This snip is dual purpose. To A) get an idea out my head and B) to practice fight scenes.

Working Title: Together (Work/PR)

Aisha hummed a tune to herself as she sorted through her clothes, a beat caught in her head as she tossed shirts and skirts into separate piles. The song was kinda old-timey, like from the 80s or something, and sounded more like something from a Rock album than her usual tastes of Rap and R&B. She didn't know where the song came from, it just popped into her head really, but she was feeling it.

"Dun, dun, dun" She sang out, random noises filling in for the guitar riff as she considered the pink top in her hands. It was cute, a little torn but that just made it all the more kickass, but the color was completely wrong for her. Well, it was now.

Find a new group of friends and suddenly your fashion choices change. All those school PSAs were right, go figure.

Her brother would probably pitch a fit if he knew what she was getting up to but he could kiss her ass with all that judgment. She didn't need it and he couldn't say a damn thing considering what he did at his 'Totally Legitimate Job', complete with capital letters and air quotes. Like she didn't know what his ass was up to.

She wasn't stupid.

She kept on humming, tossing the pink top aside to pick up a yellow crop. Keep. Plaid button down she stole from her brother's closet, blue so it went in the trash. Cute jeans and a pair of leggings, keep. Yellow skirt, red T, checkered yellow and blue top, another pink top. Keep, toss, keep, toss.

Aisha was starting to notice a pattern there and her fingers started to trace the Coin resting in her jean's pocket. Was this thing messing with her head? The Boss Lady and her little robot said that the Coin chose her like the thing had a mind of its own. She wasn't going to complain about the benefits, because it was a great package offered to her, but she wouldn't lie and say it didn't freak her out. Even if it was just a change in favorite colors it was a little freaky.

And it would explain the new streak of yellow in her bangs.

Whatever. She'd put that out of her mind for a second, save it for when she saw the Boss Lady again, and just get back to organizing her closet. Even if it was because a little gold Coin was fucking with her head she needed to organize her closet anyway, half the crap in there was… well, crap.

Outdated crap, crap she outgrew in both style and size (mostly cause of her boobs, those were growing a bit too quick for her closet to keep up with). It needed to go, most of it at least. Some kid at a shelter could probably a hell of a lot more than she could.

Outside her bedroom door she heard a slam, her mom was home and with her new boy toy if the giggling gave her any clue. Ugh, she so didn't want to deal with that.

"Shhh," Her mom gasps through a laugh, the kind of laugh that came from the throat and wobbled. "My kid's sleepin."

"Aw, Suges, don't worry. We ain't gonna wake em." He said, sounding a whole lot more put together than her mom. Probably her dealer and not a boy toy then.

"But, ah." Her voice got breathy again, "She'll crash our party if we do. She can be a real pain in the ass like that."


Okay, time to bail. She so did not like that interest in his voice.

Aisha pushed her window open, peaking around the street to make sure no one was looking, and jumped. She fell for all of a foot before a yellow glow took hold of her, lifting her into the air and above her window. Above her building's rooftop.

She started to loop high in the air, a light glow trailing behind her as she soared through the skies. A smile already blooming on her face as she dipped and dived through buildings and alleys.

Best. Job perk. Ever.

Sure, the Boss Lady didn't like it when she went out like this. Something about not using powers for personal stuff, or something like that, but it was too much fun. She still did the things the other girl wanted so Aisha figured she deserved a little freedom. Besides if anyone saw her flying around they'd probably just think she was part of New Wave of something, they had a surplus on flying and glowing Barbies.

So, she'd just be Black Barbie like what's her face. Christine? That was the dolls name right? Not that it matters, no one cared about the Black Barbie. Not even Black people.


She lost track of the time, floating more than flying as she took in the night sky. There were actually a few stars to look at by the docks, less light getting in the way there. She started to wonder if she should head back, risk having whoever that was still being there or heading to her dad's place where her brother was definitely going to lecture her. Neither option seemed that fun.

Maybe she could crash at a shelter or something. Get a night away from it all. Or, maybe see if the Boss Lady had a coach open for her to sleep on for the night. She did keep going on and on about how teamwork and all that was so important, a sleepover could be called a bonding exercise right?

