared in front of me.

Your level has increased by one! Your level has increased by one!

Okay so let me get this straight. I died. Of that I had no doubt. And then I was reborn in the world of one of my favorite anime/manga/light novels series as its main character wielding the abilities of the main character of another series I had recently began to read…

Surprisingly –or maybe not- I felt not at ease with that revelation but more like content in a very grim fashion. I have to admit that more than once I had wanted to live in a world of fantasy wielding incredible powers, fighting bad guys and doing what it needed to be done with the hot girls that kept appearing on the shows and manga I have read. As I dismissed all the message boxes that had appeared on my field of vision I realized that this was my chance to do exactly that.

The first thing I needed to do was to find out exactly when I was in the timeline of the DxD universe. Looking at myself –Issei- on the mirror once again I realized that I couldn't be far from where the light novels began since I looked around Issei's age when that happened. That's when I realized that I did have my memories of my previous life but I didn't possess Issei's from this life. I can recall being friends with Irina Shidou and thinking she was a boy but only that from the past and I was sure it was because I have already saw that in the light novels.

The next thing I needed to do was prepare myself for when shit hit the fan. I decided I was going to go by the timeline as it was presented in the light novels and alter it as little as I could because the slightest thing I did could heavily alter how stuff happened. I admit I was afraid of getting caught off guard –try not being when you were killed because you were caught off guard drunk- and I certainly didn't want to die again.

That line of thinking made me recall the book that I was still holding in my hands so I brought it up to my face. Even though it appeared out of light it felt like a real book but according to the quest that rewarded it to me it was a skill book. I focused on it and as I expected a blue window appeared.

You have acquired the skill book 'Mana Manipulation'. Would you like to learn this skill?


I pressed the yes button and I stared as the book was enveloped in bright light before I absorbed said light. As it died down and the window disappeared automatically I became aware of the magical energy swirling inside of me and knowledge on how to manipulate it filled my mind. As I began to marvel at the sensation of it –it was like a warm limb deep inside your core waiting to be used- another window appeared.

Mana Manipulation. Passive. Lvl Max. Allows the user to freely manipulate mana which is the energy within most living beings. Passively increases INT by 10%. Passively increases mana pool by 10%.

I nodded at that and dismissed the window as I moved away from in front of the mirror and took a seat on my bed. I knew that I was still incredibly week even by the standars of this world and my previous one but I still needed to know where I stood at the moment. I took a deep breath and decided to use my voice for the first time since waking up as Issei Hyoudou.


Name: Issei Hyoudou
Title: N/A
Status: N/A
Race: Human Job: The Gamer
Level: Lvl 3 Next Level: 0.0%

HP: 325/325 R: 0.5% (1.6) per Minute
MP: 907/907 R: 1.4% (12.7) per Minute

STR: 4
VIT: 5
DEX: 3
INT: 33 (30+3)
WIS: 14
LUCK: 10

Stat Points: 10
Money: 0$

I got over the fact that my voice sounded different and that I spoke a different language even thought I still perceived it as English very fast once I saw my stats. They were definitely better than I was expecting them to be but to be honest I was not surprised by them. They actually made a lot of sense once I spent a minute analyzing them.

STR was the Strength modifier and it governed the physical damage I could deliver and the amount of weight I could carry. It was pretty accurate as far things go. From what I knew about Issei's character he never trained nor performed any physical activity before he became a devil and was forced to do so. I was tempted to put points into it immediately but I knew that since it was so low I could rise it up by training physically and that I should save those points for later.

The same happened with VIT and DEX, the Vitality and Dexterity modifiers respectively. Vitality essentially governed the amount of stamina and max HP I possessed. I deduced that VIT modified the amount of HP on a 25/1 ratio if the amount I had a level one was 100 without taking into account my VIT of 5. Dexterity governed how fast I was physically, my reflexes, my reaction time, my coordination, my body awareness and my aptitude for acrobatics and flexibility. The same occurred here as with STR so the modifier was pretty accurate.

INT was the Intelligence modifier and it governed the potential I had to acquire new knowledge and the amount of mana I possessed. And as humbly as possible I realized that it was very accurate too. Before I died I had been a very good student. Not only that but I spent my time reading and learning new stuff along with playing a lot of games that forced me to think things through so I knew that my mental capabilities were above average.

The amount of mana I possessed was also accurate if the same happened with INT and MP as with VIT and HP: a ratio 25/1 if my base MP without taking into account my INT at Lvl one had been 50, half of my initial HP at 100, which was the common on most games if you choose a class with an average affinity for everything which I knew I was.

WIS was the wisdom modifier and it governed my ability to make the correct decision, how I used the knowledge in my possession and mana regeneration. I think it was also pretty accurate since I like to think that all the choices I made through my short previous life had been the correct ones –except for the one that had made it so my previous life was short of course-. It seemed like the regeneration of my mana was directly proportional to the amount of WIS I had calculated in percentages. And the same seemed to happen with my HP. Good to know.

LUCK was the luck modifier obviously and it governed, you guessed, how lucky I was. However, I know that it also governs the quality of the drops I get from fighting mobs and how prone I was to getting a critical strike. A lot of people would think that luck is a useless stat to increase, and it normally would be because you can normally raise your stats through stats points, but since I could modify my other stats by training and doing other stuff I can see the potential here. But I wasn't going to get ahead of myself.

