Dream dream dreaming
Dream on with me
Shoot the stars
And carry mars

with picnic baskets of key limes
we ride on dragons and spit the rinds
at unsuspecting sea horse friends
who will not let the journey end
quickly now, dream on with me
and gaze beneath the setting sea
to flower dust of color rust
shining as the pixies must
unshy come yon and dance for tea
eat sweetcakes laughing melody

sample crepes that smell of times
when dew dropped noses felt sublime
red roses of the fae folk lend
a limbo game for us to bend
quickly now, dream on with me
and fly above the floating trees
up to the moon of glittering crust
in a ring of unbound trust
taste golden sun by my decree
and fly with glee, away and free

dream on
dream on
dream on with me