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Owen was so confused by Amelia suddenly talking to him that he just stood there for a few seconds, looking at her. Moving to one side, he finally let her enter and watched as she quickly sat on his bed, hiding her shaky hands.
He didn't know what to think. Owen had never seen anyone like that and, although he was still mad at Amelia, seeing her in that state made him really upset.

"What happened?" He asked her.

"First of all, I wanna apologize to you..." She looked at him, speaking honestly. "For the way I acted and how I rejected and cursed at you so many times. I'm really sorry. I would say it was the drugs talking, but it wasn't. Not all of it. I was angry and I actually meant some of what I said. But now I see that I was totally wrong and I regret everything. I shouldn't have done that to anyone, but mostly you."

Owen nodded, accepting her apologies, but didn't actually feel like he could trust her just yet.

She would sometimes look down and take deep and slow breaths. Owen didn't know if the way she was physically was because of the drugs or the absence of it.

"Do you want some water or...?" He offered.

"It's okay, I'm fine." Amelia rejected.

"So, you said you needed my help."

"Yes." She affirmed and then began to explain. "Last night I was... Well, I was out of drugs. I haven't been taking as much as I used to since the stage incident..."

Amelia looked at him, not sure if he would believe her, but Owen nodded in reassurance.

"...But the feeling of not having any pills with me was too much, so I set up to meet this dealer that I've known for quite some time now." She continued, playing with the hem of her shirt for some sort of distraction. "I knew he lived here in Michigan, so it didn't take him too long. We met at this abandoned place a couple of blocks from here at 3 am, I think..."

Owen noticed Amelia was casually speaking about the meetup like it was normal for her, but he couldn't stop himself from getting a little bit scared for her and her safety. Amelia could've been robbed or something worse even.

"...It'd be something simple. I would give him the money, take the drugs and leave." Amelia looked up at him, realizing Owen had an upset expression on his face by discovering this other side of her and by how she dealt with it with such normality. "But then, he told me he didn't have any drugs to give me. This time, he had a negotiation to make."

Owen realized she started to get nervous, so he decided to sit down beside her as a sign of support.

"He knew I would need more drugs, so he just waited for me to call and set up our meeting." She took a deep breath and looked Owen in the eye. "He has pictures, Owen. Tons of them. Of me doing drugs, drinking alcohol, even pictures of me without a shirt on. He showed them to me. They're all very graphic and you can certainly tell it's me. It's horrible, all of them are horrible."

She put her hands on her face, leaning her elbows on her knees, with frustration and embarrassment.

"W-Why would he have those pictures?" Owen was shocked, but at the same time he felt the need to be there for her.

"He's threatening me, threatening to send them to some magazine. The pictures for five hundred thousand dollars."

"Wow..." Was the only thing Owen could say. He was so pissed off at the guy. Of course, he was a drug dealer and that was something that you could expect from someone like that, but still... He was taking advantage of Amelia's addiction and her career. That was a low move.

"Owen, I know I don't seem to show it sometimes, even more when I'm dealing with my addictions, but God, I love my career so much!" She looked at him with her eyes watering, running her hands through her hair. "I really do, music is what I've always wanted to do, it's what saved me so many times in my life! And now... That's all gonna be ruined because of my stupid life mistakes. There's no one else to blame other than me!"

"Okay, stop. Stop this." He held her hands in his, trying to calm her down. "This is not your fault, alright? You have a disease, Amelia. This guy is the one who is a jerk and shouldn't be taking advantage of other people. Now, did he give you a deadline?"

"Yes. Tomorrow at 11 pm. If I say I need another day, he's gonna keep raising the price. Seven hundred thousand, one million..." She answered and then sighed, laying back on the bed with her hands on her head. "I don't know... I don't know what I'm gonna do. I can't pay him! I don't have the money!"

"I know, I know, but we'll figure something out." Owen got up and started pacing back and forth in front of the bed. "I'm gonna help you, Amelia. We got this."

