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Amidst the Moonlight

By:  Crystal of Psyche


Julia bounced around the room, placing her things in a bag.  She was happy because she was moving out of Tyson's place to stay in a house with Kai.  Just the two of them!  She couldn't wait!  She picked up a piece of clothing, and stopped and stared at it.  It was Kai's scarf that he given her before she left to the islands.  "I'll have to give it back now."

"Julia?" came the voice of her friend Crystal.

Julia's face brightened, "Come in!!"  Crystal walked in, and sat down next to Julia.  There was a long pause between them until Crystal's eyes became all big.  Julia sweat dropped at Crystal's strange look she was giving her.

"This is such a beautiful day!!  Everyone is so happy!!  You're going with Kai!  Tolaku is going to stay with Ray in his apartment!  And finally I'm staying here with Tyson!!  Who'd ever guess that we would score such good-looking hunks coming to visit you!!" Crystal said clapping her hands together.  Julia smiled.

"You'll have Tyson here all for yourself," Julia said her voice hinted with amusement.  Crystal made a goofy smile and just nodded.  The two old friends talked for a while about their new lives that were about to start.


Max walked down the street of the crowded city.  He sighed and put both hands into the pockets of his jeans.  Everything seemed boring now that Sutekh and Orpheus is gone…it was driving him crazy!!!  He didn't get it!  Max needs some action…something.  Screeching of tires came to his attention, he looked up and noticed a brunette girl a little bit younger than himself walk in front of the way of a car.

"WATCH OUT!!!" Max yelled out, he summoned his greenish wings tearing off the T-shirt he was wearing and flew at tremendous speed.  Thankfully he was going too fast for anyone to see his 'transformation.' He managed to snatch the girl up before the car hit her and himself.  Then he went zooming in the air high above the city.  "That was a close call."

"…….." The girl didn't say anything; it looked as though she was in shock.

"Are you ok?" Max asked with concern. The girl gaped at the sight of him.

"Are you an angel?"  Max chuckled at her cute question.

"No, I'm just a person from a race that is thought to be extinct," he explained.  Her face brightened.

"Like Superman!!!"

"I guess you could say that but I'm from Earth like you."

"By the way, my name is Lina." She said happily.

"I'm Max," he said, they had landed on a roof of a skyscraper. He had set Lina on the ground and for a while they just stared at each other for a while.  Max noticed she had shoulder length brown hair, and dark brown eyes, she wore a small t-shirt and regular jeans.  The tension was broken when she walked up to him and placed a hand on his cheek that had his scars on it.

"Looks like it hurt," she said softly looking into his bright blue eyes.

He smiled, "Not really, you forget stuff like that…unless you look in the mirror……And uh can I ask for a favor?"  He asked nervously.

"Sure," she said innocently.

"Can you keep this thing a secret between me and you," he said mentioning to the wings.

"Oh, yeah sure!  On the condition that we can get to know each other, you know be friends and stuff…I never had a friend with super powers!!!  Are you gonna be like a crime fighter or something?" she asked hopefully.

Max was taken back slightly; he tapped his finger on his chin in thought.  Finally he smiled at Lina, "I think I found my calling card."

"Great!!  I could be your side kick!!!" she said excitedly.  Max made a face.

"Uh no."

"Come on!!!!  Every super hero needs a Robin!!"

"You can be Alfred," Max said smiling.  Lina stuck out her tongue. (A/N: referring to Batman)

"But he's an old geezer.  All he does is sitting on his butt getting information!!!  Getting more wrinkled every second cause he's growing even more older!!"

Max gave her a soft smile, "But your such a beautiful young woman, you could never get ugly."  Lina blushed bright red, as she stared at Max, who by now retracted his wings, and had his hands in his pockets.  Behind him was a beautiful sun set that seemed to magnify his angelic look in Lina's eyes.


Kai walked to Julia's room in Tyson's house, but soon it was going to be just another guest room.  Once he was inside he saw that Flamerion and Julia fighting again.  Probably over something stupid, when he had walked in Julia stopped arguing with Flamerion, and next thing you knew she was latched onto Kai and hugging him.

"Julia, ready to go?" he asked in a soft voice, she smiled and nodded.

"Oh!  I have to give something to you!" she went over to the dresser and took something out, she made sure that he didn't see it.  When she came back to him, she held it behind her back.  "Close your eyes."  He gave her a look before reluctantly closing his eyes.  He felt something wrap around his neck.  He opened his eyes and saw that she was tying his old scarf around his neck.

"You kept it?" he said in disbelief.  She smiled softly and leaned her head onto his chest; he wrapped his arms around her.

