Who's the father

When the Adventure Only Begins

The Beginning of the End: I

By: FireSprite

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Harry snapped his head up from where it had been resting on his arms. Hunh? Where am I? he thought sleepily, as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and stared around the room. Heat and lazy smelling fumes fanned over his face as he saw the disapproving glare of Professor Trelawny. Oh, I must have fallen asleep again in Divination. Oh well.

'Harry! Hurry up, it's snowing!! Let's go have a snowball fight!' Ron said happily. Harry had to chuckle, Ron was practically bouncing.

It was the first week of December and all Hogwarts could do was buzz about the upcoming Snowflake ball. What people were going to where, who they were going with, what they would do on that night, was just a few of the topics mentioned and re-mentioned.

Harry yawned, a huge open mouth yawn. Once he realised this he firmly clamped his mouth shut and turned to Ron. 'All right. Let me go get my cloak, ok?' Harry said as he dragged himself out, into the hallway and down the long stairwell. He was still pretty tired, staying up until three am finishing a horrible potions essay would do that to any one.

'Okay see you there! I'll go find Hermione! Let's see if she'll take some precious time out of studying for the O.W.L's and have a life!' Ron said a bit more darkly. Hermione had been pestering him ever since they arrived to start studying, but he wasn't really into it. He grabbed his cloak and left.

As Harry walked down the hall slowly, he tried to remember what he had been dreaming about. It had been such a good dream.

'Let's see' Harry mused to himself 'I was dancing with someone at the ball... She had uh, red hair, I think and we decided to go for a walk... and uh...' He had to interrupt his thoughts to give the Fat Lady in Pink the password (Quaffle.

He stepped in the common room and noticed that there was no one there. Hmm must all be outside. As he crossed the room to the stairwell that lead to the boys dorm, he heard someone crying. It was coming from the girls dorm.

Harry stood there wondering if he should check it out... 'Ron can wait' He thought to himself and proceeded to climb the stairs. He followed the sound to the 5th door on the left. He knocked on the door politely.

'Go away!' Yelled a familiar voice

'Ginny?' He asked 'Is that you whose crying?'

The door opened and there stood Ginny, eyes puffed up and a tear stained face. 'Harry?' She asked, as if not seeing him properly. She cocked her head to the side, and gave a look of surprise. 'Go away! Leave me alone!!' She said, slamming the door in his face. He could hear her footsteps shuffling across the room until she reached her bed.

'What's wrong? Gin? Please tell me! I am after all your brother's best friend.' He pleaded, a feeling of dread coming over him. He felt claustrophobic all of a sudden, and looking around, he thought everything seemed a bit darker than usual. He felt like something was terribly wrong. Was this the reaction of a normal friend or something more? Thoughts were flying inside his head a mile a minute, but this one seem to stay at the foreground. It doesn't matter! Harry told himself, firmly Ginny's crying! You can't just leave her, or stand here and think trivial things!

'I can't tell you -you'd never understand! Now go away!'

'Ginny! Please, tell me. Does it have something to do with Malfoy?' Harry had a hard time getting those words out. It was odd. Ginny was going out with Malfoy, off all people! At first Harry had thought it was a joke to spite Ron, after he and Ginny had got into a terrible row. But it had been months and months, almost a year

And he always saw them kissing softly in the hallways, totally oblivious to their surroundings. The crying stopped for about half a minute before it started again, this time much louder.

I'm not standing here all day like an idiot! He thought, grabbing his wand and said 'Alohomora' and the door proceeded to open.

He stepped in the room, quietly and looked around. Clothes littered the ground; brushes, combs, elastics, were everywhere; books and parchment were scattered around, like feathers in the wind. Harry found Ginny lying down on her bed, her red hair spraying out in different directions as she continued to muffle her sobs by keeping her face down in a pillow. 'Now, I'm going to keep pestering you until you tell me what's wrong!' He said fiercely.

'Fine, if you won't go away' Came the muffled answer 'But don't tell Ron!!'

'Okay I promise I won't!'

'Harry-' Ginny lifted her head and gave him a calculating look, before sighing and continuing 'I think I'm pregnant'

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