Looking at my stats I realized that I had the perfect build to become a mage class character just going by how high INT and WIS were when I was in level 3 but this 'game system' allowed me to get points in all stats by doing certain actions. I knew I could rise my STR, VIT and DEX by doing specific exercises for each. I could raise my INT by studying and I could raise my WIS by making correct during difficult situations. LUCK was the only one that I needed stats points to raise because there was no way to get lucky on purpose.

Because of that I decided that my best path was to become a Battlemage. It was a sub class of wizard type characters that focused on mixing physical prowess with battle magic to create a very devastating battle style suited to face any kind of situation, which was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be able to go against anyone who crossed my path.

You have made a wise decision. Your WIS has gone up by 1.

I smirked as the game itself confirmed that my decision was one of the best I could make. I dismissed the message box and decided to look at my skills. I had a fairly good idea what to expect but it was a good thing to be sure. "Skills."

Gamer's Mind. Passive. Lvl Max. Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Grants immunity to psychological status effect.

Gamer's Body. Passive. Lvl Max. Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. After sleep in a bed he restores HP, MP and all status effects.

Mana Manipulation. Passive. Lvl Max. Allows the user to freely manipulate mana which is the energy within most living beings. Passively increases INT by 10%. Passively increases mana pool by 10%.

I nodded my head as I looked at the three skills. Like in The Gamer Manhwa I began only with the skills Gamer's Body and Gamer's Mind which were by far the most useful skills. Gamer Body prevented me from having permanent physical damage and Gamer's Mind allowed me to always be calm and collected no matter the situation. To be honest, Gamer's Mind was a much overpowered ability because I couldn't be affected neither by anxiety, stress or panic attacks and neither by illusions nor abilities that affected the mind.

That meant that my mind was absolutely protected. My body was different. Why any permanent damage would heal with just sleeping or eating anything I could still feel pain, as brief as it would be. And I wasn't very fond of pain. I had felt most of my bones breaking and puncturing my organs and unless it was required, I refused to feel something like that again. Let's not talk about how it felt to have your head ripped off. It was not… pleasant to say the least.

At the moment I needed a skill the gather information and the perfect one for that was Observe which I was going to 'create' in a few minutes. I also needed close, mid and long range skills to attack and dice out damage. I needed a defensive skill to protect myself from damage. And lastly I needed support skills that augmented my battling prowess. Those were the skills I needed at the moment and luckily I had enough mana to accomplish at least that for today.

"Issei! Come down and get your breakfast or you'll be late for school!"

I perked up at the voice and realized that it was 'my' mother calling for me. Looking at myself I realized that I was still wearing pajamas and cursed myself for spending so much time marveling at my new found life and abilities. Deciding to manage my time better for the future I rushed out of the room and into the bathroom to quickly get myself cleaned up and ready for the day.

After brushing my teeth I exited the bathroom and went into my room with a smirk on my face. I had found out that Issei was very well endowed down there –I mean it was obvious he was because there was a reason all those girls were after him- and was feeling very good with myself right now. Recalling another feature that my gaming abilities gave me I opened up my inventory and put my uniform into it and then equipped it.

I was about to put my hairstyle into the one Issei used but stopped short. Smirking again I decided to start changing things a little so I grabbed a comb and styled my hair so it was completely brushed back with a bang loosely hanging between my eyes and the top part of my hair was slightly spiked upwards. After nodding approvingly I unbuttoned the bottoms of my jacket, exposing the red undershirt beneath, I went out of 'my' room and towards the kitchen.

All that only took me fifteen minutes.

When I arrived at the living room 'my mother' was already sitting at the table and she was patiently waiting for me but I had to stop dead when I saw her. I knew that it was wrong in so many levels but I couldn't help it. I remember that High School DxD was of the ecchi genre –bordering almost on Hentai- and I should've been expecting this but nothing prepared me for the beauty that was Issei's mother.

With long brown hair that reached the small of her back, a mature face full of natural beauty, brown eyes full of love and a full voluptuous figure that was perfectly proportioned with big round breasts, a small waist, super wide hips and a plump ass it was no wonder why Issei turned into a pervert. With a mother like her there was no question how Issei turned the way he did. Issei's that was a lucky bastard. I smiled at her and she returned my smile with a soft one of her own.

If she only knew what I was thinking she wouldn't be smiling like that of that I was sure. I stared at her for a few more seconds, deciding to use this opportunity to create one of the most useful skills Han Jee-Han had acquired –the fact that I was also using this opportunity to strip her down in my mind had nothing to do with my decision.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'Observe' has been created.

Observe. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and persons was generated allowing the user to quickly gather information. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained. Cost: 10 MP.

I wanted to confirm another thing about my abilities. I recalled that Han Jee-Han would say the name of the skills to activate them. Instead of that I focused on the skill I wanted to use and thought about using it. I smirked as I felt the slight drain on my mana and the skill activating before I focused on Issei's mother.

Hana Hyoudou. Lvl 7.
The Caring Mother

HP: 400
MP: 50

Hana Hyoudou is the mother of Issei Hyoudou and the one the provides him with everything he needs be it food, clothes, money and education as long as she thinks he needs it or has earned it. She loves Issei with all her heart and doesn't want him to end up like his father who she had recently separated with because he couldn't control his lust around other women.

