From birth it was said Hades was strange, in a way he was he had a mother and father who are still alive but he lived with his Aunt and Uncle. He slept in a small room and he was the boy who lived, but no one knew that fact, people believed his brother Aidan was the boy who lived.

Hades was also strange because of his hair, with matched the colour of his eyes... Sapphire blue. These details were not the strangest part of Hades, no the most shocking part was he was a neko boy. You know the anime manga boys you see with the cat ears and tail. Well yeah that was Hades the first neko born in the Potter family.

At the young age of two Hades was abandoned by the Potters on the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive, Surrey, England. From that day onwords he was treated like crap by the Dursleys. Ignored by Uncle Vernon, made to do chores for his Aunt Petuna, and bullied by his cousin Dudley.

The strange thing with Hades was, no one noticed that the strange thing with Hades WAS that he was a neko. He was the only one to know how strange compared to others he truly was. That he did not fit in that he would be considered even more of a freak, that he looked nothing like his FATHER and so little like his Mother.

That he should be loved, that did have family who cared and he would find this out on his 11th birthday when the clock strikes 12.

That he had a mate he was destined to meet on that same day, he truly had a place in this cruel pitiful world.