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The situation we were in is just frustrating now.

We were just starting to have our community and influenced enlarged and now we already have a very dangerous enemy coming.

I should have suspected it I live in the underhive after all.

But I need to calm down, the situation isn't as bad as it seems and it could be a lot worse.

They don't know the location of our base yet and they are more disorganized and a lot less disciplined and equipped.

I need to think about what the most effective way of attack is.

Since the enemy know the general direction of where our base is they need to send out search parties to find the base.

Luckily we know the area better than them and have a large spy network, to our advantage we could easily use tactics to quickly attack them with ambushes and then run away quickly.

This particular gang is not well equipped and demoralized because their leader makes them follow him because of fear and he doesn't want his men to get too strong and overthrow him.

He regularly kills or wounds any person who has the potential to overthrow him as a result everyone in the gang is demoralized.

Because of that it is smart to use quick attacks and run away and when a large battle is, with terrifying and organized troops with plenty of reinforcements to strike confusion and fear into their troops.

It is handy that I recently made new tactics especially for when this situation would happen.

I called my colonels and important members of the community for a meeting to discuss how, where and when we are going to use these tactics.

I told everyone present of the tactics we would use

The first stage of the attack would mainly be done by the spy group.

There will be groups of 5 spies with bows and other ranged weapon going around the area making sure they are not spotted and quickly kill small groups of patrols in that way making sure they can together closer in bigger groups and so make themselves more of a target.

Stage 2 of the plan is going to be that spies will attack supply convoys in that way making sure they are guarded and let them deplete more men than they would like.

Stage 3 would be at greater risk of the melee group.

The spies would lure large or small enemy patrols into small streets where they will be surrounded and quickly killed by warriors and then quickly run away before any reinforcements come.

At stage 4 the enemy would most likely amass their group into one large one to stop these attacks that are coming.

When they do that we will make various traps in the streets they follow that are focused on making as large of an impact on a large area.

Stage 5 The enemy would most likely have found our base and try to attack it in a frontal assault.

When they do that we will split the Warriors into two groups, one group will stay and defend the base with the help of spy archers and hold the enemy while the other group will attack the enemy from behind.

Stage 6 set of large fire traps that would create chaos kill their leader and recruit or kill any survivors.

So now I felt reassured because we had a 6 step plan to make sure we didn't get defeated and we know what to do.

I now let my corporals come in to the meeting room and start the meeting.

Each squad thinks it is a good plan since everybody did their part and it would decrease the amount of men we lost.

Then we talked about the specifics with every squad which equipment we would use, where the traps would be, what the traps would be so on so forth.

After that we went to our groups and made sure they all did their part and prepared for what needed to be done.

In the meantime while the colonels and other staff (Marcus and the crafters) prepared for the attack I went to personally observe the enemy gang leader.

The place where the gang leader most consistently stayed was at the gang headquarters which was located somewhere near a junkyard which was almost in the center of their territory.

When I observed the enemy gang leader I made sure I blended in and hid behind heaps of garbage to make sure I wasn't detected.

As I came closer I began to hear sound that didn't really sound human so I followed the source of the sound and I was shocked by what I saw.

That man had recruited a group of hulking large monstrosities that you almost couldn't call human.

He had recruited a band of 7 mutants.

I almost couldn't comprehend what he did it is extremely risky to recruit mutants and it was also heretical.

Even though sometimes I didn't care much about religion I felt as an imperial disgusted that he did something like that.

Personally I could appreciate mutants as long as they aren't too mutated or just mutated for the good of humanity or weren't too aggressive.

But this I was just shocked by what he had done and then I thought about the consequences.

In the coming battle he would use these mutants to break through my line as heavy infantry.

They could be a very major nuisance in my plans so I knew that before the battle I needed to take care of them.

Then I remembered where I originally came here for and silently went to the center building in the junkyard to observe the leader.

What I saw was what I expected and heard of him.

I quickly and silently climbed up the roof to observe what happened inside the building.

The gang leader is a very large man of 6 foot 7 inches that looked like he could bash in the skull of a greenskin.

Well that is very excogitating he isn't that strong he is no space marines but still.

He had muscles all over his body and was so full of body hair it looked like he had a coat on.

I followed a patrol and I began to observe a small group of 13 men entered the headquarter of the enemy and they went to the leader who was sitting in the middle of the room on a kind of throne made of refined garbage.

