Hi! So, this is my first Omelia fic. It's loosely based on the song Don't by Ed Sheeran.
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Owen had just arrived to the hotel he was staying at in Chicago. Although tired, he was honoured to be invited to play at this 3 day festival with huge singers such as Pink, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran and many others. Of course he wasn't as big as them, but he'd like to think he would get there someday. Just to be playing at the same stage as these people already meant something. He had these couple of songs written for his next album and he was sure that at least one of them would be playing a lot on the radios next year, giving him a little more recognition. Owen's positivity in life was what kept pushing him in this career, otherwise he had given up a long time ago.

The singer was so caught up in his thoughts and his phone screen that he didn't even realize the woman standing in front of him, pacing around back and forth, until he stumbled upon her.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry." He apologized, holding her so she wouldn't fall.

"It's fine, it's totally fine." She brushed him off, holding a phone to her ear and appearing clearly concerned with something.

"Are you okay? You seem stressed."

"Well, considering I have a concert in less than 3 hours, my luggage is lost at the airport and my manager, who is supposed to be looking for it, won't pick up her phone… I would say I'm pretty stressed, yeah" She said, giving up and dialing her manager's number again.

"Oh, you're here for the festival?" Owen asked.

"I am, yeah. I'm Amelia Shepherd, by the way." She lifted her free hand so he could shake it.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Owen Hunt." Owen had heard of her name and some of her songs before, but never actually saw her face. He had no idea how beautiful she was.

"Oh, the famous Owen Hunt?" Amelia had given up on talking to her manager, thinking of trying again later, and started walking with him to the hotel's reception so she could check in already.

"I wouldn't say famous." He said, giving his ID to the receptionist.

The man checked both of their informations and verified their rooms.

"Room 608 for Mrs. Shepherd and room 604 for Mr. Hunt."

"So, we're staying in the same floor." She smirked a bit, looking flirty at him.

"It appears so." He smiled back. Owen noticed her intentions, but didn't know if he actually wanted a hook up, since he had so little time in the city.

They headed to the 6th floor, casually talking about their careers, then separated their ways when they got to their rooms. The feeling of unfinished business hitting the two of them.

Owen took a shower, got ready and got in a van with his band towards the venue that was hosting the festival, not too far from the hotel. He was always nervous before a show, but as soon as he stepped on stage, the feeling would go away. He'd feel like nothing was wrong in the world and all that mattered was that moment right there. Just him and his guitar, playing the songs he wrote in some hotel room, hearing the crowd cheer and sing along… That was what he was born to do.

"Thank you, Chicago!" After playing 8 songs, he went backstage and drank a whole bottle of water, the rush of the performance still in his body, despite from the tiredness.

In the corner of his eye, Owen saw Amelia warming up, since she was performing right after him. The woman was wearing high heel red ankle boots, a tight pair of dark jeans accentuating her curves and a black leather jacket. He couldn't help but stare at her for a few seconds, realizing he got caught after he saw her smiling at him. Blushing a little bit, Owen decided to go wish her luck before she stepped on stage.

"Hey, break a leg" He said, the intro of her hit song already playing, the crowd cheering like crazy, anxious for her appearance.

"Oh, there's no need. I always break two" Amelia winked at him and started singing before turning and finally going up on stage.

Later that night, Owen heard that all of the singers from that first day of the festival were heading to the bar just around the corner from the hotel, so he thought he'd stop by for a bit, since he knew a few people there.

After spending some time with his band at their table, Owen decided to grab some drinks with the bartender. While waiting, he noticed a lot of movement in the right corner of the bar, followed by some men cheering. He couldn't see anything with the darkness of the room, so he decided to go there and see what was going on.

A wild Amelia was in the middle of a circle of men holding two bottles of vodka and spilling their contents inside her mouth, all at once. There were men grabbing her from her front and behind, running their hands along her thigh while she kept sensually dancing in the middle of them. Owen barely knew her, but he didn't like where that was going, choosing to intervene before the situation got out of control.

