Legacy of the Lantern
Chapter 3
Distant Present

And two hours later, Kyle found himself sat criss-cross against the foot of Hal's bed, mindlessly flipping through the T.V channels to occupy himself as his ever-so-quiet-little-friend laid dormant on the opposite end.

Although there were flames and chaos, there was no screaming. Destruction was bliss. The world seemed to be on fire, but yet Jordana couldn't bring herself to worry. Her knees hit the pavement as the doomed to be house shattered itself to the ground. That was her home. Where she had grown up for the five years of her life. "MOMMY! DADDY!" She screamed, but it felt like her voice was lost somewhere in the rumbling. Arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her from the ground, the man bore a mask, he was someone from The Legion, but she couldn't help but think that he was the bad guy in that minute because there was no where else she'd rather be than among the sparking flames.

A white flash and she was ten, sitting next to her aunt, (and current foster mother) Cary Wren as she knelt in front of two tomb stones, both belonging to her late parents. "You've done good, Jordana. Your parents would be so proud you." The child froze at her aunt's words, hesitating before burying her face into the women, a broken sob shaking her quiet stature. Cary ran a hand through Jordana's orange locks, but nothing could have helped her then.

Once more, the world shifted all too quickly and she was thirteen, sitting in her guardian's living room as the women went in search of some 'gift' as she called it. "Jordana," the teen turned at her name, Cary perching herself next to the other on the floor. "I have this for you, it was your mother's when you were little."

She perked herself upright at that, those words would have broken her three years ago, but not anymore, she remained still as the woman opened the small silver box resting in her palm.

Brown hues lit up at the sight.

A Green Lantern ring?

Her mother was a Lantern?

"Ring's are supposed to return to Oa when it's wearer passes, but this one never did. Meaning that it's holder is here somewhere. The funny thing is...it should have gone by now to find them. But it hasn't. Jordana. I think this ring wants you. But maybe not quite yet. Keep it. Protect it. Because when the time comes, it needs to be ready. For whoever it chooses."

It was one year later. She was fourteen and for once, everything seemed to be working out just fine. It was summer's eve. And for once, bliss felt like it was with her again. A gentle wind rattled the beads drawn across her window, she was just about to hit the light switch when it happened.

A crash resigned from her bedside table, the silver box shattered to pieces on the floor as the haunting sight of the green ring flickered forward, radiating a gentle glow that showered the room in its light.

"Jordana Gardner. You have the ability to overcome great fear-"

Two years later, sixteen, she was in the midst of a fire fight. Starro had overtook the minds of over half of the Green Lantern Corps and with the manpower of over a thousand lanterns, Earth was receiving a dismal day. She didn't know much, she knew Cary was amidst the mind controlled lanterns and she knew Rond was fighting by her side, The Legion was on its way but they weren't quick enough because in a second's decision Rond had grabbed Jordana's wrist, pulling her from middle of the fight, but his tactic was no good. The battle field was never ending and he knew there was only one option. With the controlled lanterns growing in numbers, and Earth's small amount of heroes and allies, there was no way they could win. There was no way they could save themselves. And it was in that moment that he knew the only way to right the present was to fix the past and spare their future.

In one action he could possibly save everyone but ruin many lives as well, he picked the Time Cube (his personal intervention) from his pouch and tossed it threw the air at his partner. Sealing both of their fates forever.

Jordana was a good kid. She deserved to live.

At least there, she had a chance.


"NO!" The teen shot out of bed, quite precisely landing a hard kick to Kyle's chest in the process.

"WOAH! Kid!" He followed suit, shooting out of his spot on the bed as he held his hand out to Jordana as she lowered herself into a battle stance, her ring hand held out back at him. "M' not here to hurt ya, m' buddy brought you back here cause you were out cold."

"Who's your buddy!?" She didn't mean for that to sound as scared as it did. Damn.

"A Green Lantern." A pause. "Just like you," the man raised his hands in defense, head hung downward as he cautiously took a step forward. "And like me too."

One would think that would calm someone down, but the younger seemed as on-edge as before.

"Give me your ring."

"Wha? Listen, kid-"


"Alright, alright-" with a moment's hesitation, the elder slid off his ring and tossed it at the other, who caught it just upon her own giving out, taking away its uniform only to leave the teen sporting her pajamas. "Nice jimmie jams." Kyle mumbled under his breath before she pushed out past him. "Ay', no need to be so shovey-"

"Get in the bathroom."


"I don't trust you yet. So, get in the bathroom!"

He really didn't have to listen to her but thinking it best to just comply and not kill the kid before Hal came back, Kyle just obeyed and stepped in before the door was slammed just behind him, the sudden clicking catching him off guard. "What was that-"

"I barricaded the door, so don't even think of...trying anything," momentarily relaxed, Jordana sat herself down on her blockade of a chair, head resting back against the jammed door. "Where am I?"

Kyle, seemingly fed up and slightly amused with the whole ordeal, leaned back against his side of the door, knees buckling ever so slightly. "Central City."

The next question caught him off guard.

"Year?" Her voice nearly quivered upon asking.




"Who are you?"

"Kyle Rayner." A muffled laugh passed through the door, "Green Lantern."

"Who was your friend that brought me here?" At this point, she knew the answer, but she wanted to hear it more than anything.

"Hal Jordan."

The distinctive sound of a chair being dragged across the room was heard as Kyle removed himself from the door, it promptly being opened afterwards as he came face to face with the teen questioning him a near minute ago.

"It's you…"

"Yeah, it's me?" Woah, there-"

And even more surprisingly, he then found himself with the girl's arms wrapped around his torso, his arms raised upon being caught off guard. He let it pass for a hot second before pushing the younger away, holding her by the shoulders as his brow lowered in confusion.

"Who are you?"

"Jordana. Jordana Gardner."

I've been sick in bed all day so I figured I might as well get another chapter in, even if it's short. So. Here it is, chapter two out of god knows how many. Also, due to the fact that Jordana has no known backstory, I just made one up. Feel free to ask any questions you have. So, Until next time !