Ginny was back in the darkness

When the Adventure Only Begins

By: FireSprite

Pulling Apart the Torn Pieces: VI

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When Ginny woke up, she somehow knew she wasn't alone. She could feel someone watching her; that prickling sensation on her neck told her so. Turning over in her bed, she opened both her eyes, rubbing blearily at them. Yawning, she set her gaze upon the person sitting in her chair right next to her. It was Harry.

'Good morning, sunshine,' He said, giving her a goofy grin, 'I heard you weren't feeling well, so I brought these,' He added, holding up a bouquet of daisies. Ginny smiled and accepted them, breathing in their scent, before looking up at Harry and smiling.

'Thanks a lot Harry,' She said, 'How did you get in here?' She blurted out before realising how rude that sounded. Blushing, she stammered, 'I-I'm sorry, Harry. That was a bit rude of me.'

Harry laughed. 'Not a problem, Gin. I would ask the same thing if I woke up in my dorm and you were there. Although,' He said, pausing, 'I don't think I would mind it much.'

It was Ginny's turn to laugh, and looking at Harry, she was suddenly reminded of why she had liked him so much in her early adolescence. He was such a sweet guy, easy to get along with most of the time and he never wanted to hurt anyone if he could help it. A safe guy. Unlike Someone else, Ginny thought, a frown appearing on her mouth. But she quickly shook it off, and looked up at Harry, who appeared to be talking again.

'Anyways,' Harry continued, 'We were all taking turns watching you. Ron's idea, believe me,' He added hastily, as he saw Ginny's eyes darken in anger.

'Oh, I believe you,' Ginny said, darkly, 'Pulling that big brother "I-am-all-knowing act" on me again.'

'Gin, we were worried about you I mean, we didn't want you to have another nightmare or something, you know? Voldemort could probably attack your sub-conscience at any time, and Well' He paused, stretching out the well, '-we didn't want that to happen.' He stopped there for a moment, looking off in the distant, his eyes slightly glazed. For Ginny, who knew him so well because of her early adoration, she recognised that he was thinking.

Suddenly, as though a bucket of water had been thrown on him, he snapped to, and smiled down at her, 'It was just my luck that you woke up when I was watching over you.' He added, quietly.

Ginny didn't say anything; she wasn't quite sure what to say.

On one hand, she and Draco had been together for over a year now. She loved him; she loved him breathlessly. He filled her world, making it whole. But That crush, that fawning, that thing that she had had for Harry for almost four years, it hadn't left her completely, it hadn't gone away as suddenly as she had thought or hoped, no matter how hard she tried. One smile from him and she could remember every little thing she had loved about him. The way he would nervously flatten his hair down across his scar when he was in public, not wanting to be seen or recognised; the way his eyes would light up when he laughed, the way those emerald eyes would shine with happiness; and the way he would die before letting his friends get hurt in any way at all.

So, here he was, bringing her daisies, and saying things that a twelve year or thirteen year or fourteen year old Ginny would have died to hear, and Ginny felt an odd sort of excitement. A quickening of her breath and heart, and then she froze.


She groaned inwardly.

Her Draco.

She felt angry with herself immediately; how could she have forgotten him so easily? She loved him so much it hurt. Yet She was listing off the great things about Harry in her mind. She mentally chastised herself. How could she let herself feel this way about a man who had completely ignored her for the better part of her teen life; a man who had dismissed her so readily as a brat, Ron's younger sister, a little girl that would amount to 'Not much'. Yet she had let herself get lost in those emerald eyes and all was forgotten for her. She swore to herself.

'Harry?' She asked, looking up, her brown eyes wide with apprehension.

Looking down at her, he saw that she was twisting the string that held the daisies together, in a nervous sort of way. Swallowing, he said: 'Yes?'

'Do Do you know where Draco is?' She said, trying to ignore the small flicker of pain that appeared in his eyes as her question registered. She turned her head away from him so she wouldn't have to look at him. She concentrated on the wall; heard a sigh, and a scrape of a chair. She felt his hand on her chin, and he forced her to look at him.