Amelia sat back on the bed and smiled a little bit at him trying his hardest to help her.

"Thank you, Owen. You didn't have to do this. After everything I..."

"Amelia, it's fine." He stopped walking and stood in front of her. "I want to do this."

She nodded and they went back to thinking.

Since Amelia had taken her last pill of oxy and the dealer refused to sell her anything else before she demanded his wishes, Amelia was starting to suffer with abstinence. Her shaky hands, sweaty face and agitated behavior demonstrated physically how much she needed drugs in that moment, but she kept drinking water and taking deep breaths to try and make herself feel better. However, the need for pills was becoming so urgent by the hour, that even thinking was becoming a difficult task.

"Maybe if we..." Owen was still pacing around the room, trying to think of what they could do and then suddenly stopped and smiled at Amelia. "I know exactly what we should do."

'BREAKING NEWS: Singer Amelia Shepherd dealing with alcohol and drug addiction for quite some time now!
The rockstar and songwriter Amelia has been in the music industry for almost five years now, achieving a successful point in her career after her single Lights Out, released in 2013. With two albums out and working on her third, Shepherd's name became a lot more recognizable this year since the beginning of her relationship with singer Owen Hunt. The couple has been adored by their fans since then, raising a lot more attention to the both of them.
But, what no one knew was that Amelia has been struggling with alcohol and a drug addiction since the beginning of her career. Still, the woman has been able to hide this fact from the public and her fans, until some noticeable distance between her and Owen, along with a fall on the stage of her boyfriend's tour that started to raise some suspicion.
We were able to get a quick response of Owen about the subject, check below:
"Look, Amelia has a disease. Addiction is a disease, it is no one's choice. And we're all here for her, no matter what. Me, her family, her friends and fans, we're all gonna help her through this recovery and, sooner than we expect, she's gonna be releasing new singles and doing concerts like the amazing artist she is."
It looks like she's not alone in this and maybe she can even raise some awareness for this thing that so many people struggle with.
We hoped to get Amelia to do an interview, but her manager stated that for now she is resting and trying to get better. And that's what we all want, right? So, stay strong, Amelia. Surely, all of your fans are here for you.'

"Oh, you did good, Hunt. You did so good." Richard gave Owen a celebratory pat on the back at the lobby of their hotel in Michigan.

"Finally something worked out." Owen sighed in relief.
"So, tell me how it was."

"Well, the guy asked for five hundred thousand from Amelia in exchange for the pictures." Owen started to explain. "So, I went there with her. And, after holding back my desire to just punch him in the face, we talked to him. Turns out the guy was doing this because his band had split up and he was totally broke, not getting any opportunities as a guitarist. Dealing wasn't doing very well either and he was still pissed off at Amelia for her turning him down years ago when they met on tour when his band opened up her concerts. Thus, all of that made the guy mad and seeing Amelia's success, he decided to take advantage of her addiction."

"What a jerk." Richard commented.

"Exactly." Owen agreed and then continued telling the story. "He was still pissed off, demanding the money. And that's when I showed him my cellphone, proving that we had leaked the news on our own. That way, his threats wouldn't work anymore. The whole world already knew about Amelia's addiction. So, he just cursed a lot and left. Problem solved."

"That was such a good idea, Hunt." Richard congratulated him. "But how did Amelia feel about this? Was she okay with it?"

"Well, at first she was scared of what people would think of her." Owen admitted. "But, after I explained to her that this kind of news would make her seem strong, human even, and that it would help a lot of people going through the same stuff, she accepted it."

"That was really brave of her." Richard commented. "But how is she doing now? Did you get any news from Maggie yet?"

"Maggie texted me a few hours ago saying that everything went well with their flight to LA and that Amelia was checking into the rehab center that exact moment." He smiled a bit, thinking about Amelia finally getting some help. "She won't be allowed to have any visitors for three weeks, though. But when she does, I'll be the first one there."

