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Later adventures

Prologue - A legend is born

It was a rather cold August night. Heavy rain was falling at the little town of Winhill. At the residence above the bar, two women sit in the darkening night wide-awake. The younger one, a lovely woman with brown hair and big blue eyes, is lying on the bed, still, trying to conquer the fear of death, which draws closer. She has given birth to a little child, a boy, which is sleeping in a cradle next to her.

The older woman is a midwife that was present during the birth, is now taking care of the young woman. Her face is diged with sorrow, for she knows the younger woman will die, so soon after she gave birth to her son.

"Raine?" she whispers. "Raine, open your eyes my dear, to see him…"

Raine opens her eyes and sighs in pain.

"Tania, let me see him, hold him…" her voice is a weak whisper that out of her heart. Tania picked up the baby who woke but didn't cry. She laid him on Raine's lap.

"Here he is…your son…"
Raine looked at the baby with tenderness.

"My baby…please forgive me…you'll grow strong and healthy I'm sure. You'll become great some day…oh…my little one I'm sorry I'm going to die…"
Tears ran from her eyes. They flowed over the baby.

"Raine…give him a name because…" she couldn't say any more. She cried. Cried, for the upcoming death of the pretty, young woman. Raine looked out of the window. It was heavily raining.

"There's a storm tonight. Father used to call them 'squalls'…then, that shall be his name…Squall…Squall…" She left a final sigh and died in peace, happy to have predicted her son's rise.
But, how was poor Raine to know, how was Tania to know what that little baby was to become when she gave it to an orphanage ran by a woman named Matron. They had no idea that that little boy, was one day, 17 years later, to meet five magnificent young people, become friends with them and fall in love with one of the girls. No idea that he was the one destined to defeat a sorceress named Ultimecia who was from the future. But also, no one in the world knew that, that boy was the last descendant of a proud and legendary family, the Leonharts and last descendant of a hero long forgotten…that is the beginning…it is the birth of a legend!

Chapter one - The lion returns

Zell, Irvine, Selphie and Quistis were at the front gate of Balamb Garden, which was stationed at Mandy beach of Timber.

"Yo, Quisty, where the heck is Squall and Rinoa?" Zell snorted with a bored expression on his tattooed face.

"Zell, Quistis already told you twice they went to Timber 'cause Rinoa wanted to visit Watts and Zone and see her father who was around. Geez Zell! Can't you be a bit more patient?" Selphie told him off with an ironical expression on her face. Then, she leaned against the wall next to Irvine, who lovingly placed his arm around her.

"Hey! Here they come!" Quistis exclaimed, looking towards the direction the couple was coming from. The others looked too.

Walking towards them came a young man, with his always-untidy brown hair waving in the soft breeze. He wore black trousers, black leather boots, a white T-shirt and a black, leather waist-length jacket with white fur at the collar. There was a diagonal scar on his forehead, made by a gunblade. Another gunblade, his trusty Lionheart, was hanging by his hip. It was Squall Leonhart. They were laughing and coughing together. Next to him came Rinoa, his beloved girlfriend, giggling about something. They were both covered in sand and one excited Angelo was hopping all around them barking happily.

"Yo! Squall! Rinoa! What the hell took you so long?" Zell asked, as they got close enough.

Before answering, Squall spit some sand out of his mouth, smiled and said: "You won't believe it, but we just ran into a pack of Vysages, Lefties and Righties. Man, they almost buried us in sand!"

"Yeah, but Angelo got us out of the tight spot!" said Rinoa cleaning the sand out of her hair.

"Okays!" Irvine said, "Since we're all here at last, let's check out…"

"…What I have to tell you?" Headmaster Cid interrupted him.

"YES Sir!" Irvine said and tapped his hat upwards.
Everyone saluted.
Cid cleared his throat and started his speech.

"Alright, let me brief up the mission. I'll try to make it short and sweet. A village near Winhill, named Calypso is under the threat of a dragon-like creature called Carnorium. The villagers contacted us and hired the best SeeD we have - meaning you six. Now, your job is to kill that creature and reclaim an artifact it has stolen. You'll get to Calypso by car…Oh, Nida's bringing one up right now…"

When Nida brought up the car, the team saluted and got in. Nida waved at them as they drove away and Cid wished them good luck.

The journey to Calypso was long and calm, boringly calm, but with some fun moments, especially when Zell fell asleep over the steering wheel and they almost fell into a pit! From there on, Squall took the wheel. Upon arrival at calypso, they found out that the village was way too quiet.

