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CH: 7 What I Want

Kagome groaned as she opened her eyes. She quickly shut them at the strong intrusion on fluorescent light. 'Where am I?' She tried thinking back to what had happened. She remembered going to the mall and then she remembered Naraku. She remembered being thrown against the wall and attacked and had seen Kikyou get tossed to the ground. 'I hope Kikyou's alright. Man my head hurt.' For a moment she feared that if she opened her eyes she would see Naraku, but then she remembered right before she got knocked out that she had seen Sesshoumaru. She decided to gather her courage and accept what she would see. Kagome was greeted with the sight of a white room. 'I'm in the hospital?'

"Oh, you're finally awake." Kagome turned to see a nurse standing by the door. "Your friend will be so happy. I sent him to get some water since he was here all night just sitting by your bed."

"Who?" Kagome was so confused. How had she gotten here? Who was the nurse talking about?

Her voiced question was answered when Sesshoumaru walked in through the door.

"Well, I'll just leave you two for a while." The nurse walked pass Sesshoumaru and out the door. 'What a nice boyfriend to stay by her side the entire time.'

"Sesshoumaru?" The question voiced all her confusions. Sesshoumaru sat down in the seat next to Kagome's bed and handed her the cup of water he was holding. She gladly accepted and after a few sips handed it back. "What happened?"

"Kikyou ran to our house and told us what happened. I ran down there and stopped Naraku, while Inu Yasha calmed Kikyou and then followed in the car. We took you to the hospital." Sesshoumaru didn't look at her at all while he spoke.

"Is Kikyou alright?"

"Yeah, Inu Yasha drove her home. I need to call them. I said I would when you woke up." He moved to get up but Kagome grabbed his arm. They stayed like that for a moment while he kept his face averted from hers.

"Are you really so disgusted with me that you can't even look me in the eye anymore." Kagome voiced softly.

Sesshoumaru turned to see Kagome close to tears. "I could never hate you." He sat down again and looked into her eyes.

"Well you certainly haven't seemed to like me very much. Why did you help me?"

"That's not true. And no one deserves something like that to happen to them."

"What's not true?" Kagome tried to look him in the eyes, but he had turned his head again and soon as she finished her question.

"I know I acted like a jerk and I'm sorry."

'He's apologizing?!'

".The truth is I-I.I love you Kagome. I know you probably don't feel the same after how I acted, but I didn't want you to get close. I don't have anything to offer someone like you. I've been cold and uncaring for a long time and I can't just change that so quickly. I can't give you what you want."

Kagome was shocked by his confession and had to take a few minutes to process all that he said. Sesshoumaru took her silence as rejection and lowered his head. He felt like his heart was breaking. He was about to get up to leave when he heard her speak.

"What if all I want is you?"

Sesshoumaru turned to look into her eyes and see if she was mocking him. All he saw was caring and love and it was directed at him. She looked beautiful even with tears still on her face from earlier.

"Kagome." Sesshoumaru's hand brushed the tears from her face. Kagome turned into the touch after getting over the surprise of the gentleness he was showing. She was more surprised by the depth of feelings she saw in his golden eyes. She saw his face getting closer and closed her eyes awaiting the kiss.

Sesshoumaru leaned down and pushed all his feelings into the kiss he gave her. Kagome was again surprised at how gentle he was being. The kiss wasn't at all demanding but sent shivers down her spine. When it ended she looked at him and smiled. Sesshoumaru gave a small smile in return.

'How I missed her smile.'

'I've never seen him smile before. He's so cute.' "You know you're really cute when you smile Fluffy." Kagome giggled.

Sesshoumaru growled when he heard the stupid nickname, but before he could say anything his lips were claimed by hers. Her arms came to wrap around his neck and her fingers tangled in his long hair. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. 'I'm never letting this go again' was Sesshoumaru's final thought before turning his full attention back to the kiss.


"Hey Kagome." Kagome looked up to see Sango and Miroku waving at her.

"Hey guys. Ummm.where's Kikyou and Inu Yasha."

"No clue. Probably off somewhere alone." Sango stated. "Hey, wanna come to the movies with us."

Just then Sesshoumaru walked up behind Kagome. "Actually I think we have plans." Kagome turned upon hearing Sesshoumaru's voice and smile.

"Yeah I don't think I can make it." With that she grabbed Sesshoumaru's hand and they walked off. "See you guys later." Kagome leaned up and place a kiss on his Sesshoumaru's cheek as they walked. Sesshoumaru's cheeks turned a slight red as he was still unaccustomed to all the affections Kagome seemed to love to shower him with. "You're so cute when you blush fluffy." Sesshoumaru growled but allowed her to constantly call him the childish nickname. He put his arm around her waste and pulled her close as they walked.

Sango and Miroku watched the retreating couple. "Well I guess that just leaves to two of us, Sango." Just then Sango felt a hand groping her backside. She turned and slapped Miroku and walked out the door. "In your dreams Miroku."



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