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The following morning a drowsy and slightly wobbly Katarina had joined Evangeline at breakfast. But surprisingly the girl shrugged it off during breakfast, and after a while was contently sitting there drinking… black tea as is?

"Is that not bitter?" Luckily Chachamaru asked the important question, saving the loli from doing so herself.

"Hmm?" The younger girl looked up at the other two, then down into the cup thoughtfully. "I guess, but… I guess I'm used to it. Besides, this tea is fantastic."

The Gynoid became embarrassed at the genuine praise that was directed at her tea.

"Chachamaru has had a lot of practice. We are both part of the tea ceremony club." Eva cut in.

"Is that so? Tea ceremony club, eh… That sounds nice…" Katarina seemed to become lost in thought, but there was a small glimmer of recognition in her eye.

But for Evangeline the point that stuck in her head was that the girl was used to drinking black tea without adding anything.

To her limited knowledge people that age usually didn't like the taste of tea. So it seemed unusual, and was something that the vampire took note of.

"That reminds me, what class were you assigned to?" Chachamaru suddenly queried, bringing the attention of Eva, who realised she didn't know.

"What class?" The small smirk, a finger on her lips, the mischievous narrowing of her eyes…

'Oh no…' A wave of ill foreboding washed over the loli vampire. 'That old fart. He couldn't have…'

"That's secret!" The sheer amount of cheerfulness in her 'little sister's' voice followed by a small giggle brought a shiver down Evangeline's spine as she put two and two together.

The fact that the little brat was mischievously withholding the information could only mean one thing…

'That old fart! I'm going to kill him!' She managed to refrain from screaming out loud, but even so some of the physical evidence of her reaction leaked through in the form of a wide open mouth and hands held before her.

On the other side of the table Katarina burst into laughter.


"Well everyone." Takamichi said with a hint of amusement in his voice. "This might be a bit sudden, but we have a transfer student."

A wealth of murmurs broke out as the girls of 2-A started wondering about this sudden news. It was, after all, a very odd time for a transfer student, and the classroom was rather full already.

Of course, one diminutive blonde-haired girl grit her teeth as her suspicions were confirmed.

"You may come in Katarina-kun." The dandy man directed towards the slightly open door.

In response the door opened fully, and a young looking girl of clear European descent entered the room.

She had stark-blonde hair, deep-blue eyes and a pair of glasses perched precariously on her nose.

She made it about three steps in before stumbling, but Takamichi managed to steady her.

"Are you alright?" He asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit nervous." The girl said with a grimace.

The teacher smiled. "Good. Everyone, this is Katarina McDowell, she has come here to study with her older sister. I hope you will all get along." He then introduced.

At the mention of McDowell and older sister a number of people had a flash of suspicion in their eyes.

More exactly, a raven-haired swordswoman, a dark-skinned bounty-hunter and shrine-maiden, and a Chinese genius.

The rest of the class displayed signs of confusion and shock as they realised who the only candidate was.

"My name is Katarina McDowell, and I am the younger sister of Evangeline from this class. I will be in your care." Katarina said with a small bow and a beatific smile.

"EHHHHHH!?" A loud outcry came from several girls in class as they looked between the two 'sisters'.

"You're younger?!" A girl with pigtails who looked, impossibly enough, even younger than Evangeline exclaimed.

"Yes, well, what can I say. We have been cursed with not looking our age." The newcomer said jokingly, although it caused a number of raised eyebrows, both from the teacher and from the previously suspicious girls, as well as Evangeline herself.

"She is indeed slightly younger. After careful consideration it was decided that she be put into this class." Takamichi added with a wink.

"So, does that mean you're really smart?" An excited girl with spiky red hair shot up from her seat as she asked.

Katarina laughed nervously. "I don't really think I'm that smart…" She said uncertainly.

Takamichi put a hand on her shoulder. "She has enough academic ability to match others in this class Kazumi-kun." He then looked at his new student. "Don't worry. I'm certain many would call you smart."

"Considering the wide spectrum of ability in this class, I would like to inquire which people in this class she could match." A smaller girl with long purple hair asked.

The teacher laughed slightly. "I'd say Katarina-kun is able to match the higher end of the spectrum you speak of Yue-kun."

A number of the girls made an "Ohhhh!" sound.

At the same time a girl with large obfuscating glasses and long orange hair tied up in a ponytail seemed to be quivering slightly, although Katarina was the only to note this.

The slight hint of vague recognition that crossed her features as her gaze swept over the class was noted by Chachamaru.

The blonde girl's gaze lingered quite long on the empty first seat, next to the window and Kazumi.

After a short while it seemed others started noticing, particularly Kazumi, who was sitting next to it.

"Ah! Are you wondering about this empty seat?" She asked excitedly.

"Empty?" Katarina said softly, as if questioning what she meant by empty.

"Y-yeah, it's empty…" The previously quite excited girl became a bit confused at this. "They say it's haunted by a ghost, and people who sit in it feel a strange chill. You don't seriously mean to say you see a person sitting there?" She then asked conspiratorially, causing the blonde to become a bit uncomfortable.

The teacher looked at Katarina suspiciously, and his gaze was indeed joined by a few other gazes.

A clearly falsely innocent smile emerged upon the transfer student's face. "No, I must have imagined something. There's no girl clad in an outdated school uniform sitting there."

Once again a number of gazes locked onto her, this time more intrigued than anything else.

"If you have any questions you can seek out Ayaka-kun." Takamichi pointed out a girl with long blonde hair. "She is the Class Representative. You know what that is, right?"