Plus, it was going to irk the girl like no one's business if she showed up out of the blue. It would be hilarious.

Decision made Aisha started her leisurely flight across town. She had a rough idea where she was going, the other girl's house shouldn't be too far away but she didn't mind taking her time. Though she started to regret that decision when her phone started to buzz.

What did her mom get out of her high long enough to realize she wasn't home?

Checking the caller ID she saw it was her brother, she groaned. Her mom definitely sobered up than, or at least enough to realize she was missing, and called the one person who would always drag her back. Well, she had an out for the night. She would just tell Brian that she was heading over to a friends house to spend the night and it wouldn't even be a lie!

"Hey bro," She greeted, as casual as possible, "No need to blow a gask-"

"We need help!" A voice yelled that was very much not her brother. Too soft and feminine for that. A girlfriend? A coworker? "Lung and the ABB are coming after us. We need you to call your friends and save us!"

"Wait, what?" She asked feeling a bit turned around, the phone call was not going anything like she expected. "Who is this?"

"You know who this is." The caller snapped back, "I work with your brother and we're about to start running for our lives. Get your friends and save us. We're going to be near the warehouses in the Docks, look for the giant dogs and clouds of darkness."

Aisha briefly heard her brother in the back, asking "Lisa" what she was doing with his phone before the call quickly ended without so much as a goodbye. The phone had gone silent but her thoughts were racing.

"I know who it is?" She mumbled to herself. She probably did or had a good idea. Her brother, as much as he tried to hide it from her, was a supervillain named Grue and the leader of a little gang of Supervillains called the Undersiders. Knowing what she knew she kept a close eye on the group, memorizing the team's jobs and members And on the team there were two girls, a butch looking chick named Hellhound and a blonde in purple going by Tattletale. Aisha put her money on the second.

And they were in danger. From Lung. From the fucking dragon. And Tattletale called her because they needed help, because she somehow knew who Aisha was working with.

The teen didn't hesitate.

She rocketed back towards the North side of the Docks, close as she was it shouldn't take her long. Her phone started making the long drop to the ground as she flew off and brought her wrist to her face, pressing the button on her not-watch as she did. She ignored the little chime sound it made as she screamed into it, "My brother's in trouble. The ABB are after him and his friends, please help!"

She didn't wait for an answer, she just kept on flying as fast as her Coin would let her. Aisha scanned the Docks looking for any sign of her brother's gang. Aisha didn't know how long she was searching, long enough for her not-watch to chirp at her at least once but she paid it no mind because she spotted them. She didn't find them by giant billowing clouds of darkness following them or the enormous dogs they were riding but by the literal explosions that were chasing after them.

How did they already run into trouble?

She dived down, swooping low to rooftops and getting a clear view of what was causing everything to go boom. A ninja wannabe in a creepy looking mask. Now she wasn't the most up to date on the whole Supervillain scene but she knew enough about her hometown to recognize who that was.

Oni Lee, a repeat suicide bomber who could leave clones behind as he teleported away. Dangerous and deadly and catching up to them quickly.

Aisha ran a hand over her face, calling on her Coins energy to make a small mask before she dove into the fight. Aisha could say all she wanted about her boss's first two rules but the third one to protect her identity made a whole hell of a lot of sense. She liked going home without having to worry about psychos like Oni Lee breaking in.

She barreled down, briefly passing the bone plated dogs as she did and catching the eye of the blonde smiling apologetically at her as she did, and slammed into a Lee right before he exploded. She knocked him heel over ass and off the building, letting the explosion take out whatever was below instead. A second later the demon masked creep popped into existence on the roof over, tilting his head at her as if he was wondering why the hell she was there.

Trying to kill her brother aside she was supposed to be a hero, it's what she signed up for when she accepted the coin, and it was a heroes job to stop people from trying to blow up a chunk of the city. So screw him and screw his vest full of grenades, guns, and knives. Lots of knives.

"Sup big boy." She said, crossing her arms and glaring down at him. Knives or not, screw him. "Watcha doin round here?"

The man didn't say anything, not even as he collapsed into a pile of ash and a sharp pain hit her side.

