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Part 3:


Kazumi was amused when Take-chan had begun getting up early (even on mornings when he didn't have baseball practice) to meet with Sawada Tsunayoshi to walk to school with his new friend. However, he was more than a little concerned when his brother started coming home telling about this 'Mafia Game' that he was playing with 'Tsuna' and 'Gokudera' (who was apparently a transfer student from Italy who liked to play with 'fireworks' -honestly Kazumi loved his brother but was more than a little worried about his sheer oblivious nature when it came to reality).

After Hibari-kun reported to him that the 'fireworks' were truly what Kazumi believed them to be (dynamite), Kazumi was more than ready to acquaint himself with his brother's new friends.

(He had no compunctions about making them disappear, even if one of the ones that might possibly vanish was responsible for saving Take-chan).

His opportunity arose rather quickly.


Kazumi had just finished up a large order of unagi sashimi that was to delivered later on that evening. Currently, the restaurant was in a mid-afternoon lull, and it would be another hour or so before the dinner time rush would set in. As it was, there were very few customers in Takesushi at the moment.

Kazumi was about to inform Yamamoto-san that he was going to head upstairs to work on some of his translation work - for the publishing house he worked for part-time. Before he could, his phone lit up with a text from Take-chan. After reading and replying that he would be over in a few minutes, Kazumi told Yamamoto-san that hew was going to meet up with Take-chan and some of his friends to help with some homework.

Yamamoto-san smiled, and told him to be careful and to call him if he needed something (something that Yamamoto-san had never done prior to the revelation about Kazumi's health). So, Kazumi departed, looking forward to meeting Take-chan's new friends.

Takeshi was over at Tsuna's house with Tsuna, of course, and Gokudera, and some girl named Haru -who had shown up from nowhere. Anyway, they were working on a problem for their math homework, and while he had completed the rest, he had no clue on how to do this particular problem. So, they were waiting on Haru to figure it out. It had been roughly an hour and a half since Haru had started to work on the problem, and Takeshi could tell she was really struggling with it, so he decided to text Kazu-nii to see if he would come over to help.

Sure enough, Kazu-nii replied swiftly that he would. But before Kazu-nii arrived Gokudera's older sister Bianchi ( and wasn't that awesome that both he and Gokudera had older half siblings!? he should really mention that to him), had been called in by Haru.

Ha! For some reason, and it was really funny - even though it kind of wasn't, Gokudera passed out when he saw his sister like he normally did. And rather than helping, Bianchi ripped up a copy (that Takeshi was fairly certain was Tsuna's) of the homework, which really wasn't good.

Then the doorbell rang.

Brightening ( which most people wouldn't think possible) Takeshi jumped up.

"I'll get it!" Takeshi announced, smiling.

"O-oh, please let it not be another troublesome person!" Tsuna said loudly, almost begging, clutching his hair.

"Oi! Who dares come to Juudaime's home uninvited!?" Gokudera yelled, still looking fairly sick - probably due to Bianchi still being in the room.

"Don't worry!" Takeshi laughed, as he was walking out of Tsuna's room. "I called someone who might be able to help."

Kazumi arrived at the the address Take-chan had text him. It was a quaint house, two story with a tree so close to one of the upper windows on the second floor that it wouldn't take a ninja to break into the house (it was just properly located enough to be a excellent point of entry to anyone looking to break in, it would be child's play to just -

Kazumi sighed. He really needed to stop thinking like a ninja. Ninja were obsolete in this world, and unless he wanted to join the mafia (and he most certainly did not, thank you very much) there was no point in that way of thinking.

He rang the doorbell and patiently waited. Soon enough he heard the sound of feet quickly approaching from the other side of the door, which opened to reveal his grinning baby brother.

"Kazu-nii!" Take-chan exclaimed excitedly. "Thanks for coming. We're really stuck on this one problem."

"Hn. One?" He questioned lightly, ruffling his brother's hair as he passed him in the entryway.

"Just one. Sorry for calling you all this way for only one problem, but it's really difficult!" Take-chan explained as they made their way up the stairs side-by-side.

"It's hardly a problem. You are my favorite little brother after all." Kazumi teased, causing his brother to huff playfully.

"Haha! Like I have any competition in that!" Take-chan said, not aware that that statement wasn't wholly true, but it was close enough, given the circumstances. But in this circumstance, he thought that he had learned how to be a much better big brother to Take-chan than he had been with Sasuke.

Take-chan let him to a bedroom that was quite ...chaotic. A boy with light brown, fluffy hair, was pulling at his hair with his hands, while his face was firmly planted on the table. A boy with silver hair, who's skin had a green ting at the moment was yelling at a young woman -about his age (so twenty or twenty-one) with pink hair. The one with pink hair was speaking to a girl with dark hair, that was tied up in a pony tail. A child with an afro and a cow print onesie was crying in the corner. And finally there was a baby sleeping in a hammock on one side of the room, blowing a bubble with his nose (Kazumi caught that the baby - who gave off the same aura as Mammon - was more than he appeared to be, and wasn't actually asleep).

Kazumi nodded at Take-chan who had taken the quick moment Kazumi had surveyed the room to retrieve his copy of the homework and brought it to him. Kazumi took the paper and glanced at the only blank problem on the page (he wasn't even sure anyone else besides Take-chan and the baby who was pretending to be asleep were aware he was even there).

"The answer is four, Take-chan. Do you need me to explain it?" Kazumi asked, wondering why Take-chan's math teacher had assigned him a rather difficult college level math question.

" Sure Kazu-nii." Take-chan responded grabbing Kazumi's hand to drag him over to the table in the room, that was surrounded by people who wete giving him odd and surprised looks (he imagined the surprise was due to the fact that none of them noticed his presence unail now.)

"Hn." Kazumi knelt in seiza and calmly explained the math problem that the middle school students should never actually see again until they went to university (even as the silver hair boy beGan yelling at Kazumi to explain his presence "in the Juudaime's house".)

"Ah, it's fine Gokudera -" Take-chan began to explain, only to be rudely interrupted by the silver haired one Kazumi now knew was Gokudera.

" I wasn't talking to you - you damn baseball-freak!"

The atmosphere in the room plummeted.

