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Good bye my sweet Prince

There were dead bodies lying in rows on the green field as he walked onto. The bodies of soldiers, some from Slytherin, some from Griffindor, some of thieves and some too distorted to be recognised. The bodies were now all covered by white sheets, some stained with blood. The injured ones were now lying on small uncomfortable looking beds inside the white tents. There limbs tangled in casts and crimson red could be seen in contrast of the white sheets.

Remus was currently balled up next to Sirius's bed in one of the many tents. His face in his hand as silent tears slid from his pale face.

"Please don't die, Sirius, please don't" he pleaded to his unconscious friend.

He was only just allowed into the tent after the nurses rushed the black knight in. He had been standing out side for what seemed like ages until a sad looking nurse came out to tell him that he was allowed to go in.

When he saw his Sirius lying there, his eyes shut as if in a deep sleep, blood stained on the bandage that wrapped around his abdomen, he finally realised the truth.

That he can't live without him.

For years Sirius had lived with him in his castle, refusing to return to his own. Years they have spent together, so close to each other. The 'accidental' touches, the stuttering when he said he had something to talk about and then changed the topic, the longing looks, the embarrassed laughter after a long silence. How could he have been so blind?

Sirius was... is in love with him.

And he was too stupid to notice, or was it that he did notice it, but just couldn't accept it. He didn't know anymore. Everything felt so confusing and he just feels, lost.

Remus rubbed his lips absent mindedly, still feeling the ghost of the heated kiss. He moved his eyes back to his life partner before standing up to once again, look at his face. He was beautiful, his long black hair flowing down his face, his eyes closed tightly, his lips red compared to his pale complexion. They reminded him of sleeping beauty.

And with that, Remus leans down and captured the soft but cold lips into his own. His breath, warming the cold body below him.

Then, as if in a fairy tale, the beauty's lips began moving along with the lips above them. It parted slightly, letting the knight's tongue intertwine with his own.

The moment seems to last for eternity until it ended, and Remus opened his eyes to see the sapphire pair staring into his.

"I love you."

"I love you too." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Draco sat on an elegant wooden chair. His platinum blonde hair tumbled down onto his face as he held his head in his hands.

After he had called Fleur to help, the fairy took the prince inside the castle and into one of the bedrooms. It was closer than the medical tents and much more appropriate, he is, after all, the prince of Griffindor. After that the half fairy shut the door and told him not to go in.

And from then on, he sat, waiting outside the door. Waiting, I hate waiting, why does this have to take so long; he thought when the door opened.

Fleur walked out of the room, her face focused on the patterned carpet on the floor. She gestured for him to come inside.

Draco walked into the elegant bedroom. The beige curtains were drawn back, letting the light of the sunset shine upon the bed. The cream coloured sheets with lacy gold patterns were pulled up to boy's folded hand on his chest. He was no longer wearing his shirt and the scar can be seen clearly on his shoulder, but it was no longer the colour of hot lava, but rather a dark puce colour.

The boy was lying very still on the bed, a little too still for Draco's liking.

The blonde took a look at his cousin, her face was still on the floor and her eyes were avoiding him. He turned back to his lover.

No, it can't be, he thought, no Harry can't die, no, NO!

He moved his head closer to the prince, looking at his cherub face one more time. His eyes watering as he raised his hands to touch his cheeks softly, his skin was still warm and smooth, just like he always remembered it. His hands moved slowly down to the peach lips, slowly grazing over them until it opened up and bit him.

"Ow!", he screamed and took the finger out of the hold of the sharp white teeth.

The prince's emerald eyes opened up as he started giggling uncontrollably on the bed. Then Fleur burst out laughing too.

Draco stared back at the amused prince. He was quiet for a moment, not knowing whether to be happy that he's alive or angry that he was tricked. Then Harry got out of the bed, walked over to him and met his lips a kiss that made him forget everything.


A few hours later,

Draco walked aimlessly through the endless halls of the palace. Harry was currently in a room with his brother, talking about 'the future'.

He had told Draco and Harry that he and Fleur are getting married and she'll become the queen of Griffindor. The ceremony is at the same time as the crowning ceremony which is in 2 days, a week before the marriage ceremony of King Severus and Lady Hermione. He had also heard that both Sir Lupin and Sir Black is recovered and will be returning to their homes together after the ceremony.

Well, I guess everyone is happy, he thought, everyone. He looked back down the hall to where his Harry was. Not his Harry, Prince Harry, Prince Harry of Griffindor. At that his mind enters a realm of all the horrible possibilities.

