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,,Aragorn! Don't just stand there!!! We need you NOW!!! Help Frodo!"

But Aragorn merely stared at Harry.

,,Why should I?"

Harry was so utterly surprised, that he did the first thing that came to his mind. He stepped forwards and hit Aragorn on his left cheek with his flat hand.

,,Get yourself together, Aragorn! They need your help!"

Then Harry turned around, grabbed his knives and ran into the water. There, he managed to rescue Sam from one of the tentacles attacking him. Next, he jumped towards the octopus-like creature itself, dodged a few more tentacles coming at him and tried to stab the beast.

Unfortunately for him, one of the many tentacles had made it's way to his legs and now wrapped itself around them. Before he knew what happened, he was pulled upside-down, just like Frodo. He screamed in horror, seeing that the terrible monster was certainly planning on eating him. The rest of the Fellowship was giving everything they could to rescue him and the Hobbit, except for Aragorn. Or so he thought.

On a moment that Harry was not too busy with screaming and pulling faces of pure horror, he suddenly saw Aragorn running towards Gandalf, who was fighting four tentacles at the same time. Without asking or discussing anything, the man stretched his arms, got hold of Gandalf's staff and pulled the thing out of the wizard's hands.

With an expression of a strange mixture of fear and determination, he wielded the staff and aimed towards the Watcher.

Then Aragorn shouted:


A flash of green light sprung from the point of the staff, and sped forwards, almost hitting Harry, who was so shocked that he forgot to scream. The spell finally reached the monster, immediately killing it. The tentacle holding Harry let go and he fell down in the water. When he reached the surface again, he saw Frodo climbing up the shore too.

His blond, wet hair hung in front of his face when he stepped out of the water, but he didn't care about it. He marched straight towards Aragorn, grabbed the man by the collar, and brought his face very close to the man in front of him.

,,How do you know one of the Unforgivables?! Tell me right now!" He almost barked into the man's face.

Aragorn was taken by surprise for a moment, but then recovered.

,,How do YOU know of the Unforgivables?" He answered, definitely feeling smart.

Harry rolled his eyes.

,,I just know a lot, okay? Now, I have a question for you. What's my name?"

Aragorn immediately froze.

,,Why should I answer such a ridiculous question?" The man tried.

Harry swiftly drew one of his daggers, bringing it close to the man's throat.

,,Speak! If you don't know my name, then you're someone else! Who are you?!"

The rest of the Fellowship had been looking in a shocked silence, but when Harry started to threaten Aragorn, Gandalf interrupted the Elf.

,,What are you suggesting, Legolas?"

Harry stared into Aragorn's eyes. ,,There's someone else in Aragorn's body. And I know I don't like the one who replaced Aragorn's soul. You better say who you are, or I will cut your throat!"

Apparently, he had said it threatening enough, because Aragorn almost fainted with fear.

,,Okay, okay!!! Please don't hurt me! My name is Draco Malfoy."

As fast as Harry had grabbed the man by the collar at first, he pushed him away in disgust at the same speed.


Draco eyed Harry suspiciously. Then his eyes suddenly widened.


When Harry didn't argue with that statement, Draco slowly nodded.

,,Now I remember. . . You were acting all strange during the classes and detention. Whoever is in your body now, he's a better fighter than you."

Harry suddenly remembered the reason for suspecting Aragorn in the first place.

,,But. . . You used an Unforgivable! I knew it! I always knew it! You're a Death-Eater in heart and soul!"

Draco just looked plain grouchy. ,,Don't be such a wimp, Potter. I saved your ass there. And that after you hit me in the face."

Harry smiled. ,,Yeah, and you know what? I felt great doing that."

Then he remembered that the whole Fellowship was watching them, and it looked if though their jaws weren't able to drop any lower. Boromir was the first to recover, and demanded:

,,Can ANYONE explain what's the deal here?!"

Harry's brain ran an overdrive to come up with a logical explanation.

,,Hehehehe. . . Don't worry, Boromir. We're just role-playing. Before we left from Rivendell, Aragorn and I talked about the journey to come, and decided that we should do some role-playing on the way for some relaxation on the way to Mordor."

While 'explaining' this, Harry silently cursed himself. This had sounded so much better inside his head! They would never take it!

Eventually, it was Gimli saving them. He had been looking at the dead Watcher rather nervous, and offered the idea:

,,Why don't we continue our journey if they're just role-playing! If we just stand here and look like tourists, we'll only draw attention to ourselves!"

This was so true, that the whole Fellowship agreed. After all, 'Aragorn' had saved them all, and 'Legolas' had done his best too, so why not trust them?

,,So will we still go through Moria, Gandalf?" Sam asked the wizard.

The old man thought this over.

,,I'd rather have another way than through Moria, but I think our fight with the Watcher has definitely drawn some attention to itself. Soon, creatures will come and have a look at what happened. We'd better get out of sight. We have no other choice but to hope that our presence in Moria will go unnoticed."

While the Fellowship entered the mine, Harry took one moment to take Draco aside.

,,Listen, we will talk more about the whole situation later. Until then, try to survive. The body you're in is very valuable. It has to be a king at the end of all this."

Draco seemed to like the idea of becoming a king.

,,Really? Well, that makes the fact that my hair stinks like hell seem a lot less important."

Harry rolled his eyes.

,,I'm just hoping you can handle a sword. Because you're going to need it. A lot of people are counting on you."

With that, Harry turned around and followed the rest, leaving Draco Malfoy with no choice but to follow him, scared and confused.

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