She hissed in pain and looked down at the knife the failed to even piece her tank top, sparks of yellow flickering lightly under the pressure. 'Thank you, Boss Lady and your fancy Coin.' Aisha thought as she redoubled her glare at the masked man before punching him with more force than a thirteen-year-old girl had any right to have.

He went sailing back, with her following him to give him another few, and crashed into the rooftop as a pile of ash. She turned around right then, batting away the gun pointed at her head more out of instinct than any sort of training her brother or the Boss Lady's robot put her through. She really didn't want to test if she was bulletproof on top of stab proof.

"Jackass!" Aisha yelled, kicking out at him with unnatural speed. He collapsed again and again she felt a sharp pain, this time from her back. She lashed out, chasing after him and smashing through clone after clone as she did.

She hadn't been shot yet, staying just a step far enough ahead of him to keep herself free of potential holes. She seemed to keep on finding clones as they ran circles across the rooftop and was never able to find the real one. But that was good enough for Aisha, she was stalling the psycho and her brother was getting away which worked good enough for her.

She grabbed the next probably clone's wrist as he drove a knife at her and did the flip she was taught. She did it perfectly but any satisfaction she could have gotten out of that was squashed as he again burst to ash.

"Fucker!" She yelled, frustrated as slammed into the next target. Skidding him back and into the waiting maw of a monster dog. When did that get there? The robot was right, she needed to work on her observing her surroundings.

"Holy shit." Someone on top of the thing said as it coughed out a cloud of ash. "When did Glory Girl turn Black?" The speaker looked like Shakespeare reject with his frilly shirt (open to show a skinny pale chest) and fancy white mask framed by some gorgeous hair.

"Regent, shut up." A broad looking guy in a leather biker outfit said, his voice echoing strangely as black smoke leaked from his helmet but Aisha could recognize her brother's voice. Easy enough when she already knew who he was. "He could still be around."

"Oni Lee is a runner." The blonde from earlier said, still up on her giant bone monster, "Always has been, always will. He's not going to want to fight us and a flying brick friend here at the same time." She ended that with a rather smug smile directed at Aisha.

She responded with an upturned finger.

"Well, I guess we don't have to worry about Lee anymore." Her brother started staring off in the distance, probably scanning rooftops for more crazy cloning suicide bombers. "But we still got Lung in route…"

He paused for a moment, looking her over before saying, "Look, it's about to get real dangerous around here, I'm not going to say no to help, but I would understand if you wanted to bolt. "

Brian kept talking and she let him, a little worried he would recognize her by her voice like she did him. He was saying how they heard Lung was after them and they decided to punch first. Which probably didn't go well if they were already running. They wanted to fight Lung when they couldn't handle his cronies? Were they stupid?

"We are not stupid." The blonde with a glare. "We had a plan, it just went a little sideways. So we called you."

"Wait," Grue said, head snapping towards who Aisha guessed was Tattletale, "You called her? Is that why you used my phone?"

"Your sister knows her." She said, directing a knowing look at Aisha to which she responded with another middle finger. "But I was hoping she'd bring her friends…"

"They're on their way." She said, speaking for the first time and giving a quick glance at her brother. He didn't seem to notice her voice, she guessed the masks and all the yellow was throwing him off. Small favors.

"Good," Tattletale said, "I didn't think a hero would turn us down."

Brian got tense and the dogs started to growl at a sharp whistle from the butch looking girl on the dog next to Tattletale. "She's a hero."

"A hero who already knew who you were." Tattle said with a wave as if dismissing his worries. "If she or her team wanted you in jail you'd be there already. They're not going to lie."

"And who is th-" He was cut off as a clap of thunder rang in their ears and a flash of blue blinded them. Everyone but Aisha flinched back, covering their ears and shutting their eyes tight before they blinked the spots in their eyes away.

With their vision clear they saw a boy with blue hair and domino masks standing before them, giving a glare at the yellow clad girl.

"I thought she fixed that thing. It's still loud as hell." Aisha said, sounding as casual as could be.

"She said she was fixing it." The boy corrected, still glaring with his arms crossed, "And she's pissed at you for jumping in without responding."

"Well, I had to." She snapped, taking a pointed look at the leather clad man. "I couldn't risk it."