My eyebrows shot up as I read the last part but I realized that I shouldn't expect things to be exactly like in the light novels of the DxD universe. I myself was an anomaly and my powers were and even bigger one so Issei's mother having divorced her husband was nothing too surprising but it was still unexpected. It was a good thing I developed Observe while checking her out because that was something that I had to know seeing as I was Issei and I was directly affected by that.

"Good morning Kaa-san," I said as I approached the table and deciding to take advantage of the situation of being the son of this hot peace of female flesh I wrapped my arms around her neck from behind and kissed her on the cheek. I was rewarded with a beautiful smile for my actions.

"My, my," she began in a teasing tone as I took a seat next to her. I used observe on the traditional Japanese breakfast she had prepared for me to start levelling the skill up as listened to what she had to say. "Such a good greeting this morning from my handsome son. Do you want something?" I could hear the mirth in her voice as she said that.

After swallowing a mouthful of rice and eggs I turned to her with a smirk of my own. "Nothing of the sort Kaa-san. I just wanted to express how much I love my beautiful mother this morning. It's not always that you have to have an ulterior motive to show love to your mother," I replied with the same mirth on my voice as she had used.

She rose an eyebrow at me. "You seem different today and it has nothing to do with your news hairstyle. It suits you quite well by the way," she complimented me as she kept staring at me with curious eyes as if searching a reason for my change in character.

I knew I appeared nonchalant in the outside but I was cursing up a storm on the inside. Of course Issei's mother would notice something off with her own son just by exchanging a few words. I had overlooked that in my lustful haze of watching such a beautiful female specimen and didn't take into account the repercussions but at least she wasn't taking it as seriously since she was probably thinking it was her son trying to mess with her if the slight amusement in her eyes was anything to go by.

So I calmly shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know what you are talking about Kaa-san. I just think that I haven't showed how much I appreciated you and decided to change that. I don't think there is something wrong with that," I said as I allowed Gamer's Mind to do its job to keep me calm and collected in situations like this. I have never said such a blatant lie in my life and it showed because a notification box appeared in front of me less than a second after I stopped talking.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'Lying' has been created.

Lying. Passive. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. A skill that lets you spew lies through your teeth while putting a promising act and making even you believe what you are saying is the truth. 5% chance of lie being believed.

Lie successful!

She looked at me in amusement for a few seconds before she shrugged her shoulders. "If that's the case I can't and won't complain. I hope that this isn't a onetime thing you know," she said before she pinched my cheek and gave me a loving kiss on the other before she leaned back and smiled. "Now if you would stop being a blatant pervert that would be a godsend," she sighed in defeat as she leveled a disapproving look on me.

I chuckled nervously as I knew it was a sore topic for her. "That is a work in progress mom. I promise I will get rid of everything perverted on my room and I'll try to stop being lustful but…" I trailed off and decided to be a bit bold. I blatantly looked at her wearing clothes that accentuated her figure and jokingly gave a wolf whistle as I smirked. "With a beautiful mother like yourself it will be kind of difficult. But I will try. But I have to say that Dad was an idiot for letting you go."

I was rewarded with an almost unnoticeable blush before she swatted me hard on the head. My HP even dropped by five when she hit me. "Control yourself young man. I am your mother," she said sternly but I still could hear the mirth in her voice. She then stood up and picked up her plate and glass. I stared at her perky and plump ass as she walked away. "Now finish your breakfast or you'll be late for your first day at school." When she said that two quest message box appeared in front of me.

Quest Alert!

Your mother doesn't likes blatant perverseness even if she is a closet pervert bigger than even you herself. Get rid of your perverted games, posters and magazines today or tomorrow and show her that you are willing to change your ways for the sake of her feelings.

Reward: 1000 XP. Increased closeness with mother.
Failure: Decreased closeness with mother.

Quest Alert!

You are dangerously close to being late for school. Finish your breakfast and arrive within fifteen minutes to school and start showing your peers that you are not the same Issei from last year.

Reward: 1000 XP. Better reputation with the Student Council. Better reputation with the girls of Kuoh Academy.
Failure: Bad reputation with the Student Council. Girls of Kuoh Academy will think that you are the same pervert from last year.

Well that answered the question on when I was in the DxD timeline. I was at the beginning of Issei's second year in high school which was more or less a few months before the events of the main storyline began to happen. With my abilities I deduced that it was enough time to build a solid foundation for my battling style. It was perfect for what I had planned for myself even.

I accepted both quests without too much thought. A mini map appeared on the upper most left side corner of my field of vision telling me where Kuoh Academy was located and a countdown of fifteen minutes appeared right below the map. If I recalled correctly Kuoh Academy was more or less ten minutes away if you walked leisurely meaning that if I walked normally I would arrive there with minutes to spare if I got out now. I finished my breakfast quickly and surprised Issei's mother again when I deposited the plates and glass myself on the sink. I kissed her cheek again and gave her a hug, enjoying how soft her body felt pressed against mine, before I said good bye to her.

I picked off my backpack and waved goodbye to my hot mother who kept staring at me in pleased amusement as she waved back. It was time to make this reality, and all its girls, my bitch.

-DxD: Gamer-

As I walked toward Kuoh at slightly faster than normal speed I spammed Observe on everyone I got within my sight. Thanks to that I found an interesting thing. Normal people's level ranged from 1 to 10 depending on whether they were kids or adults. The only ones that surpassed that level range where athletes who were rounding on 11-13 depending on how fit they looked and how they carried themselves. Thanks to me using Observe over and over again I managed to level the skill twice meaning that I could see their apparent weaknesses and some additional information.