Kazumi turned to Gokudera, and smiled sweetly, from beside him he heard Take-chan gulp loudly. "Excuse me? I must have misheard you, what did you just call Take-chan?"

"Hieee-! T-take-chan?" The brunette, who Kazumi supposed was Sawada Tsunayoshi, looked awfully confused and worried as he looked between Kazumi, Take-chan, and Gokudera.

(Kazumi noted that the baby (who Kazumi was certain was no mere child) had stopped feigning sleep and was actively watching the scene).

The silver haired boy looked unconcerned as he responded. "The baseball-freak is the baseball -" Take-chan had jumped up, slung his arm around Gokudera's shoulder, and slapped a hand across the other boy's mouth - effectively cutting off Gokudera from finishing that sentence. The boy struggled trying to get away from his brother's grip - to no avail.

"Maa, maa! It's just a nickname. Gokudera has this funny habit of giving people rude nicknames! That's all. No need to get mad about it." Take-chan explained quickly, smiling but looking worried at the same time.

Kazumi cocked his head sideways as he looked at his brother's strained smile. He most certainly did not want to upset his little brother, and if his brother was tolerant of this Gokudera's insulting 'nickname' and didn't want Kazumi to get angry about it (Take-chan, after all had seen Kazumi angry at Squalo for all the times he had slipped up and called Take-chan a 'brat' - so his brother was well aware that he was scary when he was angry) then Kazumi supposed he could overlook it for Take-chan's sake.

"Hn. If you say so." The atmosphere in the room returned to normal and Kazumi turned his attention to the boy with the fluffy hair.

"You are Sawada Tsunayoshi, correct?"

"Ah! Yes, I am." Sawada said nodding, nervously (Kazumi was vaguely reminded of Squalo's Mafia Academy roommate, Dino Cavallone).

From his seiza position, Kazumi bowed deeply in Sawada's direction (making the boy squeak- yes, he was most certainly reminiscent of Cavallone - how on earth was this the boy responsible for getting Take-chan involved in a "Mafia game"). "On behalf of Takeshi's father and myself, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks for saving Takeshi. The next time you visit Takesushi it will be my treat."

Sawada was violently shaking his hands and his head. "No need, no need! It was nothing -"

Kazumi glared at the boy, lightly enough to just get him quiet. "I would appreciate if you did not refer to Take-chan's life as 'nothing', Sawada-kun. I assure you it is very precious to me."

Sawada looked stunned. Gokudera, who had at some point been released from Take-chan's hold on him yelled, "Oi! Don't speak to Juudaime like that, bastard!"

Take-chan was blushing, while grinning happily, and scratching the back of his head.

"I'm Reborn, Dame- Tsuna's home tutor. Let me apologize for my student's insensitivity." Said the baby-who-was-not-a-baby, who was named Reborn. "He did not mean to belittle Takeshi's life. Let me accept your kind gratitude on his behalf."

Kazumi nodded his acceptance.

Reborn turned to Take-chan. "Takeshi, please introduce us."

"Ah!"Take-chan exclaimed. Kazumi's brother then beamed, as he proudly introduced Kazumi to his friends. "Guys let me introduce you. This is Kazu-nii, he's my older brother!"

All of Takeshi's friend's quickly introduced themselves. Kazumi noticed when this was happening that Reborn was giving him a speculating look -which he noted, but decided to ignore. If anything came from it later he would deal with it then.

Not long after Kazumi left - it was about time for the dinner rush to start at Takesushi and Kazumi needed to be there to assist Yamamoto-san. So he said good-bye and ruffled Take-chan's hair while telling him to not be too late, and departed.

"Ahh, Yamamoto, I didn't know you had an older brother." Tsuna commented to Takeshi as soon as his brother left. "I've never seen him around town before."

"Yeah, that's not surprising, Tsuna, Kazu-nii is seven years older than us." Takeshi said laughing. And because Takeshi was so proud of Kazu-nii he couldn't help talking more about him now that they were on the subject.

"Kazu-nii and I aren't full-blooded siblings. We have the same Okaa-san, but Kazu-nii was born from a previous relationship Okaa-san was in. Isn't it awesome, Gokudera? We both have older half siblings! Haha, anyway, Kazu-nii is super smart. Which is probably another reason you've never met him before. Kazu-nii was home schooled for years until he was ten, and then when he was tested to see what grade level he was in, he was automatically ready for college. He went to Kyoto Daigaku and graduated at fourteen!" Takeshi informed his friends proudly.

"Wow!" Tsuna exclaimed, eyes wide. "That's amazing. He's got to be really smart." Haru and Lambo nodded along to his words.

Gokudera looked impressed as well, but snorted. "He must be disappointed to have such a baseball-idiot for a brother then." He said scathingly.

"You'd think, right?" Takeshi nodded in agreement. "Kazu-nii's awesome about it though. He says that we're two different people, who have different strengths, weaknesses, and passions. He told me that it's great that I have baseball to be so passionate about and if that's what I want to pursue in life then there is no problem with focusing most of my time on baseball, because I love it and he wants me to be happy."

Tsuna nearly had tears in his eyes. "You have such an amazing brother!" And even Gokudera looked hard pressed to say anything mean.

"I know." Takeshi agreed, smiling. Kazu-nii was the absolute best.

That night Reborn was contemplating Takeshi's brother and whether or not he should try to acquire him as a guardian or not. On one hand Hibari Kyoya was already a powerful cloud, and he wouldn't run into the issue of having siblings as guardians, who might care more about their sibling than their sky. But on the other hand, Reborn could already tell that Takeshi's 'Kazu-nii' was already an extremely powerful cloud, who was already flame active -whether he was aware of it or not.

Ah, decisions, decisions. He resolved to do more research on 'Kazu-nii' (Takeshi hadn't actually introduced his brother by his actual name), before reaching a decision.

As he was thinking, Bianchi arrived by his side and sat down.

"Reborn." She started simply. "Please know that I love you. However, I've found someone who is closer to my physical age. I beg your forgiveness, but I think I must move my affections to 'Kazu', but please know I will always love you, Reborn."

Well then. "I understand Bianchi, I wish you luck in your pursuit."

Bianchi wiped a tear from her eye. "I truly appreciate your blessing, Reborn."

(In Italy, more specifically Varia Castle, Squalo Superbi got the strangest urge to fly to Japan immediately and kill someone.)