The man reported' the men are ready my lord we everyone has eaten and is ready to fight against that group of little children'.

The leader said to the men ' well where are you waiting for then go and attack them! '.

Well my lord the man said 'we don't know where they are we only know that they are in an area close to us by 10000 steps.


Wow I thought he has a major temper

The messenger quickly cowered in fear of being attacked by this monstrosity of this men and quickly went away to send the search parties.

When I heard that he was to send the search party I quickly sneaked away and went to the closest building to me, climbed up the roof and quickly went to the base.

I ran to the group of my commanders who were discussing and I said to them' engage stage 1 in 5 It has begun in minutes enemy search parties are going to enter the area.

At that the spy colonels quickly went to their group and prepared them.

As I saw everyone doing their tasks I quickly thought about what I needed to do with the mutants and the leader.

I knew that I couldn't dispose the leader now since it wouldn't influence the group that much and they would just get a new leader and continue the attack.

But I also couldn't kill him too late because he would remain too much of a danger for the group.

I knew that when his group was in a large battle I needed to kill him and eliminate the threat he formed for us.

The mutants weren't much of a problem I thought they would be.

I simply needed to kill all of them filthy creatures and make sure that they were crushed, defeated and dead in the name of the emperor.

What confused ,don't be I maybe live in the underhive but I lived in the lower hive where there was a strong believe in the god emperor.

Though I don't believe in much of what the ecclesiarchy says I believe that the god emperor wants humanity to rise to its rightful place in the galaxy.

But now to get back on the problem at hand it seemed that I was going to use a fair amount of time for some mutant hunting.

Me and Marcus my friend and right hand both went to one of the rooftops waiting for any search parties that were coming.

In the meantime I talked with him about a plan in which the rest of the group followed the plan, I would hunt for the mutants and make sure they are killed.

Marcus wanted to object saying it was too dangerous but then I said "There is good leadership in the group and I trust them to follow the plan and it is not too dangerous of me I will just try and take them out from a distance and I will keep myself safe".

With that settled me an Marcus while searching talked about the different qualities of weapon and how we could use them for our group.

Then I saw a small group of 5 gangsters marching through the street and I told Marcus with body language to be silent.

I quickly raised my bow (which I had taken with me for this mission) and gestured to Marcus to do the same.

We both quickly picked an arrow and picked our target.

Then I let loose of my arrow and it shot at the neck of my target.

He almost immediately was death and Marcus shot his target through the heart.

We quickly raised another arrow which I aimed at the neck of my enemy who was quickly turning around and let loose.

A few second later Marcus shot another enemy in his right arm to disable him.

As the remaining two enemies were looking where the shots came from I quickly went to the roof above the man who still was not wounded and jump on his neck so killing him.

The last man I knocked out and me and Marcus brought him to base to a small prison we had recently constructed just for this purpose.

We quickly went back to the rest of the group and waited for the reports to come in.

The first phase turned out to go as planned we had taken out 5 patrols of all 5 men and killed of 6 extra men from other patrols.

In total killed 31 men and we lowered the number of enemies to 112 men + 7 mutants.

We were lucky, actually we were not lucky because we trained them for this.

We just got 3 kids lightly wounded with a few scratches which would be healed in 3 days or a week, so it went extremely well.

Step 2 would happen in a quarter since it would be around that time that supply convoys would be send to feed the men.

There would be 7 supply convoys coming around this time at different times and location and we would be waiting them up.

But I needed to do another thing since I think this was the part of the plan in which I could help the least, I began with my personal mutant hunt.

I strolled out of the base and went to search for any clues as to where the mutants had set up camp with the rest of the groups.

It was easy to find the signs since they were so large that even someone who was partially blind person could follow it if he looked for it.

There was a giant trail, I observed it and followed it sneaking past moments to make sure I was not seen.

The trail led to a large abandoned building that was destroyed in some parts to make sure that the mutants could partially move around.

They were gathered around a large fire that made them clear and easy to see.

Most of them were equipped with large wooden poles as clubs and one of them most likely the leader had a large mace made from wood.

I quickly thought about all possible way of attack that I could use.

The building was easy to close off and then put fire inside to roast the trolls.

If I had some gunpowder I could throw it in the fire but sadly I didn't have it.

