A/N: This is officially the end of Magical Orphans, I had imagined this ending for so long, and am so happy to have made it.

Thank you for loving this story as much as I have!

Chapter 12

The Epilogue

"Finnley Orion!" Hermione yelled, her hair frizzing up and beginning to crackle, "What in the name of Merlin did you do to your sister?"

Finnley's soft blue eyes looked up at his mother, feigning innocence, "Just helped her untangle her hair."

"Finnley, it's cut! Her hair is cut!" Hermione fumed.

"S'not my fault that she was whining about it being so curly, I just helped her out," Finnley smirked. Biological or not, it was his father's smirk.

"I literally don't think I can look at you right now. Go to your father, and don't you for a moment think of lying to him, I'm sending a patronus," Hermione threatened.

As soon as he left the room, Hermione lifted her sweet Maisie onto the countertop in the kitchen, "Sweet girl, however are we going to grow your hair back out," she sighed.

It had been 8 years since Hermione and Draco found out they were expecting what would be their first biological child, but far from the end of their little, now big family.

Ariana, thirteen, was now attending Hogwarts, as a Ravenclaw, much to the delight of her parents. She was still friends with Albus, who was sorted in Slytherin.

Finnley, nine, still had dark blonde hair, and wide soft blue eyes, that frequently sparkled with mischief. He was every bit a cunning Slytherin, though he still had two years left before he could go to Hogwarts, sometimes to the frustration of his parents. Though they both agreed, it would be worse for the teachers, who weren't used to his playfulness. For all his cunning, however, he was extremely loyal and stood up to bullies with surprising fire.

Emilia, eight, was their first biological child. But aside from the looks, there wasn't anyone who would guess that they weren't all theirs. She looked every bit like her father, except for her tight curls. She was quiet, and thoughtful, and carefully watched everything. She spent most days curled up near her mom, reading or coloring. Emilia was wonderful at putting on elaborate plays, to the delight of the whole family, as it was usually the only time you saw her bubbly personality.

The year Emilia turned two, the agency owled about a sweet one year old boy, Ellis, now seven. He was dark skinned, with the biggest brown eyes, and was every bit the fiery Gryffindor his mother was. He broke his arm within the first year of adoption, having jumped off the landing into the entry way, just to see if he could fall gracefully like Ariana did.

Maisie was their third daughter, and looked like a carbon copy of Emilia. Her soft blonde curls had been to her shoulders, before Finnley cut them. At only two she spent much of her time playing with her dolls, or following Emilia and Ellis around.

"What is this I hear of Finnley cutting her hair?" Draco drawled, from the hallway before he walked into the kitchen, "Oh Merlin, her beautiful curls!"

Hermione rolled her eyes, but nodded, as her wand continued the quick movements, hoping to reverse the accidental magic.

Draco came to stand near his wife and daughter who looked up at him, "Papa, hair."

"Yes darling, mummy's trying to fix it," Draco assured her.

"Where's Finnley?" Hermione asked, still moving her wand.

"I sent him to his room, after sticking half of his possessions in place, so he can't enjoy them," Draco smirked.

"Good," Hermione nodded, "Why is accidental magic so hard to detect?" she groaned.

"Because they don't know what they're casting," Draco replied.

After a few minutes, Hermione was about to give up when it struck her, "Prior Incantato," she muttered, and Maisie's curls appeared, back to their original length.

"Oh you're brilliant," Draco beamed, kissing his wife on the forehead, before picking up his daughter. "How are you feeling today?"

"Better, though I might need a lay down in a little bit. This pregnancy is a lot harder than the other two," Hermione sighed, rubbing her growing belly, lightly.

"Love, twin boys are bound to take it out on your beautiful body," Draco smirked.

"If they're anything like you, I might be in a coma by the end of it!" Hermione teased.

"I'm not that bad!"

"Every night, Draco. Every single night, between the kids and you, I'm surprised I get up in the morning," she smiled.

"You love it," Draco chuckled.

"Yes, I love you, and our big family."

The End