"I didn't want to forget what me, Max, and Tolaku left behind.  I didn't want to forget this place, the friends, I made, and most especially……I didn't want to forget you…"  Julia said softly.  Kai let go of her and put his hands on her cheeks.  They looked into each other's eyes.

"Both of us will never forget, the love we share together," he said calmly.  He brought their lips together and they kissed passionately, Julia wrapped her arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her torso.


Crystal put some pepper in the stu she was making for the dinner tonight.  She stirred it as she watched it boil slightly.  Suddenly a pair of strong arms wrapped around.

"What's cookin."

"Tyson…" Crystal breathed out, then she smiled.  "Try this." She dipped the spoon in the stu and held so he cute take a sip.  He tried it and smiled with satisfaction.

"That's some good cooking!!" he reached for some other stuff that was on a plate.


"OWW!!! That hurt!!"  Crystal was eyeing him and she was waving a wooden spoon at him.

"Don't you dare touch anything else!!!"

"But honey?"

"Don't give me that look!!"  (Author's Note:  *giggles* It's a love/hate relationship)



"I'll get it!!" Crystal shouted over the small chattering crowd.  She opened the door and saw that it was Max, and he was with a girl she didn't recognize.  The all too familiar look came into her eyes.  "Greetings Maxxie!!  Who's this??"  Max sweat dropped when we realized the look she was giving him.

"Lina this is Crystal, Crystal this is Lina.  I saved her earlier from crashing into a car," he explained quickly.

"It was amazing how he zoomed with tremendous speed, and saved me!!!" Lina said cheerfully.  Crystal raised an eyebrow at Lina's comment and then looked at Max waiting for answers.

"And yes, she's knows about my powers," he said sheepishly.  He heard a tsk tsk tsk, from Crystal.

"You know it's bad to impress a girl with your powers."

Max scratched the back of his neck, "I know, but she could've died."

Crystal stared long and hard at Max before sighing and motioning them to come in.  "Alright I accept that excuse come on in.  All that's missing is Ray and Tolaku."  After a few minutes there was another expected knock on the door.  Crystal hurried to get it, and when she opened the door.  She saw a heavily bandaged Tolaku leaning on Ray for support.

"Sorry it took so long," Ray said helping Tolaku walk into the dojo.

Crystal smiled as she shut the door behind them, "It's ok.  The party can't get started without you two!!!"  They all sat down at the table that had a magnificent feast.  Lina glanced over at Tolaku and then leaned over near Max.

"Uh Max?"

Max looked at his new friend, "Hmm?"

"What happened to your friend?"  She asked looking again at Tolaku.  She heard make a heavy sigh.

"Long story I'll tell you later," he said quietly.  Lina smiled and nodded in understanding.  All the happy chattering came from the group.  They had no worries now; they could live their lives freely without the thought of crazy evil people trying to take over the universe.  Tyson stood up from the table, indicating a small speech.

"These last four years have been tough on all of us…but we stuck together and in the end we all made it ok in the end…"

Tolaku interrupted, "Easy for you to say!!"

"Sorry Tolaku but what I really meant was that were all alive!!"

Tolaku smiled sheepishly, "Oh."

"We vanquished the evil for good!!  Let's live our lives to the fullest!!" Tyson said holding up his glass of Saki.  The others did the same with bright smiles on their faces.  And they drank to their new lives.


*gulp* "To the new life," Damon said softly as he watched the younger heroes from afar.  He and Rose were both holding glasses full of Saki.  Rose smiled at him.

"All the muses are back to normal.  That spell Sutekh put on them was really powerful, thankfully when Julia and the others defeated the others, they were just transported to a empty dimension like Ray did.  If they put any more energy into those attacks then it would've actually killed the muses.  And Calliope is put in the magical prison." (A/N:  corny title huh.)

"Why did Ray go to that dimention?  I thought he had given up his life force to free Kai." He thought curiously, Rose chuckled and shook her head.

"The prophecy plus his love for Tolaku allowed him to live," Rose explained.

Damon sighed, "Sometimes you know too much…Well, at least the Jewel isn't a threat anymore."

"Yes, we don't have to go back to the island now.  We could live here near the others."

"All is well in the world," Damon said happily.  Rose's hand crept into Damon's, they both looked at each other and smiled.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Note:  WOW!!! This is the longest story I have ever written!!!  I hope that cleared some things up for you guys.  And the Max part was because I felt sorry for the guy…everyone was paired up except for him.  So I made a short thing up just for him.

And I would like to thank once again, Nightswift and Psycho-chik for lending me their characters.  I really appreciate that.

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