Maybe I could use poison, but it needed to be very strong to take out mutants since they were all mutated and so partially poison resistant and I didn't have any poison strong enough.

Then I thought about one other option I could use that would have the highest chance of possible success but a lot more dangerous.

Since the mutants cleared out most of the inside of the abandoned building it was even more unstable than it was in normal situation and even in a normal situation it would easily fall over.

The building rested still on a dozen big pillars that made sure the building didn't collapse.

If I could make a mutant crash into a pillar it would create a chain reaction of the pillars falling down because of increased pressure and when they were under the rubble I could kill them off.

So I simply walked in to the room and began to shout to a mutant' hey you there big lump of poop.

The mutant confused and angry looked at who said that and then saw me.

'Good, I said' the big baby finally heard me I was wondering if he was deaf,.

Mutants were generally intelligent enough to understand my curses so would be angry enough to charge but not smart enough to think about it.

Then I said to him "well come here do you have any balls ? Or are you just a little girl".

I didn't have a problem with girls since I know they can be smart and dangerous but I just wanted to provoke him.

That was the last straw for home and he charge like a roaring mad bull towards me.

I just happened to stand in front of a pillar and quickly dodged and as fast as i could ran out of the building because the mutant ran into a pillar and it would soon cause a chain reaction.

The mutant looked surprised when he felt his head bump and break against something hard and saw he crashed into a pillar that was falling on him.

The last thought he had was poop.

I quickly ran out of the building as behind me the pillars roof and walls of the building started to break and I needed to slide under a few of these to escape the building.

When I was out of the building I started catching my breath and looked behind me.

The building had totally collapsed with the mutants still in it so I started to walk on the collapsed parts and looked if there was anyone left alive.

When I searched for a minute I saw every mutant dead and I also checked if they weren't alive and well.

After that I went back to base and waited for the results of step 2 since I quickly finished of those mutants in half an hour.

A hour later it turned out that it was a large success.

The men came back saying that 7 of the 7 convoys were successfully raided.

They had killed all the enemies guarding the convoys by shooting them with arrows and with helps of warriors quickly attacking with spears before the enemy could regain their senses.

It turned out that since the good planning and luck only 7 persons were just as earlier lightly injured and still active for combat and the enemy lost 7 men per convoy thus losing 49 men and losing their supplies because they were stolen or burned.

Since before the attack the enemy had 112 men + 7 mutants their numbers now decreased to 63 men and 0 mutants.

My plan seemed to work even better than I hoped for since they didn't guard the convoys good enough but also didn't have a small number of men guarding in that way making the loss less worth.

I send my spies to look how the Gang leader reacted to this news and I was enjoyed with the report I heard.

It seemed that when he heard the news of his losses he roared so hard we could hear him at the base and he killed the messenger thus making the number 62 men left.

At this he went searching himself though he wasn't so observant it wouldn't make a difference but one group was now more defended than the others.

Thus stage 3 of my plan began.

The men were now staying closer to each other but still in small groups since the leader wasn't the most intelligent man.

Thus my melee department prepared 6 quick attack with the help of my intelligence to avoid the leader , find the ideal location and then waited for the group.

I was with one of these groups, a small search party just rounded the corner to the street to the right of us.

At the sides of the street they were walking on there were two 2 small alleyways that were filled with at each side 5 of my men.

They never stood any chance when they walked into the area in between the ally we quickly and silently charged with spears and shields and hit them in the flanks.

Each group quickly charged to the persons or person closest to them stabbed and killed him and then run away as quick as they can.

The plans went perfectly without any thing going wrong ,they didn't even have the chance to scream and no one of our group was wounded.

Once again the enemy numbers decreased drastically with 18 men and the group now only had 54 men left it is hard keeping count of all the men that died for a child of 7 and also shocking to believe he was the cause of so much dead but he needed to have a strong revolve so I didn't show anything.

Everything went exactly to plan and if it wasn't going to fail because I observed them and knew every move they would make before they would make it.

Now stage 4 began.

Like I predicted the group started to form into 1 large group since even the gang leader was smart enough to let them stay in 1 group to decrease the number of losses he had.

We created blockades at certain streets that looked like buildings had collapsed what they actually did and let them to an ambush place we wanted.

Don't worry about the people who live in the houses we made new and improved ones for them and their family.

The gang now followed a path with a large rocky hill to the left of them and blocked by houses to their right.