"Hmm…hey, what's going on here? This place seems deserted!" Squall said looking all around him.

"Really…it's as if it was…dead…" Rinoa said.

"No! It's not dead! Everyone's hiding from the monster!!" a young voice shouted behind them.

The team turned around to face the owner of the voice. A young - no older than 7 or 8 years old - boy was riding a chocobo and pointed his gun bow towards Zell.

"Are you guys the SeeDs we hired?" he asked sharply.

"Yes, that's us." Squall replied. "I'm the team leader, Squall, and this is Zell, Irvine, Rinoa, Quistis and Selphie."

The boy looked at them one by one. "Oh…ok then. Sorry I threatened you. I'm Feidon; I'll take you guys to the car…carnorium's cave but, you'll need chocobos…wait a minute."

He whistled and a bunch of chocobos charged near them. "Hop on!" Feidon said "And follow me!"

The party did as Feidon told them. Squall noticed the chocobo he rode, a proud, stout male had its beak firmly closed.
So they went through a forest, crossed a river and finally arrived at the cave.

"Well, this is it." Feidon said. "I'd better take the chocobos now and hit the dirt…I guess I'm too scared to stick around…"

Just as the chocobos marched away, the one Squall was riding dropped something. It was familiar to him in shape but he couldn't be sure. He picked it up.

"Hmm…an ultima stone…might come in handy…" he said and put it in his pocket.

"Hmm…I guess it's better he ran away. This could be dangerous for him." Said Selphie examining the cave's entrance. "You think this could be some sort of huge dragon?"

"Huge or not, we're going to toast it! Right Squall?" Zell laughed out loud.

"You took the words right out of my mind, Zell." Squall replied, drawing his great gunblade, the Lionheart. He looked at it, stroked the fine blade as it shone in the sun and entered the cave first. The rest of the team followed with their weapons out and their senses sharpened.

They had walked quite a long way in, when the ground shook hard. A huge dragon emerged from just nowhere, and stood in front of them. It was 10-12 meters high, with black scaly hide, a big, black head with red horns, eyes of bright green and teeth the size of bananas! Its tail was covered with large, grey spikes and its wings were the size of a small airplane's.

It roared proudly.

"Who dares to enter my kingdom?" it asked with anger. "In Carnorium's kingdom? The King of Dragons!"

The team stepped a bit backwards in a little fear. All but Squall. He stood right there in front of the beast and ironically replied.

"You? The King of Dragons? Sorry to disappoint you but, Bahamut is King of Dragons as far as I know." Carnorium roared in greater anger than before.

"How dare you speak the name of my enemy in my presence?! You shall die!!! All of you! Come, my servants!"

At his call, dozens of dragons came from the dark corners. Ruby dragons, Hexadragons, Grendels, Blue dragons, all sorts of them. The cave's entrance was sealed with magic and the team had no escape.

"Alright guys! Let's PARTY!!!!" Zell shouted as he attacked the nearest Grendel. The big lizard tumbled on the ground by Zell's blow and Quistis used Blizzaga on it.

"YAHOO!!!" shouted Irvine firing at full speed against a Ruby Dragon with Rinoa and Selphie helping him.

In the meanwhile, Squall did something very crazy but also very brave. He attacked the Carnorium head on, all by himself. By the first blow he delivered he caused some damage. The dragon roared, furious. Then it opened its wings and started to fly all around him. Now Squall was in deep trouble. He was stuck on the ground while the Carnorium was flying all around him spitting fire at him.

"Uh-oh! Shit! This…isn't…good!" he thought as he jumped here and there trying to avoid the dragon's fireballs.

Suddenly, the Carnorium hit him with its tail. That caught Squall on surprise. The tail hit him hard and tossed him a few meters backwards into a wall. A sharp spike ripped through his chest making the blood flow over his clothes. The Lionheart, his faithful gunblade, couldn't resist the force and broke. Squall collapsed to the ground.

"Ahh…the pain…it's too much…is it over?" he wondered as he passed away. He lost his senses.

"Yo guys I can't see Squall! He's…disappeared!" Zell shouted.
Squall felt like drifting away from the world. He opened his eyes. He wasn't lying on the floor of the dragon cave anymore. He was in a white chamber, with silver, shining walls. The floor was covered in a thick white mist, which felt warm.

