Savannah Toretto had been planning this trip for months; her fascination with Japan was borderline obsessive. She had official decided she would take the trip when she found her love of Subaru's. Savannah was sixteen when she found herself a tutor and ten years on she was pretty much fluent in Japanese.

"Hey Savvy, please tell me we are not going to spend all our time at car meets." Savannah's best friend and practically her sister Kayleigh Shaw giggled.

"Listen Kay, hot cars equals cute guys normally." Savannah laughed as she swung round in her chair to see what Kayleigh was up to.

"Got to make sure I look my best all the time then right." Kayleigh giggled once more packing more scandalous looking skirts, tops and dresses into her suitcase.

"Can you get anymore in that suitcase?" Savannah asked as she watched Kayleigh struggle to fit everything in.

"We might need to go shopping when we touch down." Kayleigh stood looking down at her suitcase like she wanted to murder it. Kayleigh's comment sent Savannah into a fit of laughter, once Savannah finally caught her breath she let out a sigh of content.

She left her fashionista friend to unpack and repack for the third time that day and made her way to her own room. Unlike her best friends room, which was light, bright, clean, tidy and very girly Savannahs room was the polar opposite just like in personality.

It was darker and messy, with clothes scattered all over the bed and floor, car magazines and tool catalogues littered the bed as well. Her desk was overloaded with drawings and designs for recent decals that she was working on as well as what she planned on doing for her next build in meticulous detail.

Savannah threw herself on to the bed; she had a few hours before the farewell race her friends had organized. After the race Savannah and Kayleigh would make their way to the airport, say good bye to their small dysfunctional, mismatched family and be on their way to Japan.

"Having second thoughts?" Savannah's childhood friend Rowan said appearing from nowhere at the entrance to her room.

"Just enjoying the peace before it all gets crazy." Savannah smiled pulling herself up so she was sitting. Rowan walked into her room taking care not to break his neck on the mess and sat next to her.

"Savannah, I've known you for far too long to know when you are hiding something, so talk to me." Rowan pushed gently.

"I'm leaving my pride and joy to you guys, I guess I'm just worried I'm going to come home to a broken down garage." Savannah confessed.

"You've worked hard and saved hard for this it's time to reap the benefits, enjoy your trip, everything will be fine." Rowan reassured her pulling her into a bear hug.

Savannah smiled and accepted the hug with a squeeze back.

"Get some rest while you can. I'll give you a shout an hour before we leave." Rowan chuckled before he stood up and left Savannah in silence.

She led back down pushing all the mess to one side and covered herself with her duvet. Savannah closed her eyes and ran through a mental checklist of everything, her suitcase was packed and ready and all the important stuff she had left to Kayleigh as she was the more sensible one of the two.

"Savannah, come on time to get up." Kayleigh squealed as she jumped on Savannah's bed. Savannah hated being woken up but she had to admire her friends enthusiasm.

"Mmm, I've only been asleep five minutes." Savannah complained pulling the cover over her head.

"Nope you have been asleep for hours. Come on we need to get ready." Kayleigh said jumping off the bed and started digging through Savannah's clean clothing pile throwing a red plunge top and white ripped skinny jeans at her friend.

"Come on, put this on, got to leave in style." Kayleigh squealed once again before leaving the room.

Savannah groaned once again as she raised from her bed, grabbing the clean clothes she drudged to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready.

Kayleigh was sat at the breakfast bar going over everything they needed for their ever looming trip. Savannah trudged into the kitchen and made a beeline straight for the fresh coffee. The kitchen was abuzz with friends and family all getting ready to say good bye to Savannah and Kayleigh.

"Put it into a too go come, we are leaving now." Kayleigh said as she packed up the stuff that was needed and put it in her handbag.

"Everyone pair up." Kayleigh shouted at the top of her lungs as she started ushering people out the door. Savannah grabbed her keys and grabbed hold of Rowan's arm.

"You are with me, I trust no one else with my baby. I'm driving." Savannah smiled as she headed out the door with everyone else. The street outside was crammed with cars, all shapes and sizes and all of them were modified to some extent. The street came alive with the roars of engines as they themselves came to life as they all started to head out.

Savannah stayed at the back of the pack, enjoying her time with her friends before she left, she let the sound of the engine and dump valve sooth her racing mind, before she switch on her music and let the bass filled the car with a new energy.

They finally arrived at the meeting place where more cars were waiting, engines roaring as people revved to show off, and music blasted from every other car, the races hadn't started yet as of course the guest of honour had just arrived. Savannah took her place in the line, while everyone else scrambled to find somewhere to park.

Kayleigh had already jumped out the car she was travelling with and making nice with everyone she could see, Savannah felt a twinge of sadness twist in her gut as the realisation hit her that she was leaving her home for a year. Savannah finally got out of her 2006 hawkeye Subaru Impreza and started to make the rounds, greeting people.

"So come on people let's make Savannah Toretto's last race in the states a memorable one." Savannah's so called race manager Marcus called as people started to crowd around him, he had one arm around Savannah's shoulders as she watched the people flock towards him to place bets and to buy into the race.