About four days after Takeshi had called Kazu-nii over to Tsuna's to help with the math homework, Takeshi was headed home after baseball practice. He was walking by Tsuna's place when he saw a familiar figure walking just beside Tsuna's house, so he called out to greet them.

"Hey! Dr. Shamal, what are you doing here?" Takeshi called, causing the man to turn in his direction. At first it was clear that Dr. Shamal wasn't sure who he was, but soon enough recognition flashed in the doctor's eyes.

"Ah. You're Inoue's kid brother, right? I'm was treating a patient, got the shitty job of treating a male. Again." The older man almost pouted, causing Takeshi to laugh. This doctor was so weird, but Takeshi was so thankful that he had been able to help save Kazu-nii. He didn't know what would he would have done if his brother hadn't been able to pull through.

"I bet the person you treated was really grateful, Dr. Shamal, no matter how much you complained about treating them." Takeshi commented as they walked down the street. Remembering, clearly, how vocally the man had expressed his distaste at treating men, and how badly the man had bothered the nurses in the hospital.

"Right." Dr. Shamal scoffed. "All the pathetic brat did was whine and yell at me. No appreciation at all. Well they did say thank you however the whining and yelling outweighed the gratitude considerably."

"Well, you can't win 'em all doc. But, speaking of appreciation, if you want, you can follow me to our restaurant, and eat dinner there on the house. I'm sure Otou-san and Kazu-nii would want to show their gratitude while you're in town. Interested?" Takeshi offered.

"Ha! You know your brother doesn't like me at all, kid." However, Takeshi could tell he was thinking about the offer.

Takeshi shrugged, no denying the truth after all. "Yeah, but even so, you did help him, and he and Otou-san would be appalled if I hadn't offered."

"I'll take you up on that offer, kid, I could go for some sushi. And who says no to a free meal? Lead the way."


Shamal, just as the kid had said, was welcomed to Takesushi with a seat right at the counter and a free meal, courtesy of the grateful father. Inoue was the one to prepare his food as Yamoto-san went to grab him some of the 'good sake'. The restaurant, Shamal could tell, was a popular on, but business was slow at the moment because it wasn't quite dinner time yet.

Shamal watched his former patient as he made quick motions with his knife and at some moments quick, practiced movements as he prepared the sashimi and sushi. Yeah, he still didn't see the resemblance between the young man and the DNA results Shamal had tried to forget...

"So, Inoue, how has your health been?" Shamal asked only because he felt like he had to.

"Hn. Fine." Inoue said, continuing his work.

Yamamoto-san, who had returned and poured Shamal some sake, scoffed. " Yeah, he's fine alright. Passed out just last month from lack of oxygen, had to make sure he didn't drown in his own blood."

Shamal nodded. It was difficult to treat patients who never wanted to admit that anything was wrong -always insisting they were 'fine'. "Well, Yamamoto-san, that is the symptoms I mentioned. There is no way to make them go away completely, I'm afraid. I did warn you that I couldn't promise that he wouldn't die by choking on his own blood if he isn't careful."

"That you did, doctor." Yamamoto-san nodded.

Shamal saw Inoue roll his eyes as he sat the platter of food in front of Shamal. " Itadakimasu." Shamal took a bite, and damn if it didn't make him glad that he had treated Inoue, even if he was male. The guy could certainly cook!


"What the hell! Why'd that freak beat Juudaime and I up and you got away untouched! Huh, baseball idiot?" Gokudera asked angrily.

Takeshi laughed awkwardly, feeling a bit bad that Tsuna and Gokudera had gotten beaten up by Hibari-kun and he hadn't. Not that he wanted to get bitten to death by Hibari, but it still felt odd that he hadn't been touched and the others had been hurt - not badly, however, Hibari-kun wasn't known to pull his punches.

"Yeah." Takeshi started uncomfortably, "Kazu-nii and Hibari-kun are good friends, so we've been thrown together a couple of times. He's been coming to watch my baseball games with my brother for a few years, too, so..." Takeshi trailed off with a shrug. He and Hibari certainly weren't that close, but he was a lot closer to the prefect than most people could claim to be.

Tsuna gave him a look crossed between horror and amazement. "You're friends with Hibari-san?"

Did he consider Hibari a friend? "Yep." Takeshi said.

"Then why didn't you call that bastard off, baseball idiot!?" Goudera yelled.

Takeshi rolled his eyes, smiling. "I'm sorry that he hurt you guys, but Hibari-kun isn't really someone you tell what to do. The only person I've ever seen him listen to is Kazu-nii."

"A-ah. Is that so?" Tsuna asked looking a little freaked out.

Gokudera huffed angrily. "Get your brother to do something about him then. No one should treat Juudaime like that!"

Takeshi sweat-dropped. Kazu-nii wasn't the type of person you told what to do either (though he generally would do anything Takeshi asked for, but he was the exception).

"What the fuck! That piece of trash did what!? And you let the fucker live? You won't even let me call Take-chan a ' brat '! What the ever-loving fuck, Kazumi ! " Squalo yelled through the phone.


"Voi! Don't you fucking 'Hn' me! You go fucking orbital when anyone so much as says something rude to Take-chan! I'm still not sure what you did to the bitch that pushed Take-chan off the roof and called it a suicide attempt! And I'm in the fucking Varia with that thrash Mammon, who knows just about damn near everything that's going on! So what the hell!?"

Kazumi vaguely wondered if this conversation would be happening if Squalo was aware that Take-chan didn't want Kazumi to get mad about the horribly rude 'nickname' that Gokudera called Take-chan. (If it wasn't specifically Take-chan's request for him to drop it, then Gokudera would be in a world of pain by now - especially with the frequency that Kazumi heard that atrocious named directed at his brother).

"Take-chan asked me not to." Kazumi explained, as if that was all that was needed to be said on the subject.

"Well, shit. Fuck it! I can believe he did that, but I'm fucking surprised you've actually let it go."

"What kind of brother would I be if I ignored a request from my baby brother?" Kazumi asked, rhetorically. He was not pleased with the situation, but Take-chan had spoke, and Kazumi had already promised.

"VOI! Damn, Kazumi you're getting soft in your old age!" Squalo whistled through the phone. "OI! Hey! I know your poking me in the fucking forehead mentally right now! How many fucking times do I have to tell you to stop doing that!?"

