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Ozpin's Academy: Chapter 1

Headmaster Ozpin smiled to himself as he looked at all of the students and faculty having fun at the dance that Yang and Weiss put together. It was a good break from all the madness happening lately. Soon to become an even bigger and better break if his plans for tonight bear fruit.

"You certainly look happy, should I be worried?" Glynda commented as she crossed her arms and stared at her boss. Unlike many of the others in the school Glynda knows he has quite the mischievous streak. She would not let him out of sight for long.

"I just enjoy seeing the youths today use what little time they have for fun before venturing out into the real world," Ozpin replied. He looked at his assistant and smiled as he saw his chance approaching, "Even we adults could use a break every now and then."

Not a second after Ozpin finished that sentence did Ironwood appear behind Glynda and tap her on the shoulder. He smiled at her and held out a hand, bowing his head slightly, "May I have this dance?"

Glynda rolled her eyes but took the offered hand and the two adults joined the students on the dancefloor. Ozpin merely smirked, he was finally alone. Making sure he was out of the line of sight of Glynda, he slowly moved across the party. He didn't have much time to enact his plan for the evening, only until the song ends.

After a slow journey of traversing the packed room, making sure to avoid dancers and anyone who would likely start a conversation with him, Ozpin reached his destination. A large round table stood in front of him, a large bowl of pink punch and a few stacks of paper cups were all that was on the table.

Ozpin came here for the punch, but not simply to drink.

Keeping a watchful eye out he slowly made his way around the table to the window behind it. Luckily he had the foresight to hide some strong alcohol behind the curtain, with an easy twistable cap. Ozpin crossed his arms behind his back and, without even looking behind himself, slowly reached a hand behind the curtain. His ever watchful huntsman gaze keeping track of any would be observers.

Bottle now in hand Ozpin made a few steps forward to stand before the punch bowl. He twisted the cap off and, after giving one more once over of the crowd, proceeded to pour the alcohol into the punch. He didn't need much, as this particular brand was rather potent and would get even the most drunk of drunks plastered with just a couple of shots.

Thankfully there was still a lot of punch in the bowl, the alcohol would be diluted enough to not be immediately tasted but still enough to give of a kick. Ozpin discretely recapped the bottle and placed it back behind the curtain.

"Mission accomplished. Now for the wait." Ozpin smirked and poured himself half a cup of the newly spiked punch.

As the leader of a prestigious huntsman school one would think its headmaster wouldn't sink so low as to spike the punch bowl during a school dance. But Ozpin was not like many of the other headmaster's, he has had enough of the usual droll of the day to day school affairs. It was high time someone added some spice to flavour the blandness the school has recently become.

A huntsman's life may be full of action and adventure, but a huntsman-in-training was usually a different story.

Ozpin took a sip of his drink and walked back around the party, taking note of Ruby Rose now walking over to the punch bowl.

"This'll be interesting."

He couldn't just rely on the occasional hijinks of teams RWBY and JNPR for his usual amount of amusement. Fighting thieves and the White Fang can only last so long. Ozpin found himself back at the spot he originally was.

The current song was just about to end, so Glynda was likely to return soon from her dance with Ironwood. Deny all she wants, even she can't help but enjoy a good dance. Ozpin took another sip of his drink as the dance ended and Ironwood led Glynda back.

The three adults stood together and Ozpin turned to Glynda and said, "I take it your dance with James was enjoyable?"

Glynda looked at Ironwood before crossing her arms and shrugging before glancing back at Ozpin, "It was adequate I suppose."

Ironwood chuckled, Ozpin following suit as he looked at James and said, "She's a tough nut to crack James. But don't give up just yet."

It was too bad his assistant didn't wish to be caught up in small talk. Glynda narrowed her eyes at her boss and said, "While we were dancing I couldn't help but notice you left this spot. Care to explain?"

Ozpin chuckled and held his cup up smiling, "I was merely getting some punch and conversing with a few students Glynda. Tonight is a time to celebrate, relax, and have some fun. Conversing with the bright minds of today's youth included. Nothing more."

Ironwood placed a hand on Glynda's shoulder, "Now, now Glynda. Ozpin is right, tonight is a time to relax."

Glynda sighed, "Very well. Let us relax then."

"Rubyyyyyy!" Yang yelled as she walked down one of the many hallways of Beacon. She was met with no answer, something that has repeatedly happened since she noticed her sister had disappeared from the party some time ago. She huffed in annoyance.

She was about to start again when a voice spoke out behind her.

"Something the matter Ms. Long?" Yang jumped in fright and turned around to see the headmaster himself behind her, holding a cup of punch.

"Professor Ozpin!" Yang loudly replied. "I don't suppose you'd know where Ruby could have gone off to? I can't seem to find her in the party, and to be honest she needs to socialize more."

