Eighteen year old Prince Humperdinck looked longingly at the Fire Swamp. He was a natural born hunter and the woods were wrought with massive rodents that he would be proud to stuff and place on his dresser back at the castle. But his mother, Queen Bella had forbade it. She was terrified for, not him, he could take care of himself, but for eight year old sister Princess Rosemary who completely adored her older brother. Speaking of Rosemary, he wondered where she had wandered off stood up from the picnic blanket and went to find her. His family had been having their semi annual royal picnic. He walked around until he saw her trying to climb a tree. Her small, eight year old hands gripped at tears in the bark and she was trying to get a foothold, but kept slipping on the hem of her skirt. Humperdinck laughed and went to help her. She grunted with every slip. He took both hands, put them on her waist and lifted her onto a low branch. She gave a small gasp of surprise,but when she saw her brother, she laughed gleefully.

"Humperdinck!" She laughed, jumping from the branch and into his awaiting arms. He spun her around just to make her laugh some more. It was rumored that his sister was the one thing that made Humperdinck human.

"Come little sister. We must be getting back to the picnic, or mother may be angry with us." He put the young girl on his back and carried her piggyback style all the way back, where they were met with strawberry shortcake. As they sat down and began eating, an arrow flew past, stealing Queen Bella's teacup! They looked in the direction of where it came and they saw a band of men running at them with swords drawn!

"Take what you can be it living or not!" Shouted one man. Queen Bella screamed and Rosemary ran away. King Lotharon stood to attention and a group of guards led him and Queen Bella away while other guards ran to attack the men stealing all the silverware and chasing Rosemary! Humperdinck stood to run after her, but was Immediately attacked by a dozen men who tried to tie his hands and drag him away, but about two dozen guards came over and rescued him, then led him to the carriage. Humperdinck looked out at the turmoil in front of him as the carriage started to ride away. Rosemary! Humperdinck could see her being tied and stuffed into a burlap sack and carried off by a couple of men. But then, the men were stopped and the bag broke open, and she ran out, straight into the Fire Swamp.

"Rosemary!" Humperdinck shouted. Guards raced after her, but only few followed her into the Fire Swamp. It was a terrifying place. Nobody ever survived. Even Humperdinck wouldn't survive in there, and he thought that everything was a trap. So to see his beloved eight year old sister, the one thing that made him feel human, run into such a dangerous place,it nearly killed him.