Kazumi rolled his eyes, wondering when Squalo had become so intuitive as to know when he was indeed mentally tapping his fingers on Squalo's forehead. He absently rubbed Shisui's head, the bird was perched on his leg and demanding his attention. "We're the same age, Squalo." Kazumi pointed out, the fond unsaid 'you idiot' implied. "And you're wrong. I wasn't poking you on the forehead, I was mentally kissing you on the forehead."

There was some indecipherable sputtering noises on the other side of the line, and the few words Kazumi could make out were curses. It was so fun to tease his best friend turned boyfriend, even after all these years of dating, Kazumi thought smiling as he patiently waited for Squalo to get himself under control.

"Get your fucking ass on a plane to Italy, Kazumi! VOI!" Squalo finally got out.

" 'So damned demanding', Squalo. I can't. Remember? You said that the Varia was going to be rather chaotic in the next couple of months or so, and it wouldn't be possible for me to visit you or you to visit me." Kazumi reminded, teasingly, knowing exactly why Squalo wanted him to visit. It was truly a pity he couldn't, but it was fun to tease Squalo nonetheless.

"Fuck." Squalo complained, groaning.

"Maybe later." Kazumi replied cheerfully, purposely misinterpreting the one word complaint.

"Damn you, Kazumi!"

"Love you too, Squalo."

There were more indecipherable noises on the other end of the line.


Kazumi arrived at Namimori Junior High with a cooler full of food and a video camera. It was the day of Namimori Junior Hight's athletic festival and, of course, Kazumi was going to attend to cheer Take-chan on and, of course, record it for his mother's collection - that the family had been faithfully adding pictures and videos to since her passing. Plus, he had to send a video to Squalo and the rest of the Varia.

He was found by Reborn as he was laying down a picnic blanket on the ground and asked if he minded some others coming to sit with him. His response: "As long as they are friend's of Take-chan."

Soon enough Haru, Lambo, Bianchi, and Sawada-kun's mother Nana-san, were beside him on the ground watching the various events. They were all rather loud (well they would have been considered loud by most people's standards, but Kazumi had grown up with Squalo so...), but Kazumi rather enjoyed the presence of others as he watched his brother win in all of the individual events he participated in. His only real complaint was that for some reason Bianchi kept trying to get his attention, constantly asking him questions, and sometimes getting in front of his video camera and disrupting his view. He hadn't realized she had such a friendly personality - the first time he had met her she had been almost completely silent.

Anyway, the day progressed and it somehow ended up that it was his brother's team against the other two teams, with Hibari-kun in command.

In the end Take-chan's team lost and the entire school yard somehow became a large brawling arena. He had a feeling the Varia were going to be very amused when they watched this video.

"Voi! That fucking bitch! Who the hell does she think she is!? She's fucking flirting with Kazumi! Dammit!" Squalo screeched as he and Mammon, Lussuria, and Belphagor watched the video Kazumi had sent them of Take-chan's athletic festival.

"Shishishi! The shark has competition for the shark-whipping-peasant. The Prince is amused." Belphagor said, dodging a swipe from Squalo's sword.

"Mou~. I'll find all the information you need on her. For a price, of course." Mammon offered from Belphagor's head.

"Ah~~.This is not darling~ at all~!" Lussuria exclaimed. "She can't take Kazu-kun~ away from Squa~lo~ they wouldn't look good together at all~" Lussuria moaned from the couch. Lussuria did not want the couple he was so shipping to get split up by this pink haired woman.

"It's pathetic how jealous you are." Was Leviathan's only comment, he hadn't wanted to watch the damn video at all, but now he was glad curiosity had gotten the better of him.

"Shishishi. The Prince agrees with Levi, for once. The shark is jealous and the shark-whipping-peasant was oblivious to the woman's intentions!"

"VOI! I'm going to slice all of you into fucking ribbons, and then track that bitch down and run my sword through her head!" Squalo yelled, attacking Belphagor who was defending himself with his knives.

"Mou. Do you think he's forgotten that we're going to rescue the boss soon, and that he can't kill us yet?" Mammon asked Bel.

"Shishishi, the Prince does not doubt it. The shark is rather stupid - when it comes to the shark-whipping-peasant."

And that about summed it up.


"Hey, Yamamoto." Bianchi called out to Takeshi as he was about to leave Tsuna's house.

"Yeah, Bianchi-san?" Takeshi asked, wondering what she needed from him.

"What is your brother's favorite food?"

Well, that's random. "Dango?" He said, more of a question than it should be.

"Oh~ a man with a sweet tooth, how wonderful." She commented before walking off to the kitchen, leaving Takeshi to wonder what that was all about.

"Hey, Squ-nii. What's up?" Takeshi asked that night when he received a call from Squ-nii. Which was pretty normal considering they spoke at least once every two weeks.

"VOI!" Takeshi had to pull the phone away from his ear. "Is Kazumi cheating on me with some pink haired woman!?"

Takeshi looked at the phone in disbelief. What the -? Why on earth would Squ-nii even ask that? Kazu-nii and Squ-nii had been dating for five years now and, really, they basically dating for years before that, they were so close. What had caused Squ-nii to think Kazu-nii was cheating on him and with a pink ...haired...woman. Bianchi? Why would he think Kazu-nii was cheating on him with her of all people. As far as Takeshi was aware they had only met twice, and after the second time, Kazu-nii had only commented that she kept getting in the way of his video camera... Maybe she had been flirting with Kazu-nii and he hadn't realized it?

"Um... Squ-nii are you talking about how Bianchi-san kept getting in the video camera's view during the athletic festival? Because, while she might have been flirting with Kazu-nii, I don't think he actually realized that was what she was doing. His only comment about it was that he found it rather annoying that she kept getting in the way." Takeshi sighed when there was nothing but silence on the other end of the line. "Kazu-nii would never cheat on you, Squ-nii. Honestly, you two have been dating for five years already, and have been best friends since you two were four. Do you really think Kazu-nii would dare give that up for some woman he just met. Really, Squ-nii?"

"Fuck! No, he wouldn't. I'm just being a fucking idiot. Forget this conversation ever happened, ya hear me!" Squ-nii said relived.