"Yeah come on people we need the cash for our shopping spree don't be tight now." Kayleigh called to the overexcited crowd. Before long the bets were placed and the buy INS were complete the race was on.

Savannah ignored everyone as she got back into her car, and pulled up to the start line. Everyone who was racing pulled up next to her; she looked at her rivals, and made mental notes not that she needed them. She had beaten everyone in the line up already.

"Hey. Don't go easy on everyone because it's your last race here for a while. They need to remember who they are racing against." Kayleigh bounced as she leaned in the window of Savannah's car.

"Don't worry; I haven't lost a race yet." Savannah smiled as she relaxed her grip on the steering wheel. Kayleigh squeezed her friend's shoulder, a universal sign for Savannah to be careful and that Kayleigh would be at the finish line waiting for her.

Savannah done up her window, and turned off her music. From then on it was just her and the car, that she had poured her blood, sweat and tears into. Savannah watched Marcus as he took his place in the middle of the street to start the race.

Savannah took a deep breath as she revved the engine to show she was ready, as Marcus went down the line of the five cars each revved in turn to show they were ready. Soon his arms were raised.



"GO!" Marcus shouted as he went to his knees and the five cars took off in a cloud of smoke and the smell of burning rubber. Of course Savannah was up front straight off the mark; there wasn't much that could take on her car.

Savannah tore through the streets, of the mock course that her friends had set up, the turns were easily drift able but Savannah decided to have some fun, slowing down for the turns so her rivals could keep up with her.


"You know we are all going to miss you and Savvy." Marcus said as he put around Kayleigh's shoulders. Kayleigh gave him a sweet smile but in all honesty Marcus kind of grossed her out.

"Yeah I know, we are the life of the party after all." Kayleigh smiled as she looked around for Rowan, eventually she found him up by the finish line waiting patiently for Savannah to cross.

"Sorry Marcus but duty calls." Kayleigh giggled as she shook of his arm and made her way over to Rowan who had a somewhat concerned look on his face.

"You know you shouldn't look so worried." Kayleigh said sweetly as she took Rowan's arm in hers.

"Yeah well you and I both know she is only going to show off, this being her last race in the states and all." Rowan sighed, he knew Savannah well, she was a good driver but she often pushed the limits of both her ability and the cars.

"She'll be fine; you know full well that girl can handle herself in more ways than one." Kayleigh chided him, for worrying often.

"You know, Savannah is starting to rub off on you." Rowan chuckled as he looked down at the blonde who was grinning widely at him.

"Yeah well, everyone was hoping I would rub off on her but we all know she is the life of the party. The girl all the guys fall for even if she doesn't mean for it to happen." Kayleigh sighed, that was the one thing her best friend never understood and that was the language of men.

"Jealous are we Kay?" Rowan looked over at her again eyebrow arched in a questioning manner.

Before Kayleigh could reply, the screeching of tyres could be heard just up ahead and low and behold Savannah's blue Subaru was up in front. Kayleigh jumped for joy, how could she be jealous when she had Savannah as a best friend, they loved each other for who they were and what they were about.

Savannah came across the finish line with all four tyres on fire figuratively speaking as she pulled her car up to a halt. Revving the engine in her normal fashion, getting out of the car to whoops and cheers all around her.

Kayleigh was the first person to congratulate her best friend in massive amounts of bone crunching hugs, and then she was joined in by Rowan and a couple of the guys Savannah employed at the garage.

"Your winnings your majesty." Marcus gave a mocking bow as he handed her a wad of cash, Savannah handed it straight to Kayleigh as she was the keeper of all things important and that included cash. Kayleigh took the cash and looked down at her watch it was time for them to leave.

"Savannah we have to go or we will miss our flight." Kayleigh said in Savannah's ear so she could be heard over the music and the cheering, Savannah nodded to show that she understood. She moved her way through the crowd of people and stood on the car that Marcus used as a podium.

"Right people I'm afraid that Kayleigh and I are going to have to love you and leave you. Keep on supporting the races that Marcus works so hard to set up and of course Toretto's garage while I am away. See yah losers." Savannah jumped down from the car and made a beeline for her Subaru, jumping in to the driver's seat with Kayleigh in the passenger seat.

And they sped off, with Rowan and Gaz close behind, with the girl's suitcases and carryon's in the back.

"Why did you have to give such a dramatic speech?" Kayleigh giggled as Savannah swerved in and out of the morning traffic that was heading to the airport. Savannah just shrugged as she kept her eyes and concentration on the road in front of her.

"It seemed fitting, you know as we aren't going to see everyone for a year." Savannah finally said. As she slowed down so that Rowan could catch up.

"Rowan was worried about you, you know." Kayleigh sighed looking out the window as she watched Rowan pull up alongside Savannah.

"So, he always worries when I race." Savannah said indifferently.

"You know sometimes I wonder whether you are actually from this planet." Kayleigh said as she burst out laughing which in turn caused Savannah to laugh.

"Enough of the states already, we are finally on our way to TOKYO!" Savannah shouted as the excitement started to settle in as they finally arrived at the airport.