What if Harry can't be with him now that he's back in Griffindor? What if he doesn't want to be? What if he has to get married to some airhead princess?

The blonde had never thought about what they were going to do when the battle was over, never thought of what would happen. Before he was living in the dream world where he and Harry were going to be together forever but now reality hit him hard. And for the first time in his life, Draco honestly felt scared.

No one in this world was going to accept that a prince and a thief was truly in love, they would all think it was using him, a way to gain power. Then he wondered, does Harry think that too? Maybe he does now that he is back where he belongs.

Then another problem came into mind. Society would never accept a relationship between two males. They would both have to live in secret, hiding from the world. That would be easy for a thief who hides from the crown already, but not for a prince who needs a social life, needs to make public appearances and be some stupid icon for the people to look up to. And if we were found out, it would be a scandal, no one accept certain people in society that are involved in these things would accept us.

"Hey Draco!"

Draco jumped at the voice but regained his composure. He turned around to see Ron and his wife.

"Guess what!" Ron started enthusiastically "During the battle I saved Parvati's father's life and he told Prince Oliver and they're going to make me knight now. Now, the family will except me and Parvati."

Draco just stared at his friend who was talking at the speed of light.

"Draco," Ron said more slowly this time, "They are going to make me Sir Ronald Arthur Weasley." Ron's smile widened even more as Parvati held to his arms.

Draco just gave a small smile and congratulate to his friend. Another happy ending, he thought inwardly to himself and walked away before they could sense that something is wrong, he doesn't feel like talking to anyone right now.


"Are you sure about this Harry?" The older brother asks, concern laced in his voice.

"Yes, I'm sure. It's the only way." The green eyed prince answered.

"Well, I hope you're making the right choice Harry, because there's no turning back."


The sun was rising in the morning sky, a bright red orb shining on the endless canvas of colours shaded by the heavens. A new beginning.

Draco looked at it as it rises, he would be leaving this place soon. He had everything in his back pack (not that he had much). The gang had now decided to go separate ways, whether they are good or bad.

As for the Dragon, he's decided to go travel the world, not to anywhere specifically, but just away. Away from the memory still burning within a heart he once thought was cold.

He was earlier, offered a chance to return to Slytherin and become Lord Malfoy, but who was he kidding, he's no royalty. He doesn't deserve it. Besides, the people will still remember him as the infamous leader of a gang of thieves and ask for him to be punished. And it wasn't like he could get to be with Harry, nor would it make him forget. It was still to close for comfort.

Things will never be the same again.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," he said to no one in particular before turning around to the black horse, ready to mount it. That's when he heard footsteps from behind him.

"Greetings, handsome stranger," The man behind him spoke in an all too familiar voice. Draco turned around.

"Prince Harry!" He exclaimed enthusiastically.

"No sir, haven't you heard. Prince Harry's dead, been dead for quite a while now. Where have you been?" replied the voice innocently. Draco arched his eye brow, a happiness glowing inside him as he realised what was going on. He decided to play along.

"Who are you anyway? And what could you possibly want from a lonesome traveler such as my self?"

"I'm Yorkshire Zip and..."

"Wait, Yorkshire Zip? What kind of a name is Yorkshire Zip?" Draco interrupted.

Harry gave him an annoyed look, "Fine, I'll choose another name later. Besides, Draco isn't exactly the most common and normal name either."

"Well, at least it doesn't stick out like Yorkshire Zip. If you ask me it'll be better if you just stick to Harry and use a common last name like Harry Potter or something."

"Fine, Harry Potter it is. But you better let me have a good nick name. It's not fair that you get to be 'The Dragon' and I'm stuck with some common name."


Once they both stopped arguing, Harry continued with his charade.

"So anyway, I am the servant of a traveling merchant who had just past away, I have no where to go, will you allow me to come with you sir? I assure you I will be off service," he smiled suggestively at the blond who smirked in return.

"What kind of service?" He walked closer to the brunette.

"What do you think?" Harry said before Draco could close the distance between them and brushed his lips against the cherry lips one more. His mouth seeking the warmth within as his tongue found the others and entangle with each other. Moving inside each other's mouth, tasting each other, wishing never to stop.

Finally they were out of breath and they stopped to breath. Then Draco lifted the smaller boy up onto his white horse before mounting his own once more.

And together they ride away into the sunrise, far away from what they know and into a new land yet to be explored, everyday they will face a new adventure, a new danger of every kind. They will sail the seven seas and beyond, to any realm known and unknown.

And they will be together, all the way through.

Because to them, being together is happily ever after.


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