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Chapter 16: Black Mage of the Sisterhood

Life at Hogwarts settled down in the weeks that followed Samhain and the articles from the Daily Prophet moved onto more mundane things than Reagan Evans. The students, except the junior death eaters and some of the others who had a grudge against her, started to go back to normal and not look at Reagan with any contempt and went back to their usual activities. That wasn't to discount the fact that Reagan and Lily Evans were in the top 5 'hottest' female Hogwarts students, along with Bellatrix, Ingrid and Apolline.

The group continued to excel in their classes, with Lily and Reagan actually competing for the top spot in terms of their marks. Reagan and Amethyst, while remaining private about being together, were still very much together. Often stealing kisses in broom cupboards between classes or some other form of illicit activities after hours, where Reagan would steal her father's invisibility cloak to sneak into her girlfriend's bedroom.

Yule, or Christmas as Lily knew it as, was an interesting time for Reagan. They had been given two weeks off for Christmas and new year's. Reagan spent the first week with Lily, Jason, Margaret and Petunia. While their relationship was very strained, Petunia seemed to act a bit kinder towards the two of them after finding out that Vernon was cheating on her with her best friend. Reagan had called her girlfriend over for a revenge plan, which featured them helping Petunia with some fashion and health advice – which they hoped she would take. Oh, and having Vernon watch Amethyst and Petunia snog caused him to turn beet red, Reagan's idea of course.

On December 25th, the yule ball that the ministry held was at Lord Bone's manor was attended by Reagan and Amethyst, along with Lily and James, Bellatrix and Ingrid, Anastasia and Cyrus, Marlene McKinnon and Sirius, Remus and Annabeth – which still shocked the werewolf.

Remus and Annabeth had been doing a lot of study together when it came to Ancient Runes and a few other subjects that coincided with that central subject. While it internally saddened Reagan to watch her first love fall in love with someone else, she was more than happy that her Uncle Remus was finding his own happiness. Besides, Reagan had Amethyst.

The second week Reagan and Amethyst spent at Potter Manor, James had pulled Amethyst aside to give her the 'father' talk. Which was quite comical coming from a 16-year-old student to Professor of 24 years of age. Yet, Reagan appreciated the sentiment. Charlus and Dorea also gave Amethyst their own version of the 'parent' talk, which actually seemed to make Amethyst nervous. Aside from that, the rest of the year was fairly uneventful – aside from a few internal friendship issues, namely Ingrid seeming to fight with Anastasia every now and then, over what, the others didn't know but they always made up again.

However, Reagan had agreed to go to America with Amethyst over the summer break and meet her parents. To Reagan this was a big deal as Alastair Crowley was even more famous than she was, the Author of the infamous Book of Shadows.

"Okay, seriously Amy. Why did we have to travel the muggle way to America?"

"Because, once we get to my parents' we won't be left alone! And between you and me, babe, we don't get enough alone time."

"What? You mean me sneaking into your bed every night wasn't enough sex?"

"I'm a succubus, what do you expect?"

"Well… you're the one who waited until new years to reveal that fact to me! I mean come on Amy! That sexy black tail and those wings, and let's not forget the horns and the black tats!"

"You're such a perv."

"My girlfriend is a succubus, shoot me."

"Reagan! Professor Crowley!" the two looked over with surprise on their faces as Amanda McKinnon skipped up to them, they frowned wondering what she was doing at an Airport… in New York.

"Amanda, what are you doing here?" Reagan was the first to recover.

"Oh, you know. Just visiting family, Marlene decided to spend her summer studying, I think Lily and Apolline are going to be joining her in the manor sometime. But not me, nope! I like to travel during summer. What about you guys, what are you doing?" Amanda said with a bright smile.

"Makes sense, we're off to meet Amy's parents," Reagan blushed a little, her nerves were clearly showing.

"Sounds like it's getting pretty serious, say, could you two give me a hand? I forgot to charm my luggage before getting on the plane and well… can't really do that with all these muggles around, can you help me get it to the car my father hired me?" Amanda asked.

"Sure thing, we've got to wait like… half an hour before the car her family is sending is coming to pick us up," Reagan answered for Amethyst before grabbing one of the three trunks Amanda had been struggling to pull.

"It's just around here," Amanda turned a sharp corner and Reagan and Amethyst followed.

As soon as they rounded the corner, Amanda was facing them. Black robes surrounded them, Reagan and Amethyst looked alarmed, Amethyst reached for her wand but a spark of magic slammed into her and she dropped to the ground unconscious.

"What the hell!" Reagan growled, she dodged one spell before slamming her fist into the nearest robed figure's face, the response with a girlish shriek before Reagan was sent flying back with a powerful pulse of magic, she slumped over on the ground unconscious.

When Reagan came to, she tried to move her arms. However, they were held tightly behind her back and when she looked down, some kind of glowing blue chain was fastened around her wrists, tying them together behind her. The surprising thing about the chains were that they were completely made of magic, and when she tried to pull her arms apart she screamed at the searching heat that burned her wrists when they tried to pull apart.