This skill was the ultimate information gathering skill and I will using it for future endeavors of blackmailing and extortion.

I arrived at Kuoh Academy with exactly five minutes to spare and I dismissed the quest message box that told me I had successfully completed the quest. I marveled at the sheer size and beauty of the school facilities as I walked towards the front gate. It was massive and while it was described as such in the light novels I felt that the anime and manga didn't give it justice to just how big it was.

When I stopped looking at the school's buildings I discreetly began to look at the students and to my amusement many where giving me almost disbelieving looks. I was on time on the first day to starts things off and secondly I wasn't staring at girl's tits and asses as I know Issei would normally do. While I took notice on how beautiful all the females are I wasn't been obvious about it. I just smirked to myself and kept walking forward doing as if I wasn't noticing it.

I reached the school gate and I was caught off guard once again by the beauty of one of the important characters of the DxD plot. Sona Sitri was a beautiful bespectacled young woman with short black hair in a bob cut and violet eyes that complimented her incredibly beautiful face. She was petit on the chest area but her thin waist, wide hips, incredible ass and toned thick legs more than made up for that. I decided to use observe on her before she noticed that I was staring at her.

Sona Sitri Lvl ?
Heir of the Sitri Clan

HP: ?/?
MP: ?/?

Sona Sitri is the Heir of the Sitri Clan, one of the 72 Pillars of the Underworld. She is the President of the Student Council at the Kuoh Academy. She is very strict with her charges but kind and understanding. Her hobbies are playing chess with her friend and rival, Rias Gremory, and studying. She loves her sister dearly even though she becomes easily exasperated and annoyed by her.

It seemed like I was still too much of a low level to get a full scope of her abilities even with observe which meant that even I had my limits. However what Observe told me was more than enough to get a fair idea on Sona's character. I admit that she is one of the girls I want to get… close to and I decided that I should start appealing to what she likes. I approached the gate and she finally took notice of me and I noticed she was fairly surprised by my appearance.

"Good morning, Hyoudou-san. It is a surprise to see you arriving early," she commented in greeting as I approached her. I stopped by her and I noticed many males looking at me with murderous eyes as I began to talk to who I knew was the third most popular girl at the academy. As a matter of fact…

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'Detect Bloodlust' has been created.

Detect Bloodlust has gone up by 1!

Detect Bloodlust has gone up by 1!

Detect Bloodlust has gone up by 1!

Detect Bloodlust. Passive. Lvl 4 [37.4%]. A skill that detects any bloodlust directed at the user. It is an instinctive skill. Detects bloodlust within twenty meters of the targets location. It also alerts the user of the location.

I smirked at that and ignored the pitiful attempts at intimidating me away from talking to Sona so I directed a shrug in her direction. I recalled her alias and that I wasn't supposed to know her real name until later thankfully. "Good morning to you, Kaicho. You're looking very lovely today. As for me arriving early certain situations back at home made me realize that the way I had been acting wasn't the correct one and I wish to change my ways and how people perceive me. It is my hope to not cause you any problem nor anyone else," I replied as nonchalantly as I could.

Lie successful!

Sona seemed surprised by my admission but she gave me an approving nod in my direction. "I see. Then I am glad. Your actions last year left a lot to be desired but if you are willing to change for the better then whatever happened to you was a good thing all things considered. I look forward to see you living up to your full potential," she said and dismissed me with a look. I nodded at her and began to walk away towards the school with the eyes of Sona Sitri glued to my back.

As I walked towards where my schedule told me that homeroom was located I began to spam Observe on my fellow students. I managed to get another level on Observe by the time I arrived to my classroom and took a seat on the back next to the window. I noticed that I was the only boy at the classroom but I ignored the surprised looks of the girls when they realized that it was me who had just entered the classroom and that I wasn't ogling them. I can literally feel my reputation with them increasing as I began to look out of the window my chin resting on the palm of my hand.

I was shamelessly abusing of the fact that girls were attracted to guys that seemed to have an aloof kind of personality because it turned them into a mystery they wanted to solve. I hoped it would help with my reputation gains with everyone at the school which would help to make my life here easier. It was also my hope that a few girls would feel attracted to this new personality I was creating so I could hook up with them and have fun. I was not going to become addicted to this videogame ability like Han Jee-Han and seeing as I was living in an absurdly perverted world then the best way to have fun was to do lewd stuff with girls.

And speaking of girls that I wanted to seduce the three main ones that I had been thinking about stepped into the classroom. Muruyama and Katase were the hottest members of the Kendo Club and in the anime they beat up Issei and the other two perverts for peeking on them any times. It would be very ironic if I as Issei managed to bed them both so I decided to do just that. Then there was Aika Kiriyuu, another hot girl who was known for being a big pervert, probably even bigger than Issei, Matsuda and Motohama themselves.

Murayama was a brown haired girl with an athletic build and fierce hazel colored eyes the complimented her cute face. Katase was slightly less voluptuous than her friend but she shared the same athletic build. Her hair was a colored a dull pink and her eyes were a warm brown that showed she was kinder than her best friend. I don't know if Issei had peeked on them yet but judging by the fact that they were equally surprised by me not blatantly staring at them as the other girls then it was safe to assume he had begun peeking on them this year. Aika on the other hand didn't have an athletic build but her assets were certainly fuller and plumper then those of the other two. I am sure that she would be easiest one two seduce since her lust was on par with that of Issei, Matsuda and Motohama put together. The appreciative look she gave me and the smirk gave it away.

