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Amidst the Moonlight

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 1: Moving on

Author's Note:  Yeah, I know what you're thinking…YAY!  A SEQUEL!! *giggles* you think that I would abandon you like that!  Of course not!!  THIS is the surprise I was talking about earlier in Hands.  Well a little summary I put together to get you caught up.

Tolaku, Max, and Julia are stuck on the island after beating the powerful psychic, Sutekh.  While the others hopefully wait for their safe return.  Only one thought on their mind, 'Will they ever come home?'  Since the incident it has been four years, now a few people are starting to lose hope.  But the others that still have hope won't let them lose it.

"Alright score one for me!!!" shouted Crystal.  Over the last four years with the Blade Breakers, Crystalia hasn't changed much; well physically she's now eighteen.  So her body has matured over the years.  Still has a Chinese outfit, but blue and white this time, with a yellow sash.  Her raven black hair pulled up in two buns for now and her beautiful brown eyes were gleaming with pride.  And her trusty sword, Lightning Strike strapped to her side.

"Great, another to add to your ego," Tyson had also seemed to mature in some ways.  He was taller, and instead of being chubby he was more slim and muscular now.  Of course he still had his cap backwards on his head, his hair was cut shorter now, instead of long like he had it 4 years ago.  He dug his hands in the pockets of his red sweatshirt and sighed, "What's the score?"

"2 to 0, Crystal's lead," Kenny stated looking up from his laptop for a moment.  Kenny hadn't really changed over the years; he was still a nerd, and part of the Blade Breakers.  The only real difference was that he had cut his hair, or should I say he cut his hair because Crystal kept pestering him about it.  But now you could see his hazel eyes.  (Author's Note:  Made that up!)  And also he got rid of his goofy glasses and replacing them with regular glasses, thanks to Crystal again.

"Shoot," Tyson muttered.

Crystal was prancing around praising her bit beast Shimmer.

"Cut that out!!!"

"Come on Tyson!!!  Cheer up!!"

"How can I concentrate when you're bouncing around like that!?!"


"Jeez!!  I should've seen that coming!!" Tyson slapped his hand on his forehead, while Crystal was giggling.  Tyson held out his hand and his blade came into his hand.

"What's up Tyson?"

Tyson put his head down for a moment and frowned.  Crystal edged towards him and looked into his eyes.

"Something wrong?" Tyson's frown deepened but then all of sudden smiled brightly.  He grabbed Crystal by the waist and holstered her over his shoulder.  Crystal gasped with shock when he started running off in a direction.

"KENNY!!!  GRAB MY BEYBLADE FOR ME!!!" Crystal managed to yell towards the teenager with the computer.  Kenny smiled and shook his head.


"Eight hot dogs please?" Tyson asked the man at a hot dog stand.

The man looked at Tyson, "Where you going to take all these hot dogs?"

"We're going to eat them!" Crystal butted in.  The man looked at the two eager teenagers with disbelief.  He handed them the hot dogs and Tyson handed him some money.  And Tyson and Crystal went on their way happy.

"Let's go see what Ray's been up to?" Tyson said through a mouthful of hot dog.

Crystal looked at him in disgust, "Chew with your mouth close!!!  I'm trying to eat over here?"

Tyson swallowed, "Well?  Let's go see him!!  It's just been you, me, and Kenny for a while now."

"I never really thought of it that way.  But your right, I can understand why Kai doesn't want to hang out with us because that's just his crummy attitude.  But Ray, wonder he's been up to?"

"He seems to be spacing out a lot lately."

"Wonder what he's doing with all his thinking energy?"

"Probably thinking of a beautiful woman we all know!" Tyson chuckled as he stuffed the last of his hot dog in his mouth.  Tyson got no response he turned around to see Crystal, looking at her hands.

"Tyson….." Tyson rounded Crystal in a big hug.

"Sorry, I wasn't thinking.  Don't worry, I'm 100% positive that they'll come home.  Cheer up!"

Crystal looked up to him, and kinda smiled, "Thanks Tyson."

"Don't mention it," he then swung one arm over her shoulder and they started walking, "Now let's go see what our boy is doing!!!"

Crystal through fist in the air, "RIGHT!!!!"


"Oh!!! Look a shooting star!!!"

"Make a wish Max."

"Yeah!!  Make a wish!!"

"Alright settle down you two……."

"Did you make your wish yet?"

"I will when I can get some peace!"

"Oops sorry!"

Max closed his eyes, and thought with all his might, I wish that the girls and me could go home! And then opened them.