He lifted his eyes and saw seven figures moving near him. They were all dressed in white clothes with hoods over their heads.

"Who are you?" Squall asked.
The first figure uncovered its head. She was a young woman with long, red, curly hair.

"I'm Faith, Faith in friends, love and life."
The second figure stepped forward.

"I'm Truth." She said. Half her face was ugly, half beautiful. Her voice was sweet.
"I may be painful, bad and pitiless, but I judge the lies."
Then the third figure showed herself. She had a stout expression on her face, but she was beautiful. She held a sword in one hand and a Libra in the other.

"I'm Justice. I live in the souls of the noble ones."
A young boy appeared. With blonde hair and blue eyes, he looked innocent.

"I'm Courage. I assist the brave ones in times of need." His voice was loud and clear.
A mid-aged man looked at Squall kindly.

"I am Wisdom. I provide illumination."
Then, an old woman entered the circle.

"I am Knowledge. Wisdom is my son. We choose the wise and mighty ones."
Then, finally a tall thin woman walked towards Squall and the others bowed in respect.

"I am…Destiny…I have sealed your life, Squall. The seal is permanent and lifelong. Now, you have two choices, Squall. Either stay here, in eternal peace and dignity, or go back and fight in a dark unsure world. Choose now Squall."
Squall thought for a moment. All the things he had done in his life passed like a flash before his eyes. As much as he wanted to stay there and rest, back in his world there was so much to see, still so much more to do. His friends were there, but above all, his first, only true love Rinoa was there. He couldn't live without her. He decided to sacrifice a chance of eternal peace and rest, in the name of friendship and love.

"Have you decided Squall?" Destiny asked him.

"Yes!" he replied. "I choose to go back. I have so much to do there. I missed a lot of things in life and I want them back. I want to go back!" His soul was a bird that opened its wings to fly.

Destiny smiled.
"That's what Andros would of chosen too…well then, since you wish to go back, talk to him." She said and pointed somewhere behind her.

Squall looked over to where Destiny showed him. What he saw amazed him. A great, proud lion with wings made out of shiny silver, was trying to break free from its chains. Its whole body shone with an out-world light. It roared with pride and anger as it tried to break free from its chains.

"Griever…" Squall whispered. It wasn't the evil GF he had once defeated. But it was Griever. Its figure was strangely familiar to him and made him feel secure, he could trust it. Then, Griever spoke. Its voice had an immediate effect on Squall. It was deep, silent, calming.

"Release me…release me and set the power free… set the truth free…release me Squall!"

Squall tried to stand up but the wound on his chest kept him down.
"You must get up…you must get up…" said a voice in him. "I must…I must…" he said to himself.

Then he heard a song. A sweet, relaxing song that gave him strength. It was Faith.

"Believe and you can do anything. Believe and you shall have Faith's song again." Griever whispered.

Then Squall felt two hands supporting him and helping him to stand up. It was Courage.

"You know, lions walk with their heads to the sun, not the ground." He said.
Squall painfully got up and struggled towards Griever. The lion fixed its eyes on Squall's. The blue fires in both met. Squall touched Griever's chains, which broke open.

Griever opened its wings and roared. Then he looked at Squall again.

"Squall, now you have proven you are a true Leonhart. Thank you for freeing me. I am Griever as I was before Ultimecia's evil magic affected me, as I am after you freed me from the evil spells. I am the Guardian of every Leonhart." Then it looked at Squall's wounds. It flapped its wings softly and the golden aura from them gave him life and completely healed the wound.

"Griever," Squall said. "I want to go back to my world. I have to go because, my friends need my help, and…and I don't want to leave Rinoa alone. She needs me now and I need her. Griever, please help me."

"Of course I will, but first don't you think you should learn something about the past and present, and why not, predict the future? Climb onto my back."
Squall did as Griever told him. The lion opened its wings and rose into the air. Before he knew it they were outside a mausoleum. Squall stepped down.

"Griever, what is this place?" he asked.

"The place of my birth, and the birthplace of the first Leonhart, Kallinike Leonhart. Come on, follow me."

They entered the mausoleum. Torches all around the walls lighted it. Squall took one from a nearby wall and full of curiosity looked around.

"This is your family's holy ground. Take a look around and learn." Griever said, sitting on a big stone block. Squall started to look all around him. He felt like he knew this place, it was mysteriously familiar to him. On the walls were paintings, marvelous paintings of people, men, women, all the ages, from old men to young kids. Some paintings were older than others.