"Sure." Takeshi agreed. "But Bianchi-san liking Kazu-nii does explain why she asked me what his favorite food was today. Makes sense in retrospect." Takeshi mused. "Right, Squ-nii? Squ-nii? Oh, the line's off, the connection must have broken off, oh well, I'll talk to him later."

"VOI! Let me the fuck go! I've got to go to fucking Japan to murder a bitch!" Squalo yelled as he was held back from leaving Varia Castle by Belphagor and Lussuria, with Mammon watching off to the side- a crushed cell phone in his non-sword hand.

"Shishishi, not now shark. The Prince will join you later for the bloodbath, but you are required here for now."

"Oh~ Bel-chan's right Squalo~! You can't leave now, not when it's so close to time~ to get boss~ back!"

"Mou~ calm down, Squalo, I'll make sure to get all the blackmail I can on her. I would hate to lose my favorite sushi chef, after all. Stay put for now though."

"VOI! You fuckers don't fucking get it! That bitch is going to seduce Kazumi with dango, dammit! Let me fucking go!"

That night at the Yamamoto-Inoue residence a box of dango was delivered. It was promptly thrown away due to the suspicious fumes radiating from them. Tsuyoshi for a moment even thought that Kazumi had attempted to make dango again, but that thought was quickly banished. Kazumi hated to waste dango ingredients on attempts he knew would be futile.

Who knew where that strange delivery came from.


Tsuna was never more relieved in his life to see Yamamoto's older brother walk into the room. Reborn had brought Tsuna, Lambo, and Bianchi to a nice sushi restaurant called Takesushi, and then ran out leaving him with a ridiculous bill! When Yamamoto had come home and told Yamamoto-san that they were friends, the older man graciously allowed the bill to be taken care of, that was until Reborn, Lambo, and Bianchi ate the most expensive food in the restaurant.

Then Yamamoto's brother, who Tsuna thought was named Inoue Kazumi (it was kind of hard to catch his name when Yamamoto only ever referred to him as 'Kazu-nii'), walked down the stairs and into the mess.

"Ah! Kazu-nii did you rest well?" Takeshi asked, as his older brother walked in.

"Hn. Yes, I did." Inoue-san smiled softly and tapped Yamamoto on the forehead as he passed him by. He came to a stop beside Yamamoto-san and in front of Tsuna.

"Kazumi." Yamamoto-san greeted. "I hope we didn't wake you with the yelling down here." He said, with what Tsuna could tell was concern.

Inoue-san waved Yamamoto-san's concern away. "I needed to wake up anyway. " Here Yamamoto-san looked like he was about to protest. "What is the problem here?"

"This young man is a friend of Takeshi's, but he doesn't have the money to pay the bill for what his young friends have eaten." Yamamoto-san explained.

Inoue-san nodded in understanding. "Hn. Looks like today is the day I get to keep my word. I'll pay for Sawada-san's bill, as my thanks for saving Take-chan. However, if those children come back and eat more, I will hold them accountable for what is due. Wouldn't you agree Yamamoto-san? After all, children must learn that there are consequences to their actions sometime."

Yamamoto-san nodded his head at Inoue-san's words and Tsuna was nearly in tears from the gratitude he felt towards Inoue-san.

"Oh. Such a gentleman!" Bianchi cooed. When had she even come back?

"Yes, dame-Tsuna should learn from his example. A Mafia Boss always keeps his word and pays his debts." Reborn commented looking at Inoue-san.

Seriously, had they come back once they heard they had been cleared of the debt?, Tsuna wondered frantically. What the hell!


"Hey, Kazu-nii? Could you prepare a platter for a birthday party for tomorrow?" Take-chan asked him one evening at dinner.

"Hn." Kazumi nodded. "Who's birthday?"

"That kid Reborn's. We're throwing him a party at Tsuna's."

"I'll drop it off at his house after your school get's out tomorrow then."

"Thanks Kazu-nii! You're the best!"

"This sushi is amazing, Yamamoto!" Tsuna said. "Thank you so much!"

Lambo was chanting, "Feast- feast!"

Takeshi rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "No problem guys."

"Takeshi, this is even better than the food I had the last time I was at Takesushi." Reborn commented, with Bianchi nodding her head along in agreement.

"Ah, I don't know about better, but Kazu-nii is the one who prepared the food for today." Takeshi stated. "So, that might have something to do with that."

"Oh. Kazumi can cook as well, what a catch." Bianchi said, digging in even more enthusiastically.

"Hahi! It'll be a lucky girl who ends up with your brother." Haru commented.

Even Nana-san said, "Every woman loves a man who can cook!" Which was an odd statement, or so Takeshi thought, considering Nana-san cooked a lot and he had never even seen her husband, much less seen him cook anything.

Takeshi laughed. His brother certainly was awesome, but... "Yeah, Kazu-nii is the best. Too bad for every girl out there -"

"What? What's too bad?" Bianchi questioned intently.

"Kazu-nii already has a boyfriend, who he's been dating for five years."

Bianchi seemed really unhappy after hearing that. She must have really had a crush on Kazu-nii.


Kazumi was blatantly glaring. "So, let me see if I've gotten this right. Tsuna's having a guest over named Dino Cavallone and he told you that Tsuna had been kidnapped by a local yakuza group - it was supposed to be a made up group but it was an actual yakuza group, and you and Gokudera-kun went in to save him. Then he got Tsuna hospitalized, and now you want to go with Sawada, Cavallone, Gokudera, and Reborn on a trip to the mountains. It that all true?" And how had this all happened when he was away for a few days in Tokyo to meet with his supervisor at the publishing company he translated for?

Take-chan rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Well, when you put it like that it sounds awful, but yeah, that's right Kazu-nii. I asked Otou-san and he already said I could go."

Well, Kazumi really couldn't argue with that if Yamamoto-san had already given Take-chan permission to go, but he most certainly was not pleased. "Be careful, Take-chan. I love you." He said giving Take-chan a hug, tapping their foreheads together.

Take-chan grinned and squeezed Kazumi tight. "Love you, too, Kazu-nii."

Kazumi refrained from commenting when a search and rescue team were the ones to bring Takeshi home from his mountain trip. Though, he was contemplating telling Squalo about the incident and suggesting that he have a reunion with his old Mafia Academy roommate - that or kill Dino himself and make it look like an accident, either would be an acceptable option. And not to mention, he was going to plant a tracking device on his brother.

