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Once upon a time there were four kingdoms, each with it's own monarch and people of different ideas, opinions, and culture.

Hufflepuff is one of these great kingdoms, it is also the safest kingdom for no matter how great this Kingdom became peace will always be seen as strength here. Hufflepuff is ruled by King Amos, by his side stands his son Prince Cedric the heir to the throne and his daughter the sweet and innocent Princess Hannah.

The second kingdom is Ravenclaw. Known for their wits, they are great strategists and had never lost a battle. The Ravenclaws have been allies with Griffindor since before the two kingdoms rose to such greatness, they have always fought side by side as brothers. In this kingdom, King Crouch rules with his only daughter whose beauty has yet to be define by words, the rose behind the walls of the castle, Princess Cho.

Then of course there's the Griffindors, the land of the lions, home of the bravest souls. It is ruled by King James and Queen Lilly, by there side is their advisor Cornelius Fudge (A/N I'm too lazy to look up the spelling of his name.). The great monarch has three sons, the first was Prince Oliver (at the age of 18), heir to the throne. The strong and responsible Prince of Griffindor, with chocolate eyes and light brown hair. He is betrothed to the chaste Princess Hannah of Hufflepuff. The second was Prince Neville, (at the age of 17) the clumsy brunette prince was not as popular or brave as his brothers. Because of this many people trusted him more than anyone else. And then of course the third Prince, the one with pale perfect skin wrapped around defined muscle, with unruly black hair (as his father's) and bright emerald eyes (as his mother's) and the birthmark the shape of a lightening bolt, Prince Harry. With bravery to the point of stupidity, the sixteen years old Prince constantly get into trouble, plunging, head first into an unknown situations, his innocence is both charming yet annoying at times. Prince Harry is betrothed to the beauteous Princess Cho, to whom he cared for deeply since he was young.

And of course the last kingdom, Slytherin, land of the snakes, enemy of Griffindor and with just as much power, wealth and strength. It is ruled by King Severus who has neither a queen nor an heir for he lives his life in solitude caring only what's best for his people. Though he loves his subjects more than life itself, knowing what most of them are like, there is only on person he trusted, Lord Lucius Malfoy, but because of the unfortunate event of one night long ago he will never be king.

Sixteen years ago Lord Lucius was the most respected nobleman in Slytherin, he had experiences in leadership for he had led so many troops into battles which he had won. Lucius had a future of greatness ahead of him. Until he was brutally murdered.

Chaos and rumors ruled the great cities of Slytherin as a result of the horrendous crime. He was to be the next king. What was to happen now? Nobody knew.

Everyone was both surprised and fearful at this turn of events. Including Lady Narcissa Malfoy. The night after the murder, sensing danger, Lady Malfoy left Slytherin with her new born baby boy Draco Malfoy.

There had been no evidence of who committed the crime and many were starting their own investigations to find out what had happened. King Severus had even claim that whoever finds out what happened to Lucius and the rest of the Malfoy family will be greatly rewarded.

It wasn't until fifteen years later that someone found evidence. It was Miss Pansy Parkinson who stumbled upon the evidence. They all pointed to Lord Granger, but before Miss Parkinson could get her reward, she too was murdered.

Lord Granger was the only Griffindor in Slytherin. Lady Granger was a Slytherin and after years in Hufflepuff of living in fear from the war of the two kingdoms, the Grangers finally moved to Slytherin after the temporary cease-fire agreement and claimed themselves neutral in the war. They had a daughter, a beautiful fifteen year old girl with sweet honey coloured eyes and hair like golden brown sea making waves and ripples under the sun. During their time in Slytherin the Grangers have become exceptionally close to King Severus to the point where they might even become his advisors.

The Slytherins never trusted the Grangers, they were accused of the murder of Lord Lucius Malfoy and of being spies for he Griffindor. After the trail they weren't executed. Lucius was King Severus' best friend, the Grangers were the murderers, they should have been dead but they weren't, they were just simply banished.

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