Richard smiled back at him, happy that everything worked out in the end. Things were finally going to be okay.

Amelia was going insane.

The first week in rehab was probably the worst of her life. She felt like she couldn't trust her own mind anymore. The withdrawal of drugs and alcohol was so intense that it lead her to have hallucinations, anxiety, along with the physical symptoms that made her throw up and sweat the entire time.

But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was being alone through all of this.

Amelia had talked to a few people in there, heard their stories and even got recognized by a teen who used to listen to her songs. But at the end of the day, she didn't want to talk to these people. She just wanted her friends, her family and most of all, Owen.

Amelia missed him like crazy. She had said some things to him that, now that she was clean of drugs in her system, she regretted deeply. Owen was the love of her life and all she wanted was to hug him, kiss him and hear from him that everything was going to be fine. But she didn't know if he still felt the same for her or if he'd still want to be with her after all that he had to deal with in the last couple of weeks. They didn't even have time to talk about their relationship after they leaked the news about her themselves - which she still didn't know if it had worked out or not -, since Maggie took her back to LA right away.

It was the first day of her being allowed to have visitors, but she didn't think anyone would visit her just yet. Amelia was sitting on a bench at the huge backyard of the rehab center sunbathing whilst trying to read this random book she had gotten from the library when one of the nurses approached her.

"Amelia, you have a visitor."

Expecting it to be Maggie, she was surprised to see Owen standing in front of her.

"Hi." He smiled at her. The nurse decided to give them some privacy and left them alone. "How are you doing?"

"I'm good. Pushing through." She answered, honestly. "The worst part is over."

"Well, I'm glad." He gave her a crooked smile and stood there, looking at her, starting to feel a little awkward.

"You can sit if you want." Amelia motioned to the space on the bench beside her. Owen nodded and sat down. "So, is your tour over?"

"It is, yeah. People seem to have enjoyed it." He responded.

"Owen." Amelia called his attention. "I need to know. Did it work?"

Knowing that she was wondering about the news on her addiction, he gave her a big smile and nodded.

"It did. A lot of magazines are talking about it, but nothing demeaning. They're saying how this will probably help a lot of people who are struggling with the same issues and how strong you were to accept the fact that you have a disease. And they're right, Amelia, you were so strong..."

She smiled and looked down, not knowing what to say.

"And most importantly..." Owen continued. "Travis, the dealer, hasn't shown his face since then. I guess he admitted to losing the battle."

Amelia breathed out in relief.

"At least there's that."

A moment of silence hit them, until she decided to speak again.

"I'm sorry, Owen. Really." She looked him in the eyes. "For all that I've put you through. I know you were very pissed off at me at some point and I totally get it, I was a pain in the ass. I almost ruined your tour."

"Hey, it's okay, you don't have to apologize. You weren't in control." He took her hand in his and started to caress her fingers. "And well, you've always been a pain in the ass."

They both laughed at his joke, but Amelia spoke seriously again.

"Still... You could've left, you know? But you didn't. You stayed and your presence helped me a lot. So, thanks for that."

"I would never leave you, Amelia. You have to understand that."

"I do now." She gave him a half smile.

Deciding to change the subject to a more happy one, Owen changed to an upright position.

"So, I brought you something." He grinned, excited to see her reaction.

"What did you bring?" Amelia giggled at his excitement.

"Well, since you're gonna spend two months here with nothing to do, I brought your keyboard!"

"What?!" Amelia's eyes widened and shined at his sentence.

"Yeah, Maggie has the keys to your apartment, so I asked her to get it for me and brought it here. They had to inspect it first to see if I wasn't bringing hidden drugs and stuff, but they cleared me out. It's in your bedroom waiting for you. I also brought a notebook and pens, because I don't know if you get those in here... That way, you'll be able to write your songs. No pressure of the tour, producers, or anything. Just you and your love for music."