That night Kazumi sang Take-chan's lullaby personally, before kissing his sleeping brother on the forehead.


When Kazumi asked Yamamoto-san how parent's day had gone. The response he received was, "Explosive."


It was the final straw when Take-chan came home the day that school was closed for it's anniversary. Take-chan had left that morning with Reborn and Sawada-san and mentioned something about baseball training. What Take-chan reported had happened was most definitely not baseball training.

Kazumi believed that it was time for a long over due chat with Reborn.

That evening Kazumi made the trip to the Sawada residence, and asked Reborn to take a walk with him.

"So, what would you like to discuss, Inoue-san?" Reborn asked, looking curiously at the crow perched on Takeshi's brother's shoulder.

Kazumi looked directly into the eyes of Reborn and instantly activated his sharingan, causing Reborn to stiffen and pull a gun, but it was too late. Reborn was already trapped in Kazumi's tsukuyomi. Time had come to a halt and the world around them transformed to a fiery and dark landscape. Kazumi made it appear as if he were everywhere at one, increasing the tension his victim felt.

"I would like to discuss, Reborn, the danger you are constantly putting my most precious brother into."

Reborn was frozen, eyes wide, unable to tell where Kazumi's voice was coming from. Completely helpless in Kazumi's genjutsu.

"I do not appreciate my brother coming home injured, telling me he's been shot at by 'fake bullets' to improve in baseball." Kazumi scoffed. "I know you're trying to train him to join the Mafia, Reborn-"

In a flash, Kazumi was right in front of Reborn, eye's level with the 'child's', and Kazumi's cool finger's gripping Reborn's chin, forcing direct eye contact inside of the tsukuyomi.

" - I most certainly do not approve. My brother is naive, but I assure you he is far from stupid, or oblivious. If he consciously and purposefully chooses to join the Mafia, then I'll respect his decision, for all I have ever wanted is my brother to be happy. But, until he makes that decision, and until you tell him what's actually going on - Know this, if anything should happen to my precious brother under your care or manipulations, I will kill you slowly and painfully."

Kazumi relinquished the tsukuyomi, after he forced the hitman to be tortured for a few minutes (if only mentally), and smiled down at Reborn who was now pointing a gun at his head -eyes narrowed in suspicion and a little hint of fear.

"Have I made myself perfectly clear, Reborn?" Kazumi asked sweetly.

Reborn slowly nodded his head, having yet to lower the gun.

"Perfect. Let me walk you home. Children need to be home at this time of night, after all." Kazumi turned to walk back to the Sawada residence.


Kazumi caught the bullet with a chakra coated hand, and then tossed it to the side.

"Now that wasn't nice, Reborn. But I'll forget about that, as long as you don't forget what I've said to about Take-chan."

After that interaction with Inoue-san, Reborn instantly began researching into Inoue Kazumi's background, he had put it of as not important for long enough when he had decided to go after Hibari as Tsuna's cloud guardian. A decision he was regretting at the moment. Honestly, there wasn't much for him to find.

Like Takeshi had said, Inoue-san had been home schooled until he was ten, and that's when he entered Kyoto Daigaku. He graduated four years later with a Bachelors in graphic design, and a minor in botany. He was a licensed sushi chef, was fluent in over five languages, worked at Takesushi and a publishing house out of Tokyo part time. Everyone said he was a polite and mature young man.

Digging around some more, Reborn discovered that Inoue-san had been born to a Inoue Tomoko (and for some reason that name sounded vaguely familiar) in Japan. The mother and son had, four years later, moved to Italy and had stayed their until Inoue Tomoko married Yamamoto Tsuyoshi, shortly after Inoue-san's seventh birthday, and shortly thereafter moved to Namimori, Japan.

Reborn also found documents detailing Inoue-san being hospitalized around five years ago, when he was sixteen, with a illness that the doctor's at Namimori General Hospital had declared terminal and even the symptom were not treatable. Another doctor, from Italy, had been brought in by the family, to great success. The doctor's name was ...Trident Shamal.

(However, he had yet to find out who exactly Inoue-san's boyfriend was that Takeshi had mentioned.)



"What do you want?"

"Five years ago you treated an Inoue Kazumi I want to know -"

"Damn! How'd you find out he was Federico Vongola's son ? I got rid of all the DNA tests. I know I did."

A long pause.

"What?" Reborn asked low and dangerously.

"Oh, hell."

Reborn immediately wrote to Nono informing him of this development. Frederico had been the Ninth's favorite son, after all.

It was a pity Inoue Kazumi was a confirmed cloud, Reborn thought, before remembering the confrontation he had just recently had with the young man. It was probably a very good thing Inoue wasn't a sky. A very good thing.


Hibari was at the prime sakura viewing location, and to ensure that he was not to be crowed by annoying herbivores, he had posted on of his subordinates at the entrance to scare off any herbivores.

The only problem was some herbivores came around and bested his weakling subordinates.

He huffed as he kicked the pathetic weakling.

He glanced up and noticed that Inoue-sama' s brother was apart of the herbivore pack.

"Is Inoue-sama coming?" He asked. Hibari noticed the baby looked at him intently when he asked of Inoue-sama. Interesting, but of course someone as interesting as the baby would of course take note of a carnivore of Inoue-sama's level.

"Hey, Hibari." Inoue-sama's brother said, smiling, as the other herbivores he was with were looking confused. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure Kazu-nii is going to stop by to eat with us. Do you mind if we sit here. I promise we'll be as far away from you as possible."

"Hn. Only if Inoue-sama comes. If he doesn't I'll bite you to death." Hibari threatened then climbed onto a comfortable tree limb to recline. Well, he would bite all of them to death except for Inoue-sama's brother - it wouldn't do to upset Inoue-sama after all, (plus he found Yamamoto more tolerable than most other herbivores).

Below him he heard the herbivores talking among each other.

"Why does he call your brother 'Inoue-sama'? " Gokudera asked incredulously.

"I have no idea, but they get along really well. Like I've said before, they're really good friends. They meet up every week or so to have tea, desserts, and play go together." Takeshi responded cheerfully.

