Road Trip

Chapter One – Sunnydale Or Bust!

Somewhere in the middle of America on an anonymous stretch of highway there was a car speeding across the landscape. The car was not usual around these parts however the car isn't what is important. What is important is the people inside that car. The one at the wheel was male, early 20s and with thick medium length brown hair. He was looking straight ahead but occasionally he turned to his right. The reason he did this was because on his right was a female, also in her early 20s, blonde hair but she was engulfed by a giant road map.

"Are you sure we're on the right road?" Asked Xander.

"Yes!" Buffy shouted back. "I think so. Probably."

"That isn't exactly filling me with confidence."

"Yes we're on the right road."


"Yes." Answered Buffy with a I haven't got a clue where we are face.

"Then why do have the I haven't got a clue where we are look on your face?" Asked Xander after noticing the I haven't got a clue where we are face on Buffy.

"I haven't got…that look."

"You so do."

"Like you're an expert on faces."

"I know your face."

"Then you know what this one means." Said Buffy with a [censored] face.

"No Buffy I don't want to sleep with you."


"That was your come to bed with me Xander I want to make sweet, sweet love to you face, wasn't it?"

"You're sick, you know that. You're like the most sick guy ever and did that sign just say what I think it said?" Asked Buffy without pausing.

"Probably a typo."

"I was going to say…coz that is way too expensive."

"How would you know?" Said Xander while looking at Buffy with raised eyebrows.

"Trust me."

"There is an upside to all this."

"To being stranded in the middle of nowhere and having drive all the way back to California?"


"This is going to be good."

"We get to see America."

"At 80 miles an hour."


"I suppose your right. Maybe you making us miss our flight wasn't all bad. Why did you do that, again?" Asked Buffy turning to look Xander in his eyes.

"I had my reasons." He said returning the look and with a huge grin.

"Which were?"


"You still won't tell me?"


"You're going to have to tell me one of these days."

"I know."

"Why not just tell me now?"

"I have my…"

"Reasons." Finished Buffy.


[2 hours, 32 minutes and 43 sec…44…45…2 hours and 32 minutes later]

"I told you it was a stupid idea."

"No you didn't."

"I might not how said exactly that but I implied it."

"You said that this was going to be the best trip ever."


"How does that imply the trip was a bad idea?"

"You have to read between the lines."

"Or read completely different ones."


"Like as if."

"Are you mocking me?"

"Would I mock you?" Xander replied with a cheeky smile.

"Yeah your right. Your not capable of mocking me." Said Buffy in a matter of fact kind of way.

Xander smiled while continuing to stare out into the horizon.