The event that kicks off a new Shared DC FanFic Universe (DCFU)!

Note: Think of this as a DC Movie, taking it's source material from many different pieces such as the comics, tv series, and even other movies.

Issue #1

REPORTER: For those of you just tuning in, I am Linda Park with WKEY Channel 4 News and we are here in the midst of a Justice League battle with what appears to be the Yellow Speedster who has been terrorizing multiple cities across the country. Things are not –

A large bang is heard. Debris starts to fall over Linda as a building starts to crumble downward. A red streak comes zooming towards her and pulls her away from the scene just before the building hits the ground.

THE FLASH: (PANTING) I got her guys. She's safe.

A yellow streak comes and strikes The Flash right across the face sending him tumbling.

ZOOM: Come on Flash, you need to pay attention to your surroundings. You're supposed to be the ultimate hero. You need to be faster. You NEED to be faster.

Zoom speeds and takes out the foundation of another building. Superman swoops in underneath the building and tries to hold it steady.

SUPERMAN: This is getting out of hand. We need to finish this now before more people get hurt.

Zoom comes speeds past and knocks Superman through another building. Both buildings start to topple over, but the Green Lantern creates a force field to hold the building. Screams can be heard coming out of both building.

ZOOM: Flash, you're Justice League is not going to be there to help you every time a crisis arises. You need to be faster. Push yourself. LET'S GO.

The Flash struggles to get up.

FLASH: Zoom, leave these innocent people out of it. It's me who you seem to have the problem with. Do not put more lives at danger.

ZOOM: Trust me. I don't want to hurt these people, but that wouldn't help you.

Zoom speeds at the Flash and the two start two fight rapidly.

GREEN LANTERN: Guys, I don't know how long I can hold these damn things. There are thousands of people in here. We need to do something.

A blacked-out aircraft comes over head of Green Lantern. It takes hold of the two building and puts them back into place.

BATMAN: We are doing something. Superman, I need you to use your heat vision to meld the foundation of these building back together. It will hold them long enough to get those people out and to safety.

SUPERMAN: Got it. Barry, you need to hold off Zoom as best you can while I do this. I can't focus on this and him running around at the same time.

THE FLASH: I'll stop him.

The Flash gears up as his eyes flare with lightning. He blows past the action to where Zoom is running around. The Flash builds up speed as a blast of air comes from behind him, breaking the sound barrier. This is the fastest that the Flash has ever run. He catches up to Zoom and just as the Flash is about to make his move Zoom stops dead in his tracks and catches him by the throat. Zoom gazes at the Flash with and intense look.

ZOOM: You thought that was fast, didn't you? Zoom punches the Flash to the ground hard. I see your speed is improving, Flash, but our training is not yet done. You're still not fast enough. Fast enough to fulfill the potential you have. And for that… you will suffer.

Zoom picks up the Flash and starts spinning round and round, gaining momentum each and every second.

SUPERMAN: I finished the first building. Hold steady.

Zoom continues spinning until a burst of lighting comes out from him. He uses the strength he has built up and tosses the Flash into the Batwing with ferocity, making it lose control. The Batwing loses hold of the building, allowing it to the building to slam downward. The Flash falls to the ground and lays there grimacing. Zoom comes toward him and stands over him with a look of sorrow.

ZOOM: I am sorry it had to come to this outcome, but you will learn a lesson from this… See you soon Flash.

The Flash lays there helplessly. A scene of horrible destruction can be seen around the area, with building destroyed and flames rising.

Superman, the Flash, Batman, and Green Lantern are sitting around the table in silence. In the background, new reports are on the television. Wonder Woman walks in staring at it.

REPORTER: These "metahuman" beings cause nothing but destruction and fear in our very homes. No one looks at the damage done when it is declared that apparently they save the day. People get hurt. People die. I mean, who gives them this freedom to–

GREEN LANTERN: Damn, they are roasting us.

Batman shuts the television off.

WONDER WOMAN: I saw what happened. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. I got held up with something in my homeland. Is everyone okay?

THE FLASH: I'm sorry everyone. Zoom is my problem, my responsibility, and I brought it all on you. I should be able to handle him myself. I just… I wasn't fast enough, and it cost more innocent lives.

WONDER WOMAN: Don't talk like that. It wasn't your fault.

BATMAN: Diana is right. It wasn't your fault. None of us were able to handle him. This is why we are here. We just need to regroup and prepare so that we can take down Zoom next time.

SUPERMAN: (QUIETLY) And how many people will die next time?


SUPERMAN: In every battle that we take place in – good or bad – civilians die. The reporters are right. Are we really doing the good we set out to accomplish? We could do better. We could be better.

BATMAN: What are you suggesting we do, Clark?

SUPERMAN: I'm not sure, but something needs to be done to keep our actions in check. To keep these innocent people from dying.

GREEN LANTERN: I agree with Superman. That was a disaster. We could have handled today better than how it panned out. Maybe if we didn't have Diana off God knows where we could have –

WONDER WOMAN: (Angrily) Hey, I had to deal with a situation back at my home.

THE FLASH: Hey, guys, take it easy.

GREEN LANTERN: Was it as important as what happened here? Was the destruction –

BATMAN: The destruction was Zoom's doing, not our own. We are about the mission.

SUPERMAN: (Sternly) We are about the people.

BATMAN: The end result is what matters, and that is what we accomplish.

SUPERMAN: We could be better.

Superman walks out of the room.

Clark is sitting at dinner table with Lois Lane at a restaurant.

LOUIS: And I have just been so busy running these reports. Perry said they have been fantastic reports, though. I think he is planning on giving me a promotion soon.

CLARK: (Disinterested) That's great, Lois.

Clark nods his head looking downward solemnly.

LOIS: What's wrong, honey?

CLARK: Ah, nothing… it's just that a good work day for you isn't always a good one for me.

LOIS: I know, Clark, I'm sorry.

CLARK: Do you think… do you think me, and the rest of them, have too much power? That our power causes more harm than good. I mean, you have seen firsthand the outcomes of what we do. We try to save the day, but instead decimate an area. How can that be called saving?

LOIS: Clark, the news reporters may say that you guys have killed thousands. What they don't say is that you have saved millions. Sure, not every time you go out there is going to be all clean, but you get the job done. You inspire people, you give them hope as a protector.

CLARK: That is always what I hoped to be for the people. To be the hero this world needed. I used to think that I was, but now I am not so sure. I just want to do good, as much good as I can.

LOIS: You do as much as you can. Even the man of steel is not strong enough to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. (Smiling) Besides, you guys make my reports more entertaining.

Clark walks Lois home before heading home himself. While walking, he feel as if someone is watching him. When Clark gets back to his home, he gets ready to go to bed. As he is getting himself ready, he senses a presence in the room.

CLARK: Who's there?

Out from the dark steps out a large figure, big in stature.

FIGURE: It is really hard to believe that the man of steel would choose to be a journalist out of anything, but I guess everyone needs a cover.

CLARK: What are you talking about? Who are you?

FIGURE: My name is Amanda Waller. I am part of a top secret group called A.R.G.U.S.

To Be Continued...