Title: Another Day, Another School

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Notes: Okay this is my first fic so please be kind, might be OCC, and give me a lot of comments if only to say I suck at writing and I should stop trying.


Kagome walked deep in thought. She couldn't believe that they had to start at another school, and in the middle of the school year at all times. She glanced to her side to see her sister Kikyou walking right beside her. She couldn't understand how her sister was able to be so calm about this. They had already changes school three times in the past two years just because their mother was always trying to get a new and better job. She barely had time for her two daughters anymore.

Kikyou turned and gave Kagome a small smile trying to comfort her. She herself was not leaving behind as many friends as Kagome was. Although she had been popular she did not make close friends as easily as her sister seemed to.

They were finally standing outside of the gate. Kikyou began to walk in as Kagome just stood in front of the gate pouting.

"Hurry up Kagome. We can't be late on our first day."

"Hai, I'm coming." Kagome followed her sister into the red brick building. Little did either of them know the type of characters they would encounter.

CH 1: First day

"Class I would like to welcome our two new students. Kagome and Kikyou Higurashi." Their teacher Kaede-sensei introduced them. They both bowed to the class.

Kagome looked around the class trying to keep the smile on her face. One girl was smiling back at her and seemed rather nice. Her eyes then met a pair of eyes that she swore were golden. It seemed as if they were staring into her soul. She looked to see who owned those soul searching orbs and was greeted with the sight of a stoic yet painfully handsome student. She snapped back to reality when she realized the teacher was speaking again.

".may have the seat in the back corner and Kagome you may sit in the open seat between Sango and Sesshoumaru." Kaede said and then turned to the board to start the lesson.

Kagome sat down and took out her note book. "Hey, I'm Sango. Want me to show you around?"

Kagome turned to see the girl that had been smiling at her earlier. "That would be so great. I don't know where a thing is."


By lunch time Sango and Kagome had become close friends. As they entered the cafeteria a whole group of girls were standing staring at the door as if they were waiting for someone. Kagome looked up at Sango with questioning eyes. "Don't worry, you'll find out in a minute."

Just as Sango finished her sentence the person that all the girls were waiting for entered the room. All the girls crowded towards the tall guy that had just walked in. Kagome tried to stand on her toes to see who was, but all the girls were in the way. Kagome picked up a few sentences of what the girls were saying.

"Would you like to have lunch with me?" "Will you marry me?" "Please let me be your girlfriend."

Finally as the male student got past the mass of girls Kagome recognized him as the guy that she had sat next to in class with the intense eyes. She stared at him trying to remember his name. "..Sess.Sesshou.Sesshou- something." Any way she had to admit he was one of the handsomest guys she'd ever seen. But what was his name.

"SESSHOUMARU!!!!" Someone yelled as they burst into the room.

~~~~~~~~~~~~******* I bet we all know who that is

Okay that's all for now, I know it's kinda shorter then I would like. Please tell me if it's worth continuing and I'll write more.