"Oh my God, Owen..." Amelia rarely got emotional by things, but she felt like she could cry at what Owen had done for her. Clearly, that man still loved her and was willing to do anything to make her happy and Amelia would do the same for him. Instead of crying, Amelia just grabbed his face and kissed him.
Both of them missed each other's touch so much that at first, they didn't have any reaction for a few seconds, until Amelia opened her mouth and their tongues slowly moved together, like in a dance.

Owen's heart was pounding in his chest and he felt like a teenage boy, but he just loved that woman so much. Now, Amelia was well and, after so many fights and yelling, their relationship was finally fixed. That was the moment he had been waiting for, for a long time.

Owen put his hand on her waist and pulled her even closer to him, eager for Amelia's body. They fastened the kiss a bit, but reminding himself that they were at a public space, Owen slowly stopped, resting his forehead against her's while catching his breath.

Still with her hands on his face, Amelia caressed his cheeks and gave him one quick peck on the lips and then hugged him tight, never wanting to let him go.

"I missed you. So, so much." She said.

"Me too. Every part of you." He hugged her back, nuzzling into her hair, breathing in the scent of her vanilla shampoo, one of the numerous traits of her he had missed.

Because, although having spent an entire month together on tour, most of it was spent with fights and Amelia not being herself. Hugging her in that moment, Owen felt like he had his girlfriend back, that finally everything was going to work out and he would be there for her, whatever she needed.

To be quite honest, Amelia was kind of nervous. It was her first time doing a big interview since her relapse six months before. She also had never been to The Ellen Degeneres show, one that everybody loved - including her - and had a lot of influence on people. To make it even harder, Owen wasn't with her either, since he was already in the audience, waiting for her to come out.

Amelia was wearing a tight red dress that accentuated her curves and had a high collar with sleeves up to her elbows to keep it classy, along with some 5 inch black heels. She felt confident about her look, but didn't feel as confident about what was going to come out of her mouth.

"Amelia, you're up now." One of the crew people told her.

"...So, give it up for our next guest, Amelia Shepherd!" She heard Ellen call her name and quickly made her way to the stage, paying attention not to fall in the heels while her song played in the background.

Amelia waved at the crowd, noticing Owen sitting in the front row of the audience smiling at her, hugged Ellen and sat down, grinning from ear to ear at the big applause she got from the audience.

"Hello there!" Ellen greeted her as soon as the crowd quieted down, motioning for Amelia to sit on the chair next to her.

"Hi! Oh my God, I'm so excited to be here!" Amelia said, honestly.

"Well, I'm excited to have you here!" Ellen said, polite as always. "So, you released a new album, right? Is it your third? Tell us about that."

"Yes, I did!" Amelia answered, very enthusiastic about it. "It's my third, yeah, and it's called Higher. It's like a little baby to me, I just love it so much. The songs are very different from the ones I've made before. Of course I'm not leaving rock or anything, but I'm playing with a lot of music genres in this album."

"That's so cool." Ellen commented. "And you already have two singles for it and both of them are creating quite a buzz. Your song 'Both of Us' has already reached a million views on youtube, right?"

"Yep. And I'm so happy about it, this is such a special album to me. I wrote it through a hard time in my life and now I'm so proud to see it with so many meaningful lyrics to me and out there in the world for everyone to hear..." She smiled.

"So, let's talk a bit about that." Ellen sat up straight, going into a serious topic. "We know you have admitted to struggling with alcohol and a drug addiction, right? You didn't want to hide it anymore. How was it for you to see it all over the media, though?"

"Well, it wasn't easy." Amelia admitted. "If I wasn't under so many spotlights, I'm sure the situation could've been different. But it also could've been different for the worse, since I got so many sweet messages of support from my fans and, honestly, it helped me a lot. So, I'm thankful for it, really. I wouldn't change a thing."

"Well, you were very strong to seek for help. But you weren't alone in this, right?"