The boy followed her glance, still glaring but he sighed, "Fine, but next time actually answer your communicator before flying off into trouble... We're supposed to be a team."

She smiled at him, "No promises." He sighed but gave a small smile. Teamwork was a kind of a running joke between them, that and how much she sucked at it despite trying.

"Yeah, as touching as this is, we're in a bit of trouble," Tattletale said interrupting them with a pointed finger, "A think that 'Bolt out of the Blue' got Lung's attention."

Following her finger, they saw a series of cars racing towards them. They were juiced up things with gaudy paint jobs and too loud engines, except for one. It was a large black SUV, sleek in design and had an ember like glow leaking from its tinted windows.

"Okay, as much as I want to say we got this…" Aisha trailed off glancing at her blue haired teammate, "Where's the boss?"

"She heard Lung and is no rushing to finish some equipment just in case." He said, tensing for the fight as he stood shoulder to shoulder with her. "Though she said she'd be over in a few minutes if she can't get things running."

"Great." She said, dragging out the word with just a hint of pain. It was great having Eric, Blue, there but they needed all three of them if they wanted to stand half a chance. Oni Lee and the ABB thug boys? Cake work.

Lung? She wanted a laser and giant robots before she even thought about fucking with that.

"You're the one who didn't want to wait." He said, peering off the roof's edge to peek at the gather gangsters. They were all rushing out of their cars, packed like a circus van, but one caught their eye. The shirtless, dragon masked, seven foot giant stepping out of the Escalade and glaring up at them.

"Shut up."

He hummed at her, ignoring her attitude as he considered the field, "How do you want to do this? You swoop down and drop me off, I go invisible and take out the gunman from the crowd while they distract Lung enough for the Boss to get here?"

"Screw that, there's two of us. Let's just go Cloth, we got enough access for at least that."

He shook his head, "Rule 2, Don't Escalate until they force you too."

"That's LUNG," She growled, "We're pretty much forced to do it already."

"You won't be able to fly." He countered

"Yeah, but I can do like ten other things. Let's just do this."

"No, not until he escalates."

Regent leaned closer to Grue, "Are they really arguing about not escalating when there are guys with guns down there."


"Look, ca-" She was cut off by a kick to her back, sending her spiraling off the building before catching herself a floor down but by the flash of blue she glimpsed below her she guessed she wasn't the only unlucky one. She was too worried about him, mostly since their powers were designed to take blows like that but also because she couldn't spot him.

If he could go invisible then he was fine.

So, with a clear conscious, she spun around to glare at the crumbling demon masks staring back at her.

"I thought you're chicken shit ass ran away!" She yelled, angry that she let him get her. Again!

And it looked like that pattern wasn't going to end anytime soon as he dropped down at her from above, knife swinging rapidly trying to piece through her yellow power. She cussed and cursed as she struggled with him. Eventually, with a lucky grab, she wrenched the knife from his hand.

"Ha, who gots the knife now!" She yelled, weapon firmly in hand and swinging down before she could give it a second thought. But it and her would be victim crumpled from her firm grip. "Motherfu-"

Something hit her hard in the back, sending her spinning in the air with a hiss. And then it hit her in the chest, stealing her breath and sending her on a steady spiral to the ground. She raised her arms, covering her face as she curled into a ball.

Peeking through the gaps she saw Oni Lee and Oni lee looking down at her, guns pointed downward as they rained bullets down on her. When one ran out of ammo he simply crumbled and let another Lee take over, never giving her a chance to literally breathe as he forced her to the ground.

Aisha could feel the bruises forming, her bones shaking with each impact. She didn't think she was bleeding which answered the bulletproof question, she guessed, but it hurt. It hurt bad.

She didn't so much crash land as collapsed on the street, air struggling through her nose before another bullet took it away again. She heard someone yell something - "Yellow!" - but she couldn't see them. She tried to crawl away but she couldn't, she just couldn't.

She struggled to lift her head, looking down the street she saw guns littering the street far away from unconscious thugs. Some of them even seemed to be flying as the air itself seemed to strike out against them. Further down she looked where giant dogs dived into a cloud of darkness. She didn't recognize what she was seeing until she saw streams of fire burst through the cloud again and again. Lung. The Undersider's were fighting Lung. Her brother.