Then, he spotted the painting of a young man, about his age, who looked exactly like him! The only difference was that he held a different type of gunblade and he didn't have a scar. But they were identical!

"Griever, w-who's this?" Squall gasped.

"Ahh…that's Andros Leonhart. Your great-great grandfather. Squall these are all your ancestors." The lion said in pride. "This is the family of the Leonharts. Your family."

Squall was stunned.

"These people are my family?" He just couldn't believe it.

"Squall, you come from an old and great family whose propagator was a sorcerer. The power of the male sorcerers are given from father to son, and not embodied like the powers of the females. So Kallinike, the propagator of the Leonharts was a sorcerer. And the powers of the sorcerer don't just involve magic. Those powers determine whether you are a fighter or a mage. Kallinike's powers went straight down to you. You pushed all the power to fighting with weapons, the sensible thought, intelligences, self-discipline and dexterity. Which has proved excellent. They are all proud of you Squall. Yet, there is still enough power for you to obtain other abilities too. I dare to say you are the finest Leonhart of all, besides Andros, he was the greatest. It's a pity Andros died in such a shame, killed by a treacherous dragon…" Griever looked all around him.

"You know, all the paintings are made by Kallinike's magic. Take a look at that one over there." He told Squall.

Squall did as Griever told him. He saw a background of black paint. And, before his very eyes, it started to fill with lines, colours and shapes. It was himself, standing there in the blackness, looking far away with his gunblade over the right shoulder, and his other hand on his waist.

"That's me…" he said.

"Yes, that's you. You've been accepted in the family. Now why don't you take a look at the pictures before yours?" Griever continued with an enigmatic tone on his voice.

Squall followed his orders. Still holding the torch he found out something he couldn't believe even in his craziest dreams.

He saw a picture of Raine. There she was smiling at him. Just as he remembered in Laguna's 'dream world'. Big, blue eyes, brown hair and a kind face.

"Griever, does this mean Raine……………is my mother?!" Squall gasped with his eyes wide open.

"Yes. Her name is Raine Leonhart. Then she got married to your father…Do you have any idea who your father is?"

"No. How could I …………Hold on a sec! You're not telling me that…Laguna's my father now are you?!"

"Yes he is. He's one of the finest men I have ever met. Although he talks more than he must and acts foolishly sometimes…Yet, he is a wonderful man. He has a strong spirit. You look a lot like Raine, Squall, but you have your father's eyes and spirit…And he doesn't know either that you are his son. To him, you are just a wonderful young man, who did what he could not do on his own, defeat Ultimecia."

A bizarre thought passed through his mind.

"Oh no…" he said. "I'm such an asshole. I'm so ashamed. I thought Laguna, my father, was nothing more than a clown, I called him a fool and a moron…oh my goodness, I'm so embarrassed…when we first met up close, he saw what I thought of him through my eyes…now how can he forgive me? His own…son…?"

"Squall, you did not know the truth. It is not a sin to know the truth, it's a sin not to seek for it." Griever advised him. "Squall, I'm sure that Laguna will understand you if you go and explain to him. Do not hide anything from him; therefore he is your father. He is the only person you must trust more than yourself. He will understand how you felt. And, believe me, he feels the same way about his younger self…But Squall, now we must return to your world. Your friends need your help. To manage that, you must think of your happiest memories you have from that world. Memories you hold in your heart. Tell me when you're ready…" said the silver-winged lion and got off the block and stood in front of Squall.

Squall's mind was working with the speed of light. Which were his happiest memories? He had so few…because until recently his life was all misery, discipline and fighting…but there in the back of his head he found the answers. It was when he found out that Zell, Quistis, Seifer, Selphie, Irvine and himself were once together. When he first met with Rinoa, when he first fell in love. After the struggle to defeat Ultimecia, when he almost lost her, Rinoa meant everything to him. If those weren't his happiest memories, then which were?

"Griever, I'm ready but…my gunblade was destroyed."

The lion laughed with a soft growl.
"You really underestimate Kallinike's magic now, don't you? Tch, tch, tch…That can be arranged. Have a look behind the altar on your left…" Squall had a look. There plunged into the stone was his gunblade, his Lionheart, brand new. Yet it was a little different now. It shone with a mysterious, wonderful light, just like the light Griever shone with, that felt warm as he grasped the handle.