'I'll get him.' Was all he said, quietly, his voice void of emotion. His eyes, however, betrayed everything. Ginny winced inwardly looking at them.

And for one split second Ginny thought he was going to kiss her, because he leaned closer. But all he did was brush her bangs back from her face. 'It won't be long.' He said, before nodding and standing up. He closed the door silently behind him, leaving Ginny alone, disappointed for some reason; running over everything they had said in the space of the last ten minutes.

That's when she realised she hadn't told anyone about her nightmares or Voldemort taking over her mind


Harry walked downstairs slowly, letting his feet trudge resolutely on the stone stairs. As he reached the common room, he ran a hand through his unruly hair. He didn't know what to do. He knew he was fighting a losing battle But what could he do? He was sure he was in love with Ginny Weasley. Yet, she seemed to want Draco every time they got some time alone. Is she afraid of me? He wondered, then; I'm not exactly handsome, but it's not like I scare little children if I walk down the street.

'How's Gin?' Ron asked, coming up, having seen Harry at the foot of the stairs.

'She wants Draco.' Harry said. Both teenagers made a face. 'You know where he is?'

'Yeah' Ron muttered distractedly, looking over his shoulder at Hermione, who seemed to be immersed in a huge book. 'He's outside, I think. I wouldn't let him in, but I told him that if he stayed out there I'd see how Ginny was.'

'How long ago was that?' Harry asked, interested.

''Bout an hour ago,' Ron said, smirking evilly. 'Doubt the bugger is still waiting out there'

Harry laughed, despite his mood, and grinned a grin to match Ron's. 'I'll go check.' Harry said, stepping towards the portrait, glad that Ron was his friend; he needed someone to cheer him up a lot more lately. Harry watched as Ron walked over to Hermione and tried to get her to drop the book so she could lose to him at chess. Harry smiled. He was glad that at least Ron had someone; at least one of them did.

As it would happen, Draco was still out there, looking none too pleased.

'Potter.' Was all he said, with a nod. He stood up from where he had been sitting on the ground and brushed off the dust that had collected on his robes. Harry sighed, and turned back towards the portrait. Whispering the password to the Fat Lady in Pink (Niffler) so Draco wouldn't hear, Harry waved his hand for Draco to come in.

Draco entered the common room and went straight up to Ginny's dorm room, with out so much as a glance to the others in the common room. The Gryffindors though were quite used to other students from different houses coming in though, so they too paid no attention to Draco as he went up the stairs.

Harry walked over to where Ron and Hermione were sitting.

'Can you believe he was still out there?' Harry asked, watching Draco's form disappear around the corner.

'Bugger' was all Ron said, shaking his head and moved his bishop. Hermione just pursed her lips and looked at the bored, her eyebrows scrunched up in concentration.


Draco knocked softly on the door, before opening it. Ginny was still in bed, facing the wall, thinking She turned over and watched as Draco came into the room. Her red hair was fanned out on the pillow and her robes had hiked up slightly to show her pale legs.

'Hey,' Draco said, as he came and sat down next to Ginny on her bed. 'You OK?'

'Yes, I'm fine,' Ginny said, smiling and moving over to let him lie down next to her. 'I wish people would stop asking how I am though.' She added, making a face. Draco smiled, and kissed her. He kissed her lightly on the lips, before kissing her fluttering eyelashes. Ginny responded by running her hands in his baby soft hair and pulling him down on top of her. She ran her hand down his back, making lazy circles, as Draco kissed her deeply. Draco was starting to get dizzy, as he always did when he was with Ginny. She made him lose his mind; her honey kisses obliviating his memory. He loved the sounds she made, the small pleas or the gasped that came from her swollen lips and he knew that he had caused them; that he alone could make her sound them. He continued to kiss her, tenderly, and was pleased when she made a small moan as Draco ran a hand lingeringly down her breast. It took all the self-restraint Draco had to pull back from her sweet kisses.

