My little ninjago the alicorn princes.

Kai's p.o.v (a lot of this will be in kai's p.o.v. sorry kai haters ;))

It was a normal day to start out for my brothers and I. we were training as usual when…..

"HELP ME !" I screamed, something grabbed my leg and was pulling me in. i fell to the ground and started clawing at the ground until my fingers were raw and bleeding.

"Kai!" That was Lloyd's voice. They were running towards me when they too were grabbed by the strange portals. When I say they I mean everyone accept for sensei Wu. i was falling from the sky the last i remember. Oh and i was a pony… then everything went black

A/N Sorry for a bad chapter, but I promise the others will get better. Please don't hate me for this. I'm writing my first fanfiction.

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