This Fic is a direct attempt of Whitetigerwolf's Sands of Time challenge.

Sands of Time Challenge


- FemHarry (and Harry MUST be born a girl) (Accepted)

- FemHarry goes back in time to the Maruders Era (Accepted)

- FemHarry must have completed at least her fifth year when she goes back in time (Accepted)

- FemHarry is permantly stuck in the Past (Accepted)

- James, Lily, Dumbledore, and James' Parents must know who FemHarry is (Accepted)

- FemHarry must be sorted into Slytherin (Accepted)

- Must be FemHarry/Snape, FemHarry/Regulus, or FemHarry/Bellatrix (Accepted – Bellatrix)

- FemHarry must have knowledge, though she need not use it, of the Dark Arts (Accepted)

- FemHarry must defend a fellow Slyhterin from James (Accepted)

- FemHarry cannot join Voldemort, and neither can whomever she's paired with (To Be Established, most likely accepted)

- FemHarry must share her knowledge of Voldemort's identity of Tom Riddle with her Slytherin dorm mates (Accepted)

- FemHarry, James, and Lily must punch Sirius, all at different times, when he tries to hit on FemHarry (Accepted)


- Lemons (To be established)

- FemHarry getting pregnant (To be established)

Note: This will be a slow paced Fic like my "Return of the King" Currently is. This first chapter will be a brief intro chapter, mainly going through the pre-plot points as I want to start my story at the start of the "Order of the Phoenix" but make changes to "Prisoner of Azkaban" and "Goblet of Fire".

Intro: It started with a book, memories, and a wish. Before Sirius went into hiding in the Prisoner of Azkaban, he took Reagan Lillian Potter and named her his heir. Furthermore, he left her with a diary. During the Tri-Wizard tournament, Reagan is isolated and alone and finds comfort from someone unlikely. Until the point where she can no longer bear to live in this time. She wants to follow her heart, Wizarding World be damned.

Chapter 0: The Diary

"Kreacher!" Sirius's voice growled and the House Black elf responded to his call, albiet with a heavy grudge.

"Blood-traitor calls for Kreacher?" the elf asked, its voice laced with loathing.

"This is my goddaughter Reagan, she's been named my heir and you are to respond to her as if she were a daughter of the House of Black," Sirius said and Kreacher nodded looking at the auburn haired, green eyed girl next to Sirius who looked very timid to the House Elf.

"Kreacher will do as Blood-traitor master demands, where will Blood-Traitor's girl be staying?" Kreacher asked.

"She'll be staying in Bella's room, Regulus' isn't really suitable for a girl," Sirius sighed as he walked up the steps of the Black family ancestral home with Reagan following him.

They came to a closed door with the faded words 'Bella's room; enter and I'll curse you' written on it. Sirius opened the door and walked in, the room was large with a four poster bed inside, a bathroom off to the right, a few desks and tables, even a couch. But what got Reagan's attention were the amount of books that were in this Bella's room, whoever Bella was, she was like Reagan it appeared, she loved to Read.

"This is where I'll be hiding, Kreacher will be able to get you to me if you ever want to be here. Dumbledore be damned, I'm your godfather and I owe it to your parents to take care of you. Speaking of which, this Summer I'll be coming by the Dursley's," Sirius said and Reagan looked at him curiously.

"Well, enough about that. I'll let you look around the place; I have some things I need to take care of while I'm here. Mainly paperwork to name you my heir so the Malfoy boy doesn't become the head of house Black when I die," Sirius muttered the last park darkly and left the room leaving Reagan unsure of what to do inside the now empty room that was hers.

Deciding to look through this Bella's library, Reagan began to look at the various books, most of them were magical and many of them contained things that she hadn't even heard of.

Reagan saw a book that sparked her interest on the top shelf and reached up to retrieve it intending on reading it. However, as she pulled the book from the shelf, a book tumbled off of the very top hitting Reagan in the head causing her to fall down clutching her head in pain. Muttering something about stupid books, Reagan took a few moments to get her bearings before she looked at the offending book.

It was open to a page and was written in a young girls handwriting, Reagan started to read the page out of curiosity and found it not to be a book, but an actual diary. She put the other book back and grabbed the diary off of the floor and cautiously sat on the four poster bed. It's soft silk blankets brushed over her skin sending shivers up her spine at how gentle and welcoming they seemed. Reagan positioned herself on the bed and opened the Diary up in her lap, coming to the title page, the girl appeared to be 14, maybe 15.

Diary of Bellatrix Cassandra Black, Entry 1.

This is so stupid, it's like I'm thinking about something and it writes it down in the book. Wait, what? Why is it… ugh. I'm gonna hex Andy for insisting on giving me an enchanted Diary for my birthday, although her idea has merit as I can safely think what I want to about my peers, family and the public, so I guess I'll give this a chance.