Before the gangsters entered the path we evacuated the people living in the houses better be described as small ,weak and chaotic shacks and brought them once again to new and better houses we had constructed in the area close to our base for safety.

Back to the situation at hand the large gang leader followed a column of his men when he heard some rumbling but he ignored it.

A few seconds later as the rumbling grew louder he looked up and saw large rocks rolling toward him and his men.

He told them to run so they quickly ran but also tumbled into each other and fell so creating more dangers for the ones falling.

When the rocks came a large number of them were flattened 19 to be precise because of the carefully constructed trap with the stones.

That made sure the numbers of the enemies were decreased to 35 men and they were now severely outnumbered by us.

When the gang leader heard the number of losses he raged again but was smart enough to not to kill anyone.

If he was smart and sane he would make the group run away and leave this endeavor but since he was neither he wanted to finish this.

Then exhausted his men woke up the next day and surprisingly finally found the place they were looking for our base.

They were happy to find our base so they would finally have revenge for their fallen brothers but all sad, demoralized ,tired ,weak and untrusting of their leader who wouldn't back out of this.

They prepared to charge at the gate but it was too hard for them since they didn't have any battering ram or mutants because they either didn't think of it on time or they were mysteriously killed in a warehouse accident.

As he saw this the leader said if you need to do something good you need to do it yourself.

At this he charged and rammed with his shoulder against the gate and charged 10 times as hard as he could and they then went open but he even he was now tired and wanted this to be finished whit.

Then as they saw that they finally went through they made a battle cry since they would now finally kill their unseen enemy and they charged through the gate but they were stopped by a volley of 32 arrows which were shot at the walls of a wooden palisade and 10 other arrow shot from watchtowers.

At this immediacy 7 men died and 12 were unable to fight for the rest of the battle thus leaving them with 16 men.

Seconds later they heard something and looked down for the first time to saw pots filled with something with an almost burned up fuse.

Then fire shot out of the pots since they were filled with self-made oil and they tried to climb over the wall or run away but neither saved them.

The wall was too high to and straight to climb over and also too wet since there was water on them to make sure the palisade wasn't burned.

But at the other side silently a company of teenage warriors were behind them with long spears from which you couldn't escape.

After that 13 men died (not including the men on the ground ) and the rest got 2nd degree burns.

Only one men remained standing, the gang leader.

When he saw all the things he had done in life destroyed he began to break down to a berserker rage that would make a khornish berserker jealous.

Well that is once again a exaggeration.

Seeing the danger I jumped from the wooden wall trying to give him a target to follow so it wouldn't attack more people at a time and so put them in danger.

When he saw me he ran at me with a speed that shouldn't be possible for a human being.

Luckily he was 20 meters away from me so I still had time to dodge away from him.

He quickly ran through the wooden gate behind me and broke almost instantly through it instantly splintering it.

I said to him come and get me if you can to keep him from attacking anyone else.

Then he once again came at me and I dodged him slowly leading him farther away from the base camp.

At some point I barely dodged him and he ran into a building that lead to a cliff.

The gang leader had subsided a bit from is earlier ultimate rage and was now in a angry rage so he went back and lead me toward the ravine.

He said I got you now little child no escaping anymore there is only one way you can go and that is down.

I looked around and saw that he was right to my sides were collapsed pieces of the building and behind me was the cliff.

Then at that moment my life flashed through my mind from what happened here in the slums of the underhive till the middle hive were I played bunny hop with my friends in free time.

Wait a bunny hop ?

As the gang leader charged towards me with his head down I defeated him in a most childish matter.

I made a large bunny hop over his head and let him tumble down into the cliff from which even he couldn't survive.

That was the end of the unnamed bulky gang leader where I didn't even ask his name off from my spies.

Something that was almost impossible we had in something short a week defeated a gang almost 2 times our size.

We decreased their size from 143 men + 7 mutants to 0 men + 0 mutants.

That was even more impressive considering the age difference because our group entirely consists of children.

We had won against a greater force and now we were counted as a force to be counted it and we were safe for now.

Because at this time I now needed to work in an area where I had no experience and so dangerous many men would die there.

This area of expertise could make a men insane of all the things behind it and all the things you need to take in account.

An area where I make one wrong move it could end our future or create very much damage which would take a lot of time to recover.

Maybe you already know what I am talking about but I am saying it now.


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