"I wouldn't try that, if I were you," the familiar voice said calmly, Reagan's head snapped towards the source of the voice.

Amanda was standing in the shadows, it was then that Reagan registered the room she was in. Ancient stone pillars were holding up gothic archways, blue flames were lit in golden lamps.

"So… you gonna kill me or going to give me to your master to do it himself?" Reagan spat out.

"Ah, you are mistaken that I am one of those… Death Eaters. No, I'm not going to do anything of that sort," Amanda replied.

"Cut the bullshit Amanda, why else would you kidnap Amy and I."

"Forgive my manners, but I have yet to properly introduce myself."

Amanda McKinnon stepped into the light, she was wearing a black robe with golden trims. Her features, however, changed right in front of Reagan's eyes. Gone was her dark brown hair and in its place, was a bright crimson, her once dark hazel eyes shifted into a deep blue with specs of gold. Her face slimmed a bit and she grew about a foot in height. She also looked to be in her late 20's now.

"My name is Ryiah, I am the Black Mage, one of the leaders of the Sisterhood of Sorcerers. Amanda McKinnon was my undercover persona. Now, we're going to have a conversation, where I will make you an offer. Depending on what your answer is will determine just what happens after," the woman, Ryiah stated.

"We ain't gonna speak about shit all, until I know where Amy is."

"Very well," Ryiah waved her hand, magic sparked from her fingertips and a blue translucent screen appeared. On the screen appeared the image of a bedroom, where an unconscious Amethyst Crowley lay on top of the covers.

"As you can see, your Succubus is safe, unconscious still, but safe. And if you don't believe me, well," Ryiah snapped her fingers and right on the screen two more black robed figures seemed to phase into the room, one of them lifted a finger and wrote in the air 'She's safe… for now' in orange flames.

"Alright, you have my attention… for now," Reagan said, relaxing a bit in the chair she was tied to.

"Good, now that we can have a civil conversation. Allow me to once again reintroduce myself. My name is Ryiah, and I am the Black mage of the Sisterhood of Sorcerers. We're an ancient organization that has existed since the time of the first mages, eons ago. We work behind the scenes, keeping the peace as best we can," she said, Reagan snorted.

"Great job you've done, Grindelwald and now Voldemort. Two dark lords in the past century, well done," Reagan said.

"Our organization is spread thin, with how the mundane magical folk are nowadays. It's rare for someone to be born with natural talent, usually, we find them as infants, source them and then replace the memories of their existence entirely. They are then raised within our organization and forged into warriors powerful enough to take on a legion of those wand waving fools on their own."

"Is this supposed to be going somewhere?"

"It certainly is, Miss Potter. So, can you tell me, how exactly it is that we didn't detect you, as an infant?"

Reagan froze, a chill went up her spine. The blue eyes bore right into her, long crimson hair much redder than, her own or that of her mother's. Crimson red, as if stained with blood.


"I'm familiar with the stench of death, Reagan Lillian Potter. I've been around it for eons, you see, our organization transcends time. However, we are still susceptible to death by other means. Those of us who are left, are the best, we train for decades before we can go into the field. So why is it, that someone with skills on par with the rest of us, comes from out of nowhere? And don't bullshit me, girl."

"Girl? Tell me, Where the hell was your precious organization when the world was burning? Where the hell were you when people were dying? Tell me that Bitch," Reagan snarled, the entire room shook, Ryiah, however, remained unfazed, if anything a smirk graced her lips.

"Grindelwald was hardly a flea when it comes to monsters, however, the Sisterhood was alerted to the growing power of the new Dark Lord only recently. About the time you suddenly appeared, as if you were the catalyst that drew him out," she clasped her hands behind her back and turned to pace a few times, the shimmering of the gold trim annoyed Reagan.

"So, you know all about Tom Marvolo Riddle then, do you? Well how about I say Fuck You."

"Tom Marvolo Riddle is an anomaly; his magic is ancient and dark. His blood is that of one of the most powerful mages to have existed, and the other half is traced back to Salazar Slytherin, one of the four paragons of the old. He is born of evil magic, and it has the potential to corrupt. We cannot allow that; the organization is going to be stepping in. The question is, Miss Potter. What are you going to do?"


With a mighty roar that sounded inhuman, Reagan tore the blue chains off of her wrists, burning her wrists in the process. Magic built up from her core and shot out towards Ryiah, using the burning pain from breaking out of the chains to add fuel to her attack. Ryiah moved last second, turning out of the way, her cloak swirling around behind her body. Reagan jumped over the chair she was previously held on and threw spears of earth towards Ryiah. Ryiah caught the spears that would have hit her with her bare hands, then she crushed them into dust.


"You're good, better than most. But you've got shit all on me."

