The following takes place betwee 8am and 9am. Events occur in real time.



It is 8am in Washington D.C., but we begin our story in China. Here it is 9pm. Many locals and tourists are at the nightclubs on this Saturday night. Victor Rovner knows he is being followed, he might not survive the night. He quickly went to his apartment and transmitted the intel he had aquired to Langley. The CIA had to know this immediately, they had limited time to act as it was. As Victor works he hears loud banging on his apartment door. The people outside were claiming to be Chinese police. If they were telling the truth Victor knew he'd survive, might even avoid prison. If they were lying, incarceration was the least of his fears. Either way, they'd want the intel. Victor Rovner quickly transmitted the intel, then destroyed his labtop.


Meanwhile, at the White House, president Josiah Bartlett is having a meeting with his cabinet. They are going over the final details of the treaty. The United States of America will officially make the African nation of Sangala an ally in the war on terror. President Deby should be arriving within the hour, the treaty is set to be signed at 10:30 am. President Deby is also bringing his teenage son Charles, who had become quite fond of Bartlett's doughter Zoey. The meeting is interrupted when the president is informed of a situation, and quietly brought to the war room. In this meeting are his chief of staff Leo Mcgarry, Vice-president James Hellar, Hellar's daughter Audrey Raines, and chairman of the joint chiefs admiral Fitzwallace.


Fitzwallace: We've recieved intelligence that there will be an attempt to disrupt the treaty today. Our informant, Victor Rovner, has presented evidence that someone has gone to great financial lengths, paid over 50 million dollars, to target either you and/or president Deby.

Bartlett: Who exactly is funding this?

Fitzwallace: Unfortunately mr Rovner was unable to complete the transmission, and we've lost contact with him.

Hellar: Correct me if I'm wrong admiral, but Victor Rovner is a drug and arms dealer who freelances as an informant for the CIA.

Fitzwallace: That is true mr vice-president, and his intel is always good. It's possible that he's been arrested by the Chinese police, in which case we can negotiate for his freedom. But its also possible that he has been killed, by whoever is involved in this plot.

Leo: My guess is Alqueda. They've been trying to take advantage of the chaos and set up camps in Sangala for years. With Deby cracking down, and now this, they want him dead.

Bartlett: And me. Warn Deby, advise he take a different route.


At CTU Washington director George Mason is briefing his team on the day's procedures. Second in command Nadia Yassir, third Tony Almeida, and top computer technician Chloe OBrien. They were already preparing for potential dangers to the treaty when they were given a heads up. They had to be ready for threats from anyone, Alqueda, ethnic Askari racial groups, even radical humanitarians oppossed to the Sangalan government's oppression of the Askari. After the meeting George Mason spoke to Tony Almeida in private.


Mason: We need to cover all of our bases. Jack Bauer knows Sangala better than any of us. Two covert missions, he's studied their leaders.

Tony: And he was given leave for a reason. We have his notes on file.

Mason: We need him, just for an hour or so.

Tony: Fine, I'll call him.


Jack Bauer is having a quiet breakfast with his wife Teri. They eat in silence. It had been almost a year since their daughter Kimberly was killed, caught in the crossfire when Jack saved the president's life. The phone rings. Teri answers it. When she realizes it's Tony Almeida she hands it to Jack.


Tony: Jack, it's me.

Jack: What is it Tony?

Tony: Someone's trying to disrupt the treaty, we need your help.

Jack: I was pronounced unfit for service by three psychiatrists.

Tony: It's just to answer some questions, shouldn't take more than an hour.

Jack: Fine, I'll be there soon.


As Jack hung up he began explaining to Teri why he had to go in. Teri said it was fine, even smiled. It was the sad smile he saw on her face a lot this last year. He was never sure where he stood with his wife, and it was mostly his fault. But he felt he had to go back, if only for an hour, it was his duty.