"Ok, now I'm ready…"
He jumped on Griever's back and kept his thoughts on Rinoa and his buddies.
"Let's go Griever!"
Griever flapped his wings once more and they started flying through the wormhole that would take them back to his world. His skin was on fire and glowed with the same mysterious aura Griever had.

"The light is called Flame Lion's Mist!" Griever cried out. It covered both of them, spreading like flames. The next second he was in the dragon cave. The evil Carnorium held Rinoa and the others prisoners. When they all saw Squall and Griever, their jaws dropped open. "Squall!" everyone cried out. They thought he had died, but there he was, with burning eyes, gunblade in hand, covered with Flame Lion's Mist and ready to battle.

The Carnorium saw them and was afraid.

"No!" it roared. "It's not true! You! You are back! No…you can't be back! It's impossible! You are Andros! Andros Leonhart! You can't be alive! I killed you long ago! You can't be back!"

Squall smiled with irony on his face.
"Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't Andros. I'm just his descendant…"

"You are facing Squall Leonhart, Carnorium!" Griever roared.

"I'm a SeeD. My job was to get rid of you and that's what I'm about to do!" Squall shouted. The echo of the cave made his voice sound more like a lion's roar than a human's voice.

The huge dragon roared. Then it closed its eyes and concentrated.
"What the heck is it doing?" Squall thought. Was it going to use magic? Yet Rinoa's sorceress' powers had warned her in time.

"Squall!" she screamed. "Squall! It's a death curse! Look out! You'll die if it hits you!"
Squall's mind worked again with the speed of light.

"Now what do we do Griever?"

"Squall, this spell is pure evil. Only faith, love and believing in you can save us Squall…"

"I know…"
The Carnorium raised its clawed hand.

"Intervigilium Mortalus!" it roared.
A ray of black light burst out of the dragon's hand and flowed to Squall. But he knew what to do. He took his decision within quarters of a second. He pointed out his gunblade.

"Flame Lion's Mist, guard me!"
Someone had whispered to him the words.
A ray of the shiny mist hit back the black ray and it bounced away as if it hit a mirror and hit a Hexadragon, which died instantly.

The love Squall had for his friends was what made the Mist to bounce the curse away. The dragons were now scared. None had survived from that spell. But Squall just had.
Squall and Griever charged and hit Carnorium. The gunblade hit its neck and caused major damage. The dragon roared and proceeded to spit fire against him. But he missed. The fireball hit a small cage. The door broke open and a puny dragon hopped out.

"Thank you Master Squall! Master Carnorium, sorry, but Caesar will obey the Leonhart now!" he squeaked and shook his tiny fist at the huge dragon.

"Traitor!" Carnorium roared.

"Who is the traitor sir?! You! You killed Andros! You had promised to be his ally! He promised to help us Holy Dragons and you killed him! You are a traitor!" Caesar screamed and sticking out his tongue, blew a raspberry at Carnorium.

"Master! Order Caesar Sir! Caesar obeys!" he yelled at Squall.

"Caesar…free…my…friends…" Squall responded trying to deal with Carnorium's tail along with Griever.

Caesar did what Squall ordered him. He flew up to the cages and started using his amazing, for his puny size, fire force to melt holes on them. Soon, all the gang was free and started fighting the other dragons to keep them out of Squall's way.

Squall and Griever had pushed Carnorium into a tight spot. It was amazing how well Squall and Griever worked together as one body, one soul. They actually read each other's mind. With some good strikes they had ripped Carnorium's wings and the beast was helpless on the floor, bleeding.
By a bad turn of luck Rinoa slipped and fell into the pit, right in front of the beast. She was dizzy from the fall and didn't see the dragon.

"Griever! Dive! We have to get Rinoa out of there!" Squall shouted.

For a moment he thought it was hopeless, but just in time, they had passed like a silver bolt and Squall grabbed Rinoa by her waist, just as the Carnorium's jaws closed behind her in a loud, metallic sound. As Griever gained height, Squall sat Rinoa on Griever's back behind him. The Flame Lion's Mist covered her too. She wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Squall? What happened? Where did you go?"

"I'll tell you later, baby! You won't believe it! Just hang on!" He answered and focused on finishing Carnorium.

"AURA!" he cast on himself and Griever. It was time for the combined limit break 'Lion's Powers'.

Squall raised his gunblade.

"Flame Lion's mist, empower my blade!"