"Amelia, hey." He stepped in the middle of her and some muscular guy.

"Oh, look! It's famous Owen!" She yelled and then stumbled on him, Owen's arms catching her before she could fall. "Do you want some, famous Owen?"

Owen looked at the almost empty bottles on her hand and denied, shaking his head.

"Oh, you're no fun! No fun at all!" She got rid of his arms, handed the bottles to one of the men around her and stepped onto the counter, sensually dancing and running her hands through her body while biting her bottom lip and looking directly at Owen.

The man was astonished until she started taking off her blouse, causing him to come out of his trance. Owen widened his eyes and stretched his hand at her.

"Amelia, come down, please." He was kind of scared of the way those men were looking at her. After all, the woman was only in a bra and pants.

"What are you? My mom?" She laughed and grabbed a bottle of tequila someone was handing to her.

"Okay, that's enough." Owen grabbed her by the hips and put her on his shoulders, holding her legs. Amelia was a famous singer and was obviously incapable of controlling herself in that moment. He might not know her that well, but he could already see paparazzis appearing out of nowhere and the next morning tabloids saying 'Rock star Amelia Shepherd has more fun than her fans in the after show'. The situation was getting out of hand and he couldn't let that ruin her reputation.

"Are you insane?! What the hell are you doing? Put me down!" She yelled, punching his back, since she was being carried upside down.

Owen took Amelia to the back door of the bar that led to an alley and put her down. The difference in the atmosphere hit them, no loud music and a chilly wind, making Amelia shiver.

"Here you go." He handed her the blouse she had thrown on the floor.

She quickly put them and crossed her arms, looking at him with a straight face.

"I'm pissed at you, you know that?"

He smiled at her childish behavior.

"But deep down you know what I did was right." Owen affirmed, not looking for an answer.

Amelia rolled her eyes at him and started walking towards the street, with Owen by her side. He knew there'd be paparazzis all over the bar and he also knew that the next morning tabloids would probably talk about a possible relationship between the two of them, but he couldn't care less. It was better than pictures of Amelia drunk and stumbling on the street. Whenever she felt dizzy, she'd quickly hold onto his arm until she got back her balance. He just had to walk her to her room.

From the moment they stepped in the hotel, getting away from all the cameras, until they reached the 6th floor, both of them didn't say a word.

Amelia started pressing her head, feeling a huge headache coming, while looking for her keycard in the hallway, but ended up letting most of the stuff inside her bag fall on the floor. Both Amelia and Owen got down on their knees to pick up her stuff and that's when Owen saw it.

Two little bottles that read 'oxycodone' laid in the middle of gums, coins and hair pins. And, without her looking, he was able to snatch both and hide them in his pocket. If she mixed oxy with the amount of alcohol she had drank… Owen cared about her. And he would not let that happen.

Amelia finished gathering all of her stuff, but had some trouble standing up by herself, leaning on Owen for a little help.

She opened her door and turned to him with a little smile, still not ready to say goodbye.

"Are you still mad at me?" He asked.

"No. Not anymore. But you're really annoying." They both giggled. "Thank you, Owen. Really. I appreciate what you did for me tonight. You didn't have to, you know?"

"Nah, I had to. I couldn't leave you alone there."

Amelia bit her bottom lip and suddenly grabbed Owen by his collar, pulling him into her room and closing the door behind her with her foot.

Owen didn't even have time to say a word before she was devouring his lips like there was no tomorrow. Unable to control himself by the amazing feeling of Amelia's soft lips on his, the man pulled her closer by the hips and kissed her back, their tongues fighting for space.

She ran her hands through his hair and pulled harder when he started to kiss and suck her neck, causing Amelia to moan in pleasure. Tired of both of them still being in their clothes, she ripped Owen's plaid shirt off, losing a few buttons in the process. She then pulled a shirtless Owen on her bed, whilst slowly taking off her blouse for the second time that night, but now watching for his admiration towards her body.