"No, I wasn't." She smiled. "I had a huge help from my best friend and manager, Maggie. She's known me for six years already and knew exactly what to do to help me. And of course, I had Owen..."

"...Who is here in the audience." Ellen completed for her, causing everyone to cheer and the camera to point at Owen, making him blush a little bit.

"Yes, it was the first time he had dealt with me in that situation and he didn't leave my side. He stayed with me the whole time and helped me get through the rough path I was in. Owen was... He is my rock." Amelia didn't even notice she had been smiling and exchanging looks with Owen, until Ellen made a noise to catch their attention.

"No, it's okay. We can all just stay here admiring you two look at each other." She joked, making everybody laugh. "So, tell me, when did you two first meet?"

"We met in Chicago, at a festival we both were playing." Amelia changed her mood entirely because of the new happy subject. "And then we just fooled around a bit, until he asked us to be in a serious relationship."

"Oh, so he was the one who wanted to go steady?" Ellen asked.

"Yeah, Owen's the romantic one, complete opposite of me." Amelia chuckled. "At least, I was the one who took us on our first date, though."

"Now, tell us what we all wanna know, please..." Ellen said. "When's the wedding?"

Amelia laughed along with the audience at the question.

"Umm, I don't know." She said, still chuckling. Then, she turned to Owen in the audience. "When's the wedding, babe?"

Owen widened his eyes and started to blush so hard, trying to think of what to answer and ended up causing everyone to laugh even harder.

"Look, he's red like a tomato!" Ellen pointed out, still laughing.

"Whatever, I don't need him to propose, I can do it myself." Amelia said, a smug look on her face. "Watch out, Hunt."

Everybody laughed, even Owen who had been put on the spot during that whole interview. But he knew it was something Amelia loved to do, to embarrass him. And he couldn't care less.

"And what about babies?" Ellen raised her eyebrow at Amelia. "Have you thought about having some of your own in the future?"

Amelia widened her eyes in surprise by the question.

"Oh, we haven't really talked about that yet." She giggled, making a naughty face. "But we have a lot of fun practicing for it in the meantime."

Everybody laughed and applauded her last comment.

"You two are the best couple, seriously. Besides me and Portia, of course." Ellen stated. "Thank you so much for coming, Amelia. It was wonderful to have you here. You're gonna sing for us after the break, right?"

"Of course I will! And thanks for having me!"

"Everyone, give it up for Amelia Shepherd!" Ellen asked and everyone cheered before they called commercials.

Being honest and charming people with her charisma as always, Amelia's appearance on the Ellen show went viral and everybody started to talk about that friendly woman with some great songs.

Gaining more and more fans with the success of her album, Amelia suddenly caught herself with numerous interviews and appearances booked, along with many sold out shows in her upcoming tour. Overwhelmed with what she had accomplished, Amelia just wanted to go back in time and tell her younger self to stay strong and fight hard through her obstacles, because one day she would make it.

Amelia was holding herself, trying not to cry. She was standing on stage, bowing for the crowd while listening to the joyful sound of the applause and cheer, her smile never leaving her face. Chicago was the last show of her national tour and after so many successful and sold out shows, Amelia still couldn't believe the life she was living. She was clean for a year now, her and Owen's relationship was better than ever and her career had never been so good.

She dried a few tears and waved at her fans one last time before leaving the stage. That tour had been one of the greatest experiences she had ever had. Amelia had never felt so good about herself before and she loved all of her fans so much, but she missed home and, most of all, she missed Owen. Amelia had been one month away, only Maggie being able to join her on tour, since Owen had a lot of shows and interviews to do in LA. The two of them had been talking every night through skype and throughout the day with text messages, but it wasn't the same. Amelia missed Owen's smell, his touch, his lips and his embrace more than anything. At least now that the tour was over, she could go back home, hug him and never let go.