The Lionheart was covered in thicker mist and shone like a star. A mighty roar came out of it.

Squall jumped onto the floor.

"RENZOKUKEN!" he roared and dashed at the dragon who was now terrified.

He started hitting multiple times always pulling the trigger at the right second. He jumped back. He refilled his gunblade and prepared for his finishing hit.

"No!" said Carnorium weakly. "Please forgive me!"

"Never would, never will! You didn't spare Andros!" He answered cunningly.

"Ready Squall?" Griever asked.

"I'm always ready!" was the answer.

"NOW!" Griever roared and dived to strike Carnorium along with Squall. His claws were flaming. Rinoa closed her eyes with worry.

"Please let all go well…please all go well…" She prayed for Squall and Griever. Squall called "LIONHEART!" and attacked. The multiple blows were so well delivered, they all worked. Carnorium couldn't last for long. The final devastating blow was all it took to destroy Carnorium. Griever's claws did equal damage but also burned the dragon with holy power. After the final blow, Squall had landed after an impressive backflip back onto Griever's back.

Then it was over. The huge lizard was dead.

"Hey! They're all gone! The dragons hit the dirt! They're all gone!" Zell said as Squall, Rinoa and Griever landed near the others.

"Well, that's one less thing on our minds for now…" Squall said as he got off Griever's back and helped Rinoa down.

"Squall! Alright! You're ok!" Zell cried out.

"Wazzup, Zell? Am I that important to you?"

They all laughed with that last one.

"Ahem…Squall, don't you think it's about time you did some explaining? Who's this?" Irvine said pointing at Griever who was lying on the floor licking the blood off his paws. "Why are you covered in that shiny fog?"

"It's a long story man…" he replied and told them everything. How he saw the figures of the rights he mostly believed in, how Griever came along, that Griever was under the effects of Ultimecia and how he had found out that his parents were Raine and Laguna.

In the meantime, Griever had disappeared and the Flame Lion's Mist left Squall whispering: "I'll return when you need me most…"

"Too bad he left…Although his mission was over. I know I'll see him again. I'm sure. I liked him." Squall ended.

"I still can't believe that Sir Laguna and Raine are your parents…" Selphie said.

"I still can't believe I either…" Squall responded.

"Uhh…now we have to find the artifact…" said Quistis and looked all around her.

"Caesar knows where it is1 I'll bring it!" he squeaked and flittered up to a stone 'shelf' and pushed aside the stone pillar that was there and pulled something from behind it. But, it was way too heavy for his size, so he went straight down with it…


…right into Zell's arms! The artifact turned out to be a dragon's idol with ruby eyes.

"Wow…cool." Said Selphie.

"Com'on guys. Lets get going. It's late and I wanna go eat some hot-dogs at the cafeteria…" Yawned Zell.

I'm going to Esthar this week. I have to talk to Laguna. I have to tell him he's my father…Will he believe me? Further more, will he forgive me for calling him a moron? How will he accept me?…" Squall thought to himself as they walked out of the dragon's cave. "And… who the heck was Andros?"

Later, Squall and Rinoa were on the second floor deck of Balamb Garden, gazing at the sunset as they sailed through the endless ocean towards Esthar.

"Oh…Squall, look over there…At the quad silly, not the infirmary…look. You see what I saw?" Rinoa said softly.

Squall looked over. He saw Quistis and Seifer walking together. They were talking and laughing and Seifer had a strange expression on his face. Squall couldn't remember seeing that on his face before.

"Heheheheh…They're flirting! I told you they'd end up together!" Squall said. Rinoa giggled.

"Yeah…you were right…um…where's Caesar?" she wondered, looking around for any sign of their new friend.

"Oh, he must be exploring Garden. I'm so glad, my little sorceress, Cid allowed him to join Garden."

"Hehe…me too. He's such a sweet little guy. He likes you very much. He's going to be the first dragon to become a SeeD!"

"Yeah…he is. I wonder what'll become of him. He's puny now, but Holy Dragons grow huge. And he's still a baby! But, he's the best dragon I know!" Rinoa laughed. Squall hugged her and placed his head on her shoulder.

"I feel so happy I'm here with you," he said. "I love you."

"Don't forget, happiness is only bliss."

"Then you, my dear, must be bliss…I love you so much, I want to enjoy all the sunsets in the world with you,. Share all the music with you. I'll love you forever and into eternity. Even after I'm gone for good…"

Rinoa blushed.

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