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Laughter filled the room. Balloons were everywhere.

It was Danny and Robin's 16th birthday, and since Elly was Danny's clone, it was her birthday too. It's been only three months since Danny and Robin reunited since Elly joined them. Two weeks since Dark Dan's defeat.

Danny wasn't able to fight for about one week and half of the second. One because of his injuries and two because of his brother, sister, and Batman said so. He finally got them to let him fight again. So, he could have fun again, besides doing nothing.

But really in was the fact that Batman, Robin, Elly and everyone else didn't wait to face every bored halfa who has a lot of time on his hands.

Right now, the teens were playing a game of ultimate tag. A very extreme one. How extreme?

Try kids jumping on couches, jumping to the other side of the room, running up the wall, rafters on the ceiling, tackling, and be on an extreme sugar high.

That extreme.

Right now, on the other side of the room, Green Lantern and Omni Lantern were talking.

"So, what actually have you been through," Green Lantern asked Omni. Omni looked at him.

"I fought against a madman you didn't even last the first fight we had. I dealt with hunters who I took care of and took them to prison. I saved about 2 worlds. I managed to stop a war between two races and join them together and only got a broken arm. I've been through all that."

Green Lantern nodded.

"You and I are going to get along fine," Green Lantern said, shaking Omni on the shoulder.

Omni glances to the side and suddenly pushes Green Lantern back, out of the way of Artemis who slide on the floor and banged into the wall.

"Ow," Artemis said, rubbing her head. Laughter made her turn around and playful glare.

"Elly! You are so going to get it," Artemis ran after her.

Green Lantern shook his head, "Young teens."

Omni just laughed, "And weren't we all like them when we were young?"

Green Lantern looked at him and said, "Not all of us."

Omni just smiled. The two stared at the kids like everyone else while they were talking.

None of them would know that in the future that Batman and Robin, Danny, and Elly get into an argument.

None of them would know that the three would leave.

None of them would know that they would go to Jump City.

None of them would know that they would fight hostile aliens to save an alien girl and Earth.

None of them would know that they would make their own team.

But, hey, that's another story for another time.

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