Amelia jumped on top of him, one leg at each side of his. But when she was starting to open his belt, Owen objected.

"Amelia, don't… We can't."

"Stop talking." She kissed him hard on the mouth whilst putting her hand inside his jeans and playing with his arousal, making him moan with the feeling.

"Seriously." He said, out of breath. "You're too drunk… I don't wanna feel like I'm taking advantage."

"What are you talking about? I'm fine." Amelia kissed his bare chest all the way down.

Before she could reach his junk and make things harder for him, literally, Owen gently got her off from him and stood up, trying to recover his breath.

"Are you a virgin or…?" She asked, laying on her elbows and looking disappointed at him.

"What? Of course not." He started putting his clothes back on. "I'm just not the type of guy that takes advantage of a drunk girl."

"You're ridiculous."

"I can live with that." Owen joked.

"We're not over yet. You know that, right?" She said, lifting an eyebrow.

"Oh, I'm counting on it." He flirted back, before leaving the room.

Owen had to take a cold shower to calm down after the previous events. Sure, his body wanted hers really bad, but he couldn't ignore the feeling in his gut that he was doing something wrong. But as Amelia had said before, they weren't over yet. There was still two more days until the end of the festival, when he had to leave to work on his album, and he was not going to leave the city with unfinished business left behind.

The next morning, Owen woke up with a few text messages from his manager Richard Webber, one of the best and trustworthy people he knew. Owen still couldn't believe he got Richard to represent him, that's why he was finally rising in the music industry.

'Hey, is something going on that you wanna tell me?'

'I know it's none of my business, but I can get some good publicists for you.'

At first he had no idea what was going on, but then he clicked on a link his manager had sent him and, to be honest, wasn't very surprised at what he saw.

A large photo of him with his hand on Amelia's back walking her to the hotel highlighted TMZ's website. Above it, the headline read 'OMG! Are rockstar Amelia Shepherd and folk singer Owen Hunt a thing now?'

Owen dared to read the story and actually laughed at some of it.

'We didn't even know they knew each other! I guess festivals really do bring people together, huh? Here's hoping for more pictures of our new favorite couple soon, so we don't have to wait for Coachella, am I right?'

At least no one could notice that Amelia was drunk, so that was good enough.

Feeling like he was starving, Owen went down to the lobby to have some breakfast before going out to enjoy the city, since he had 2 more free days until he left to LA.

Standing at the buffet table, he didn't think he'd find Amelia up at 10 am after the night she had on the previous day.

Wearing sunglasses because of her hangover, Amelia grabbed a plate and stood behind Owen in line.

"Good morning, sunshine." He giggled, picking up some eggs for himself.

"Shut up."

"I thought you'd sleep until the afternoon, after last night."

"Well, one thing you have to learn about me is that I don't just ignore breakfast food." She said, putting 3 giant waffles on her plate.

Owen smiled, but then heard some camera clicks coming from his right. Looking out the large hotel window, around 3 paparazzis were hiding behind a bush, trying to get pictures of them together.

"Hey, uhm… Have you seen the celebrity gossip lately?" He asked, unsure of how she would react.

"Which one? The one that I'm wearing my blouse backwards or that we are the hottest new couple in Hollywood?" Amelia chuckled at his concerned look. "I don't care, really. I've read worse."

"So, you're okay with it?" Owen had already finished putting food on his plate, but now he had to fill it even more so that he could stay talking to Amelia.

"Of course. Fake dating such a handsome man is not such a bad thing, you know?" She smirked at him.

"Oh, by the way, I reckon we left some things unfinished last night." He moved closer to whisper in her ear, stepping away when he heard another camera click.

"I'm glad you have a good memory, famous Owen. How about we close the deal at 10 pm in your room?"

"Sounds good to me."

"Great, then." She bit her bagel and walked away to her table, still smiling at him.

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