Ryiah seemed to phase through the darkness, Reagan's eyes tried to keep track. She barely managed to dodge a powerful burst of magic that completely tore a stone pillar from its base. Reagan turned and twisted, ducked and weaved, until a hand pressed into her chest. Her emerald eyes met deep blue for the briefest of moments before she was flung backwards straight into the stone wall.

Once again, pain was Reagan's friend. She used the feeling of fractured bones and aching muscles to fuel her magic. However, Ryiah again phased through the darkness and appeared right in front of Reagan, her hand closed on the built-up magic before Reagan was lifted and slammed into the ground. Ryiah's fingertips resonated in magical energy of the likes that Reagan had never seen before, yet, Reagan refused to yield. Even when she was on her back, a knee held against her neck and blue eyes leering down at her.

"You have a choice, Reagan. You can join the Sisterhood, train with the others until you have to return to Magical Britain. We will put you through the most rigorous training regime within one of our time dilation academies, and should you be found worthy of a Black robe, when you leave, you will not be alone. Your succubus can even stay with you throughout your training. Or, you can turn down my offer, and we erase all memory of events from occurring. Amanda McKinnon never existed, we integrated her existence into your reality so that I could observe you up close. It will go back to that state, where Marlene McKinnon is an only child. The only difference is that you'd retain knowledge of the truth. So, what do you say Reagan Potter?" Ryiah let up the pressure of her knee ever so slightly, just enough so that Reagan could answer.

"I'm in."

Tom Marvolo Riddle looked up at the moon and smirked, it was a full moon and while the time was not exactly the best. He couldn't afford to wait any longer, he walked through the secluded muggle village with purpose. Around the circumference of the village, his Death Eaters had already erected strong wards which made sure that they wouldn't be noticed. Now, Greyback and his pack, along with this Death Eaters and their recruits, were going door to door and dragging the pitiful muggles and every living animal they owned out into the streets by force.

Antonin Dolohov was a sour spot, he was the most powerful of his Death Eaters and he certainly would have been good for their morale. But, his loss, while unfortunate, made way for something even greater to be seen. His Reagan was a powerful Witch, and with her under his thumb, everyone would kneel at his feet. However, it was quite apparent that she would not yield to him. Which made his current actions necessary.

"Abraxas, I want all of the children to be drained of blood on these specific spots," he instructed one of his most faithful followers.

Abraxas Malfoy replied with 'my lord' before bowing and doing as instructed. The ritual he was performing today was rather costly, rather evil, not dark, pure evil. Which is why it required the deaths of an entire village, every man, woman, child, pet. All of the life needed to die if this ritual had any chance of being a success. But not only did they have to die, they had to suffer while dying and their blood had to drench the ground.

But before the blood of the adults could be spilt, he first had to purify the entire ritual zone. This was done with the blood of all of the children, they were to be bled out along the lay line that was located underneath this mountain village. Which is what Abraxas was doing.

Around him adults screamed as their children were torn from their grasp, before their throats were cut and the young innocent blood seeped into the ground beneath. The village was a cacophony of screams and tears, and it was music to Tom Riddle's ears.

Once all the blood of the innocent children drenched the soil, the adults followed before he cast a Fiendfyre spell, after telling his followers to get to a safe distance away. As the monstrous flames engulfed all it touched, the smoke pooled together before it begun to spin as if it were a tornado. Tom stood with a straight back and a manic gleam in his eyes as seven pairs of purple eyes appeared from within the black smoke-y tornado that was formed from his ritual.

"You summoned us, human. You are either smart, or foolish," the seven voices echoed, no one could tell what they were, just that their voice sent shivers down everyone's spines.

"I wish to make you a deal, I massacred this village just to speak to you, you should at least grant me a hearing," Tom said.

"… Very well. Speak human, before we decide to devour you."

"I want your assistance in corrupting someone, once that's done. I'll provide you with seven powerful bodies for you to inhabit and wreak havoc upon the world under my rule."

"And why should we help you? We can simply bide our time while you humans destroy yourselves."

"Because I know where to find the tools that would destroy you, Dumbledore has the wand, Baron Charlus Potter has the cloak, and I have this," Tom held his ring up to them in his palm, the seven pairs of purple eyes focused in on it.

"The stone, you possess it?"

"I do, and you'll need my help in order to get to the others. The person I want you to help me corrupt and bend to my will is protected by Baron Charlus Potter. If we take her, the cloak is as good as yours, then the wand would follow. In our possession, the seven of you would be invulnerable, for you would be the master of your warden; death."

"You have a deal, human."

The seven pairs of eyes split off from each other, each wispy black vapor roaming around the charred remains before settling into an ashen skeleton. The skeletons sat up, before standing up. As they stood, their bodies started to repair themselves, first the bones, then the veins and muscles, before their skin started to form.

Three adult males, three adult females and one young girl now stood, their bodies having been rebuilt by the seven demon Lords. The six adults stood behind the young girl, who stood in front of Tom, a good 3 feet shorter, yet, she looked as if he were merely a bug, not worth all of her attention.

"Where do we start?"