Her brother was fighting Lung. Her brother who always tried to look after her, in his overbearing way, when no one else would. Take care of her when her parents gave up. Protect her when she couldn't, when she had no power to stop people from hurting her.

But she had power now, she could pay him back. She could keep him alive. Make sure he could keep nagging. Make sure he could still be there for her.

Fingers shook as they tried to finch purchase on the asphalt, her head bouncing off the ground from a well aimed round. She pushed on, trying to raise in the air as she moved. That's right, she had power now, she could protect him.

She could protect him. She could save him. She could help the whole city. She could do anything.

The Power was with her.

The street clapped with thunder and a red bolt of energy seared the eyes of the unprepared. People cried out in shock, rubbing their eyes in distress but to Aisha, it had to be one of the most beautiful sights imaginable.

There, standing before everyone in a ratty red hoodie and a glare hidden behind a flimsy mask, was the Boss Lady. She stood proudly in front of Aisha, her hands on her hips and long curly hair flowing in the wind like she was on a movie set of something,

A bullet hit her but she didn't even stumble, a field of red energy flashed across her body like a skin tight shell. The second and third bullet did about as much, just earning a double downed glare from Aisha's Boss.

"You okay?" She asked, still glaring up at the roof and giving Aisha enough time to stand.

"Not really but I'm doing better now. A lot better." She said, trying to smile but wincing as she stood up. "Can we just Armor up?"

"They shot at you." She growled, "They escalated things, not us."

"Soooo, that's a yes?" Aisha asked, more hopeful than sarcastic for once.

She gave a nod, her feet spreading shoulder width apart and her own Coin flashing to her hand in a burst of Red.

"Finally," Aisha muttered, mimicking her leader's stance Yellow power crackling in her hand as she summoned her Coin.

Eric shimmered into existence next to her, Blue energy radiating from his Coin as he stood behind their leader. "Sorry, should have listened to you."

"Damn right you should have." She mumbled but already forgiving him, he was just trying to follow the Rules and the Boss Lady showed up in time so it everything worked out in the end. She was still going to hold it over his head for a while.

She could feel the Coins thrumming with Power, the Grid opening itself wider as the three of them stood together. Energy crackling from them as gaudy grey devices formed, bulky devices that bite down on their coins like hungry monsters.

This was going to be good.

She could see some of the gangsters waking up, stirring from the pressure that was building in the street. Even the Undersiders slowed in their fight with Lung and looked towards them.

Oni Lee looking down from above, his stupid guns still in hand, tilting his head as he said one thing, "Sentai?"

"Ready?" The Boss Lady asked, glaring at the whole street as if they had personally insulted her.

"Ready./Ready!" They answered back, Aisha swore she could hear thunder rumble above her.

"It's Morphin time!" She yelled and the whole world seemed to fade away.

Eric slammed his Morpher forward, Blue Power shimmering in front of him and searing the air in front of him. "Blue 3, Ram!"

Aisha fell into a trance, slamming her own Morpher forward as if she were punching an invisible wall and felt just as much resistance. Yellow Power enveloped her, protecting her from the heat she knew was building. She screamed, calling for the wall to shatter and for the power to flow into her,"Yellow 2, Falcon!"

The Boss Lady finished the set, stabbing her Morpher forward and breaking through that invisible wall with a blast of Red Power, "Red 1, Beetle!"

The Power grabbed a hold of them. Digital wireframes sketching themselves over their skin before waves of color filled in the blanks and washing away Aisha's pain. The world became tinted in Aisha's view, displays she somehow knew had to read popped into her vision and her limbs felt like they were ready to burst as strange material clung to her skin.

Each one of them wore a near identical costume, different in only their color and helmet design. Layers of thick shiny material clung to their skin, thicker on the chest but still enough to show some golden rings circled around their necks, embedded in the material and annoyingly hard to see on Aisha's costume, were modeled after Egyptian Usekh collars but Aisha just thought they looked badass. Especially with the sun like rays coming off the edges.