A few minutes after the arrival of those three Matsuda and Motohama arrived and I almost pitied them. The girls gave them disgusted look as they began to blatantly ogle them and I shook my head in disappointment. Had Issei managed his lust better he could've had every girl here eating from the palm of his hand because his only short coming was that he was obvious with his lust and perverseness.

"Yo! Issei!" Matsuda called out and I turned my eyes towards him and Motohama who were now approaching me. I realized that the girls were now frowning at me in disappointment that I was still friends with the two of them but I won't be their friend for too much long. Call me cruel all you want but Motohama and Matsuda were friends with Issei Hyoudou, not me.

I nodded at them. "Good morning to you Matsuda, Motohama," I replied with as much disinterest I could muster and I was almost surprised when the two of them began to look at me with narrowed eyes.

"What have you done to your hair?"

"And what's up with that unenthusiastic greeting?"

I ran my hand through my hair and shrugged my shoulders. "About my hair I think that I needed to change it seeing that I want change the way people here perceive me so you can say I am using it to announce that. As for my greeting I find it to troublesome to be too chirpy in the morning," I answered both questions in the same tone of voice before I looked at them. It was not surprise they seemed shocked by my admission as where the ones who had heard me. I wasn't trying to have the entire class hear it but I was not whispering either. I was speaking normally actually.

"Can I ask you two a favor?"

That seemed to do the trick on bringing them out of their shocked state and Motohama fixed his glasses as he nodded his head shakily. "Erm, yeah, sure. What did you need?"

I leaned back into my chair and crossed my arms over my chest as I looked at the two most open perverts of Kuoh Academy. "As you probably know my mom separated from my dad because he couldn't control his lust around other women even if he was married to my mother. My room is still full of perverted stuff and I feel like that is a reminder to what my father did to her. It was my hope that you two would be willing to take them away from my hands. I don't want my mother to suffer any more than she had already and everything I can do to help in that I will do it."

Lie successful!

Lying has gone up by one!

I mentally dismissed the message box and I almost smirked at the shocked looks on the faces of Motohama, Matsuda and those who had been hearing my conversation. I could already feel my reputation with the girls increasing as they realized I was willing to depart of something I liked for the sake of my mom. That had been my intention all along. Katase and Murayama were already looking me in a new light, like most of the girls, and where those hearts on Aika's eyes? Never mind.

Ill intent detected! In front of you!

As soon as the box appeared in front of my face I was grabbed by the scruff of my neck by Matsuda. He was glaring daggers at me as he held me up and I saw Motohama also looking at me in a threatening way. "Who are you and what have you done with Issei?!" He almost growled at me in a comedic fashion.

Motohama nodded in agreement. "Yeah! The Issei I know would never depart of his precious ecchi possessions! SO tell us who are and what have you done with our dear Issei?" He asked in the same threatening tone.

I narrowed my eyes down at them and I was sure it surprised the others that I wasn't becoming angry at them for being idiots because I know that is how Issei Hyoudou would've reacted. Instead I began to channel mana through my body to strengthen myself because what I was about to do required strength I did not possess. I was sure Matsuda was physically stronger than me because he used to do sports so I needed an advantage here. I was pleasantly surprised when a message box appeared a second after I began to channel mana through my body.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'Reinforcement' has been created.

Reinforcement. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. By channeling mana through your body you can double your base capabilities or if you channel your mana through an object you can double its durability. Increases STR and DEX by 100% when active. Increases object's durability and damage by 100% for 10 days when activated and used on an object. Cost: 30 MP.

I felt the drain on my mana immediately after the skill activated and I also felt myself getting a temporary boost to my strength so calmly I grabbed Matsuda's wrist and forcefully made him release me. I could tell he was surprised by my sudden strength as he immediately let go of my shirt and he cradled his slightly injured wrist. I arranged back my upper clothing before I glared at him.

"First of all: Do not touch me like that ever again. Second of all: If you don't know why I am willing to let go of something I like for the sake of my mother then I don't see myself speaking to you two ever again. I will take my stuff to your house after school today," I said before I dismissed them with another glare before I went back to look outside the window.

I felt their eyes on me for a few more seconds before they moved away towards their seats probably still disbelief. I could feel my reputation with them decreasing but my reputation with the rest of the class, the girls mostly, was augmenting steadily and in my eyes it was more than worth it.

A few minutes later after that silly confrontation the teacher arrived and he began to give us the introductory speech of the year. I toned him off as I have already gone through this and I could still recall more than ninety five percent of the stuff I was taught in school so whatever they talked about will not help raise my INT. Instead I began to think about how I could go about recreating some of the most useful skills I have seen in manga, anime and videogames. If 'Reinforcement' was anything to go by then everything was literally possible with this game ability of mine as long as I had a good grasp of what I wanted.

The amused smirk on my face went unnoticed by everyone in the class.

-DxD: Gamer-

Lunch came by fairly quick all things considered and I as currently sitting under the shade of a tree in the school yard eating my lunch of soda and chips. I spent the entire morning thinking about the techniques I needed to develop so I could grow stronger and build the foundation for when shit hit the fan in a couple of months from here. I have already created Observe, Lying, Detect Bloodlust and Reinforcement and learned Mana Manipulation from a skill book I earned this morning so I was set to start developing skills.