My name is Bellatrix Cassandra Black, currently a fourth year at Hogwarts school of Bitchcraft and Misery (Haha, can't give me a detention for my thoughts Fumbledork!) Whoa! Sweet, it did the brackets for me. Now, where was I, Oh right. This is so fun, don't tell Andy. I just think and my thoughts are recorded!

Now, back to what I was originally intending to record from my thoughts. I'm Bellatrix Cassandra Black (yes I've thought that three times now), I'm currently 14 and am the middle child of three. My older sister's name is Andromeda and my younger sister is Narcissa. This diary was a birthday present from Andy who wanted me to start recording my thoughts and feelings, and all that mushy girly bullshit. So I am merely going to give a small detailed list of people I want to hex and why, because that's what this stupid diary is for.

So, these people, in no particular order, shall be on my hex into next year list.

Lucius Malfoy, ugh, the jerk. Always creeping me out with the amount of time he spends flirting with Narcissa, Narcissa is fucking 12! Like really, can't he go for someone his own age, who isn't my sister. I should really hex his balls off, the damn git. And I can't tell you the amount of times he pronounces "My father will hear about this!" when he doesn't get what he wants, like damn, talk about a Daddy's boy. I bet he takes daddy's cock into his ass and it's permanently lodged there.

Reagan giggled at that thought, it seems that Lucius Malfoy did the exact same thing his damn son Draco Malfoy is currently spouting.

Next up, James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin. I can't believe the amount of balls they had to pull off what they did, they charmed the great hall entrance to remove every girls' clothes except our underwear! I swear to god when I get my hands on them, I'm going to personally remove their bits with my dagger. I mean, Aunt Dorea and Uncle Charlus probably wouldn't be happy with James, but the other three are fair game!

Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange, Ugh those brothers absolutely infuriate me. The amount of times I've hexed Rodolphus for grabbing my ass in the common room, doesn't he understand that I hate him? Well I hate almost everyone. He keeps insisting that I'll marry him or some shit like that and that I should respect him, fat chance, I'm already dating someone, secretly and SHE can do things he can't, like get me to orgasm. My parents would kill me if they found out I was gay…

Reagan was brought out of the diary by Sirius at the door, she hadn't realized how much time had passed and how the diary was. She flicked through a few more pages seeing dates and events before she placed the book on the bed and looked at Sirius who was looking at her nostalgically.

"You know, you really do look like how I remember her," Sirius commented.

"Who?" Reagan asked shyly.

"Your mother, her head always in a book," Sirius smiled.

"Kreacher has dinner ready, come on, I have some things for you," Sirius said and Reagan looked at him with curiosity before she placed Bellatrix's diary on the bedside table and followed him down the stairs.

Reagan sat at the table across from Sirius as dinner appeared in front of the two of them. They made small talk, Reagan telling Sirius about her life before Hogwarts, how the Dursley's treater her, everything. Sirius was very unpleased with how they treated her and vowed he would come by to have words with the Dursley's.

"I know you don't want presents, or get any much, but I wanted to give you these, your mother would want you to have this and James would want you to have the other thing as well," Sirius waved his wand and Reagan watched as a Guitar case flew from the next room and landed on the table.

"This was your mothers; she would often spend time playing it. She said the music allowed her to relax and think," Reagan placed her hand on the case before opening it, inside was a beautifully crafted Taylor brand guitar, along with a pic and a folder that held notes and surprisingly moving pictures of her mother playing. She also noted something else.

There was a mirror inside the case as well, Reagan picked it up and looked at it with curiosity then looked back to Sirius who had his trademark grin.

"It's a two-way mirror, James and I used these to talk to each other when we had detention at school, we also used them to communicate during the war when he and I were given different assignments. James would want you to have his, I still have mine, just call my name when you want to talk to me and I will answer," Sirius said and Reagan nodded before getting up and hugging Sirius, holding him as tight as she can.

"Thank you Sirius," Reagan said and Sirius had to stop himself from crying.

"I've also worked a locator charm into the handle, wherever you go, take it with you. I'll be able to find you cub," Sirius said in a bare whisper.

"Promise me something?" Reagan asked.

"Anything, you name it, I'll do it," Sirius replied.

"Bring Remus here and give him a home as well," Reagan said and Sirius chuckled.

"Reagan, you have your mother's heart as well as her eyes. Of course I'll bring the damn wolf here, even if I have to drag him with his tail between his legs," Sirius said, Reagan nodded before enjoying the first real hug she's ever received from a family member.


Sirius kept his word and second day of summer Holidays he turned up at the front doorsteps of the Dursley's. Reagan had noticed the silence wards go up and recognized the form of Padfoot bark from out the window and then wink at her before he changed back and the doorbell rang.

