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This takes place between Credulous and Conspiracy, while the Autobots are outnumbered and losing often, and this will also show how the Decepticons get the mini-cons they have in Conspiracy. I also have the Mini-cons taking an active role in the story and I'm translating their speech, because since they're supposed to be equals with the Autobots at least, they may as well get they're say.

**************************************************************************** **********

Red Alert peered into the medical bay. He sighed as he saw Hot Shot still staring blankly at the wall. Jolt sat besides him, the Mini-con's mood reflecting that of its partner. Red Alert stalked off back into the main control room. All the kids had gone home in a depressed mood, taking their Mini-cons with them. Optimus had reduced the shifts to one person in the control room instead of the normal two. Smokescreen was playing cards with Liftor as Long Arm jumped up and beeped happily to Liftor in the Mini-con native tongue.

"Huh?" Smokescreen said as he looked up from his cards, "my shift over already?"

"Yeah, go see if you can try to get Hot Shot out of this funk." The medical Autobot sighed as he took Smokescreen's place at the console.

"Its been three days already Red Alert, if he doesn't snap out of it soon, I don't know what we're going to do." Smokescreen sat up as Liftor hopped onto his shoulder. "The Decepticons are going to move soon, and its going to be a two to one advantage for them."

"Not to mention Starscream has the Star Saber." Liftor added thoughtfully from Smokescreen's shoulder.

"You said it little buddy, you think Hot Shot will be able to summon the Saber back next time we encounter it?" Smokescreen asked.

"I doubt it, Megatron is no fool, and he's probably brainwashed or altered their personality chips somehow, however he goes about it, I doubt they'll respond to us." said Red Alert.

"Well I'll go to the med bay and see if I can't snap him out of it, try to stay awake now Red Alert." Smokescreen chuckled as he walked off.

"Hey some bots take their jobs seriously around here!" Red Alert shouted as Long Arm busted out into a laughing fit.

**************************************************************************** **********

Swindle side stepped to avoid debris as his master went slashing away with his newest acquisition, the Star Saber. Swindle was feeling a bit jealous that the new Mini-cons were getting his master's attention, but at least he wasn't using him to bash on the rocks.

"Are you scared of flying rocks Swindle?" Starscream asked sarcastically, "don't worry, me and my Star Saber will protect you, ahahahahah!"

"Very funny master, what'll happen when Scavenger comes over here though?" The Mini-con retorted with a smirk, "Then who'll protect me?"

"Insolent whelp!" Starscream shouted as he shot a laser salvo from his chest, which Swindle barely avoided, "How dare you use such a tongue with me!"

"I don't know Starscream, I'd listen to him if I were you." A deep voice bellowed from behind him as Scavenger appeared on the rocks above, "I hope you're not going to make the same mistake Hot Shot made, putting all your confidence in the sword."

"Of course I'm not, I'm no fool like that rank amateur!" Starscream shouted at the mercenary, "I can hold my own with or without this sword!"

"Heh, that remains to be seen, I can only wish you luck." Scavenger laughed, as he walked away."

"Grrrrr..., that guy steams me up!" Starscream shouted as he took his anger out on a helpless rock, shattering it with the power of the Star Saber.

"You're both blow hards if you ask me." Said yet another voice.

"What!" Starscream let out a yell as he swung the saber behind him, rocks scattered everywhere as a purple and yellow motorcycle drove out of the dust.

"Sideways transform!" The motorcycle cried as parts shifted and the rider split in two, his lower silver half being pulled down forming his head. A Decepticon symbol became etched into his chest as the top half of the rider shifted into a Mini-con and landed besides him. "You and the Bulldozer are all talk, you'll both falter in the end."

"What did you say, why I ought to.," Starscream rubbed his temple as the stress of all this disrespect was getting to him.

"Come on Rook, lets leave him to his thoughts." Sideways began to walk off, only to be stopped by Starscream.

"I will not let you disrespect me traitor, I hold the Star Saber, making me the most powerful transformer in the universe, you will respect me!"

"I respect no one, but I do respect power, and from what I've seen, you don't know how to use yours," Sideways retorted, "You're a waste of my time, , TRANSFORM!"

With that Sideways shifted back to motorcycle mode and drove off. Starscream just yelled and started shattering rocks left and right as Swindle made himself scarce.

**************************************************************************** **********

Smokescreen was headed to the medical bay when he heard a loud pounding noise. The noise seemed to be resonating from someone's quarters.

"What was that sound?" Liftor inquired from Smokescreen's shoulder.

"I don't know, let's get closer." The Autobot replied as he made his way to the base's living quarters. He got to Optimus Prime's quarters and stopped. Liftor was about to ask why they stopped when Smokescreen held a finger to his mouth, silently telling the Mini-con to be quiet. Prime was yelling as two smaller voices seemed to be reasoning with him.

"You must calm down, you won't be able to think clearly." The bright yellow Mini-con said softly.

"I know but I shouldn't have let Hot Shot go alone with that rouge after Megatron!" Optimus Prime shouted, once again smashing his fist against the wall."

"You could have never know that Sideways would turn like that." This time the navy blue Mini-con spoke.

"Spiral is right, Sideways' treachery was completely unexpected." The Yellow Mini-con kept reasoning.

Optimus sighed and leaned against the wall, "You're right Sparkplug, but I shouldn't have let Hot Shot go off on his own either, he's to inexperienced!"

"That may be, but you know he can hold his own, I suppose now all we can do is strategize how to deal with the six to four disadvantage we're at." Spiral said as he sat, shifting his hanging car parts around to accommodate himself.