'Ginny,' He breathed, looking into her eyes. They were dark with desire, 'Maybe we should stop I mean,' He explained, as Ginny gave him a look, 'I mean' He couldn't say it, so he simply placed his hand on her stomach.

She bit her lip and pushed the hair out of her eyes. Finally she nodded, wearily, as though she was suddenly very tired.

'I understand.' She whispered. Suddenly, she got up and grabbed her cloak, leaving Draco alone on the bed.

'Hey, where are you going?' He asked, getting up and pushing his hair out of his eyes.

'For a walk.' was all Ginny said, as she ran down the stairs and out of the common room, tugging her cloak on as she ran; Draco stood in her dorm, alone and confused.


The wind was bitterly cold outside, and Ginny wished she had at least brought along her scarf or mittens. She shivered uncontrollably, but kept walking, around the castle, no clue as to where she was headed; her mind going miles a minute.

She wasn't quite sure what had happened in the dorm. All she knew was that she needed to think; to sort through her thoughts and carefully place them in their proper places.

When Draco had touched her stomach and given her that look; that look of want and despair- she had realised something. It had begun to sink in, so desperately fast, she almost felt strangled. It finally hit her what was happening to her. So she had to get out of there, out to here, where she was walking in the fresh layer of snow.

Slowly, her pace made her fatigue grow and she forced herself to sit down upon a bench and concentrate. She held herself and shivered, rubbing her hands as thoughts raced around her mind.

What is my gift? Why haven't I been told of this before? Unless, He was lying, I really don't have a gift. I mean, I wouldn't. Plain, simple Ginny Weasley is not special. She's just another Weasley, one of the crowd, no one to take notice of. Dumbledore would've told me if I had a gift- at least I think he would, wouldn't he? He wouldn't keep something that could mean something this important to me and others from me. Unless he thought he was protecting me. But no! Why would he try protecting me? I'm big enough to take care of myself, aren't I?

Actually, another voice argued, You somehow managed to get yourself trap by the Dark Lord again. Again! You idiot! You're so small and insignificant; you're so vulnerable, so easy to catch; it's no wonder he picked you in the first place! Every word he said to you was right! You really are pathetic; I don't understand what Draco sees in you. A simple, little girl, who always gets in trouble. It's all your fault.

Is not!! The first voice argued back, She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time!

I don't think so. He chose her. Why didn't he chose someone else, hunh? It's because she's a weakling.

No she isn't! It's not her fault!

It is. All of it. Your fault.

'Stop it!' Ginny said to the voices in her mind; she was clutching her head in a desperate attempt to stop the arguing. 'Stop it,' she whispered, when she had realised they were gone. Lowering her hands from her head, she looked up at the sky.

Tiny little flakes were now falling from the heavens above. They shimmered and shone against the darkened sky and mixed with the air, as the wind carried them away, landing softly on the ground, Ginny's cloak; her hair. And on the tears that were frozen upon her face.

Noticing them for the first time, Ginny wiped at the tears. Since when had she been crying? Sniffing slightly, she stood up and looked at the castle, her eyes looking at the windows, all brightly lit, looking warm and inviting. One window in particular caught her attention.

She knew what she had to do to get answers.


He knew who it was even before he heard the knock.

'Come in. I've been expecting you.' Dumbledore said, sighing as he took off his reading glasses and setting them down upon his desk. Looking up, he saw Ginny enter, her face red from the cold, her eyes shinning with unshed tears.

'You have?' She asked, as she sat down in the chair opposite to him. She looked over her right shoulder and saw Fawkes, in his cage, staring at her curiously, his eyes wide and unblinking. She felt a little better.

'Yes,' Dumbledore, said seriously, 'I know that you've found out about your "gift"- as lord Voldemort put it.'

Ginny stared for a moment, before coming to. 'You mean I-I actually have a gift?' She whispered, in a disbelieving tone. Dumbledore nodded slowly.