I needed attack skills that used mana so I decided to emulate Han Jee-Han but I will give it my own twist. Instead of the Spinning Mana Sphere he created I would create something that resembled more the Rasengan from the Naruto series. It was a too much of a strong close range technique for me to ignore and the coolness factor of how the technique would look was an added bonus. For mid-range I will look into a way of making a shotgun like attack from mana that would hit targets at least five meters away from me. For long range I decided to go with the Spinning Mana Arrows since I couldn't come up with something better at the moment.

For defensives techniques I will try to recreate the Hierro technique from Bleach that the hollows and Arrancar used along with the layered Mana Shield Han Jee-Han came up with. It was my hope to increase my mana pool and my mana regeneration rate by a big amount so I could keep those two techniques always on without too much thought. That way I will never be caught off guard because a surprise attack would need to first break through the outer barriers surrounding me and then through my –I hoped- hard as diamond skin.

For supportive techniques I needed one that let me create weapons out of mana and one that would actively augment my speed. Reinforcement augmented my body capabilities but I needed something more direct. I decided to take inspiration in Bleach and their Hoho techniques. I really hoped that I could recreate Sonido instead of Flash Step because the sound it made resembled that of a jet breaking the sound barrier. It will help with the intimidation and coolness factor.

I also realized that I needed a lot of passive and active/passive skills that gave me passive boosts. Mana manipulation was a perfect example of what I wanted because it increased my base mana pool and INT by ten percent. If I could stack up a bunch of passive buffs then I could become incredibly strong at a relatively low level which would help me catch most opponents off guard.

My gamer ability agreed with the decision I made and rewarded me with two WIS points just after I decided to go on that route a few minutes ago. After school ended I would go home to gather the stuff I would give to Matsuda and Motohama before I would go to the biggest park of the city to create the skills and maybe grind them a little if I had enough time. Thinking of time made me recall the skill ID: Create and I put it into my 'Must Create' list along with ID: Escape. After I built my foundations I would spam that skill to grind myself and my skills to become stronger on a daily basis. And when I got to the point I could create Instant Dungeons with a time distortion then my life will get many, many times easier.

I also needed to get in contact with Ddraig. I'm sure that if I unlocked the Boosted Gear I will get a passive boost to my abilities and I could make a contract with him. I recalled how Issei gave up his human arm and got a dragon arm in exchange for power to defeat Raiser so he could save Rias from marrying. That had me thinking on the possibilities and I was giddy but I won't get ahead of myself right now. Skills first and possible Dragonslayer Magic later.

"Ah! Issei Hyoudou. There you are."

My thoughts were interrupted by a pleasantly husky sounding voice and I looked up to see Aika Kiriyuu approaching me, striding forward with a subtle sway on her waist, an amused smirk on her face and her eyes were filled with no so innocent intent. I was honestly surprised because I didn't think she would approach me so fast. I was expecting her to approach this new 'me' a few days from now but I guess she was bolder than what I gave her credit.

I nodded at her as I gave her a pleasant smile. "Good morning Aika-san. You are looking lovely today. How can I help you?" I asked her and motioned her to take a seat next to me on the bench. She gladly did so after smirking in triumph at the compliment I gave her. I was not surprised when she sat so close to me that our legs were touching and her shoulder was brushing mine ever so slightly. She smelled life wild flowers and it sent a pleasant thrill through my mind and my body.

Aika gave me that sexy smirk of her as she looked into my eyes. "I want you to ask me one question. Are you really Issei Hyoudou? I am not complaining of this new you but I find it hard to believe that in just two month you changed this much."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Like I said to Matsuda and Motohama. Something happened during the break and it caused me to see the errors of how I had been acting towards girls in general. That's doesn't mean I'll stop being a pervert, that's impossible and we both know that. The thing is that I will be more discreet about it. And yes. I am Issei Hyoudou. At least as far as I am aware of my own person," I said in slightly joking manner as I smirked at her.

Lie successful!

Aika hummed in thought before she nodded. "I see. If that's the case then I'm really glad for you. I admit that I always thought you as an attractive fellow but your blatant perverseness and silliness was a serious turn off for me," she said easily before smirking widely and putting her hand on my thigh as she leaned forward. Her scent filled my nostrils and I raised an eyebrow at her but kept my own smirk. "But I'm seriously liking this new you. Show me that you are really going to change your ways and I will reward you with a date and if you please me I'll reward you with something even better."

Quest Alert! The Perverted Hypocrite Attacks!

Aika Kiriyuu has found your new personality unbearably attractive and she is not wasting time on making her move on you. Show her that your change in the way you act is not a one-time thing and that you are serious about changing for the 'better'.

Reward: 2000 XP. A date with Aika Kiriyuu. Increased closeness with Aika Kiriyuu.

Secondary objective: Impress Aika Kiriyuu if you managed to get a date with her.

Secondary Reward: Greatly increased closeness with Aika Kiriyuu. Kinky sex with Aika Kiriyuu. New quest!

I mentally accepted the quest and I widened my smirk towards her. "You've got yourself a deal Aika-chan," I told her cheekily and I even managed to say her name in a sexy growl that she absolutely loved if the way she shivered was anything to go by.

"Definitely like this side of you better," she said huskily before she gave me a sensual kiss on my cheek. She then stood up and with a smirk still in place she told me, "Remember. I'll be watching you Issei Hyoudou. Don't disappoint me." With that said she walked away with the same subtle sway on her hips she had used when she had approached. I stared at her great perky ass –It was noticeable because of the short skirt she wore- as I watched her go for a few seconds before I leaned back and looked at the sky.