Their gloves, boots, and belts were black in color. Plain but what mattered. Because there, like a fancy belt buckle, were their morphers with their golden Coins proudly on display. Nestled right between a laser gun holstered on one hip and a dagger on the other.

She could hear an explosion erupt behind her, the exhaust from their transformation like a badass version of a car backfiring. And she's not going to lie, she posed. She had too much energy just to stand still, she had to do something.

The others seemed like the were in the same boat, Blue was flexing like he had something and the Boss Lady was in some pretty badass fighting stance.

And everyone on the street was staring at them, stunned by their awesomeness. Even Lung was slack jawed, kinda. He had a bit of a Predator face going on.

"Sentai." He lisped, mirroring Lee as he stared at them. A bit stunned but not frozen, stupefied might have been closer Aisha guessed.

"No." The Boss Lady, Taylor, Red 1, said. Stepping forwards and swiping her arm to the side for her weird scythe-sword to flash into a red themed existence. "Rangers. Power Rangers. And you have caused enough damage to this city."

"You have hurt countless innocent and that ends here," Eric said, falling into eerie synch with the Boss as he summoned his giant horned hammer.

"We will protect them, we will protect all of them, from you and dirtbags like you." She said, words falling from her mouth as she called out for her bow.

"Sentai." Lung said again, this time in a disgusted sigh. Swatting at one of the monster dogs as he stepped forward, "Annoyances then, annoyances now." He growled , starting to pick up speed as he started to rush forward.

Eric beat him to it, his speed frightening as sprinted forward. Lung went skidding back, slamming into a car, disoriented and never noticing Taylor snap into place behind him. Teleportation was easier when they were Morphed, the Power helping the process smooth out and be used for more things than just going across town.

Lung screamed as a sword bit into his back, red energy flashing ironically as the would cauterize from the power of the blade. It's weird design obviously not dulling the blade at all.

Aisha didn't bother herself with the dragon man, instead, she pulled her bowstring back and aimed at the roof. Yellow energy condensed into a shaft of light, racing across the street and taking a surprised Lee square in the chest.

It hit him, she could tell by how his next clone held his smoking chest. And the one after that, and the one after that, each one getting further and further down the street. Yeah, she wasn't going to let that happen.

She pulled back and fired again. Her fancy knew suit let her pick up his startled scream as the bolt of Yellow Power hit him in the back.

"That's what you get for shooting me you jackass." She muttered before switching targets.

Lung was… being Lung. Eric was hitting him hard, keeping him off balance, but each hit seemed to do less and less. The Boss wasn't doing much better. She slashed and cut, taking out what Aisha guessed were needed muscles, but he kept getting up and up again when the Boss slashed out his ankles.

Aisha helped where she could, aiming for the eyes with her suit helping to make sure she hit the target, but they all seemed like momentary distractions. In all fairness, his fire wasn't doing much damage to them either. Their suits were could take it, mostly. There was a limit but they hadn't reached it yet.

Eric took advantage of that, slamming his hammer into Lung's chin and then taking another swing with the backswing. The ram horns of the hammer working just as well as the hammers flat end, better maybe as they slammed the crook into the asphalt.

The Boss Lady was apparently playing defensive, cutting into the giant scaled hand that reached out to crush Eric. She grunted, kicking the wrist away to dislodge her sword and spun in for another series of cuts that seemed to be healing quicker and quicker.

"You!" The Boss yelled at the Undersiders, who were standing around like wallflowers at a school dance. "Distract him!"

"Oool uu!" Lung Yelled in response, but the Boss's yell snapped the Undersiders into action and giant mutant dogs snapped their jaws into Lung. He roared in pain and rage, fire rolling off him as he lashed back. He wasn't even half the size of the beasts but each blow from him sent them reeling onto their hind legs.

If there weren't three of them than the dogs would have been dead already. Crushed underneath Lungs angry fiery fist but they covered for each other. Attacking and defending just enough to keep Lung off balance. It wasn't going to be enough to keep the man down, there just wasn't enough damage being done.

But it gave them enough time.

