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Chapter 1 - So Cold

Cold. That was the only thing she knew. She couldn't remember a time when she had been colder as she lay on the straw bed on the cold stone floor. She tried to go to sleep and not think about how miserable she felt. But despite the misery, she was glad for it. She even welcomed it. She wanted the cold to overwhelm her and end her days. Why was she welcoming death with open arms? Had her life been that bad? In retrospect and on all accounts, she had been content with her twenty-two years.

Her childhood was a normal one. She was an only child. She had parents that loved her and supported her throughout her years at Hogwarts. But they were gone now, killed in one of the early attacks by the Dark Side. She had experienced love. Twice in fact. But she had lost it, twice. What did she have now? For the past three years, she was a mediwitch and had poured all her energy into helping the Light side in the war. She had true friends that meant more to her than anything, unlike those so-called friends that had surrounded her during her Hogwarts years. One true friend in particular was actually the reason why she was hoping the cold would soon come and claim her.

They thought that he would come for her. To rescue her. They were right of course. Despite how hard and vehemently she had argued that he wouldn't come for her, she knew that he would. She and he were friends. Of course, he had wanted it to be more, but she had to be fair to him. She could not reciprocate his feelings. There were many times when he would try to convince her that they belonged to one another and that he would make her happy. But she repeatedly refused and steadfastly remained just a friend to him.

He would come for her. It was in his blood. A true Gryffindor through and through. Even if he hadn't felt more for her than he did, she knew that he would still take the risk to come for her. They knew this too. That's why she was here. In a cold and damp cell that offered no light or warmth except for that provided by the torch down the hall.

She had taken to not eating the food that they would bring her. She knew that the combination of malnutrition and the chilled air of her surroundings would only increase her chances to become sicker and weaker with each passing hour and day. She would not be a pawn that would be used to lure him into their trap. She would die before she would allow that to happen.

How long had she been here in this cold and dark cell she could not tell. An unidentifiable number of hours had passed and she had lost track of time. She was very weak now and couldn't even manage to sit up without assistance. It was only a matter of time now, she thought with a grim satisfaction.

She must have been falling in and out of consciousness. She was now peering into a pair of eyes. Or rather, she was being forced to. Cold fingers forced her eyelids open so that they could see her own eyes. The eyes seemed so familiar to her. Eyes that were cold and piercing with a bluish-gray tint. Then she heard muffled voices.

"How could you let this happen? I've been gone but for a week and you have managed to allow her to slip into such a pathetic state!"

"It wasn't my fault. The stupid girl won't eat anything. She just lies there all day long refusing to eat."

"Stop with your inane excuses!"


"I told you enough! Now help me with her. We need to get her out of this death cell quickly. She's about to expire and all our plans will be for not."

"But where do you plan on taking her? We don't have any more rooms."

"We're taking her to my room."

"But sir, your room? Are you sure? She's a filthy captive!"

"I'm very well aware of who and what she is. We are taking her to my room. If we don't, she will die, he won't come, and the Lordship will have our heads! Now help me!"

She was being picked up now and they were taking her out of the cold cell. She opened her mouth weakly to protest, "No, where are you taking me? I don't want to go. Just leave me."

"You're going somewhere where you can get well again."

"No, I don't want-"

"Sir, why did you-"

"She needs to rest. I will not have her expend her last breath on my watch!"

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