Hello this my first real story that I have written and I hope you will enjoy it.

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It was just a normal day in the underhive in the 41st millennium.

I was walking past just thinking about how it was to live in a "beautiful" place like the underhive.

You could smell the amazing fresh scent of blood and gore.

Oh how rude of me i didn't introduce myself.

My name is Anthony.

No last name my father was much too many times drunk to ever answer questions that I could ask.

Though it isn't important what your last name was here.

Here they look at you and see a danger or they see a victim.

My life started when I was born (duh of course) it was first in good circumstances.

I mean we lived in the lower hive we had a home and the main crime concern was to get mugged and get your small amount of hard worked money stolen.

But at last it couldn't be.

My father wasn't a bad man but he had a few problems like any man has.

He was a kind person in heart but he had the problem to say something without thinking about it and telling the truth.

So when once in a year the factory boss actually came down here he just had to react as a girl was beaten, help her and slap the boss who was attacking her.

It was an act of kindness and bravery but here when there is a man from above it is not smart, stupid actually to do something like that.

After then things kept getting worse.

The first day after that, when he left the factory he got mugged and unfortunately just after the monthly pay.

So then we had the rest of that month hunger and at that age (I was just 6 years old) I thought that it could get any worse.

Oh the Irony it could and went many, many times worse.

My father and mother both worked in the same factory so they always helped each other out.

It wasn't always a happy and sunshine relationship, but what would you expect al couples had ups and down.

The first obvious time that the factory owner wanted to make my father's and indirectly my life a hell was by splitting my mother and father.

My mother went to another part of the factory with less hours and better pay.

It was just "coincidence" that there was just a charismatic and a rich (not so rich but still richer than my father) who started to show some interest in her.

First there was nothing noticeable.

But as the weeks kept passing my mother left more frequenter and longer the house and she seemed to feel like she was somewhere else with her thought when we saw her (if we even had time to see each other after work).

One night my father saw my mother with another man, as obvious the man in the factory in the part where she now worked.

When dad found out what she did he was furious, screamed, shouted and lashed out in anger.

Then in his moment of rage (or stupidity) he grabbed a kitchen knife and put it in her heart.

After a minute screaming at her corpse he finally just realized what he had done.

That was the moment he cried his heart out and sobbed like there was no tomorrow.

Sadly there was one.

My father's sobs were very loud and so when it was morning the neighbors came to see what was going on, and then they saw it.

A hour later a factory representative told him that he was fired and that they never wanted to see his face again.

Then we were kicked out of the house because we couldn't pay the rent anymore.

So he did what a lot of fired, depressed and scarred men do.

They drink.

As always as is the effect of a person becoming an alcoholic the situation went from bad to worse or better said in this case from wretched to lost.

The drinking cause a lot more debt and my father wanted to keep drinking himself out of his misery and nobody wanted to hire him anymore.

It was most likely the cause of that factory owner his new reputation or both.

So he did the only thing he had left to do.

He began a life of crime.

He killed, mugged and beat people for money and that was when the inevitable came, the consequences.

And so the last step towards our end happened.

The factory owner used his influence to get the Adeptus Arbites.

Literally that was total overkill, but maybe it was just to make a statement that no one should mess with him, or he is just an arrogant prick.

So that is how the sentence happened.

We would get a fate worse than dead in a lot of ways.

we were banished to the underhive my father and me a 6 year old child, yea pretty cold blooded.

We were brought to the edges of the underhive through one of the only not collapsed entrances to it.

At that moment I knew from my experiences with my father I knew that he was for a short time a criminal but I knew in my infinite wisdom of my 6 year old brain to leave him and make my own way cause I knew that with him I couldn't survive.

Because of that reason I went on the streets.

After we were delivered to the gates my father went to a place short by to cry out in self-pity.

You may think I am not really talking very good about my father but growing up does that to you and having a father which caused me to live in one of the worst places in the galaxy.

That night (I didn't know it was day or night I never saw sunlight) I left and quickly went on the streets away from my father.

You could say it was dumb from me to go alone a small child of 6 into crime district 2000 but I had no choice cause I knew I couldn't survive with my father because he would crumble and die in just a few days and I would be dragged with him in his fall.

I was very very lucky that I didn't just get immediately killed right at that moment.

I knew that I needed to survive so I knew I needed to get a weapon even a sharp stick would suffice for the moment.

So then after some minutes of looking around the garbage that came from above I found one of the best things which for a short period of times saved my live many times, an old iron stool.

Didn't know how it got there in the first place but I didn't care.

I as quickly as I could cut of one of the legs of the stool and then made it into a very sharp point.

The top and other legs I quickly hid somewhere where it couldn't be found so easily but I could find it quickly.

Then that night I did one of the hardest things I had done in my live till then.

I needed to eat garbage.

You are now thinking eww but I didn't have a choice I needed to survive.

That night (or day)when I went to sleep I knew that this would be a new life.

A depressing, hard and disgusting life but a life I needed to lead.

At that time I promised myself that whatever I had to do I would try to survive.

The second thought was how I would survive I could easily be killed but now I have my sharp iron stool leg, Let's just call it my makeshift knife.

But I knew I just couldn't survive on brute force alone.

I needed to have a group.

Then there was still the problem how I would get a group of people to help each other and not to let them kill me on the first night.

I needed their respect.

Till I had the thought, I am just a kid how could I gain respect from anybody if I am so small.

At that moment I knew how and what to do.

I couldn't get the respects of adults because I am not strong enough yet.

But who said that I needed a group of Adult people.

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