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Yami: *Pout* I want to screw Seto!

KD: I'm sure you do. Why don't you go play 'Grope the Priest'?

Yami: Now there's an idea…

The minority of candles in the small vicinity of the temple made it quite hard to see at that time of night. Their light danced and flickered as the wind blew by them. The warm air of the desert didn't even begin to bother the idle flames as they continued to play their own little 'Shadow Games' along the wall.

Seth wandered lazily why he was being called to the Pharaoh's chambers this late. They had dueled late into the night before, but only because neither had wanted to quit or forfeit. This time, he was being specifically called at this time.

His royal blue outfit was nothing more than long blue garment that swayed around his long, ivory legs. He preferred not to wear a chest garment or gold on his chest just like the rest of the court, but the advisors claimed he might be a distraction to the Pharaoh if he walked around half-naked.

Pffft, he thought somewhat resentfully, as if.

 Although, he was sure he had caught the Pharaoh looking at him when he thought he wasn't aware. Sending him these gazes. These heated, lustful gazes. His crimson eyes would follow him around the temple as he preformed according to his superiors and many lessons taught a long time ago.

While it was flattering, there was nothing neither could do even if they were attracted. The Pharaoh did not sleep with his High Priest and the High Priest could be killed if it was even suggested.

Not to say the Ouji wasn't attractive. He could have his pick of any man or woman in Egypt. Yet when it came time to choose someone, Yami called for him to be there and would watch him consistently as he assessed each female before dismissing her for one reason or another.

The ever-so-alert guards were asleep and snoring with the ferocity one would expect from a Komouri Dragon on its first attack with a Dragon Jewel. But they were not threat to him. They were no threat to threats for that matter. He brushed past them with little so much as a squeak from them.

That was easy enough. Though there is still the matter of this challenge from the Pharaoh. He knows the only way to end our rivalry is when both of us are quite satisfied with the results and not before. If he wants to call it off, then he'll have one helluva fight on his hands…

Seth closed the large, copious doors behind him as he entered the chamber; half expecting his long time rival to try and jump out and scare him. He said it would loosen him up. Seth said it would kill him; but what did he know, he was just a High Priest with phenomenal Shadow powers.

" Ouji Yami?" He called out into the Shadows.

" Seth."

Seth turned with a start. Yami was right behind him with that infernal smirk on his face. He must have been behind the door the whole time.

Damn Pharaoh. You and your damn antics are going to send me to an early grave, Seth thought bitterly; still mad at being caught off guard.

" I supposed you wandered why I summoned you here?" Yami walked past him, smirk still plastered on his face, and walked over to his bed.

" Oh no. I usually stroll around the palace grounds in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever. It loosens me up." Seth crossed his arms. Yami already had a 12 scores over him, he didn't need this night shot to hell as well. He ungraciously and characteristically irrespectively plopped down on the Pharaoh's bed and glared. " The hell do you want now Pharaoh?"

" You're so cute when you're pouting." Yami taunted; running his finger under Seth's chin.

Seth jerked his head away to hide his pink blush. This was just great. Yami was making fun of him. If he wanted some entertainment, he could call Saggi the Dark Clown like everyone else in the palace not him.

" But this is serious. I summoned you here, now, for a reason." Yami's voice took a more ceremonial tone. Like he was speaking with his whole court and not just Seth. He got up from the bed and walked in front of the Priest.

" You are in danger my friend."

" So what else is new?"

" No. Not your life. Your body."

" Generally for my life to end, my body would have to go first Pharaoh. What's the point? Some of us have baby dragons to consecrate in the morning."

Yami released a deep chuckle that sent chills down Seth's spine. Why was he reacting this way? And what did the Pharaoh mean; his body was in danger? Assassins had better luck going after Yami than they did him.

" Let me explain. You are a very beautiful creature Seth. The most beautiful mortal in my court. I'm sure you've had offers for bedmates."

" Don't you have to have 7 before you're considered a High Priest?"

Yami shook his head and sat next to him again. Seth's arms were on his knees and he was tired. He had been up since the rise of Ra and would be up again in a few hours. He gently ran his fingers up and down the exposed skin as he spoke." I was always taught to relish those most precious and protect jewels that are exceptional. You are one and the same."

Seth shivered at the Pharaoh's touch. " What do you mean? I do not understand."

" My beautiful priest… There are prying eyes among the court."

" I know that."

" But did you know they pry on you? You are the most stunning gemstone my family has ever had in the palace. But as all my many treasures, you require protection from those eyes and Ra-forbid hands."

" I'm sorry. I still do not see why I was summoned here and not in front of the court to suggest proper defense with your general Jounouchi."

Yami snorted." Because he is a pair of those prying eyes. I do not trust him as far as the sandy winds may carry him. I am a selfish man when it comes to things I hold dear. I do not wish to share my priest with my 'general'."

Seth gasped in realization. Yami was referring to the attraction between them. The attraction he wasn't even sure was there; but had to be now if he was acting this way. His fingers causing more chills as they traveled up his forearms and towards his neck.

This made the monarch smile. Seth immediately recognized that smirk of arrogance and mistook it for amusement at his expense. He turned completely away from the Pharaoh and refused to fall into the spell of the eyes of crimson.

But Yami did not give up so easily. In fact, he wanted a challenge. This was what he was talking about. He wanted to be able to dominate his priest; to have him obey him. Among other things…

He glanced over his priest's exposed skin. His ivory skin shone in the moonlight with a supernatural glow. Yami licked his lips seductively. Oh he was just as beautiful as when he first walked into his kingdom. Even when he was pouting.

He leaned over and fastened his lips on the back of his priest's neck. He nipped and sucked at the highly sensitive skin there until he felt Seth relax against him. " I did not mean to taunt you Blue Eyes… How am I supposed to resist you?"

Seth crossed his arms. He supposed that was a sufficient enough answer. His ego seemed to accept it just fine. And the way the Pharaoh was suckling on his neck was just not fair. He groaned into his ministrations and leaned back.

Yami ran his free hand over Seth's bare chest; brushing over a strained nipple and causing the High Priest to arch away from him and at the same time offer more of his neck. He groaned and tried to wriggle away from Yami, he couldn't possibly let the Pharaoh just dominate him on their first encounter. No, he was going to have to work a little harder than that…

 " Yami…" He gasped.

" Do you like that Seth?" Yami bit harder into his neck and drew blood; gently lapping it away. Seth merely hissed in response. He had to fight him. He couldn't give in so easily. He couldn't just let the Pharaoh win bout no. 13. Even if it was about sex and not Shadoe Games.


" High Priest Seth! You are needed in the barn! One of the dragons has gone into labor and is distressing with her eggs!!"

Yami growled at the interruption. So close, he thought resentfully. He was almost his entirely. He had him ready to give in to him. But then the guard had to come.

" Damn guard. We will finish this later my Blue Eyes. Go now, but don't think my pursuit is over."