"Rangers put your weapons together." The Boss ordered, standing over Eric's shoulder as he knelt down. He folded the shaft of his hammer back, revealing a cannon's mouth framed by two inwardly curving horns. The horns turned and made room for Aisha's bow as she slid it into place, followed by Taylor slamming her sword at the top.

The cannon looked like a five pointed star or a robotic claw now, which made sense to Aisha as she and Taylor each grabbed one of Eric's shoulders. Yellow and Red Power flowed from them and into him before making their final stop in the cannon, where a tri-colored ball of power started to form and grow. It's bright light swirled in the claws grip and strained for release.

"Move!" The Boss yelled, giving the dogs barely enough time to clear it as they released the ball of power.

"Ra Sunflare Cannon!" Again, the words were automatic. She'd talk to the Boss about it later but right now she was enjoying the sight of the cannonball of pure Power slam Lung in the chest. The beast roared and tried to push the orb away but he couldn't, he wasn't strong enough.

It pulped his hands and burrowed into his chest with explosive results. Red, Yellow, and Blue smoke clouds poured from Lungs chest as he laid back groaning.

"Yes!" She cheered, shaking the boss in her excitement. She seemed to take it in good cheer. Eric clapped both of them on the back and then decided to say 'Screw it' and wrap them both in a bear hug.

"My cousin is going to be so jealous!"

Off to the side, Aisha's suit let her pick up a muttered comment from her Brother's pretty boy teammate, "Okay, let's not pick a fight with them."


And done. Honestly, this snip should have ended twice. First with the morph and second with Taylor's Ranger comment but I wanted to see how far I could push myself in a day. Which apparently is pretty far. One shot go!

Anyway,a Worm/Power Rangers crossover that probably is never going to happen. I was mostly inspired by Boom, Lionsgate, and Dinotunder for this but I don't know or think I'm continuing this.

So, some bullet points on my random thoughts for the story:

- These Rangers are based on Ra and his various forms. Dawn = Khepri/Beetle = Red, Noon = Ra/Falcon = Yellow, Dusk = Khnum/Ram = Blue (well purplish blue). Can you guess why I chose this theme?

-Taylor is the Red Ranger because Taylor. The Coins are an offshoot of her corrupted power

-Aisha was chosen because A) she's fun and B) there has been a Yellow Ranger named Aisha before so I thought I'd play with that.

- Originally Theo was going to be the Blue Ranger but I thought why not Eric Phelham? He would be an interesting character to play with in this. He would be unpowered at story start feeling alienated from his family who he admired. He wants to be a hero. It puts him at odds a bit with Aisha who is doing it for giggles for the most part and is related to a villain. I also picked him because he came color coded.

- Taylor's power was corrupted by a combination of the Shattered Grid and the Zordon Wave, the Shattered Grid giving the Wave access to the QA's world as it was washed by. Taylor's Shard wasn't the only one corrupted.

- The other corrupted Shards were in Japan, not quite touching the Morphing Grid aka the source of Ranger Powers but bringing it close enough for Taylor to access. This is why Levithan attacked Japan and would be the reason why Brockton is attacked. References to the Sentai will be made.

-Taylor is building most of the Ranger stuff as time goes on. First the coins that gives enhanced condition (see movies but would be less in this), a personal power (Flight, Invisibility *Eric needs a different power*, Exoskeleton), and a minor shield on kevlar level. Next is the Cloth, see Ninjas from original MMPR, that give various powers at sacrifice of personal powers. And then the Armor aka traditional Ranger Morph. Likely a group powerup/battlizer like SPD followed by a Red one.

-Again, Taylor making things as she goes along with what she can get her hands on. The first Zords are modified cars. A VW Beetle, a Ford Falcon, and a Dodge Ram… Get it?

-Taylor built an Alpha

-Might have Blasto move to Brockton Bay for some Monster of the Week elements

-There would be at least one scene where Aisha and Eric try to convince Taylor to dye her hair like them. There might be multiple attempts.

- The Coins were designed to work better together/are in proximities to each other. 1 Coin gets you a personal power and enhaced condition, 2 Coins gets you the Cloth aka Ninja form, and 3 Coins makes you Rangers.

- Masamune is likely to play a major role in this being a survivng member of the Sentai.

Hope you enjoyed, please tell me what you thought of it!