"Great!!!  Now let's go hunting I'm starving!!!" A young girl with shoulder length purple hair jumped off the roof they were laying on, she had a band going around her head to try and keep her bangs from going in her face.  Around her neck was a scarf that she had gotten four years ago.  She also had a fighting or should I say surviving outfit.  Her shirt had no sleeves and was cut short, exposing her stomach a little.  Her mini skirt was covered up by to belts that crossed each other, attached to the belts on the back was a broadsword.  Her bright red eyes bouncing with happiness.

(Author's note:  To those who are confused go to: http://www.angelfire.com/ct3/crystal0/images/other/julia.jpg  -it will be Julia's outfit)

"Julia!!!  We just ate two minutes ago!!!" Cried another young girl, she had black hair that was a streaked purple, it was pulled up in a ponytail but a few strands fell down.  Her outfit was a green shirt with the sleeves torn off, blue pants with tears here and there, and a leather strap tied around her slim waist.  Over all she had a cloak that covered her.  Her bow was slung over her shoulder waiting to be used.  Her hands were bandaged so that they won't get bloody whenever she uses her bow.

(Author's note: Again here's Tolaku's outfit along with her wings.  http://www.angelfire.com/ct3/crystal0/images/other/tolaku2.jpg )

"Come on!!!  That was barely a meal!!" Julia complained.

"I have to agree with you there," Tolaku muttered, she also jumped down next to Crystal, "Alright let's go to the castle again."


"Remember last time we found that pantry."

Julia's eyes got big, "That was the best day of my life!!!"

"Jeez do you guys are talking through your stomachs," Max said as he hopped off the roof.  His outfit hadn't changed much from the last time we saw him.  He wore his vest that had the sleeves ripped off.  His chest bare and muscular, (Author's note: *anime grls faint*) His black pants were torn at the edges around the waist and legs.  On each side of his pants were his trusty daggers.  His hairstyle was spiked in one direction.  (Author's note: Think Cloud in FF7), and on his face were three scar lines across his right side of his face.

(Author's Note: Okay here's Max's: http://www.angelfire.com/ct3/crystal0/images/other/max2.jpg -made him way too skinny!!!)

"Come on Max, we need to find more food!!" Tolaku whined.

Max scratched the back of his head thinking, but he was interrupted by a low growl that made him blush with embarrassment.  "I guess we can look for some food."

"Yeah!!!" Both girls shouted at the same time.  Tolaku's wings appeared and she took flight, Julia had begun floating and zoomed after Tolaku.  Over the years Julia had become very good at her powers and she could move things at the simple thought, she could even make herself fly.  Max had summoned his own greenish wings and flew after the two energetic girls.


Ray looked at the spot where he had lost two friends, and…possibly the love of his life.  He put three roses on the very spot they disappeared.  It was the anniversary of the disappearance. He couldn't help but to feel edgy, like something was going to happen.

He shook it off, Stop!!  Doing that!!  He looked at the sunset and frowned, there's that strange feeling again. He shrugged and started walked off.


"Guys?  I think we cleaned this place out." Max said as he kicked an empty chest open.

"Just keep looking," Tolaku said as she lifted a fallen tapestry off the floor, "I'm going to look somewhere else."

"Okay, don't get lost."

"Who could get lost in a place like this, you just shout and your voice could be heard anywhere."

"Good point."

"Well I'm off," Tolaku said as she walked out and went through some hallways, when she came to a hallway filled with torches.  But she noticed that one of them was out.

Hmm, strange. She thought, she lifted her hand towards the torch and a ball of flame erupted from her hand and lit the torch.  As soon as the torch was lit a small wall lit a small passageway opened.

"Woah, should've seen that coming, I mean that torch did look suspicious by it's self," Tolaku told herself as she walked into the secret passage.  When she stepped inside the door closed behind her.

"Great, now I'm trapped," she looked forward at the hallway.  At the end of it was glowing at the end.  As if in a trance she walked towards it.  When she reached the end, she found herself in a circular room.  And in the middle was what looked like a spring.  But it was glowing bright blue.  She looked into and saw a figure walking away from a park.

She was suddenly on her knees, staring into the pool, "Ray!?!"  He stopped and looked around like he heard her, but shrugged it off and continued.  She took a daring leap of faith, slowly but surely her hand moved closer and closer to the blue substance.  Once she touched it she felt herself being sucked in.


Ray felt another presence in the park; he turned around and saw a shadowy figure.

"Who are you!?!"  The figure stood there transfixed on Ray.  It stepped forward and Ray got a better look at the stranger's face.  He felt his heart skip a beat, "T…To…Tolaku!?!?!"

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