'Yes, you do. Ginny, in fact, you're very special. A great asset to either side of the cause. You, my dear, are a true Healer.' He said, letting the dramatics of his words to sink in.

'A healer?' Ginny questioned, 'You mean, like Madam Pomfrey is?' She scrunched up her face in distaste. Dumbledore gave a small chuckle.

'Oh no, Ginny. A true Healer is much more important, much magical and special. You see you can heal wounds, and curses without a wand; very difficult wounds and punctures too. We haven't had a Healer in almost six centuries. They're vastly rare, as you might be able to tell- and they're so very much in need, especially with Voldemort getting stronger everyday; with Muggle and Wizards attacked almost weekly, we need something with your gift on our side so much.' Dumbledore paused here, looking straight into her eyes, an almost pleading quality to them. 'So, I am asking a very big favour of you. If I personally train you, if you can get through it, can I count on you to be there for me? When the world is under attack, are you prepared to go out there, out to the battlefield and help?'

Ginny sat in the chair. If she went out there, there might be a chance that she could get herself hurt or killed. Would she be willing to risk her life for those of others? She was scared, she knew that. She had always wondered why she had been put in Gryffindor, and now she was wondering where exactly her bravery had run off to all those years ago.

But Then she remembered Tom. Tom Riddle, down in the Chamber of Secrets. Tom Riddle laughing at her as she tried feebly to resist him. Tom Riddle forcing her to paint her suicide note on the stone wall:

"Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever"

How scared she had been, how she had promised herself to avenge herself. How one day she would get revenge upon Tom Riddle. Without a thought to what she was doing, she look Dumbledore straight in the eye and said: "In a heartbeat."


It was a while before Ginny allowed herself to step back in the common room. Thankfully, there was no one in it, seeing as it was after midnight, Ginny assumed they all went to bed.

Taking off her cloak, Ginny went to the fire, where it was glowing a dull orange, the heat still quite evident though, and as she had been sitting in Dumbledore's office setting everything up for hours in her snow-soaked clothes, she couldn't wait to get by the fire and warm up.

But it seemed she wasn't alone. Harry was by the fire, snoozing lightly, his head in his hand, which rested on the arm of the chair. His glasses, lay undisturbed on his lap, and his homework was still spread out in front of him, all neatly laid out. Folding her cloak, Ginny quietly sat down opposite him on the couch. She smiled in spite of herself; at peace for once, enjoying the tranquillity and warmth of the common room at this late hour.

She watched Harry sleep for a while, watched his chest rise and fall in time with his breathing, how his face seemed so She looked at him for a moment, her head cocked to one side, trying to describe it. So sweet, she decided eventually.

He looked so different, she thought as she gazed at him, without his glasses. I don't think I've ever seen him without his glasses on. It's a different look all right, I don't know if I like it though.

Then, on a strange impulse, she leaned over to pick up his glasses and look at them. As she pulled her hand back from his lap, something caught her wrist. Looking up, she saw that Harry was awake, and had grabbed her hand when he had felt something move.

Suprised, Ginny fell. And she fell right onto his lap. Both blushed and stammered apologies, but Harry didn't let go of her wrist. Instead he gazed into her eyes; his green ones caressing her features almost, as his free hand reached up to stroke her cheek. Ginny smiled, and revelled in his touch. It was so different. Draco was much more fiery, more passionate. This was comfortable. They stared into each others eyes, smiling and blushing.

Then his lips were on hers, and she couldn't hold back anymore. She slowly twined her arms around his neck and melted into the kiss. He was warm, very warm, like he was fire himself. It was like drinking Butterbeer, it warmed your insides, and made you feel good. How could Ginny resist him? It was almost perfect. Almost.

'Ginny?' Came a voice from behind her. Ginny whirled around, and her eyes widened.

'Draco' She whispered faintly. The look on his face this time, it was of pure devastation. Then she saw his eyes grow cold, his face rearrange itself in one of indifference.

'Enjoying Potter?' He asked, coldly, before spinning around and marching out of the common room, ignoring Ginny's calls to him.

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