"Weird." Was the fluffy herbivore's response.


"Oi! Baseball idiot!" Gokudera called out as he slide into Takesushi.

Kazumi glared at the silver haired teen, as Yamamoto-san looked on curiously, and Takeshi smiled at the sight of his friend.

"What's up Gokudera? Rather late to hang out isn't? Oh! Do you want to sleep over tonight? That would be fun, though we would need to invite Tsu-" Takeshi started chattering only to be cut off.

"No! I'm not here to hang out. I'm here to tell you to pack your bags. Dino-san said he'll take you on a trip to Italy tomorrow, you just have to meet him at the airport." Gokudera said quickly.

"Oh? Italy? You haven't been there in a while." Otou-san commented. And when he meant 'a while' it had only been about eight months ago or so.

"Can I go, Otou-san?" Takeshi asked eagerly.

"I don't have a problem with it as long as this Dino looks out for you while you're there."

"Kazu-nii?" He didn't really need his brother's opinion but he always liked to ask.

"Hn. Let me write Cavallone a letter. Make sure you deliver it to him and you have to promise to be careful." Kazu-nii said before heading upstairs to grab some paper, and more likely than not, start packing for Takeshi. Kazu-nii was kind of a mother hen sometimes.

"Oh, Dino-san, before I forget, my nii-san asked me to give this to you." Takeshi said, digging through his over the shoulder bag as he and Dino-san and Dino-san's men waited to board the plane. "Ah! Here it is!"

Dino-san took the envelope with a look of bemusement. "Your brother, huh?"

Takeshi and Dino-san's men watched as Dino-san read the letter and the further he got into it the paler he got.

Finally. "Yamamoto your brother is Inoue Kazumi?" Dino-san asked looking rather afraid.

"Yeah!" Takeshi confirmed cheerfully. "That's Kazu-nii."

"You two don't..." Dino-san trailed off, staring at Takeshi like he had never seen him before.

"Have the same last name? We're half siblings. Different fathers same mother. Oh! If you know Kazu-nii do you know Squ-nii, too?"

"Squ? Nii? " Dino-san questioned faintly, looking at Takeshi in disbelief. "Yes, I know him. I guess he and your brother are still close then?"

"Yep! They're dating now, ya know? Have been for years." Takeshi informed him happily.

"Really?" Dino-san looked like he was about to pass out.

(Later on, once Takeshi was out of earshot Dino had a quick meeting with his men and informed them that under no circumstances was any harm to come to Yamamoto Takeshi. Very bad thinks would happen if that teen was hurt in any way under Dino's care).


The first Kazumi heard of local students being attacked was from Hibari-kun over cake, tea, and go at one of their usual meet ups.

"Hn." Said Kazumi in thought.

"It is very peculiar, Inoue-sama. However, do not be concerned. I will deal with it before long. I will bite those who cause mischief in Namimori to death." Hibari- kun said.

"Call me if you require assistance." Kazumi told him.

Hibari looked surprised. "Getting involved personally, Inoue-sama? That is unlike you. Especially considering you don't like your abilities to be known."

"One must fight if the situation calls for it." Kazumi said, taking a sip of tea. "It won't do to for one to be walked over in their own home."

Hibari nodded and placed a go stone on the board between them. "I completely agree, Inoue-sama. However, your involvement won't be necessary Inoue-sama. I'll take care of the weaklings that threaten the peace of Namimori."

"I'll hold you to that."

The next day Take-chan, Hibari-kun, Sawada-kun, and Gokudera-kun were all admitted to the hospital.

Kazumi was furious. At Reborn for getting his brother involved, and at himself for not being there when two people he care about needed him most. No longer could he hold back with the excuse that there was no need for his power in this more peaceful world. This world was not peaceful, he had just been willfully ignoring it's violence. He may not want to get involved, but no longer would he actively avoid and ignore a problem, waiting for other's to take care of it.

He couldn't afford to risk it.


Squalo was not fucking happy. He hadn't been able to see Kazumi in months. Yeah, the Varia had manged to rescue that shitty boss of their's, but that didn't change the fact he was fucking pissed that he was currently chasing some little bastard over the rooftops of some fucking city in goddamn Japan that was far too close to Kazumi and his family for his fucking comfort. He was well aware how Kazumi felt about Mafia being anywhere close to Take-chan (even though Squalo was well aware that the famous hitman Reborn was in Namimori and hanging around a friend of Take-chan's - but he was also very aware that Kazumi was fucking pissed about what the messes that Take-chan kept getting dragged into -and Squalo didn't want any of that ire directed at him).

Squalo swung his sword down hard at the Vongola brat, demanding, "Why the fuck are you in Japan?"

The little bastard defiantly refused to tell him and told him so in some shitty archaic Japanese, that made the scum sound like he had swallowed an old fucking text book on Japanese.

"VOI! I'm going to slice you to fucking pieces!" Squalo declared, continuing the attack.

He really needed to finish this up before they hit Namimori, because if they kept heading in the direction they were going that was definitely where they would end up.


"Hey, Kazu-nii want to meet me and my friends in town to hang out today?"

That was the text that Kazumi had received from Take-chan shortly after he had left for school that had him in downtown Namimori looking for a group of kids - who on average were a good seven years younger than him (he really needed more friends his age that actually lived in the same country as him). He normally wouldn't be able to hang around with Take-chan and his friends (though he was asked every time they did something) because he normally had to work, but today was a rare day where he didn't have any publishing work and he was off from Takesushi.

Just as he was arriving at the location Take-chan had told him they were stopped at for the moment, a loud crashing sound erupted from a nearby building. With a shout that soon followed after in an extremely familiar voice.

"VOI! I'll slice up any outsider trash that gets in my way!"

Kazumi smiled as his eyes found Squalo posing rather ridiculously on a roof top. It was good to see him, now all Kazumi wanted to know was what the hell he was doing on Mafia business in Namimori. Squalo was well aware that Kazumi didn't approve of it.


Squalo watched intently as the trash he had been following (all the way to fucking Namimori - it was damn bad sometimes when he was right), grabbed the hand of some kid with fluffy brown hair and began to drag him away. Very fucking curious. Squalo wouldn't have paid the teen any attention had that bastard not done that - shitty mistake trash.