Katarina nodded. "Yes I do."

"My name is Yukihiro Ayaka. As Sensei said I am the Class Representative." The girl said in a distinctly aristocratic manner.

"Well then. Why don't you go seat yourself in the backrow by your sister?" The teacher finally said indicating the seat next to Evangeline.

"Yes. That'll be fine." The newcomer said and started making her way towards the back.

As she approached the girl with the glasses and orange hair she gave a friendly smile without warning, shocking both the bespectacled girl and those who saw it.

Finally, she reached the seat next to her 'sister' and sat down.

"What was that all about?" Eva asked.


"Towards Hasegawa Chisame. You smiled." The smaller girl asked.

"Oh. Yeah, I did, didn't I? I don't know. It just came on its own." The younger girl said, a hint of confusion in her voice. "Hasegawa Chisame…" She then muttered and zoned out slightly.

Suddenly an amused smile broke out on her features.


As the first break neared Katarina started becoming aware of thirty odd sets of eyes locking on to her.

Or actually, a few of the girls seem to be looking at Evangeline more…

And Eva was already preparing to escape it seemed.


She took a few deep breaths.

'No need to worry. They'll just be asking you questions… Probably a lot of them…'

Nope. It didn't help.

Suddenly the teacher announced the end of class.

Eva started moving immediately, rising from her seat, as did what seemed to be the entire class.

Katarina could just see how two girls, one far too tall with dark skin and long black hair as well as one with pale, almost white skin and black hair intercept her, before the other girls surrounded her.

"Are you and Eva-chan really siblings?!" A girl with long black hair and a slightly different way of speaking asked seriously.

"Yes. I decided to follow her here since it was so long since I last saw her." Katarina replied.

"Where are you two from anyway?" Another girl, this one with dark-brown/green hair and glasses asked.

That's… Well, she didn't really know that at all… Safest bet would probably be…

"We're from Scotland. In Britain." She said as naturally as she could.

"Scotland…" Another girl, this one with short pink hair, looked a bit confused for a while.

"Makie, you're bad at geography anyway, I don't think you'll figure out where it is." Someone said, but Katarina couldn't quite identify who.

"Where do you two live? I know Evangeline-san doesn't live in the dorms and I assume you live with her." Asked a girl with long pink hair.

"Due to… circumstances, my elder sister lives outside of the dorms. I moved in with her, since we're related." Katarina answered.

Soon it started becoming unmanageable, with several questions overlapping so that she couldn't even hear them.

"You know. Before you start bombarding me with questions, how about some introductions? I don't know any of your names." The younger girl threw out.

Luckily, it reached the ears of Ayaka, who promptly sorted the girls out.

What followed was a quick succession of introductions, and by the time it was over she had heard the names of some 23 or so girls.

Surprisingly Katarina found herself able to remember the names, almost as if she already knew them.

But, by the time introductions were over the break was over as well and the next lesson started.

The younger girl found herself breathing a breath of relief as the other girls returned to their seats.


The rest of the day went smoothly, and Katarina soon found herself introduced to the rest of the class, and once again found that she remembered their names almost too well.

She also realised that the girl she had encountered during her walk yesterday was part of the class.

Zazie Rainyday. An odd name, for an odd girl. She didn't speak much, almost to the point of seeming mute, that makeup of hers was interesting as well, seeing as she apparently always had it on.

She had also tried to approach Chisame, but had gotten little headway. The girl was completely uninterested in socialising it seemed, and all Katarina had gotten was that she was good with computers, especially seeing as she was sitting with one when she tried to talk to her.

But, when the school-day was over, that was when something embarrassing, and interesting, happened.

As Katarina made her way towards the exit she stumbled, and fell, straight into Kagurazaka Asuna, a girl with long orange hair tied up in long pigtails with little bells, and heterochromia, one blue eye and one green eye, although it wasn't overly obvious.

While the girl managed to stop her from falling, something odd happened when they collided.

A certain tingly feeling that Katarina had had since she woke up in the infirmary two days ago suddenly stopped.

She had been ignoring it because it had persisted even past sleeping, and it didn't really bother her at all.

It was actually, now that she thought about it, probably what she had felt near the giant tree, the World Tree she thinks Eva called it.

Except then it was so strong it made her feel ill…

Interesting what kind of things can put something into perspective.

Some part of her mind tugged at her, seemingly wanting to say that this was important, that there was something about the girl before her that was important…

Hmm… Well, she has an impressive bosom… and is quite strong too…

"Whoa! Are you alright?" Asuna asked worriedly.

"She's fine. She does that all the time." Evangeline responded for her sister, shocking the girl and her friend, Konoe Konoka, neither of who were used to the loli talking to them.

"How long is she going to stay there though?" Konoka asked as the time dragged a bit, prompting Katarina to realise what position she was in for a prolonged period of time.

"Sorry. It seems I got lost in thought there for a while. For some reason my mind decided to take a long trip…" She said, laughing awkwardly.

The moment she moved away from Asuna the feeling came back, causing her to narrow her eyes slightly.

"What's wrong?" The black-haired girl asked curiously.

"Nothing…" The younger girl answered.

"If you're quite finished dawdling, we need to get home." Eva queried imperiously.

"Of course Onee-chan!" Katarina responded with more cheer than strictly necessary. "I'll see you tomorrow!" She then directed at the two other girls as they started moving.

As expected, a slight twitch appeared on the loli's face.

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