Vernon and Petunia had shown expressions of complete fear when 'Mass Murderer Sirius Black' knocked on their doorstep, waltzed into the house and then proceeded to threaten Vernon, Petunia and Dudley that if Reagan was told to do any chores, or is even given a bruise, he would be back to fulfill his promise to Reagan's mother and father. All three inhabitants of the House had paled dramatically and were now scared to even talk to Reagan which suited her just fine as she went through her mother's books and guitar notes while also deciding to learn some other songs. One thing she found she couldn't leave anywhere was Bellatrix's diary, for some reason she loved to read it and read the girls thoughts and feelings. She also talked a lot with Sirius, he would call every night through the mirror and she would reply, he would also bring her books to study and even got her a second wand, well it was her mother's wand which gave her sentimental value and she was able to practice magic with it and not be caught by the ministry.

Fourth year was absolutely dreadful for Reagan; the Tri-Wizard tournament had been horrifying with Reagan's name coming out of the goblet. Her friends Ron and Hermione had turned their backs on her, claiming she cheated even though they knew she wanted nothing more than to have a quiet year for once. This led to her being cast out from Gryffindor common room and so Reagan had sought refuge in the Room of Requirement after collecting all of her belongings which was packed in her expanded and heavily warded trunk. The good thing that came out of the year was that Mad-Eye Moody had notice Reagan's isolation and had offered to teach her how to fight and defend herself, he had presented her with an outlet for her anger and resentment for her Gryffindor ex house-mates. She even brought books from Bellatrix's library that Sirius snuck in for her, while he warned that many of the books had dark arts, he couldn't fault her logic for wanting to become stronger to defend herself and not need to rely on anyone, especially Dumbledore, who had completely lost her trust. The good thing that came from the Tri-Wizard Tournament was that it was for Witches and Wizards who were considered adults, Dumbledore hadn't factored that in and as soon as Reagan knew that ruling, she had immediately gone to Gringotts and claimed the House Potter ring and the House Black ring which Sirius had allowed her to take which the Goblins were perfectly fine with. However, both rings remained disillusioned so that no one could see them on her fingers and know. Looking back on herself, she wished she had of listened to the damn sorting had and allowed herself to be placed into Slytherin, common view be damned because Gryffindor and her 'friends' all seemed to turn on her which Reagan only fully realized during the Tri-Wizard tournament. She absolutely hated the fact that they wanted her back after she came first place in the first task, she right out refused, went back to the great hall where she ran into Professor Moody who offered to give her some time to work out her frustrations which she gladly took.

The second task, Reagan had saved the Beauxbaton Champion's little sister and Remus who was chosen to be her prisoner. This gave her the gratitude of Fleur Delacour and Reagan was seen hanging around, talking and even studying with Fleur. The older French witch and her friends had taken Reagan in, viewing the betrayal of the Hogwarts students as horrible and detested the Hogwarts students entirely. This led to Fleur asking Reagan to accompany her to the Yule Ball which Reagan accepted, the two even went dress shopping together to get matching outfits. Everyone's reactions were priceless when Fleur Delacour entered in a silver dress with her arm linked with Reagan who decided to ear an emerald green dress which hugged all of her developing curves in the right places. Professor McGonagall had told them they needed to find male dates, but Fleur pointed out that it was never specified that they had to be male and female partnered.

The end of the Tri-Wizard tournament ended up with Reagan winning after an ordeal which had her stunning an imperiolised Krum, and then stunning Cedric after he had stunned Fleur. That was the same day she was captured and Voldemort returned, however, instead of killing her, her informed her that someone had informed him of how much she changed and asked her to join him. Reagan only said she'd think about it if he'd turn over Peter Pettigrew to the Ministry to free Sirius, before she accio'd the cup to herself and port-keyed back to Hogwarts and was pronounced the winner.

A/N: So as I said, this was more of a pre-story chapter to inform every one of the changes that are being implemented the main one being Sirius being freed next Chapter. Barty Crouch Jr not revealing himself, Voldemort not torturing Reagan and instead offering her a choice. Reagan's not forgiving or forgetting and instead has taken it upon herself to learn to defend herself even through the means of Dark Arts, Reagan and the Diary of Bellatrix (which will be important all throughout the story), Reagan will eventually go back in time, but as I said at the start, this is going to be one of those Slow burn fics. Furthermore, I am going to endeavor to upload a chapter once a week. I will be putting "Taken" on hold as I am currently out of ideas for that one, might even re-write. Instead I'll be focusing on "Return of the King" and "P.S. I love you" which is this fic. "Return of the King" Chapters will be uploaded every Sunday-Monday (Australian Time). While This fic will get a new Chapter every Wednesday-Thursday (Australian Time).

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