I smirked almost haughtily.


-DxD: Gamer-

School ended that day without nothing else of noting happening. The last classes of the day went by in the same fashion as the first ones before lunch, with the teachers droning out on their plans and objectives for their respective subjects and me ignoring everything they say and thinking of ways on how to become stronger.

I arrived at my house and saw a note Issei's mother left on the kitchen saying that she went out shopping. I had been thinking how she got money because I remember her being a housewife but if her divorcing Issei's father was anything to go by then she could be working her delicious ass off at an office for all I knew. I will use my improved Observe on her when I saw her again so I could know more about her and prevent her from asking question she didn't want to have the answers for.

Other than that it was really convenient if she wasn't at the house right now. I quickly went into my room and put everything ecchi related into a box that I put in my inventory. After that was done I took a shower and put on a comfortable set of clothes of a non-descript blue shirt, black jeans and sneakers. Then I wrote Issei's mother a note telling her that I will be getting rid of the perverted stuff in my room and that I will be back before eight. I even got a quest that rewarded me with XP and increased closeness with her if I indeed arrived before eight pm rolled around. I of course accepted it before heading out towards Matsuda's house which I marked on the apparently permanent mini map on my 'HUD'.

It didn't take long to arrive to his house and I ringed his bell before stepping back and crossing my arms over my chest after I pulled out the box containing Issei's perverted stuff –I made sure no one was looking of course- and waited. Not a minute later and Matsuda's face appeared and it contorted into a surprised expression. I guess he wasn't expecting for me to have been serious.

He was about to say something but I stopped him before he could and pointed to the box resting at his feet. "Inside that box there is everything perverted I have collected from magazines and posters to eroges and Hentai. I was thinking of selling it but that was too much trouble so consider it a gift," I said simply before I turned around and walked away. I didn't have to see him to know that he was ignoring me and was instead worshipping the box I left him. Not that I really cared but the announcement that I have completed the quest of getting rid of that stuff was rewarding. I was even so close to levelling up again that if I went back to the house before eight I will reach level four.

With that taken care off I made my way towards one of Kuoh's big parks. It take me longer to arrive there since Matsuda's house was further away from the park I had chosen to develop my skills than my house but the walk was worth it because I was rewarded with a point to VIT by the time I reached the park. I moved towards where I was the less likely to be spotted by anyone and checked the clock on my HUD. It was barely pass three in the afternoon meaning that I had more than for hours to create the skills I needed and grind them as much as I could.

Seeing that more assurance on not been discovered didn't hurt anyone I decided to develop ID: Create first. I focused mana on the palm of my hand and raised my hand to the sky as I concentrated on having the world around me changing but at the same time staying the same. I willed my mana to create an exact copy of the environment surrounding me but to put said copy and myself on a parallel plane of existence. It took me a few minutes but in the end I was successful and I watched the world shimmering around me before the sky settled on a red color.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'ID: Create' has been created.

ID: Create. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. Used to create instant dungeons. Stronger instant dungeons may be created at higher levels. Cost: 20 MP. Available Instant Dungeons:
-Empty ID. Monsters: None.

I nodded to myself as I saw this and went to confirm that there was indeed no one. When that was done I decided to start creating the skills I needed and went to start with the ones I would use to deliver damage. I began with the most basic one but the one that I was sure was going to be the strongest for quite some time. I gathered mana in the palm of my hand and focused into a ball. I ignored the message box telling me that I created Mana Sphere. I then focused on the core and began to slowly make the energies within the ball spin in multiple direction at the same time. I realized this wouldn't have been possible had I not acquired the Mana Manipulation skill because I was focusing very hard on this even if I knew I was taking the correct steps on developing this technique. A few minutes later the technique was complete and I was surprised to see that it looked exactly like the Rasengan.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'Spiraling Mana Sphere' has been created.

Spiraling Mana Sphere. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. A close range technique developed by 'The Gamer' based on past experiences. Mana is focused on the palm of the hand and is forced to spin in multiple directions while at the same time maintaining the shape of a perfect sphere. 50% Defense penetration. 1000% of INT Damage when taking a direct hit. Cost: 200 MP.

The first thing I did after I used the newly created skill to destroy a nearby tree was too rename it to 'Rasengan'. After that I began to analyze its properties and found out that I was now a direct hit from Rasengan would cause 330 damage which was quite a lot considering I was only level 3 –almost 4. The cost was fairly accurate since a technique that powerful needed a large supply of Mana and since I as planning on using it as a finisher then I didn't have an issue with its high cost.

Then it came the mid-range technique. I focused mana into the palm of my hand and built it there until I felt it was sufficient energy. A drew my hand back before I threw it forward and released my hold on the energy I had built up as my hand came forward. A blast of spread mana was released from my hand and it forward loosing force the further it went until the energy dispersed into the air.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'Mana Blast' has been created.

Mana Blast. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. A close to mid-range technique developed by 'The Gamer'. The user focuses mana into the palm of their hand and it is released as hand is pushed forward towards the enemy. The longer the technique goes the weaker it becomes. 100% of INT Concussive Damage. 20% chance of causing the 'Stunned' ailment. Range: 10 Meters. Cost: 20 MP.