Ozpin hummed in thought, "I can't say I have seen her. Where have you checked so far?"

Yang rubbed her head in embarrassment as she replied, "Uh… to be honest I haven't checked anywhere specific just yet. I've just been calling her name and hoping for the best."

Ozpin chuckled, "Well, with how loud you've been yelling I'm sure she could have heard you across the school." Yang blushed as Ozpin continued, "But, perhaps starting with your room would be a good start. She could have retired for the night."

Yang beamed, "Oh right! I didn't think of that. Thanks Professor!"

Ozpin smiled at the young student and started walking down the hall, "Well, there is no time to waste then."

Yang rushed to catch up to the older man and looked at him in confusion, "Wait, you're coming too?"

"Of course, the safety of my students is paramount. What kind of headmaster would I be if I didn't show any sort of care?"

"Oh, right. Yeah, that makes sense I guess." Yang said.

The two walked through the school in silence, reaching the dorm room of team RWBY did not take long as one of them knew the school like the back of his hand and the other lived there with her three other teammates.

"Here we are Ms. Long." Ozpin said as he stared at the door.

"Yup!" Yang replied, "Just let me unlo-"

Yang stopped mid-sentence as her eyes widened. A fact that did not go unnoticed by the astute headmaster. Curious as to the reason for the young girl's reaction, he walked closer to the door and placed his ear against it.

Odd noises and a lot of shuffling could be heard. Even an odd grunt or groan.

Then a female voice that could only be Ruby grunting out with a mild slur, "Gah, lower Jaune!"

"I'm sorry. I haven't done this before!" The other slightly slurry voice could only belong to Mr. Arc.

"It's alright, just take it easy."

A feminine groan was heard as Jaune said, "Damn, I missed again."

Ozpin leaned back to stand back up straighter, he laughed lightly as he shook his head, "I see, so it's going to be one of those situations…"

Yang was on the opposite side of the spectrum, her hands were clenched in fists of rage. Her jaw was grinding her teeth together in a way that did not strike the older man as good for her dental health. Her eyes changed color, giving a new meaning to seeing red, and her hair glowed as he semblance took effect.

Ozpin could see massive property damage in the near future, not to mention the potential hospital bills if Yang was not able to reign her temper in in time. While he might like some flavour now and then, he didn't need his students getting hurt.

So in order to save some headaches in the future he placed a hand on Yang's shoulder, "Calm yourself Ms. Long."

She glared up at her headmaster, "Calm?! You want me to be calm?! How can I when Jaune is just moments away from stealing my younger sister's purity?!"

She recoiled in shock when Ozpin chuckled, "Think about it Ms. Long. This is a common misunderstanding, someone hearing something suspicious behind a closed door and immediately thinking it as something dirty? All the while what's really going on is something completely innocent? A typical cliched situation. In all my years of life I have encountered such misunderstandings Yang, some of them even caused by myself on accident." Ozpin chuckled even more as he shook his head, "Why, I can remember my own team barging into our shared dorm room when they thought I was having relations with a fellow student."

Yang calmed down some as Ozpin spoke, her hair losing some of its energy.

"The point is Yang, a huntsman must look what's underneath the surface. To find the truth hidden in lies, and make sure they know everything they need to ensure the safety of humanity. Being a huntsman is not just battle prowess, even if it is a significant part, but thinking outside the box."

Ozpin smiled down at the now relaxed girl.

"So, are you ready to see the truth?" Ozpin said.

Yang smiled up at him, "Yeah, I'd like that professor."

Yang unlocked the door to the room and the student and headmaster walked into the room.

Ruby and Jaune were certainly the ones in the room.

They looked at Ozpin and Yang in shock.

Ozpin and Yang looked at them in shock, Ozpin hiding his with refined dignity.

There were several reasons for the newcomer's shock. One was the loose clothing strewn about the floor, the second was the messed up bed belonging to Blake that was a chaotic mess of sheets. Most likely caused by an intense make-out session. The most prominent however were the two naked bodies lying on said bed, and the bare ass of Jaune Arc blinding the newcomers.

Ozpin took a sip of punch as he contemplated the current situation and wondered where his amazing deductions went wrong. Eventually, after a few scant seconds of finding nothing, he hummed out a simple, "Hmm."

That three letter sound created an avalanche. Yang roared in unbridled fury, her aura flaring out a bright yellow as her semblance took immediate hold. She took a heavy stomp forward and launched herself. Jaune, in an effort to preserve his own life, snatched his pants from the side of the bed and flung himself to the other side of the room. Ruby grabbed a hold of the sheets and covered her bare form.

Jaune was barely able to dodge Yang's initial lunge and took the chance to bolt out the open door. Yang was in immediate hot pursuit and the two teenagers were out of sight, a loud boom and a cry of panic was heard, but it seemed they were not out of sound.

Ozpin took another sip of his punch, "Hmm."

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