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Ozpin's Academy

Chapter 7 - Confession

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon in Professor Ozpin's opinion. A beautiful day that could only mark the beginnings of a beautiful week filled with students doing their best in school. A school that helped create the future heroes of Remnant and take back the land occupied by the Grimm. Where only the best of the best manage to gain entry into the school, a strict reviewing process that was performed by the headmaster himself.

"Ah, Mr. Arc, what brings you here to my office?" Ozpin asked the young man sitting across from him. It was rare for a student to come up here without being summoned, as most were too busy rigorously training their bodies and studying. Ozpin took a sip from his mug, the students at this school were certainly a part of the elite amongst their peers.

"W-Well, you see, Oz-, er I mean… Professor…" Jaune trailed off, nervous and sweating in his seat.

To Ozpin it looked like the young man was about to puke his stomach out and if he did then the headmaster would be forced to smack him with his cane a few times and make him clean up the mess himself. The headmaster didn't know why the young man was so nervous, sure his grades weren't all that great but he was in no danger of being expelled. His combat scores have even begun improving from the dispassionate glance over Ozpin had given them when Glynda insisted he look them over.

Really, the boy was improving and seemed like he had spirit, why bother looking over things he already knew? Glynda was just giving him busy work, he had far more important things to do like finally solving the question of what was the perfect blend of coffee. Bart and him had many a loud discourse on the subject.

"No need to be so nervous, Mr. Arc, we're all friends here," Ozpin stated with a smile. "Just say what is on your mind."

"Right," he said, rubbing his head. "It's just kind of hard to say, and I've been meaning to tell you for some time."

Ozpin was curious now.

"It's just that I wasn't sure how you'd take it, but after a talk with my partner I decided I should go through with it even though I think you already knew all along."

"And what might that be, Mr. Arc?" Ozpin inquired, making sure to keep the cool and mysterious aura around him up and running. It helps to keep his image of knowing everything even though he knew nothing, as far as Ozpin was concerned Jaune Arc was just another student.

"It's about my confession to you, Professor," Jaune said, managing to shake his nervousness off long enough to say that sentence without stuttering or squeaking.

"Con...fession?"Ozpin thought to himself incredulously, the only hint of his mask breaking was the tiny twitch of his brow. He could've sworn the boy was infatuated with that Schnee girl, as doomed to start as it was to happen and had the attentions of the team's resident celebrity. This recent reveal of his now apparent homosexuality was a game changer, and to him of all people.

Ozpin wasn't even aware that either of them had ever interacted beyond initiation and forming their teams. When did such affections start?

"I see," Ozpin replied. A simple response to garner more information.

"Yeah, but like I said I'm certain you already knew. I mean, you're the headmaster of Beacon, nothing would get by you!"

Ozpin nodded, "Of course, I had known all along. I simply chose not to do anything about it."

Jaune relaxed a small amount into his seat, "Yeah, and I really do appreciate that. I really do. I just wanted to clear the air."

Ozpin wasn't sure what he meant by that as there wasn't any air to clear to his knowledge, but it seems like Jaune knew such a relationship between them would not work out. It was a relief on Ozpin's part, he wasn't sure how he would've gone about breaking the young man's heart. The only question was why he decided to bring this up in the first place.

"It's quite alright, Mr. Arc," Ozpin said. He should go about this diplomatically and subtly direct Jaune to greener pastures, and then immediately speak with Professor Port and change his bet. With this new knowledge at his disposal Ozpin was going to make a tidy profit this year. "As I have already said I have known about this from the start," not specifying what that start was, "and I wish to commend your bravery for coming forth with this. Not many in your position would have the courage to do such a thing."

"So… you won't kick me out of Beacon? Even with all of this?"

Ozpin nearly recoiled in surprise but kept himself in check. He wasn't aware he had a reputation of being against homosexuality and wondered how something like this had spread. Probably something to do with Salem and her evil plans, discrediting him was a good way of placing obstacles in his way. This is good, he was aware now and can take the proper counter measures.

"Take that you old, veiny hag. I'll soon kick you right in your arthritis,"thought Ozpin.

"No, I would never do such a thing. I encourage all my students from every walk of life to better themselves and attend this school. We are all together as one here at Beacon. Something like this needn't be something I should expel you for," Ozpin would've placed a hand on Jaine's shoulder to enunciate his point, but he was too far away.

Jaune rubbed his neck in embarrassment, "Gosh, thanks, Professor. I'm glad you believe in me so much."

"I am happy to help, Mr. Arc," Ozpin said with a smile.

Jaune got up from his seat, looking noticeably brighter in spirits. "Well, I should get back to my team, Professor. I think we need to start working on team attack names."

"I wish the best of luck to you." Jaune turned around to leave and when he was only a few feet from the elevator door Ozpin said, "Oh, and Mr. Arc?"

Jaune turned around and looked over at Ozpin with a questioning face.

"If you are seeking luck in the romance department might I suggest looking a little closer to home?"

The young man looked flabbergasted, not to Ozpin's surprise. He had just finished expressing the desire he held for him the entire time he had been at Beacon so Ozpin giving him romance advice must be a shock.

"Uh, s-sure, I will. T-Thanks," Jaune awkwardly stammered out and then disappeared behind the elevator door.

Peter Port was not a simple man, his huntsman instincts and general intelligence knew when something was amiss. Which is why when Ozpin, the school staff king of stubbornness when it comes to the shipping bet that happened every school year for the first years, decided to spontaneously use his one time bet change that everyone gets made him worry somewhat. Ozpin was notorious within this elite and shadowy organization, and his decisions made waves whether he likes it or not.

Then why did his gut tell him that changing his bet from Pyrrha Nikos to Lie Ren would mean a significant loss in profit?

Once Ozpin made the call to change his bet everyone knew something was up and followed their leader like a bunch of sheep. Peter got to be an old huntsman because he followed his instincts, they have never led him astray. He was no mere sheep, and he was nearly as stubborn as Ozpin himself.

No, he would not change his bet.

Team Arkos all the way.

"Peter, just what are you doing in a classroom this late at night?" Came the voice of Glynda Goodwitch.

"Nothing Glynda!" Peter shouted as he scrambled to put away the betting book that held the sacred records. Glynda was never to know about them, lest her wrath be brought upon the school faculty.