After that skill was created and I used it to almost upturn a small three from its roots I went and developed the Spinning Mana Arrow skill. It was fairly easy and it cost an insignificant amount compared to Rasengan and Mana Blast. I directed the arrow I created and pierced the three I had used Mana Blast on previously. I looked towards the part of my HUD that marked how much MP I had left and I still had more than 80% and it was already refilling. I wasn't filling tired either so I forgone a break and continued developing the skills I had set myself to develop.

The defensive skills were next.

Iron Skin. Active/Passive. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. A defensive technique developed by 'The Gamer' based on past experiences. The user coats their body in a layer of mana that it's absorbed into the skin passively strengthening it. The defensive properties of Iron Skin will stack up as the user keeps supplying mana into the skin. Cost: 30 MP.

Mana Shield. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. One of the most basic defense skills using mana. Handling the energy called mana has existed for a long time, and mana shield is one among many. Blocks a portion of the damage depending on the INT and the max amount of mana the user has and the power of the attack that it's attempted to be blocked. Cost: 40 MP. Maintenance Cost: 60 MP.

The moment I developed Iron Skin I realized it was a long term type of skill due to its stacking up feature and that suited me perfectly and I was sure I was going to get very fond of the technique. I wasn't too worried about the immense cost of Mana Shield since it will lower as I grinded it up until the point bringing it forward would be the only costly thing. After I was done developing the defensive skills I went ahead and created the support skills.

Weapon Creation. Active. Lvl Max. A technique developed by the gamer to create solid weapons from mana. The usefulness of this technique will depend on the knowledge and imagination of the user. Weapons created through this skill will not have a set durability but instead will remain for as long as the user keeps feeding mana to the weapon created. Cost: 40 MP to create weapon. 10 MP per minute to maintain weapon created.

High Speed Movement. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. A technique developed by 'The Gamer' based on past experiences. The user focuses mana on their legs and takes a step as he releases the built up mana in a bursts making them reach incredible speeds for as long as that step reaches. With enough experience the user can easily break the sound barrier with this technique. Cost per step: 10 MP.

After I created something that was as close as I was going to get to Flash Step or Sonido –I'm so glad its cost is insignificant! I recalled two other skills that were very useful. The first one was directly involved with what I decided was going to be my main weapon of choice: Swords. The second one however made me apprehensive for what I needed to do create it but Gamer's Mind did its thing and made me convince myself that it was necessary to further myself towards my goals. Using Weapon Creation I created a generic double edged one handed sword and gave it a few swings against a tree slashing it deeply until a message box appeared. The sword disappeared in blue particles of light as I read the new message.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'Sword Mastery' has been created.

Sword Mastery. Passive. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. Allows user to freely handle any type of swords. 5% increase in attack damage with swords. 5% increase in attack speed with swords.

I dismissed the message box with a wave of my hand before sighing and groaning at what I was going to do next. I walked forward towards one of trees and prepared myself mentally to what I was about to do. Gamer's Mind helped a lot and after the fifth time I took a deep breath I reared my hand back, curled into a fist and punched the tree with all my strength without using mana. I cried out in agony as I felt the bones of my hand breaking and my wrist dislocating. I cradled my hand and noticed through teary eyes that while I felt the effects of me punching the tree my hand did not break nor my wrist was dislocated but my HP had dropped by almost a 10%. A few seconds later the pain stopped and a new message box appeared.

A skill has been created through a special and stupid act. The skill 'Physical Endurance' has been created.

Physical Endurance. Passive. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. The body's durability increases, allowing for less damage taken. 2% decrease in damage taken by attacks.

I decided to call it a day after I was finished creating the support skills. I have been at it for more than three hours and my mana pool was almost depleted with less than ten percent of it remaining but I still had enough mana for the final skill I was going to create that day. I focused mana into my hand and raised it high in the sky before telling it to take me out of the place it had created and to deliver me back to where I had come from. Ten minutes later everything around me broke as if it was made off glass and all the damaged I had caused to the park disappeared as if it hadn't been there on the first place.

A skill has been created through a special act. The skill 'ID: Escape' has been created.

ID: Escape. Active. Lvl 1 [0.0%]. Used to escape instant dungeons.

Looking up to the sky I realized that it was already tinted a slightly dark orange meaning that night was nearing and it was time for me to return home. Tomorrow I will come back to grind my skills as much as I could because the day after tomorrow I will be doing some undead hunting.

You must be thinking right now: OhmygawdOhmygawdOhmygawdOhmygawd! He is back! THE man is back! He will update his older stories! Especially DEN! YES! WOHOO!

Sorry to burst your bubbles but I don't think I'll be writing Deus Ex Naruto. It doesn't really have a direction and it was just a lemon fest… which it isn't bad per see but I guess I just wanted something more meaningful in my writes.

So I came up with this. I became enamored with the concept of The Gamer and I have recently read all the volumes on the High School DxD light novels. So I decided to do a Pseudo SI OC as Issei with the gamer abilities. It will be a story filled with action –badassery on the main character's part, romance –a lot of lemons because I am still a pervert and whatever I come up with.

I'll be posting a 'Character Sheet' on a different story with each chapter so you can keep track of the main character's progress each chapter which I promise will always be significant. This sheets will describe the stats of the main character at the end of each chapter along with all the skills, details and their currente levels. You'll se what I mean. No go en read the next installment. I'll try to post 3 chapters a month at least but I make no promises but you should at least get two chapters.