Amelia got in her dressing room and quickly went to take a shower, since she was all sweaty from the amount of jumping she did on stage. Leaving the bathroom with a simple pair of jeans, a black tank top and some converse sneakers, before she could find a comb for her wet hair, Amelia heard a knock on the door.

Expecting Maggie or one of the people from the crew, Amelia's jaw dropped when she saw Owen standing in front of her with a bouquet of purple roses, which he knew was her favorite color.

"Hey there." He said. On his face, a smile going from ear to ear.

"Oh my God..." Was the only thing Amelia could say before she jumped in his arms, hugging him tight. Owen was quick enough to open his arms and save the flowers from being smashed. Hugging her back, he supported her when Amelia intertwined her legs around his hips, like a child.

"God, I missed you so much." Owen mumbled with his head in the crook of her neck.

"Me too." She responded, kissing his neck and taking in his scent, the one she had missed so much. Amelia jumped back on the floor to look at him, then admiring the bouquet he handed her. "These are gorgeous, babe, thank you so much. But what are you doing here?"

"I just couldn't wait any longer to see you." He took her hand in his, caressing it.

Amelia smiled at him. God, she loved Owen so much. Putting the bouquet on her dressing table, she put both of her hands on Owen's face before finally kissing him. The touch of his lips sent shivers down her spine, her heart beating fast. That's how that man made her feel every time, no matter how long they had been together.

Deepening the kiss, Owen grabbed Amelia by the waist, pulling her closer to him. Hungry for her taste, his tongue danced around hers as he entangled his fingers in her still wet hair and pushed Amelia to the edge of the dressing table.

Getting more turned on, Amelia kept pulling Owen's collar, trying to be the closest she could get to him. Only when both of them needed air, they stopped kissing each other, foreheads touching while trying to recover their breath.

"I love you." Owen whispered, eyes closed and chest going up and down, still breathless.

"I love you too. So, so much." She caressed his cheeks.

"Marry me." Owen said, out of the blue, startling Amelia.

"What?" She looked at him to see if he was being serious, his eyes intently staring at her.

"I don't ever wanna be apart from you again. I don't wanna feel like there's something holding us back. I want to wake up and see you in my bed every day. I want to go to sleep with you beside me every night. I want to know about your day. I want to help you overcome every problem that you run into..." He looked down, chuckling at himself. Owen wasn't used to giving speeches, but for Amelia, he felt like he had to. So, trying his best, he took a deep breath and continued, looking at her. "I want to snuggle with you on the couch without thinking about our separate lives. I want to build a life with you, our life. I want to call you 'my wife', but most of all, I want to be with you until the day I die because you're, undoubtedly, the love of my life." Owen told her everything he had been feeling that last month they had been away from each other, not taking his eyes off of hers as the words flew out of his mouth, heart racing in his chest. "So, Amelia... Will you marry me?"

Still in shock, Amelia just kept staring at her boyfriend with her jaw dropped.

With a crooked smile and shaky hands, Owen got the little black box that had been in his pocket that whole time, opening it to display a beautiful silver ring with a single and not too big ruby rock in the center of it.

Amelia stood looking at Owen for a few seconds without saying anything, which lead to him getting even more nervous than he was before.


Still without speaking a word, Amelia simply pulled Owen by his shirt and kissed him hard on the mouth, hands running through his hair.

"Is that a yes...?" He asked as soon as Amelia's lips left his.

"Yes! Oh my God, Owen, yes! Of course I'll marry you!" She grinned from ear to ear.

Giggling at her reaction, he put the ring on her finger and kissed Amelia all over her face, making her laugh as well.

Both of them finally had their lives figured out after going through so many difficulties. With success in their careers and personal lives, Owen and Amelia felt like they were finally at peace and ready to move on and conquer new things, but this time, together. Chicago, the city they first met, was now the place they had gotten engaged and it just witnessed what was going to become, without a doubt, the most powerful couple of Hollywood. After all, who the hell is Brangelina when you have Omelia?

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