He launched himself towards that bastard - Squalo forgot his name some kind of fucking spice or some shit, he didn't give a damn - only to be stopped halfway through the attack by a familiar voice.


And low and fucking behold. There was Take-chan running up to him, looks of disbelief from most of the fuckers who lacked common sense and hadn't scattered when the fight had arrived in the area.

Squalo held still long enough for Take-chan to get to him and throw his arms around his waist.

The fluffy haired kid exclaimed out loud, "Yamamoto knows that weirdo?!" The fucker most likely did not mean to say that out loud considering he clamped a hand over his mouth almost immediately afterwards.

"It's great to see you Squ-nii! But...ugh, could you please not attack Tsuna again? I don't know why you're chasing that other guy, but Tsuna is a friend of mine, so..."

Squalo shrugged. "Sure, Take-chan."

"Hn. I've said it before, but I can't believe Bel says that I'm the one who's got you whipped. He's definitely got it wrong."

"Ah! Kazu-nii look who's here!" Take-chan exclaimed turning his head to Kazumi who was approaching, but still not letting Squalo go.

"I see. I'm wondering why I wasn't told he was going to be in Japan. Hn?"

Squalo was so screwed.


Reborn was unpleasantly surprised when he saw Squalo Superbi of the Varia chasing down Basil, a subordinate of Sawada Iemitsu, in Namimori. However he was plain surprised when Takeshi called out to the Varia member familiarly, hugged him, and even got him to agree not to attack Tsuna again (for the moment at least).

It was sheer disbelief that came over him as he watched Inoue Kazumi approach Squalo with a fond, yet annoyed expression. The conversation he watched was nearly surreal, if one knew Squalo Superbi's reputation.

"So, why wasn't I told you were coming?"

"A- fuc- da- Kazumi! VOI! I didn't know alright!" Inoue raised a brow. "I really didn't! Shit just happened and it kind of was a last minute thing! Honest, Kazumi!" Squalo frantically tried to explain. For some reason or another Squalo clamped his hands (even the false one with the sword attached) over Takeshi's ears and then the curse words began to flow, but he sounded like he was trying to avoid using them before - interesting.

"Hn. Fine. You owe me dango."

"VOI! I haven't fucking seen you in months -"

"And who's fault was that?" Inoue asked, even though the Varia member continued to talk over him.

"- And one of the first fucking things that come out of your damn mouth is about fucking dango! Dango! You are so damned demanding! I swear -"

Inoue rolled his eyes and leaned over Takeshi to plant a kiss on Squalo's forehead (Reborn's eyebrows disappeared under his fedora - he supposed he just discovered who Inoue-san's mysterious boyfriend was, in the distance he could hear Bianchi start to mutter enraged words under her breath) causing Squalo to start sputtering and blush red.

"Come on, Squalo. Let's go catch up." Inoue-san said.

"VOI! I - Dammit! Can't got to go catch that fucker!" Squalo yelled pointing his sword at Basil.


"He's got something the boss wants!"

"Is it important?"

"Fuck yeah!"

"Later." Squalo sputtered some more, and Takeshi blushed red at his brother's words. "If it's important then do you honestly think someone would let their subordinate - who they know is weaker than them - carry it?"

A pause. "Shit. I fucking hate it when your right!"

Inoue shook his head and grabbed Squalo's hand pulling him away and waving bye to Takeshi. "I'm right most of the time."

"I know! It's a goddamn pain in the ass!"

"Again, later. Dango first."


Reborn still wasn't sure his senses weren't playing trick on him.

Gokudera-kun summed it up rather nicely. "What the hell just happened here?!"

Tsuna asked Takeshi, "Who was that?"

"Oh, that was Squ-nii. He's a bit loud isn't he? But, yeah he's Kazu-nii's boyfriend, and they've been best friends since they were four. And before you ask, yeah that's normally how their conversations go." Takeshi said grinning widely.

It seemed Nono's grandson had... peculiar taste.


"...yeah, so that's the fucking situation, Boss!" Squalo had been on the phone to Xanxus explaining about the fake half-rings so that the Varia's arrival would be delayed. Kazumi had been in the shower for most of the explanation, but had returned just in time to catch the last bit.

Kazumi sat down on his bed next to Squalo, pajama bottoms on and a wet towel wrapped around his shoulders. His wet hair was down his back and nearly touching the sheets. Squalo turned to look at him and froze, face turning beat red, giving Kazumi the perfect opportunity to snatch the phone out of his hand.

"Hn. Xanxus." Kazumi greeted.

A pause. "Shitty shark's scum."

"You are coming to Namimori." It wasn't a question. "I would suggest not coming for at least a week." It wasn't suggestion.

"Why would I do that scum?" Xanxus growled. Kazumi narrowed his eyes, apparently some of the fear he had instilled in Xanxus had faded over the years they hadn't seen each other. That would have to be rectified soon.

"Hn. You'll be short one member for whatever fight you pick. Squalo's not leaving my sight for the next seven days, plan your travel arrangements accordingly." And then Kazumi hung up on him, not bothering to listen to the protest that he knew would come.

Squalo looked at Kazumi, expression varying from 'are you out of your damned mind, you just hung up on my damned Boss!' to 'damn you just hung up on my fucking Boss, and that was fucking hot!'.

Kazumi smiled. Then he pulled Squalo in for a kiss, faintly surprised when Squalo pulled away only moments after. Kazumi gave him a questioning look.

"That fucking bird is fucking glaring at me!" Squalo exclaimed, pointing wildly at where Shisui was perched near the window.

"Hn." Kazumi said, noting that Shisui was glaring - as much as a bird could glare. However, Kazumi didn't really see the problem - it was a bird that was staring - and glaring - at them while they kissed not someone like Takeshi.

Kazumi rolled his eyes when Squalo exclaimed, "Voi! It's fucking weird!"

A few hours later Yamamoto made his way towards Kazumi's bed room. For the past few hours he had been able to hear Shisui constant complaints and was wondering what was wrong with the crow. He found Shisui outside Kazumi's bedroom door in his rarely used cage. Odd, Yamamoto noted, before noticing the sounds coming from Kazumi's room.

Blushing, Yamamoto grabbed Shisui's cage and began making his way downstairs. No wonder Shisui had been evicted from Kazumi's room - Squalo must have come for a visit.

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