"Perhaps you're right, Sparkplug, go find whoever's not on monitor duty, I'll need more consorts to plan our strategy."

"Right away Optimus. Sparkplug said as he headed for the door. Smokescreen panicked and tried to act casual as Sparkplug came out of the door. "That was quicker than I expected, Smokescreen, Optimus needs you and Liftor to come with me. The Mini-con spoke hesitantly, pondering how he found them so fast as Smokescreen followed, with Liftor hanging off of his crane-arm.

**************************************************************************** **********

Cyclonus peered around the table carefully as he looked at his cards. ~Slag!~ He though as he looked at his hand. A four, two threes, a king, and a nine. ~I have nothing!~ He put on his best poker face as he looked at his competition. He first looked at the only other bot his size at the table, Demolisher, who was clearly upset. ~What a bad poker face, hahaha, least I don't have to worry about him.~ He looked onto his smaller opponents, Crumplezone, his first Mini-con, had an icy cold glare that didn't tell him anything about his hand. His second Mini-con, Drill-bit, was holding all his cards in his stubby little hand, and was scrutinizing his choice to take a hit or not. Black-out, who was obviously just Demolisher's actual brain in a Mini-con body, because it was much smarter than him, really didn't have a face to tell what he was thinking. ~He reminds me of the ancient Soundwave. Tall and smart, no personality, hahahaha.~ Cyclonus cracked himself up, getting odd stares from around the table.

You gonna do anything at all!! Bonecrusher, who was at this time Megatron's least favorite Mini-con, seeing as he was in here playing cards, was also very impatient.

"Alright alright, calm down, I fold!" Cyclonus announced as all the other bots sweatdropped.

"HA! Two pairs, hahahaha!" Demolisher announced.

"I'm out." Drill-bit announced as he dropped his cards, revealing a worse hand than Cyclonus's.

"Me too." Bonecrusher spat as he tossed his cards aside.

"Two Jacks and three Nines, beat that." Crumplezone smirked slightly as he saw Demolisher's face get very red.

"Full house." Black-out announced in his monotone voice as Crumplezone stood up in his already very tall seat (the Mini-cons have taller seats to reach the table).

"Cheater!" Crumplezone cried as Black-out scooped up all the galactic creds. "There's no way you coulda got that hand without cheating!"

"My hand was just as probable as any hand in the deck" Black-out said as matter of factly as a monotone bot can. Just as he finished grabbing them up the alarms started blaring. Megatron announced that all Decepticons were to gear up for battle and meet him in the warp room for a debreifing.

"Well back to work for us, maybe we can get more Mini-cons to play cards with!" Cyclonus chuckled excitedly.

"I don't like playing with Mini-cons, even my own one beats me." Demolisher sulked as he grabbed the happy Black-out and headed to the warp room.

**************************************************************************** **********

The alarms of the Autobot base blare as it warns of a new Mini-con being detected. Smokescreen, Optimus, and their Mini-cons run into the control room as Red Alert accesses the situation.

"Optimus, we got a new Mini-con reading." Red Alert said quickly.

"Any word on Hot Shot?" Optimus replied.

"He's still staring at the wall, I'm getting no response!" Smokescreen answered sadly.

"Then we'll have to go without him, gear it up Autobots, this one won't be pretty!" Optimus said in a speech-like manner. "We'll need everything we've got, so bring all you're Mini-cons!"

"We're with you Optimus!" Sparkplug added as his Mini-con comrades agreed with him.

"Alright then, Autobots, Mini-cons, lets roll out!" With that they all headed to the Launch room, preparing to fight for not only their lives, but that of a Mini-con's as well.

**************************************************************************** **********

Megatron surveyed his troops as he prepared to launch. Sure everything seemed in his favor, but the only bets he liked were ones that were backed up. Cyclonus and Demolisher had show up first with their Mini-cons. Scavenger came in next, basically leaning against the wall, not caring for what Megatron had to say as usual. Sideways just kind of appeared in the room out of nowhere, on a personal level, that bot gave Megatron an uneasy vibe, but then again, with the ease he turned on Hot Shot, you have to be uneasy with him. Starscream was the last to come in, and was very irritable as was Swindle. Even though Decepticons usually didn't give their Mini-cons free will, they still usually were a good measure of how a bot was feeling, especially your partner that is scanned directly from your image. Megatron pondered this fact for a second, Leader-1 was usually firm and forceful, although Megatron has allowed Leader-1 a bit more free will and reason power than most suspect. Swindle is always arrogant and cocky for a Mini-con with such little free will. Crumplezone was sadistic yet had a humorous side like Cyclonus. On an interesting note, Bonecrusher seemed to be a better gauge of Demolisher's mood than Black-out. Perhaps that's because Megatron issued Black-out while Demolisher himself activated Bonecrusher. A small tap on his head from Leader-1 made him realize that his troops were staring rather funny at him and he quickly regained his composure.

"Alright men, are we all set to move out!" Megatron bellowed. There were murmurs of agreement from most. Sideways and Scavenger both just stared at him while Starscream brandished the Star Saber. Seeing Starscream with the saber almost put Megatron back into deep thought but was snapped out of it by Cyclonus's harsh voice.

"Lets go smash some Autobots already, I'm getting tired of waiting!" Cyclonus complained loudly.

"Alright my dear Cyclonus, you shall have your smashed Autobots." Megatron declared with a smirk, "if there are no other complaints, let us go get that Mini-con!" And so Megatron warped to the Earth followed closely by the other Decepticons.


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