Carrying Rose out of the Fire Swamp, Westley led Buttercup to safety.

"We did it." She said with relief. Westley set Rose down on the ground and wrapped his arms around Buttercup.

"Now, was that so terrible?" He teased. She smiled, then they leaned in to kiss, only to be interrupted by several men riding up on horseback. Westley raised his sword as none other than Prince Humperdinck rode up.

"Surrender!" He demanded.

"You mean you wish to surrender to me?" Westley asked. "Very well, I accept." Humperdinck suppressed a grin.

"I give you full marks for bravery. Don't make yourself a fool."

"Ah, but how will you capture us? We know the secrets of the fire swamp. We can live there quite happily for some time, so whenever you feel like dying, feel free to visit."

"I tell you once again, surrender!" Buttercup noticed soldiers with crossbows surrounding them.

"It will not happen." Westley told Humperdinck.

"For the last time, surrender!" Humperdinck ordered.

"Death first!"

"Will you promise not to hurt him?" Buttercup exclaimed. Both men looked to her.

"What was that?" Humperdinck asked, just as Westley asked,

"What was that?" Buttercup stepped up to Humperdinck.

"If we surrender and I return with you, will you promise not to hurt this man?" Instead of answering, Humperdinck looked at the ground.

"Who's that?" He asked, almost softly. "Someone you found in the Fire Swamp?" Westley gestured to the girl lying on the ground.

"This is Rose. She was living in a tree. I knocked her out, but she should be waking soon." Humperdinck got off his horse and went over to Rose, turning her onto her back and looking at her face, sorrow filling his eyes.

"Rosemary." He whispered. "I thought that she was dead." He kneeled down and caressed her cheek. Then he seemed to remember that there were other people around and stood up. "Right." Then he turned to Buttercup. "I won't hurt him. May I live a thousand years and never hunt again."

"He is a sailor on the pirate ship Revenge. Promise to return him to his ship." Buttercup ordered. Humperdinck nodded.

"I swear it will be done." As he climbed onto his horse, he spoke to Rugen. "Once we're out of sight, take him back to Florin and throw him in the Pit of Despair." Rugen nodded. "Oh, and have one of the guards take Rosemary home."

"I swear it will be done." Rugen told him, then snapped his fingers to one of his men, who went over, lifted up Rosemary, and lay her across the neck of his horse, then rode off with her. Meanwhile, Buttercup was talking to Westley.

"I thought you were dead once and it almost destroyed me. I could not bear it if you died again, not when I could save you." Then Humperdinck rode by and pulled her onto his horse, then rode away with her, leaving Westley at Count Rugen's mercy.

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